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Jeane: I just have a vague impression of this dream.

I’m in a city on the edge of the earth, which is curved. The city is like an amusement park; it has all kinds of things going on, all kinds of movement.

I’m just trying to find my way around. That’s my impression. I don’t remember much except that it’s very crowded, it’s curved, and I’m trying to get my bearings.

John: The dream is playing with two energetic conditions. One is more based in the microcosm, i.e., smaller in scope, and more settled in a certain physical way (the city). The second is more based in the macrocosm, i.e., it has the feeling of the whole, or of being intertwined with Creation (the edge of earth).

The image is a projection of the sorting out that’s going on inside you. You see something that’s on edge – it’s off to one side of the globe – so there’s a wholeness, and yet it also invokes a perception that’s particular, and it’s attempting to balance the two.

Because you are feeling things in a wholeness, you’re not looking at it straight on. If you were, it would appear more rooted and more fixed, i.e., perhaps you’d be in the city, but without the external perspective. You’re seeing it a little off at an angle. You’re able to note that because you have a certain freedom from the microcosmic identification, or a certain awareness of a greater whole. You’re above the microcosm (daily life) in your perspective. If you didn’t have that awareness, you wouldn’t see that the fixed aspect in the outer is a little bit tilted or askew.

The key to this sort of perception is in how you’re approaching your own overallness. First of all, it’s notable because you’re playing with both sides. You’re playing with how things are locally (crowded in the city), and also how everything is universally, in terms of the intertwining within the macrocosm (the city in the context of the curve of the planet), which can lead you to a greater sense of freedom in terms of your overallness.

So you’re playing with the microcosm of things, which has a certain set, or defined, way and seeing how that is in relationship to the whole. Ultimately we have to contend with both, and in this scenario you are. The idea is to have a heartfelt listening center so that what’s occurring in the microcosm comes across as straightforward, or comes across as “just right” in its mannerism, or existence, in the physical, which enables it to coordinate appropriately with the greater whole.

This is a type of refinement where a person can get more and more attuned to this listening center if they’re able to hold a certain space within, where through their inner perception they’re able to determine whether the microcosmic scenario is a little tilted or not.

This dream shows a process that’s using both the inner and the outer as a way to sharpen one’s natural attentiveness to how the inner and the outer work together. If they’re not working together in you, reflections (dream images) will show you that something’s off to some degree.

What that is is always hard to determine. So this image is also showing you that something isn’t quite 100% right yet because what you’re perceiving is a state or a condition (and you yourself are that state or condition) that’s a little off to one side.

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Jeanne: In my first dream, which recurs again later, I’m watching some women dancers. They’re surrounded by diamond-like strands that come down in a V-shape all the way down to the ground.

There are 6 or 7 strands that run from head to toe, almost like a little diamond cage. I’m trying to figure out how to shift those strands into something that I can use to surround something else. Perhaps I want to surround the car a friend wants to buy, or maybe surround a person, but it might have to be in a different form.  

I work really hard at it and cause a shift so that the dancer disappears but the strands are still there. Then it seems there needs to be another shift so that I can use them to surround whatever needs to be surrounded.

I’m trying, but I can’t get it at first. Then it feels like I have a second dream before I come back to this image.

John: What you’re doing is looking at an outer condition (in life) that carries a note or counterbalancing vibration into other expressions that are being choked off or limited.

This image describes a type of feminine flair. It’s a flair that’s breaking free. In dancing, certain qualities exude or radiate out from the dancer. To radiate like that is the opposite of dwelling upon the pains, concerns, or the indulgences of the world, or forming a righteous opinion about how something should be.

Instead, there is a free flow that has a quality to it that feeds life – in an inner way. In other words, dancing is an expression you can easily perceive in the outer, but some part of you sees that behind this expression is a quality, or a trait, or a note that’s important. And that note can be fed into the whole. If you could thread back to see where this is coming from, you could pull out that note more succinctly and, in doing so, support something greater in life.

I had a glimpse of an image that I just wrote up and it goes hand in hand with your dream. In this glimpse, I’m walking in a corridor and there’s a woman behind me in high heels. All of a sudden some part of me reacts, because to walk in high heels is to walk with a certain demeanor – just like a dancer can have or portray a certain air.

In trying to put my finger on what’s going on, it seems like the woman is projected back around the corner from which she came, and her high heels are now broken. Therefore, something is lost in terms of that flair and freedom that had existed.

What I notice about this image is that it’s an expression that counterbalances an attitude, or dark energy definition, that the masculine imposes. The image is breaking free of that. It’s exuding something free of that.

In other words, it’s an energy that attempts to cancel out the negative limitations of the outer world. A person who dances is listening to something within, and they’re using that inner help to become free of something else that can limit, or define, or control them. A dancer is trying to be free.

A person walking in high heels, something that they might not ordinarily do in an environment where there’s pressure to wear the same shoes as everyone else, is attempting to break free of barriers that are imposed on them that carry a judgment or righteous opinion.

It’s hard to present an image like that to the world, just as it’s hard to be a dancer where your focus is primarily on the dancing and the flair and carrying the note to a level of perfection. You can’t achieve that if you’re constantly dwelling upon what others think.

Instead, you have to dwell upon the note you feel inside. You have to be focused on breaking free from the surroundings and limitations to which others are oriented. To do that you can’t dwell upon the ordinariness or the excesses of others (though you may be seen as excessive by them). Instead you know that it’s a freer way of being that enables your soul to soar, as opposed to being broken down (like the heels) in some fashion.

So, it’s a path. It’s a way of breaking out of an energetic, in the outer, that’s suffocating you. Not that it has broken free in the image, but it’s portraying something deep within that’s seeking to break free.

So, again, things aren’t what they appear. A person who accentuates a feminine mannerism is doing so for the sake of something that they recognize is important to the whole, even though they may not have thought it completely through.

The teacher once said he was very confused when his teacher had a woman in the group who would dress up and stand on the street corner in a bad neighborhood. She would inspire the catcalls of the men who would see something like this as out of place in terms of how the world is; they would hoot and carry on.

His teacher explained, however, that what she was doing was accentuating the feminine. Now of course, in our world of judgment one would see this as asking for trouble or give it some other label, but deep down, behind all of that, there was something much more important that she was introducing into the world as a counterbalance – to be able to absorb, to transform, and to intertwine with that other aspect.

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John: To continue where we left off (see You Have My Full Attention), a soldier, who appeared in an earlier part of the dream, has returned – with an atomic blast to get your attention.

An atomic blast can be seen as the last option for waking you from your sleep state. More subtle forms of getting your attention have failed, and so some form of shock is required to help you acknowledge something, or help you make a necessary change in the way you’ve been going on.

However, your dream also indicates that everything is intertwined, and because things are intertwined, it doesn’t just shock the person, but it has the same dramatic effect upon the rest of life as a whole. The shock hits on both macrocosmic and microcosmic levels simultaneously in order to try to cause a shift in the whole.

It begs the argument, of course, that if the earlier, more subtle signals, had been acknowledged, then things might have shifted through opening up a greater receptivity and greater insight. The process of opening up touches and accesses the grace or forgiveness or insightfulness that has been missing. Then such a great shock isn’t required because the memo has been received and acted upon.

In your dream, some part of you is shown as not getting an important memo (you missed the family event). Consequently, you trudge off into the service and any insight that could have been gained by making the connection (getting there on time) wasn’t able to come through. That deepens your trance-like state, requiring the atomic blast to try to get you back on track.

In thinking about this imagery, I can’t help but conclude that it isn’t just describing you on an inner level, it’s also describing the way things are in the outer life.

In terms of something awakening in the human race, it depends on how caught up people are in the old world order of things. Things are shifting and changing, but are people getting that message, or ignoring it? If they ignore it, as the dream shows, they could be in for a shock. There could be some major catharsis because most people are so self-indulgent and ego-centric that they see only the world as it revolves around them. But in these times, we have to be able to take into account a larger perspective of things.

So we need to embrace the change and be open to it. That requires that we stop seeing events in life as either a personal gain or a personal loss. It’s the idea of being turned toward God or turned away from God. If we are turned toward God, we can accept the changes and understand that there’s a greater reason behind them. If we’re turned away from God, we may have to suffer some calamity to helps us get the memo.

To learn to embrace whatever happens as being what’s meant to be, or intended, requires that we reach a certain depth inside of us that doesn’t perceive everything in terms of good or bad.

There are a whole lot of people who believe that the next step in this process is that the world will end in fire and brimstone – it is 2012 after all. And many wise people have indicated that things could have unfolded differently, but there’s a certain shake up that’s going to have to happen now. We’ve gone past the interval where a certain element of grace could have made a difference.

In your dream you indicated just such harsh consequences. The atomic blast affected the whole thing, all the way through. The person in the Jeep was gone, and the vehicle itself – which in a dream represents the thing that helps you function in life – was also blown up. Nothing escaped the effect.

So you portrayed what could be the direst of consequences. The hope is always found in the answer God gave in reply to the question, “Do you pray?” God answered, “Yes, of course I pray. I pray that my mercy will be greater than my wrath.”

Mercy is an element of the closeness and intimacy and alignment with Creation. And wrath can be understood as the level of shock that’s required to wake us from our sleeping state so that we can embrace that closeness and alignment. The hope is to create a transition whereby a person can wake up, and they can get the memo, before it’s too late.

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