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m69The next time we have the urge to complain about some aspect of our looks, or the way our body feels, or is working, we can remember this: our body is merely a vehicle that makes our spiritual journey possible. We are not meant to worship it, glorify it, or spend all our time honing it and refining it. We are meant to use it to build our spiritual presence. In that sense, any sort of body will do. And, you could make the case that, a gorgeous body is much more likely to distract you from your mission than an average one might. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I’m like struggling with some shapes, and the best way I could describe the shape it’s like if you’ve seen those… oh, they’re kind of like art objects that are two pieces of plastic, or glass, that are filled with sand, and then maybe some air and some water and, as you move them around, the shape changes inside/

So, I’m struggling with some shape like that where there’s some wavy lines, and it looks like a substance inside the square, and I’m trying to make this whole square fit in some way, or the portions that are inside the square fit – and I just can’t get it right. It’s like I’m so frustrated. I just keep trying to work with getting this shape to fit with some other shape, or getting it to shift in some way I want it to shift. And I just couldn’t get the proportions or the shape to fit right.

John: So what you were doing is you were constantly trying to define a border in which there was something within.

Jeane: Yes.

John: That’s what you were doing: constantly trying to define the border.

So the way the nothingness, a true nothingness, in other words, not a nothingness that’s still a mental term. In other words, the way something is not an essence is that it has to draw itself a form, and, when it draws itself a form, it has boundaries within that form, just like the soul has a form in terms of the body. It, then, as an emptiness, as a stillness, as a oneness, it then has something kind of defined, so to speak, in that it is now in a composited, defined, drawn caricature, or form.

But, just like a person who knows how to draw images, when you draw the form there is a huge relief in relationship to the overall because now you have something to contend with, or to work with – but something is still missing in terms of what can be the rest of it? In other words, the rest of the lines and everything else within this boundary.

Because first you have it, and then you have to have something within. So now what you’re talking about is within that has to be, somehow or another, the emptiness yet, or the total stillness.

Well, it kind of defies logic that when you draw a form that you have taken something out of a wholeness, and now you need to fill it in. That’s how the mind would work, in terms of the multiplicity. Now it’s going to have to finish the image. The key is to be able to be in the outer of things without having to be identified with some separate form, as if that’s the end all, be all that you have to navigate, function, in terms of.

So, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to work with this chemistry of light, where you see things in whatever it is as a form, but how do you get that to be accepted, or okay? So that means you have to be in the emptiness that you came from.

So the way this works with the breath is you actually breathe in light on out-breath. You have to first of all breathe out the essence of the coming down, which is the seed of things from somewhere in the wholeness of all that there is. The out-breath goes into the caricature, and you have to breathe in that light. And, when you do that, you can be empty.

So for a poor human being that has suddenly taken on the notion of a definition, like a meaty border of themselves, somehow or another the fact of doing that has caused a conceptualization to get established, and you find yourself now contending with whatever it is that you, through your senses, see yourself as being in terms of a density.

But that isn’t how you’re meant to be. You’re meant to be a physical body that holds their soul, a soul that is everything, and so you have come into this caricature, but you’re not going to identify with the caricature so that you get lost in the myriad of things. So you come in with a mission, and the mission is an out-breath that breathes, and feels itself, exuding the light within, from somewhere else, into this beingness.

Not only does it exude the light into the beingness, but that light, then, because of the lightness of things, and because you can take yourself outside of a heaviness, or gravity, you can then aurically expand. You’re not just that caricature. Those who identify with the caricature can’t, but you can aurically expand.

And so then you breathe all of this back in on an in-breath, and you’re breathing back in the light – so there’s nothing going on. There really isn’t anything going on. The caricature is just there as a kind of blueprint design. You’re not that physical body. You’re there in order to create the means by which to move around, by which to have a methodology, a dialogue, a seeing and a hearing.

But it’s a very challenged seeing and hearing because it’s not supposed to be a seeing and hearing that is correlated to identifying whatever it is that you have as a caricature. You’re meant to have the caricature that you can move around with, but you move around with that in relationship to a breath that brings something in, and a breath that sweeps back with it.

It’s a breath except, in terms of sorting it out, the question then is: which part of the breath were you breathing? Well, first of all you have the caricature and I guess you’re struggling with what all is inside the caricature. So in that regard it’s an out-breath, the seed of that, because you then have to breathe it back into its proper state, an in-breath.

So it’s got to be light coming down and touching light, and light rising up. It is the light. You’re breathing light out, bringing it down as light from the wholeness of it all, and then breathing it back in. You breathe anything other than that, it’s a density, it’s a diversity. It’s still a mind, or a confusion, or a separation.

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heartflameYesterday John described a dream involving him joining a baseball team (see Breaking the Spell). Here he delves into the deeper meaning of the internal, individual struggle to let go of the ego life that has been trained into us by the greater collective, as well as the implications for humans as a species, and what is required for us to make an energetic shift. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meaning of this is a shift is made first with the heart. The outer corresponds to the way the heart is able to permeate. The outer is a particular way, and can you correspond the heart to being able to permeate that situation?  

Now of course that’s a question that involves the feminine’s permission, because you can have this whole raw energy mannerism rise up inside of you, but it can be imbalanced to the timing, to the situation at hand, to what is allowed to be recognized or seen. And maybe it’s too much to be seen at a given point in time. Maybe the overallness of something of the feminine hasn’t cleared the space enough so that it would be too much and cause another kind of calamity.

That’s the part that you were working on in your dream. In other words, your heart is having to take on this whole overallness, so that it can accommodate that which can come through. And, first of all, you have to be able to balance out the imbalances of the collective, in terms of the lower self, and then you have to be able to create the conditions upon which the inner transmission and flow can come down into the outer.

That’s what your heart takes on in terms of the overall. My heart takes upon itself every level of existence, in terms of the quality of its focus and attention, and a thread of something that can come through, as a beam of light, or as a spoke, or as an inflection.

That’s why the masculine has this power, and a type of control issue that it has to contend with, and the feminine has to embrace that, subjectively see that it finds its cadence. And so in creation, that inner force is not very well developed.

In other words, the malaise of things predominates, or the collective outer predominates, and even those who are trying to reach to a hope that maybe something could be different, because what exists is not very good, are never sure how far a given heartfelt need can go. 

In other words, it’s like the collective malaise predominates. It needs the masculine to slice right through. It needs this fastball pitch, the increasing of the speed, in order to come right through. And it has to hold a consistency; and what a mess it will make if it doesn’t follow through with the entire game because there will be a collapse.

So, a doubt tends to exist because the dense collective, as things currently stand, as I have stepped into this ballgame I’m stepping in to where there’s a doubt that exists because the dense collective malaise is so pervasive, everywhere you look there is the stigma. In other words, the team can only go so far, it can have its moments, but everyone knows that it can’t break through. That’s the vibe that exists.

But the dream is saying that in spite of this, I am seeing myself as able to go inside, access this other speed, a speed in which there’s a need that exists for this to be lived and, of course, it can’t be lived without the feminine accommodation.

And if I do not bring it through, a jinx and spell will predominate because that’s the confusion that exists in feminine creation. Because such a vibe like this, this vibe that exists of a jinx and a spell, is kind of all pervasive in the surroundings that I’m placed in, unable to penetrate. But can I penetrate it consistently?

In other words, the question is, am I allowed to stand out with my heart and permeate the situation? If I lack the endurance to see the focus through and through, in other words, if there’s a giving up, which is a denial, then the collective imbalance, or the lower vibration of things will sweep over the scene again. So once I start, there’s no stopping. It has to be seen through.

I guess you could say I’m all in with the heart. The step back is a confusion and pain that creates a lack of focus, and thus a confusion, obliterates a potentiality, and keeps a change from coming into manifestation.

If you put this together with the first sensation scene, the gauging and timing of the way the heart is to be focused, in correspondence with the inner flow, is imperative to keep an eventual over-the-top crack-up from occurring.

Of course, in a way the masculine is just the masculine. The feminine aspect has to have some sort of sense of this overall condition that exists out there, has to clear the space, so to speak, create the overallness that gives things permission, or it cannot happen.

The way this dream fits with what occurred last night is this is kind of like a follow-up on the theme of how things work in terms of the two halves of God, the half that is in creation that the feminine has a responsibility with, and the other half that’s kind of the raw energy, off the ground, outside of creation, but linked to the creator, which brings through seed thoughts that can effectuate things.

And therefore you have the play and the dynamic of how the dense unfolds, if the two can come together, the inner and the outer. The issue and the dilemma that was raised in the dreaming yesterday, that being the day in which you were to be given information that had to do with where you stood in creation and in life, because there are two ways of trying to make this happen.

Actually, there are variances of the system. There is the idea that a human being can slowly become more conscious and catch up with the higher self. That is always going on as a schematic. It goes on in terms of a very dense and repetitive approach, and it goes on in which there is the devotional element that works with the heart in order to speed the thing up, and facilitate it to come through faster. That element involves having to catch up with a lineage, an energetic transmission, which exists in the big picture of it all, the macrocosm of it all.

But the human being that sits in the microcosm has all of this kind of busted into pieces. It’s segregated because of the density of things, so it doesn’t have good linkage. It sits in kind of an amnesia, and so in that amnesic state you can have a teacher that comes through that can bring the memo through, but then the teacher then can orient you to the two halves, and then you have to develop that inside of yourself.

Because a human being typically has a problem dropping the ego completely. There’s a question of whether that can be done when you’re in a state of a density here, and the density exists because there is a motion and a certain kind of flow that is associated then from the stillness.

Can this be done in creation like that, or does something in creation have to somehow or another have two split parts, a part that is in creation and another part that is somewhere else, able to hear the hints and catch the hints?

Or can we skip a step now and have all of it right here in creation, under the watchful guidance of a greater vibration, and that component work as a flow that permeates out and over things? Or does everything have to be inflected as hints and stuff, always from the other side? Because if it can actually be right here in creation, as a lived quality in creation, yes, there has to be a vibration of the lineage from somewhere else, reflected as the teacher, and as the lineage that goes through the teacher, and is with the teacher.

But if it can be right here, then it can make itself known and visible to everyone. Otherwise, it tends to be leaving people behind, and the possibility is actually reflected somewhat in this dream in terms of the game. 

The scenario is a condition that permeates and will exist unless something can come through, and have the right and the permission to come through, and the consistency with the permission, in other words it doesn’t somehow or another second guess itself to be able to come through, create the visible change so that everything is uplifted, so that there’s a shift in the speed.

And the problem is in how one is inclined to see themselves energetically, and when you’re in the senses of the physical, of creation, it’s very, very difficult to change the octave of how you take in the stimuli understanding of things. So you are inclined to stay at a pace in which more problems exist because that pace then has such a limited heart container development.

If, however that can be, then it’s really a force of nature in that regard, because everything gets lifted up. It can’t help but plug in. Everything functions according to a type of momentum, motion, momentum, but the momentum is all directed in different ways in terms of people’s different motions, and ways, and mannerisms, and interests, and personal intentions that get in the way.

But there is a momentum that breaks through it all, that is pure, and it is clear, and it is clean, which can feel exhilarating, which is able to sweep up all of the levels. Again, the ability for that to happen, the permission of that is of a feminine nature, that’s what it has to give to life as a quality of its overall being, heartfully, so that the masculine can bring through the protection, the seed, the inflection, which can tweak something into making the shift to another speed, which has always been possible, but has not had the integrated quality of this feminine permission before.

And it needs to be, now, because otherwise the malaise that exists, the mood of that, the tone of that, the heaviness of that, that’s just so much suffering, that is so much confusion, and it looks catastrophic in terms of where it’s going.

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John: In this dream I’m in an area that’s larger than I’m able to absorb. It’s way too big; I’m out of sync with the environment. I see myself walking around in a daze, unable to sort anything out. Everything going on there is beyond my comprehension.

Then I realize that I feel uneasy because I know I’m in a place where I have a way to go before I can catch up perceptively. If I were directly confronted with all that is there in one fell swoop, I’d be overwhelmed.

As I move about, barely noticing things, another part of me, who is like a separate person, is directly relating to the speeded-up inner energy of this place, or outer energy; it depends on how you look at it because it’s seems a different place, but it’s still within the zone of something else that exists. 

My perception is that of two separate people (other than me) working things out. In other words, there’s the environmental outer person who’s a direct reflection of this place, and there’s the go-between inner person who is able to relate to this outer person, or at least try to relate. 

I mean, this inner person has an aspect about him that’s able to intertwine a bit with this place, so he’s getting aligned. What occurs between the two of them is something that I come to know indirectly, as things are worked out between them.

Somehow a part of me is able to absorb this process until I’m able to readily free-flow in the higher-speed variables of this place. I know that I need to be able to touch these variables. To begin with I can’t even imagine how that’s possible.

Then, as the process between these personages (they feel like personages somehow) memorize or go at something there, I come to know it by way of inflection and realize then that I’m able to relate to those variables a little bit more. That says I’m catching up to them energetically.  

That’s when I realize what I’m missing. Until then, a gap existed in which the go-between, on his own, stepped into the scene and was able to reconcile things on my behalf. His reconciliation enables me to ingest information in what seems like an after-the-fact way. 

That’s how it is in the beginning, but eventually even that falls away and I see myself (to my surprise) directly relating to the variables of this place that have awakened inside of me. When I find myself able to handle the variables, that’s when the presence of this second, outer personage, and the image of an inner, go-between personage, fall away.

What does this mean? To begin with I’m in a place that has more going on in it than I’m able to appreciate. That’s how it is when a person begins the “Traveling in God” phase; my denser self doesn’t yet know what it’s missing, but it’s working on it. I know there’s a lot going on, but I’m unable to bring it into focus.

But my higher self comes alive in this place. To begin with, I’m grateful that I, alone, don’t have to contend with all the overwhelming variables that are there. But as my higher self aligns to it little by little – the rate I’m comfortable with – I become more able to absorb or take on, directly or indirectly, the energetic variables at play.

The time comes when I (in a state of amazement) am able to do what I didn’t know at the beginning was even possible, which is to see myself able to directly engage with my environment. That’s when the place of inner initializing, or aligning, or memorizing, is suddenly over and I’m able to handle the transmissions.

I’m no longer able to determine if it’s a transmission that’s from another zone, or just part of this place. I’m just in it. While I struggle to keep up, I still have the sense that the energetic is part of this place. Ultimately, when I’m fully able to keep up, I come to realize that the whole energetic I’m experiencing is within me.

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