Connecting to the Divine

John: This first dream came in at two in the morning. It has to do with trying to reconcile how something drops down and comes straight through and has a quality that’s meant to be, or is, of the Divine. What comes through is then offset by the human condition.

What I’m trying to sort out is: How does the human condition fit in with this other aspect, which I recognize as the Divine? The dream is indicating that they have something in common, or at least that we find ourselves in the human condition, but at the same time we’re meant stay connected to or hold onto the Divine.

The dream is suggesting that we have to understand the linkage between the human condition and the Divine and how they’re designed to work together – how one or the other condition alone cannot work.

If we’re just experiencing the human condition, we have no idea. We walk around in a state of amnesia, or sleep, like everyone else. We aren’t acknowledging that the Divine exists. On the other hand, if we live only in the radiance of that which is the Divine, then we tend to repudiate the human condition as insignificant or separate or unimportant.

However, we’re meant to be able to live in the human condition and at the same time not take away one iota from something coming through of the Divine. The problem is, when we’re living in the human condition, how is it possible to see how something of the Divine can make the connection all the way through? That becomes extremely difficult.

In my sleep, I’m sitting there trying to go back to this deep inner link and see what’s coming through. But I couldn’t open my eyes and wake up because my human condition blocked what I could see. I never had this sort of thing happen before. I could go inside and I could lucid dream, but usually in a lucid dream there’s something seeable and memorable as if it’s a play going on within. (For a lucid dream to be lucid dreaming, it’s almost as if you have your eyes wide open.) In this case the lucid dream was real while I was dreaming, but when I opened my eyes it was gone.

So I can’t give you the details of what I saw able to come down and through into life connected and intertwined with the Divine, because there was still too much of the human condition in the way of it happening. Or maybe that’s just the way it is because we carry the human condition. And I’m told in the dream that I’m meant to have both and to pay attention to both. 

So, that’s the first dream, and it felt very frustrating because even though it started at two am, I spent most of the night going back and forth still holding on and even at times thinking I’d awakened enough to write it up because it was so lucid inside, but I never did bring it through.

The Illusion of Separation

John: Your dream yesterday actually makes a deeper statement in terms of how the kundalini works (see Recognizing What We Already Know). We spoke about the idea of sensing a gap, or having the perception that something is askew, and thinking that you need to be subordinated to this thing because you sense it as being separate. But when you come to recognize the linkage, the distance between you and the teacher disappears because you have found it in yourself.

The part that’s hard to describe is how the feminine, which craves a particular kundalini sexuality, craves it more hungrily when there is the association of something having to come from outside of herself to bring about an awakening. When there’s that sense of dependency, it’s always coupled with anger because no one likes to be reliant on things out of their control.

That viewpoint, that sense of something having to be found, or reached, or sought outside of one’s self as if that somehow or other completes or satisfies what’s needed – when you actually find the solidness of that masculine inside you, you transcend that illusion because you then become wired internally to reach what had been missing and find it inside of you.

The first part of your dream has to do with the part that’s fine and solid in part of you, and the other male figures that are passing through are the part that’s still reaching, and has a hunger, and is still caught under the misconception that somehow this lies outside of you. The part of you that’s content and solid, in and of itself, knows better and knows that it has taken in and taken on and discovered all that there is to discover in this regard.

And thus the teacher, or the go-between, is no longer visible, as if there’s something askew or separate. It’s almost as if the feminine, in its dormancy – carrying a completeness in and of itself – can only think in terms of trying to awaken, can only think that, to begin with, that it has to do with a certain magnetic connection being formed. Until it’s formed, by way of a relationship or something from the outer, until that takes place, there’s a gap.

But when it has caught up or learned to take this on for itself, that’s when it moves to a point where it’s no longer dependent upon the teacher to create the inflection. Because that’s the point where you have already gotten the memo, so to speak, or that masculine part has opened up and become part of you, so that there’s nothing reachable or touchable in terms of an outer capacity any more. It’s a very deep dream.

The theme of the dream is one of catching up with something that’s already within you, but you don’t know it. That’s the theme of the dream and yet we make this journey, and we go through this maze of the outer life in an illusion, or in a state of amnesia in terms of recognizing that we actually, at the depths of who we are, already carry it as complete.

Generally speaking, we just aren’t able to have that recognition in the physical world because we’re not able to stop long enough to see that it’s naturally so. Instead we see ourselves as proceeding in some regard or way and, when we see ourselves as proceeding in some regard or way then we have dreams that have to do with something haunting us or chasing us, or that we’re finding new things in new rooms, or that we’re jumping from this place to that place.

What we’re doing is circling that part of ourselves that, in a flash, when it awakens, means that all of that illusion drops away, because the time and the space in the outer illusion then goes into that vacuum of nonexistence. While you’re Traveling Toward God, or even Traveling In God, you still perceive that there’s an aspect of linkage, or interconnection, that needs to come together.

The Change Agent

Jeane: I slept pretty soundly and I don’t remember much of my dream. My impression is that I’m at a large shopping center with parking garages. There’s a man somewhere in the parking garage and I feel like I’m either trying to avoid him or connect with him. 

I don’t feel that I have a personal relationship with him, but there’s some kind of connection between us. Either he’s moved or I’ve moved, but when we try to connect we keep missing each other. I can’t remember whether I wanted to miss him for a certain period of time or if I’m trying to connect with him because there’s been a shift. 

It’s such a large space to search around that you have to have your timing coordinated. I think we finally do connect but it seemed to take a long time.

John: The image of the parking garage is an image of a condition that is fixed – where you’re holding onto a particular condition that exists in terms of how you see yourself on one level, more or less as a result of one’s senses and mind or outer mannerism. Then this man that you’re meant to connect with – and you know that it’s meant to happen – is a connection that involves you having to make a shift.

That’s a connection that takes you from your current state and enables you to make a shift – to go along with something new. Until you make that connection, it’s like being parked; you’re fixed. You’re waiting. You’re in a position in which what is meant to emerge, or come through you, or catch up with you, or awaken you – however you would describe that process of enfoldment – has not yet happened.

You know it’s coming, you know it’s converging, but there’s a part of this dream that could actually make you feel somewhat depressed because if you came to see yourself as stuck, or parked and…

Jeane: But the man is in the parking garage; I’m trying to get there.

John: Okay, that’s a bit different.

Jeane: He might be someone who supervises where people park, that sort of thing. He’s got a little golden energy with which he moves things around.

John: Hmmm. So, what you have is a mixed role with the masculine. On one hand, the masculine appears to be stuck, or parked, on the other hand the masculine is something that has to be rescued: he’s at the parking garage and you have to meet there.

Then on another level, the masculine brings in the seed that brings about the change. These are diametric processes. You have three things going on. You have something that on one level is parked, on another level has to be rescued, and on yet another level is an element or quality that brings about change.

It’s almost like you’re portraying three dynamics of amnesia: the parking part, the part where something needs to be jarred or awakened (something needs to connect with the masculine in a grounding way because it’s off the ground), and yet you can’t be too cavalier about that either because the masculine carries in something that brings the change agent, the seed for something new.

The purpose of a dream like this, and why you’re able to dream a dream like this, is that you’re able to accept things as they are, knowing that there’s something more going on. If you view the situation as stuck or parked, you would be at your wits end in regard to doing anything new in life. For example, it would make our move to Las Vegas abhorrent for you.

However, in viewing the situation as something that has to be helped or rescued, that idea keeps you on the path of trying to help alleviate something in Creation. By viewing the situation as offering something more, something that’s beyond your capability or grasp, it shows awe and respect for the fact that the masculine is the quality that brings forth. Maybe it’s imbalanced, maybe it’s stuck, but it brings forth the change that can be realized into Creation.

I recall a woman teacher who would frequently say, “Okay, that’s a dichotomy, and both things are true.” In this dream you actually have three things occurring on different levels and they’re all true. You have something that’s parked or stuck, you have something that needs to be reached, and you have the quality whereby that which is stuck and needs to be reached is the precursor to what needs to come through. It’s carrying the memo.

Quite amazing.