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Sometimes we feel we are completely separate from others and the world around us. And, if we examine that feeling, we may get the sense that we actually have shrunk, energetically, into ourselves, often as a means, we think, of protection. And then there is the opposite moment, when we feel excellent, alive, and connected to everything and everyone. The only thing that has really changed is our energetic presence, which we project or don’t project. But when we do project it out, we can get a glimpse of what is possible if we realize we are not separate from the universe and can expand ourselves into it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I was really lost last night. I have this dream where I’ve gone with Dad and these four boys I seem to be… Wait a minute, part of the first dream, another dream came back. 

Yeah, the dream that’s come back it’s like I’m near the… it’s almost like a seashore, and I’m in a house with my sister and there’s some young girls around and some other people. There’s some guys, too, and it feels like when I go outside this little girl and I both get fascinated by the fact that the waves will come up and suddenly they’ll form into really huge waves. 

Except suddenly I see this wave form that looks more like a wave that is as tall as a house, and the little girl has gone out and is standing right next to it, and I think it’s going to crash down and sweep her away. But instead it just stays there and then it recedes.

But I go and get her because I don’t feel like she should stay there in case the wave had gone the other way it would’ve taken her, so we were going to go to our next place but I’m talking to her that she has to stay closer to me. 

We’re both kind of fascinated by going down in the water and seeing a big wave come, and maybe it breaks over us and then it goes back out, but I need to keep her closer now so that, you know, we don’t get swept away.

And that’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: Well the fact that your mind started working really quick and shut off the vibration, so that you nearly forgot it, was actually part of the dream. In other words, the way that it’s part of the dream is that it has to do with how you become, or what you do, or the way that you turn your attention when you fail to acknowledge something that needs to be taken into account. 

In other words, you have a capacity, a part of you has the means by which it is able to stretch out and experience the depth and degree to which something is being affected, or that’s being put to some extreme state or condition. And that can be fearful. And that you can come to the conclusion that you need to step back and hide from that. 

Part of you that feels it should step back and hide from that is like the part that wants to remain safe and secure. When you do things that keep yourself safe and secure, that’s when you give credence to the mind and the vibration of that which keeps you from experiencing the greater overall quality of everything that is all around you. 

If you don’t do that, then you’re confronted as if you can be destroyed, or overwhelmed. A part of you can just naturally stand there in the face of that, but another part of you considers that to be something that one shouldn’t do. 

Now the part of you that can just stand in the face of that also has what’s necessary inside to be able to just stand there in the face of that and see, observe, and watch that – and doesn’t get hurt. 

But the part of you that tries to work with the principles in the way that it controls, feels that that should not occur, that you should remain separate and away from all of that. So when you pull yourself separate and away from all of that, that is when you lower the energetic vibration to the point where you get the effect that can block out your ability to remember. 

In other words, you’re presented with an option of being able to stand in the face of all that there is, and being able to absorb, and to handle, and take it all in as a greater part of yourself. And in the dream you choose the alternative. And by choosing the alternative, you take yourself out of a magnificence of life and, as a consequence, when you take yourself out and you go back to the energetic of security and safety, that is a place where your mind comes up actively again and then it snuffs out, or obliterates, your ability to recognize, and appreciate, and be part of what is real. 

What is real always appears to be on this edge in which it’s taking into account, and is part of, and is quite present with that which is unfolding in the instant of time. And there is nothing that it needs to hide from. It only hides from things when it seeks a security.

And, in this particular case, like I said the thoughts and the process that nearly wiped it out is an aspect of this whole dumbing-down process of trying to step back, when you have this whole capacity that needs to stay the course.

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Little Nightmares_20170707234528Okay, we can admit it: it is absolutely a battleground going on in us as we seek to let go of the personal and embrace the universal. It is the known trying to let go into the unknown. This is fundamental to our journey, and the resistance comes because we learned the truth later in life (as a rule), because if we were taught properly as children this process would be much more natural – because it is natural to our design. That’s why it has to be a conscious journey; we won’t get anywhere by luck, or accident. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream I seem to be in a building. There’s a man in Middle Eastern robes to one side in the room that we’re in, and he has a daughter about 7 or 8. And I’m in another part of the room and I’m interacting with her sometimes, and I can tell that he disapproves of this, and it’s like I want to get her to come and play, or interact, with us, but I can feel his disapproval because it’s like he doesn’t particularly want her mixing with what’s modern.

And it feels like I’ve also been playing with magic – in this dream, and with the girl. As I go out from the room, however, I discover that we’re under attack by other people and we have to fight them off sometimes using magic and martial arts.

When I go back to the room, because we’re now under assault, it’s like this Middle Eastern man wants to show that he’s resolved with me so it’s like he suddenly drops his robe and he starts dancing with me doing a little Irish jig to show his daughter, I think, that we’re all together now. But, meanwhile, we have to flee a bit because we are being assaulted by all these people from elsewhere.

At first I try to hide myself. I even like run across a rooftop, and I run into a building that’s hidden by a skylight on the rooftop, but one of these invaders who look kind of Mongol-like, you know, sees me and comes up and busts into that room. So all of us eventually end up in a ground-room floor.

And when the invaders come in and surround us, initially we start moving around the room as though we’re harmless. You know, I have a fan and I might use that fan to just fan myself, or dance, or twirl, but in a way, on another level, we’re kind of consolidating ourselves all together, and we’re drawing all the invaders into one room, and giving them a chance to see if they will just back off.

But, you know, they just think they’ve kind of got an easy slaughter here now. So when we see that they haven’t changed their minds we lock the doors of the room, and then we kind of bring out our magic, like what was my fan becomes like a fan with swords on it. And then we proceed to really fight where we had just been dancing around before, you know, to use our magic, then, as well as our fighting ability.

John: So what you’re describing is kind of a whiplash scenario. How you develop a whiplash scenario is if you’re contending with energetics, in terms of inner and outer, and outer and inner, in which there’s kind of a battle between those forces, in which there has been the contractive forces that seem to dominate in the big picture of things.

It seems, however, that you have been observing how to go and contend with this in kind of a simpler way inside of yourself. That’s what I mean by a whiplash scenario, in that you go up to a particular point, then you fall back. And so, initially, it’s like you can expand, and then contract back, then expand even more and then contract even more, things like that, until you can finally break the bubble of the effect.

So, in the first aspect of the dream, you have the part, the little girl, that is something that can open up in a particular way. And that opening up is contradictory to the environmental influence that is upon her, that’s placed upon her. And so you’re working more naturally because you’re working with the feminine principle and with a daughter. You’re working with something that runs almost counter then, to a misguided, or misaligned masculine aspect of the father of this girl, as the dream portrays, that has other ideas in how it is that she’s to be brought up.

So, as that opens up, what that opens up to is that then causes you to confront something even bigger in the collective. When you confront that even bigger in the collective, those domineering forces come out at you in a way that are inclined to try to crush you back even further.

In other words, the initial scenario you kind of energetically zip through, so now you’re hit with a bigger kahuna to kind of try to push you back again. And this time when you’re pushed back into the room, or the inside of yourself, something has taken place in which because there’s a connectivity of things something has taken place in which the guy, the father, has seen something, has got something, has recognized something. Apparently he’s come to appreciate something in terms of how he has observed the daughter, or however you’d say that, because he is no longer opposing you.

And so that gives you an infusion of energy, as a base, that was needed. You know, in other words, you can’t operate in a vacuum or otherwise you’re just whiplashing back and forth. So then when the intruders come into the building, the hope is that they will see, or recognize, or get it in terms of the quality of the energetic being in a state of submissive innocence. Total innocence is total power.

Total innocence creates the mirroring by which something that is out of balance in a denseness is able to see it. It actually absorbs that which is out of balance. It won’t absorb it if it’s all reactive, but it will absorb it if one goes into a certain depth, or heart, of themselves, and is able to hold a quietness, or an innocence. And so that’s what you do, and then that enables you, then, as that other gets weakened, then to rise up and effectuate a change.

So, the schematic of the dreaming, is inner into outer, except what you did is you made a little bit of a battleground out of it all. In other words, first of all you had a part of yourself make a transitioning. In other words, it was the part of yourself in the first dream in which you were looking to expect to see something that would be sitting in a reflective zone, and it was no longer in the reflective zone. It had recognized something and had moved on, and had reached a deeper state – in terms of having realized something more than just the outer. It also had married, or found the inner.

And that is repeated, in the second dream, with regards to the daughter and the father. The father then makes the transition to where he is no longer an obstacle, or a force, that counters something. He becomes somehow, where he had been devil advocating what was happening and questioning and challenging it and being resistant, he becomes something that supports it.

Now, in both dreams, it’s not apparent that he supports it overtly, but he supports it energetically. And in the first dream this is a matter of opening something up as a portrayal of inner into the outer. In the second dream the opening up is by way of the letting go again; and what are you letting go? You’re letting go of the sense identification that is normally associated with reacting to things as they happen in the outer.

And when you react to things that happen in the outer, you empower the outer and you weaken yourself. And when you do that, you get personal, and you shrink. But what you did in the second dream is you didn’t empower the outer, you went innocent, subjective in your nature, so that you didn’t portend any barriers for that which is a misaligned and overly-directed force of outer mannerism. You pulled the plug so that you weren’t conducive to that outer mannerism. In other words, you weren’t letting that outer mannerism dominate, and throw you around, and cause you to react and, as a consequence, you disempowered that as that kind of illusion from working.

So the magic that you did was actually the real use of energy, and not the wrongful use of energy that occurs when what is purported is reflection. In other words, the personal, the degree to which one reacts in a personal way, is a reaction that involves the use of the outer senses in a personal way. And you have to transcend the outer senses, or the noodling around in the outer, which leads to those defense mechanisms, and adhere to something of an inner depth. When you adhere to something as an inner depth that’s the natural transformation, that’s the way that things actually naturally always work.

And I suppose, to the outer, that is used to gauging everything based upon reflection, that would appear to be magic. But the idea of magic would be the goofy concocted notion that you can actually take a reflection of something and make it dance into something that is real. It never has. It’s not an outer speaking to the inner. It’s an inner coming through and flowing through the outer, and the outer always responds reflectively.

And that a human being gets lost in the outer because they relate to the outer through their five senses – as opposed to a type of depth inside of themselves that can come to know the inner flow – because it’s that inner flow that is what is real. And because you identify with that inner, which is real, and are able to absorb, or absolve, or diminish the effect of the outer projection as it comes to try to usurp the inner.

If the outer comes and it dominates in terms of its appearance, and its ways, and its mannerisms, it will dominate only because you give it credence by acting reflectively, and defensively, and in a personal motif; that is what perpetuates the illusion. But when you are subjective and know how to hold the space of an overallness, in terms of a vibration that is coming through life in a destined, or preordained, way, and that it’s not of a reflective collective conditioning of the senses, when you relate to that, that, then supplants or shifts you outside of the realm of a limited, personal, physical existence.

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Flying 1Here is an interesting view of the relationship between our inner and outer lives in a dream. This image begins with a look at an aspect of the interior life of the dreamer: it’s a big space, and it’s made of stone, and it has a guard at the door. Yet there is something youthful there as well, something not fully grown, or realized, that needs her help. And when the two of them are able to get free of the locked up interior, she is able to fly. And when other aspects of the dreamer are still entangled, she is even able to land safely. When we adapt ourselves to what is awakening within us, soft landings are possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember about the first dream is I seem to be in a large stone building, and there’s a doorman, or almost like a guard at the door of this building, and so people have to go by him to come in and out.

And there’s some girl that’s somewhat adolescent, maybe more than one of them, that come to me. I don’t know why. I mean I don’t remember what I do. I just remember it feels like when the girl comes to me I must be doing something with her, because when she goes back out in the world, or sometimes she goes to a movie, I remember there was a movie in this film. And other times it feels like there’s some questions about whether or not she needs to take medication.

And when I go out in the world it feels like I do go into another building where they’re showing a movie, but I go into the restaurant and not to the movie. And I’m waiting for my sister and someone else to come out of the movie.

And then it feels like the girl comes, and it feels like maybe she needs to take medication but some people don’t approve of her taking meditation, and when I go out into the world with her away from the buildings suddenly I’m kind of flying through the air. And I go way up high, and when I go way up high and there’s like stone and water down below, there’s some kind of… it almost looks like a thick rope that has come up in the air, and a guy and somebody else have gotten a little tangled up in it so they can’t fly through the air.

So when I’m flying then there’s a structure up in the air where some other guys that were flying maybe got tangled up and it pulled them down, and I feel like I might fall down, too. You could maybe fall down as far as the water – but I seem to just kind of float down. And I can see one of the guys is semi-unconscious kind of caught up, tangled up.

It feels like I kind of have gotten down now where I’m near the water, so I want to go over near the land. It feels like I want to sort out whether or not the girl needs to take medication or not, whether I can get her medications. Even though I thought I might crash or get tangled up like the guys did, I didn’t. I seem to go back to the land.

And other than that, in that dream, I just remember being in a restaurant waiting for some people to come out of a movie so I could go where I was going next. Those are the only pieces I remember. It was just odd dreaming.

John: What you’re dreaming is about something opening up. In other words, something is speeding up, or something is opening up, in that you go from something that’s like inside, in which it’s an inside in which there’s something still being worked on in terms of yourself.

In other words, that part of yourself on the inside is still needing to be healed or something. And then when you open up, when you expand, when you probe out, when you go out you speed up and then there’s still the sense of the part of yourself that is remiss or something – but it’s more like an inflection, or a memory, as opposed to a predicament.

You know what that kind of image and flow reminds me of is that a person, when they feel themselves, they notice that they have their insecurities, and they have their personality, and they have their mannerisms, which are encapsulated in a kind of expression or ego. And then when you speed up or get out of the set scenario, and you go out into the flux of things, in order to be okay in the flux of things you have to speed up.

And in the speeding up you don’t completely lose track over certain characteristics, but the characteristics are more like a shadow in the background, in other words, or an ego in the background, or a personality or a mannerism in the background, that kind of doesn’t have the same effect because you’ve now taken off.

So the speeding up enables something to be able to be relieved, in terms of what would have been an unfoldment if there hadn’t been such a change. I guess the sense of the speeding up, or of something changing, or shifting to where something opens up more, was a bit of a theme of the dream.

Your dream is including this whole sense of a type of speeding up as an answer, or as a resolution, in other words not sitting in some sort of heaviness or weightiness about it all, but there’s something that has to take a step that picks up speed.

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