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Jeane: In this dream, I know you’re somewhere in the background, but my focus is on two, feminine, winged figures or entities. One’s quite large and standing there, and she has wings. The other one is similar is shape but smaller.

I’m just trying to bring them together. I’m trying to get these two angelic figures together in some way, by working with the breath. That was the first image.

John: There is the idea – long-held by many spiritual and religious belief systems – that we all carry in our nature a connection to guides – angelic or other energetic entities – that we’re able to bring close to us, both internally and externally, depending on how we are in our lives.

Such a connection has to do with a certain type of rootedness within Creation – meaning being more closely connected and aligned with the purposes of Creation, instead of the ego-based “purposes” of the human such as money and power.

In other words, these angels and entities are here for us, but in some ways our relationship with them is limited by our own thoughts and actions because an angelic essence can’t come close to us if our energy radiation is hostile to what it is.

By that I don’t mean whether we believe in them or not, it’s similar to the idea that none of us would go to a bad part of town, where we would feel uncomfortable or in danger. Who and what we are energetically determines how theses essences and connections can be with us.

Part of having a rootedness in Creation is to be able to give anchor to such guides and essences into life – into the world. That is part of the process that the human was designed to do. We need that rootedness as a safety from becoming swept away by energies that are too high for us to contain.

So, in your dream image, you are shown a larger effect and a lesser effect. You have to somehow consolidate these, bring them together, as powers or forces of your nature. Then you can effectively work with it (bring it into Creation), rather than just have it sweeping over you in an unconscious way.

The images are portraying the effort of bringing them together as an aspect of your lightbody, and as a realization of the significance of this in terms of how it reflects a masculine aspect of your self that gives access to it.

I’m actually not quite sure how to say it because the feminine carries the presence that’s able to bring it and hold it together in a state of completeness, as a container of one’s overall being, but there is something about the quality of the masculine that enables you to be able to sort this out and not get diffused by this energetic effect.

It can be a problem for many people when they gain a connection to these energetic forces (of a greater beingness of themselves), that they then don’t have the proper grounding to sustain it. In order to properly, or truly, realize a higher-self quality, it needs to be brought down and through, into Creation. When it is not properly grounded within, a person runs the risk of being overwhelmed by it.

That’s what you’re working with there. You’re trying to figure out how to take these guides, or these forces within, and make them a valid, sustainable inner aspect that you’re able to carry and embody as you go about in Creation.

To do that, you have to see how the large and small come together, how they work together, how they’re part of the overall that also takes into account the denser aspects in Creation. In other words, carry both the inner and the outer together, or you can’t actually carry either of them in their proper way.

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John: In my dream, I saw a person take a forklift, as an expression of love, and pick up refuse on a pathway. The person was completely genuine in their expression. So guess what: the story is written up in the media. It catches everyone’s attention because what he was doing was so uncharacteristic in these times.

So, I realize through this imagery that there is a hunger in people to know what is going on, but this hunger can blind us to the perils that exist. This hunger is like a first love – there is an allure and a closeness that’s intriguing. But when such a feeling exists, the difficulties of a given situation are often ignored.

It’s hard to be alone with this hunger, this kind of longing, yet at the same time there is nowhere to go with it. There is always some limitation that puts itself in the way.

The point is this: the whole world quests to know what’s going on, but doesn’t know how to recognize what’s real, so it’s drawn to reporting any kind of action. People may have an interest in the true mysteries of life, but the culture feeds on the dramatic. It’s like hunger in that we are always seeking a sugar rush to satisfy our cravings, rather than the sustenance of a healthy meal.

So it’s easy to get sucked in by the feeding frenzy of the media. It’s really a reflection that our lives are based in our ego. Everyone thinks the best way to stay out of trouble – to stay out of the tabloid glare of the world – is to keep a low profile. But, of course, keeping a low profile creates its own problems.

What is necessary is to hold onto what is real, inside, in a quiet way. High profile actions are newsworthy, and there are reasons for that. It’s usually when a person is still searching, or is in need of approval, or at least the appearance of approval. That results in personal identification, and identifying with something personally always sways what is real. It pulls one further away from that inner state that wants nothing.

My particular view is that I think it’s important to awaken to situations that are fresh and open. It’s important to penetrate barriers and free what is pent up inside. That’s a delicate situation.

For one thing, most people can’t deal with what there is to see and handle. Secondly, if one isn’t totally removed from the effect, i.e., in a place of inner peace, then a responsibility can be set forth in the outer world – that creates a karma. Third, whenever the Kundalini energy opens up prematurely, it’s unbearable to the recipient and can lead to bizarre reactions.

Hopefully a person has a defense mechanism in their nature to veil this effect. Ultimately, all this creates a conundrum, because that which one experiences on an inner level, cannot become known to the recipient if it’s not put into life.

So it has to be lived, but lived in a way that doesn’t run around trying to make something happen. What needs to happen is designed from within, in a subtle, quiet space. The intended effect shouldn’t leave traces (meaning big actions that create newsworthy stories), it should just be emanated from within, invisibly into the world. It’s effect will be unseen, but no less real.



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