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ncopt3oxThere’s a whole school of thought that speaks of living in the moment, which is another way of saying, going with the energetic flow. But what is often not talked about in these discussions is that achieving these states requires making an energetic connection to what is unfolding. And that connection comes from letting go of what separates us from it (our ego-based world view), while also opening our heart to embrace the all of it. This dream points us in that direction. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a little kind of almost like side aspect of the dream, where it’s like I have to go to the airport. And it suddenly seems like I’m given an assignment of two books that I’m supposed to read.

Now one of the books I think I was given before. These are little books that are almost like six inches by a half-inch thick. They’re not very big. I think this little book I’ve been given before, and I hadn’t read and I’ve put away, but I only have a certain amount of time and I’m looking through shelves that I have and I can’t find it – and I have to get to the airport.

So then somebody puts a book in my hand and it has a different cover, but I think it’s the same book, but I’m not positive, but I feel like it’s the book I’ll have to take because I have to be catching a plane.

John: So, what you’re doing is you’re showing how the condition of something like this gets. It gets so that it’s so busy that it has no time for anything because it’s racing as if, in the taking off, that it’s going to get somewhere. And it’s actually in that process, because without the heart and its expanse, it is actually trying to stay focused in accordance with a streamlined nature, or book so to speak, or veil, filter. Filter might be the better word.

In other words, everything you’re doing has to do with the filter. And the book itself, and what that portrays, is the filter. And so you’re bringing in kind of the contrast, or the contractive part, which is always there as the filter. And you always will have this condition, and you’ll always be confronted with this as a dilemma, when you try to expand, because what I saw in my dream is that both are going on simultaneously.

And you cannot shake that if you’re in a human body. You’re going through both expansive and contractive. You’re going through the inner inflections that are based upon outer orientation of mind, sense, and ego, and you can attempt to scale it first one way as something that opens up expansively, or you can try to pull it into a lilt, that filter, which is contractive. And neither will work, because in order for them to work you have to get outside of the schematic of how you are. And the schematic in which you are is limited because you only adhere to a certain level of heartfulness and it is only conditional… that heartfulness is conditional up to a point before you hit something that shocks you, or rips your state of attention.

What you’ve done is you’ve gone off and you started to spiral in this masculine expansive quality only to find that you have to have the rootedness, the contractive state. You have to catch up with that, and that’s the book as you call it, an orientation or a filter. And so that’s the degree to which you’ve probed this thing, yet at the same time what isn’t loud like it needs to be is the principle of the heart or the principle of love that takes and puts the two yo-yo aspects, the expansive and the contractive, the struggle between inner and outer, of which inner isn’t truly quite possible because you can’t see the pure light.

And so what happens is that in which you are oriented and designed, you can’t properly grasp or understand unless you orient to the heart. And you can have a slight degree of it, but that puts you in a state of turmoil when you have a slight degree of it, because you find yourself still in the outer, still whenever you’re doing something doing it in terms of the mechanisms and mannerisms of the outer, and you don’t have the guidance of an all-effusive heart to win the day.

In other words, what you were doing was depicting yourself in a particular spatiality in which you weren’t addressing or stressing the loudness of the heart. You were instead confronting the conditions of the situation. And the conditions of any situation, without the heart being all effusive, is always going to be a yo-yo situation.

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