The Human Predicament

John: Our recent dreams have been indicating how something is meant to unfold in life. This next dream involves the image of a house and, in general, a house represents the wholeness. But there are certain parts of a house, like a porch, which can represent a kind of in-between state – it’s neither in nor out. So when looking at an image of a house with a porch, the question arises: “How does that part work in relationship to the whole?”

This dream also indicates that we need to be very, very careful in terms of any position we’re inclined to take about events or aspects in life, because we don’t have the full picture (and never will). Each of us, personally, is already affected by many things in the outer, and the degree to which we’re affected by such external things is the degree to which we’re distracted from a proper, inner listening center that can help us navigate our way through life in connection to the whole.

In this dream I step outside an older house onto a dilapidated porch. The porch door doesn’t close quite right. This is an old place.

You (Jeane) are standing there doing something, trying to get my attention. Instead of listening to you, I’m distracted by the setting. I’m noticing that the porch has bugs all over it. They’re not quite in the house yet, but they’re all over the porch and my attention goes into trying to clear out the bugs.

I can shoo some of them away, but others are almost invisible to me. I have to use my imagination a bit to kind of help guide them off the porch.

Of course, during this process I’m not able to hear what you’re trying to communicate because I’m distracted by this side issue.

So this dream is showing me that, until I can free my consciousness of all distractions (all the bugs), my perspective and understanding of the overall (the house) will be limited. The fact that I’m dealing with anything, in any regard, which affects my overall perspective, makes it impossible to follow the guidance from within (Jeane, in this dream image), or from creation, that’s there and trying to reach and direct me.

This image basically describes our predicament as humans. We are in a physical body, experiencing a physical life, yet we are designed to be connected with, and respond to, the universal energies that caused us to be. The only way we can “hear” that connection is to quiet the noise inside, and that noise is generally caused by our reactive psychologies, ingrained patterns, biases, and our view that we are somehow separate from everything else in creation.

How many of us can maintain the state of being at the point, where we recognize that we’re connected to everything and that we have to take everything into account? How many of us can be in the flow in a way that serves the betterment of the whole?

Again, it’s difficult because we have been trained by our culture to view life with a personalized awareness, i.e., what I experience happens to “me.” It may happen, but it’s not personal, and since we can’t know the full picture, it’s hard to truly understand why things happen through our partial view.

The feminine principle is the container and is capable of holding the overallness of life. The masculine principle touches down in the overall in a specific way, energizing possibilities. These principles work together in both genders and, when in balance, allow the holding and the doing potential of each of us.

At the same time, we’ve got to honor freedom of choice within the overall. That means that we are free to find our own way back to God, and so is everyone else. We are all free to choose to be included in the unfolding wholeness. We are also free to choose to exclude ourselves from the unfolding of creation. And we do exclude ourselves when we choose our personal, separated view over an integrated sense of Oneness.

This is why we see teachers being very, very careful in terms of interceding in the direction a student is taking. Teachers can only create hints, by the way they carry themselves, to cause a student to make a closer examination of the position they’ve taken and, hopefully, the student can hear that. If the student is too loud in themselves with their personal distractions (bugs) they won’t catch the hint. And bugs can compromise the integrity of the house (the overall life).

So the spiritual teacher can’t come right out and establish a “Ten Commandments” about things, because that hurts the natural flow of creation, it hurts the overallness, and denies the higher principles and higher consciousness from coming down and shaping things for each person.

Of course on one level of development, we do need to establish parameters, as in the case of a child growing up (see my dream with the courthouse conduct, Unfolding Naturally), or when you have new people coming in that don’t know what they’re doing. It can make sense that they be protected from their own folly. Yet in doing so, we also set in motion events that weaken, rather than strengthen, because the opportunity to learn from the School of Hard Knocks, i.e., each in our own way, is softened. The whole process of life is meant to shape us always into something richer and fuller.

Thus my criticism of anything I see in life that tries to regulate or order something. In terms of trying to create change in the world, it would be nice if we could all work with a type of consciousness where everyone pulled together, because we’d all reached a certain maturity in ourselves. But it’s not really meant to work that way. It’s meant to work in a natural flux, which is why we all operate at different speeds and are all at different points on our path back to God.

We need the wisdom of the elders who have trod the path, and we need the raw energies of those new to the journey in order to properly shape the evolution of the whole. A teacher, whether an external person or an inner guidance, has to honor our freedom of choice, and so can only help to facilitate an awakening. If we take the hint, it’s the awakening that brings about the change in us, and the world.

An In-Between Place

John: Like yours, my dream portrays an imbalance (for Jeane’s dream, see You Can’t Get There From Here), but it seems to have more detail about how I’m wayward. For you it was trying to pull something together between responsibilities at home, and being able to hear and understand what’s directed toward you; those two things didn’t seem to take each other into account.

In my case I’m dealing with being scattered, not quite able to pull through what needs to be recognized and seen. The way this dream starts is with me driving my car to where the street ends. There are houses on either side owned by the same person. But he doesn’t own the street. I have access and, not even knowing what area I’m in but knowing I have a right to be there, I decide that’s what I’ll do: I park at the curb.

I feel that my car is somehow within the umbrella of his overall space. There are lights on at both buildings, so it’s not like my car is sitting in the dark. It’s okay for me to leave it there, but at the same time it doesn’t feel right.

As I do this, I’m debating how best to hold this space along this road. I contemplate placing a spare tire a car’s length from the car. Somehow the spare tire (which is a signal that I’m not handling the car very well) will help further establish my claim to this roadway. 

I decide that the tire idea is ridiculous, but I still park there. The owner of the buildings sees this and steps out to see who I am. When I introduce myself I also provide him with my particulars, i.e., telling him my addresses and phone numbers in both places I live. Because I’m so far away from my residences, it feels as if my memory of them is falling away. It takes effort to remember the information – I’m that far removed.

I’ve left the car in an area I know nothing about. I park in front of the doors to the two buildings, leaving enough room for someone to walk out of the house and across the street directly behind the car.

The problem I have with what I’m doing is that it feels like I’m imposing. The area is peaceful and quiet, but now my car will cause people to take account of it each time they look out their windows. So it’s going to affect the feel of the area.

The car also complicates their ability to feel good as they go back and forth across the street. They’ve had free flow between the houses for quite some time, but I suppose that had to end at some point because they don’t control the road in between.

What has changed is that the car has created an energetic imbalance that can’t be ignored, and it upsets the quiet setting. This state could exist indefinitely because part of me is just going to leave it there and I don’t know if I’m ever coming back.

One way this could be looked at is that I’m spreading myself too thin, i.e., I’m between two places (the two buildings in the dream and our two homes in real life). That can be discombobulating. There needs to be a thread or path (the road) that makes sense of it all, but now there’s an imbalance in the path (the car).

The car is an aspect of me, the vehicle I use to navigate this life. It doesn’t know where to park itself. It can’t park in either place (the houses) and, if it parks in the roadway, how does a person reconcile that? There’s a certain degree of light that can shine on it, as if it’s under a watchful eye, but it intrudes upon the balance of the scenario inside one’s self. So this is showing me that an intrusion exists that’s affecting how the inner (the car) and the outer (the homes) come together. 

Every time the inner looks at the outer, the inner is stuck between the quiet of a peaceful state and the intrusion in the vibration that it hasn’t yet consolidated, or taken into account, or accepted.

In a sense, by making myself accountable to look out for the affairs of another (the owner of the houses), I’m going away from who I am. I’m losing my free flow. I’m already lost but now I’m apt to see how lost I am and it’s a type of lost where I might not be heard from again, because I even forget my addresses and phone numbers.

My path should be twined together by the mode of transportation that lies parked between an inner and outer connection. It’s a bridge. There’s recognition of a gap that I have to pay attention to; this gap actually hurts the heart. I might not have realized it, having figured out a way to jump back and forth between these places, thinking nothing of it, but now, all of a sudden, I’ve become aware that there’s interference.

This in-between state hurts the heart because I now identify the roadway as being an intrusion, which is keeping the inner and the outer from pulling the space together, i.e., holding the space in an overall way.

So I’m interfering with my own development by not leaving a clear space (the path). This dream causes me to try to resolve what is a very awkward feeling inside.

Nice Accomodations

Jeane: In my next dream, my nephew and his wife are coming to visit, and I’m trying to explain to them that they can only stay for a few days because the guestroom is primarily your office and you have business to do.

When they arrive and we walk into the guestroom, I suddenly see that my maternal grandmother and an aunt are with them. I’m looking around wondering what I’m going to do. Then I notice that in addition to the bed we have in there now, there’s suddenly a single bed, which is one of those chairs that folds out into a bed, as well as a curved couch.

I’m just looking around in confusion wondering how all of this furniture got in the room without me noticing it. I don’t like the thought of my grandmother or aunt sleeping in such a little space, but it’s what we’ve got.

John: This dream works on the premise that something is askew or missing. Yet whatever you have at your disposal turns out to be sufficient.

It’s as if there’s a self-consciousness that you carry in your nature, as if you have expectations that are inappropriate, or you have an image problem in terms of how things are, or you feel a sense of collapse in the way you perceive yourself, versus the way the situation is.

You’re dreams have gone to great lengths to try to indicate that there’s a space that you’re able to hold onto or catch up with that will make things work out no matter what you’re dealing with. In other words, you can find yourself in a scenario in which others might consider you the oddball, but you’re able to flip that in some fashion. In doing so, you hit a depth of recognition inside that could be said to correspond (or provide an answer) to whatever the peculiar condition is at the moment.

It’s showing that you have resources at a deeper level, but you are unconscious to them. However, when the situation arises, you find they are there and you didn’t know it. So what might seem to be a big problem on the surface level, at a deeper level turns out not to be a problem at all. The dream shows you being able to self-correct when you go off in a particular way; you’re able to present something as it is and then shrug it off. It’s good to do that.

For instance, when a family member visits they might be overwhelmed a bit by the accommodations, yet you are able to hold and absorb the note. The room you offer may not correspond to expectations, but it is what it is under the circumstances. And you don’t try to portray it or uphold it in some exaggerated fashion, you can just be quite natural with it and it will work out.

The dream has a tempering quality to it, and what it’s tempering is the common reaction to a situation where something is less than it should be, and that’s to go off on some tangent about it. Something in the way you’re holding, or carrying yourself, prevents that from happening.

By not going off on a tangent, you ultimately find access to deeper reserves within, where you have everything that’s needed. In other words, something is enabling you to flow with the circumstances you find yourself in, without reacting in an over indulgent, personal way.