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ghost_orchid_smallIf we’ve ever gone on a retreat, or been in a deep meditation, both relaxing states, we know how difficult it is to bring that state of being into our daily lives. A few stresses and we are quickly back to our old state. This is exactly the issue with our inner guidance for our spiritual journey: we come to know a truth inside of ourselves, but we can’t apply it, or translate it, into our outer lives because our outer lives are such a different ecology. We can’t grow orchids in the desert, and we can’t bring higher things into the coarseness and chaos of our daily lives. If we are serious, we will have to make changes in our life to accommodate the higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So there were three dreams, and the first is the meditation dream that sets the tone of it all, in that in the meditation dream I was able to tell that I could come back into the outer, and I was able to tell that I was able to come back into the outer, because I was in a more of a quickened way that is, because there was something sensitive in my nature in which I could tell that there was something missing – as I came back into the outer.

In other words, I had seen something inside of which there was no substance, there was nothing. So there was nothing to look to inside, so then I turn around and I try to go in the opposite direction into the outer. And, because everything’s fine, and everything is still, in the inner, and a glancing into the inner doesn’t do anything, it just is. So I come to recognize and realize that there is an area, or part, of me that’s missing, when I am required to come or turn my energetic attention back into manifestation.

So I knee jerk back and forth. I pull back to something, then I come and I look again. And I pull back, and I come and I look again. So I try and I try, but each time there’s no complete answer. The dilemma was that each time I glanced I could tell that I was not bringing back into life the full completion, because each time my heart hurt, and an absence existed from an aspect of the outer beingness of self.

So what is going on? I tried and tried. I just couldn’t bring back into the outer the inner that took in, on a one-to-one correspondence, all that was going on here. I peeked over and over to see if coming back could be done, in other words, if I could find the combination in which I could come back that would be complete, and each time I would notice a physical area that wasn’t okay.

In most of the instances, when I would glance to come back, the physicalness of coming back into manifestation had to do with going back into the physical body. And when I would glance I would notice that my neck was aching, or was in a strange position or something, because when I come back naturally I can be in any kind of catawhomper position and be okay. But if I don’t come back completely, then something is askew and my neck might be a little out of shape, or something, as if sore from having to hold the position without the inner-into-outer relief that I know is there – but is somehow or another missing, in terms of coming into the equation of the outer.

So the meaning is, that the meditation dream is reporting that in terms of bringing my higher self – a completely intertwined innerness – into the outer is something that I am not doing. I’m missing something. There’s something that’s not quite catching up, or being brought through.

And so I’m not able to make the inner and the outer a oneness and, as for the innerness, there is nothing to report in that regard because the innerness is the innerness. It’s complete and whole in and of itself.

So I just seem to be kind of astir, or kind of out of sync, in terms of at home in the all-pervading stillness within. In other words, it’s not astir; stable. I am stable in a home that is the all-pervading stillness within. That’s why there’s nothing to report there, but it doesn’t translate across into the outer.

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images-12If we consider our lower self as the physical being and animal nature of our experience, animal nature to mean the aspects of us that want to eat, sleep, procreate, and survive, then we can consider our higher self as the aspects that want our life to have meaning. And these two sides of us are always trying to merge into a singular life, a holistic process. And in that process there is the bleed-through from our outer experience that affects us on an inner level, and the inner, higher processes, that filter through and inform our outer life. As we become more consciously aware, these processes can all be working toward the same destination. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the main thing I remember about my dream last night is it felt like I was dealing more with symbols, like there was kind of an arcing symbol, like a line, that went in an arc above, and then another line that came down. Then there was a break in that line, and it felt like some kind of energy that represented me, or a person, was right where that break was.

And we were trying to negotiate something with somebody a bit distant, and I couldn’t get it resolved. That’s all I remember.

John: What you’re dreaming I dreamt, in terms of the higher octave, as being a little like how the senses work except I had it reduced to four senses, and each of them had a quality in them that made them complete.

And that, to begin with, I suspect you could say that they were like, instead of seeing symbols and whatnot, and instead of there being kind of an in-betweenness, that there was a knowingness and that the knowingness included the four senses all in one fell swoop. And then there was the higher octave of the four senses, in that they had to be lived in the outer, but you lived them in terms of their experientiality, as an inflective behind the reflective.

In other words almost like behind the curtain, or background, of which the only one I was able to denote in the outer, and bring forth in the outer, was a quality of a seeingness as a glimpse, although I knew that the other three senses, hearing, taste, and smell, were there, but I hadn’t caught up with how their divine essence in a higher octave way was experienceable, or livable, in the outer. In other words, I’m still caught in the literalness of the density of the outer.

And, in your particular case, it was like you have the knowingness, in kind of an unconscious or subconscious way, and you have the senses that are in the outer that cause one to perceive in a dense literal way, and the chemistry that you’re still working with is kind of not necessarily the outerness, and not necessarily the innerness. You’re kind of doing a blend, which means that you have a quality of a mental inflective reflective, because the quality of a true higher self is just an automatic knowingness, it just is in the light. And the quality of something in the outer is just a density with the senses adhered to that density.

In your dream you take the homogeneousness of all of that and you have energy lines, and you have all of this other that you’re able to kind of parlay with, which means that what is in the inner, as a nothingness, still has a quality of a somethingness that you’re trying to work with, and it has that quality of a kind of somethingness with energy lines or whatever, based upon the bleed through contamination or, you might say, of how it is to be in the physical body in an outerness, relating to the outerness, but having the knowingness in the background of yourself. That’s how I see your dream.

Well it’s interesting that’s how the effect of what took place yesterday got sorted out by a quality of your nature letting go. In other words, what you did was, in terms of kind of going through the motions of a what’s going on kind of quality, or note, you found yourself screening out the energy aspect lines.

I seem to have a slightly different experience of the same thing, based upon the fact that when something went haywire, in the outer, it jarred me in the inner. And I was writing it up of being jarred in the outer, and was looking at what I was about to perceive as an exception to the idea that the inner comes into the outer in that there could be an outer effect that could get the attention of something that would have to come back from the inner.

I was messing with that when you came in and announced that we had a water leak. I don’t know if I would’ve quite caught up with it, but I guess what I was doing was very much similar to how I can go to a place inside, into a stillness inside, I incorporate it as an aspect of my dreaming. In other words, I take everything that’s going on that is on some remote channel of an outerness, that is made real, real still, and to the degree to which it has a vibrational aliveness trying to come through, I utilize that in terms of how it is playing itself out in the pre-knowingness.

I guess you could say it’s a little bit like taking one’s thoughts and drowning them somewhere, only this time if the thoughts are correlated to vibrations and motions, the vibrations and motions then are still, and in the stilling comes a deeper inflectiveness, or a deeper knowingness, and then from that you come to realize kind of the senses, and how they work as a knowingness on the inner, and how the innerness as a stillness, with the four senses, can be then carried into the outer for livability purposes.

And if one can bring it through in such a way so that it has an effect and an impact in the outer, it doesn’t remain just outer senses; like with the aspect of sight, it can become something that is glimpsed. And that if the sight can be glimpsed, then the other senses have an octave to them, too, although I didn’t notice them in my sleep dream. So anyway, this is kind of a general overview.

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John: In my dream, I’m dealing with the specifics (a masculine view) of what it’s like to work with a person who doesn’t have a grasp of what it means to be awakened to life, from within.

Everyone struggles to make things make sense, even if it’s a lie they’re telling themselves. Everyone tries to fit life into certain parameters, and we do this because we generally don’t know any better. We don’t have any experience of something being awakened inside, which would enable a deeper view.

If someone comes along and tells a person about something that’s beyond their experience, about how there’s something real at some deeper level, unless they’re open and can make that leap in understanding, it can be dangerous because it threatens them and challenges their belief system – putting them in a position to defend it.

If a person is open, this new information can begin to bring down the veils and barriers upon which they have conducted and organized their life. But if they’re not open, and what’s said runs counter to what they have set up for themselves, they’ll feel threatened. Then they have to defend their worldview or else they’ll have a breakdown.

This is where people get righteous in their beliefs and adopt defense mechanisms to support their concepts. This can make them dangerous. This is why so much of spiritual truth remains hidden, and is only found by, and able to touch, those who want to be awakened. What is in us has to awaken very, very gradually, otherwise it will cause the opposite of opening up, i.e., shutting down.

In that reactivity we get all the dire things that happen in the outer, which we witness in the breaking down of the world. It’s a reaction against anything that defies the norm of a person’s, or a society’s, concepts. Through history witches were burned at the stake and heretics of one form or another were killed to protect the “norm.” Even the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was an act meant to prevent the spreading of ideas that upset the status quo.

In your dream, you started out in a dark, desolate place, where you didn’t have any inkling that there was more to life than driving around in circles (for this reference, see The Unawakened). Then, suddenly, something more awakened (the baby) and that “something more” caused you to become more conscious of choosing to take on a responsibility within the greater order of things and the greater balance of things.

And you do that by relating from, and working from, that space within that has awakened. It’s a step away from seeing the outer world as being all that exists. You no longer have to defend the outer context as real because you know better.

So, through that image, we can see how an aliveness can work from within and take us from what had been something dark and dense into a type of quickening.

In my dream, I’m looking at the particulars of what it’s like if someone gets exposed to an awareness when they don’t have the parameters to understand it. In other words, there isn’t the experience awakened, or opened up, in them. Why that causes such danger in life is because that consciousness, that awareness, when it’s recognized for what it is, is seen as the enemy of the lower self.

The lower self, then, isn’t able to have the experience of the higher self, so it has to fight back. It has to do everything in its power to prevent this higher aspect from coming through because it appears to it as some “demon possession” or some other alien force.

In the dream I find that I’ve returned from a trek, and I’m now in a city in which everyone in the city knows who I am. I’m accepted. I’ve been on a journey and they know that it’s about something meaningful, and they accept that, even though that’s as far as they’re capable of understanding it.

But, in this city is a police officer who doesn’t understand any of it; he hasn’t learned how to appreciate whatever it is that I’ve done. Just my being there interferes with his perception of how things need to exist, so because he’s trying to protect his conceptualizations, he’s looking for anything he can find to have me arrested: if I can be taken out of the equation then his view of life can be asserted.

First he harasses me in the street, hoping I’ll do something to give him cause to arrest me. When that doesn’t work he makes up a new law with which he can justify arresting me. One of the ideas he has is a vagrancy charge.

Now, wherever I go in the city I have to have a reason to be there. If I don’t, then I’m doing something wrong. This is a rule he cooks up in his head, which gives him cause to stop me.

So I’m in the city, sitting at a table, and he can’t touch me because everyone there vouches for who I am. He has to bide his time, waiting for a reason.

I decide to walk around the city, so he makes up a rule that if I step into an area where I’m not invited, I’m violating the law. I stroll up a street that has a dead end. Even though I’m not doing anything to create a disturbance, he thinks this is enough to harass me.

When he comes up to try to arrest me, I see a table over to one side where there’s a seat open, so I walk over and ask if I can sit down. If they say no, the officer could impose his rule about vagrancy or something and I could be locked up. But the people there say yes, which means I haven’t strayed or done anything out of the ordinary. I sit down.

That leaves the officer a little confused because he thought he had me. Then another person come and sits down at the table, and the officer tries to get this new person to say I don’t belong there. He’s desperately trying to impose his authority against me so he can get rid of something that doesn’t make sense to him. He feels righteous in terms of what he’s trying to do.

This is an important subject, so we will continue this discussion in our next post.

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