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pC-n2jpgIt’s been said before, but it bears repeating because it is so rarely made clear: spiritual paths and religions are meant to start us along the path to our human purpose. But, at a certain point, it becomes just us and the universe itself – no one else can help us, or steer us. It is the way of the human design to gain the intelligence and guidance it needs to proceed, and for each of us it’s as unique as we are. Said another way, teachings are meant to help us connect to higher things – but, once we do, we must follow the guidance we personally receive. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well I had a similar dream, in comparison, in which it’s like you and I have gone down into the parking garage. It’s like under some building anyway, some large complex that we live in, and we’re going to what I know is our temporary parking spot.

And, when we get there, I notice there’s a car already there, but also out in the main aisle is a worker who has this bucket on the ground, in the center there, and is taking and finessing some machinery or something, a tube or whatever, up high, up above. And so my assumption is that the parking spot and what’s going on here are somehow correlated.

And, suddenly, as you’re walking by him, I’m behind you and so I’m still kind of watching what is going on there, as you’re walking by, almost as an effect but probably just the way it’s done, he takes and he releases something and, in one fell swoop, into the bucket is this mixture of concrete that just drops, plop, right into the bucket.

And so I say to him, “Do you ever miss?” You know, because it looked like he was aligning or doing something up above. “Do you ever miss?” And he says, “No, never.”

And then he somehow knows that you are supposed to be doing something, in regards to something almost like a school project or something, some project anyway, and so he says to you: “Ignore the speech at the end, but follow to a tee everything else.”

And as he’s continuing to explain how important the first items are at the very beginning, he then kind of pauses, almost as if you might still be influenced by the speech or something even though you’re to ignore it, and he states it – even stronger this time – and he says: “I’ll burn the speech, so you better not pay any attention to it whatsoever.”

And then I turn to you, and I say, “That’s correct, that’s right.” And the reason why I’m able to say “that’s right” is that earlier I had gotten some sort of impression or something, direction, or orders or something that came down and affected me in some way, and realized that apparently whatever it was that I was making out of it was not what it was about.

So that was the dream. And what I wrote up about it, as a meaning, is the status quo in terms of how it is that I see myself situated is in flux. My temporary parking spot is no longer available for my use. My attention is being directed to a work in progress. It is coming down in one fell swoop. I am to ignore what there is to say about the unfoldment, where you can portray it to others, because that takes an absoluteness into the relative. I am to place my undivided attention upon a guidance that I feel within and, to keep from being distracted, burn everything else. I hear and denote this as a here and now, requiring an unwavering attention to what is moving inside me.

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doad2As humans we are born with a unique set of skills, and each one of us can be the answer to a need in creation because no two people will take the same path through life. For those seeking to fulfill that possibility in their lives, doors and pathways will open up before them. Yet we also always have our freedom of choice: we can take those opportunities, or try a different way. This discussion follows the dream analysis from A Greater Vista.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It reminds me of a dream in which Siddhartha, when he was born, or before he was born, he was born into a wealthy king family, there was a dream that occurred in which the interpretation of the dream was that this boy had two possibilities. One is he could become a really, really great king and effect a lot of changes in the countryside and in the kingdom. Or two, he could become a person that would be exalted in his renunciation of the physical, and thus a realization of some deep, deep inner depth.

So the parents were aware of this. They were aware of this dream. They believed this dream, and so they sheltered Siddhartha from seeing anything that could disturb him and cause him to want to trip into another depth world of renunciation or something – and he remained like this. In fact, he even submitted to an arranged marriage when he was like 28 or 29 years old.

And somehow in that whole process he came to realize that the world outside of the castle, and the world in the castle, were completely different. In other words, there was strife and poverty and death and all of that which, somehow or another, he hadn’t really come to grips with. So once he got married he was totally enamored in the marriage, but he now had this other that was plaguing him. And this was hitting in a way that was quickening what obviously was one direction or the other that he could turn.

He could stay in the wonderful marriage that he was in, and go on and become an exalted king, or this other, he could turn his attention to that. He chose to turn his attention to coming to grips and dealing with and understanding the plight of everything. So he did it in a very, very confused way. He deprived himself of everything. He just disappeared from a wonderful marriage that he was in. He went out and he got so gaunt and so thin, renunciating things, and eating one grain of rice a day and whatnot, as if that was going to cause him to realize something.

He fell in even with a band of renunciates that were somewhat like that, except he always took everything to a greater extreme, and he even took himself to the verge of death. And suddenly he had this realization, or recognition, that in terms of another kind of clarity that he needed to rise up and be strong with instead of the weakened condition that he had gotten himself into. He needed to eat. He needed to bring himself back into life.

So the renunciants he was with renounced him because he was now betraying of the cause, and out of this evolves what became Buddha. But for quite awhile while he was doing this other, he had to go through this whole process of a type of purging before he could come to realize what the inner process was really all about.

Your dream reminds me of that because it points out something that’s kind of like that. It points out that you have a natural inclination to shape something that can be part of a process, in which something is shaped, that has a real shine to it, but you do it in a subservient way where you do not project yourself to where you are able to function in an independent capacity from with inside of yourself.

You rely upon the guidance around you, and the time comes when you recognize that you have the insightfulness, the key inside of yourself, to take a step forward and be more effective straightaway, instead of dependent, that you can reach those levels inside yourself or open that quality of a guidance seeing and hearing from within, and shape accordingly.

And when you do that, and when you take that push forward, you stimulate the Kundalini energy of your nature that’s necessary to go along with that unfoldment. When you do that you’re then presented with two options, two different ways of being. One is you can hold the presence of what you’ve realized and recognized and maintain that in the space of something more that’s opened up. However, it is defined. It is something that is now visible.

Or you can take it into a greater outer, into a greater soul, world soul or something. You could soar with that. You could take that quality that’s shaped and, so to speak, dismantle the gem in that it becomes a type of pervasive nothingness that goes into the outer, into the whole.

In other words, the option is to hold a space that has a recognized brilliance or, upon accessing it, going into a way of carrying this into a greater overallness. It’s something that isn’t defined because where that kind of expansive realm goes is hard to denote.

In other words, if you’re looking at what you were doing with the energy is you were taking the life force and making it loud in a physical world sense way, in conjunction with having achieved and awoken a clarity within, that then was more greatly grounded by bringing it through, bringing it into a foundation.

The loudness of that kind of swallows you up from the standpoint then that the life force that goes into the soul of the world, you can’t find yourself necessarily in something like that because you don’t accentuate a quality of passion in life that is apparent and obvious. The passion in life is visible, it’s obvious to others. When you take it into the soul there’s an illumination that is only accessible to those who have reached a point that they can gain or glean from that. The illumination extends out. It’s almost like a ray of sight. It’s like an example of something with that illumination would be a teacher that can kind of see the soul of things, and their sight touches out, touches things in terms of touching out into all that exists.

It’s like you’re at a crossroads, one to be lived, and the other is something else; it’s what is intended.

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white-arrow-direction1If we believe that we are in changing times, with new energies making the shift, it makes sense to consider that new times might require that we process things differently. Normally we observe the world, we have an inner process about it, and then we react, or respond to it. We do this all day long. But the conscious way is to extend ourselves out, energetically, to become sensitized to the connections we have to everything. In that way we can understand the responsibility we have toward others for what we think and do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The reason why it’s hard to remember dreams is that the perspective has shifted.

In other words, for the longest, longest, longest time a person is inclined to see themselves in terms of how they understand another person. In other words, you’re always looking out to try to figure out what’s going on, like you’re looking and saying, okay, well this is what’s going on with your dad and whatnot, and whatever you see going on with your dad, that rubs off and affects you.

And so you act almost in a self-conscious way, in a personal way, you know, as you have to take that into account. And when you function like that, that takes away your light, that takes away the connection in terms of consciousness, light being a form of carrying information that is a consciousness.

And how we’ve been dreaming so far is we’ve been seeing something building, in other words not quite able to say this other directly yet because we’ve been seeing it in bits and pieces, and now all of a sudden you’ve got to quit seeing what I just described. You’ve got to quit having to see it that way because, by seeing it that way, you’re keeping it in the personal. And it’s as if something has shifted, and by continuing to see it that way it causes you then to lose the ability to hold onto the meaningfulness of what’s going on.

Before when you saw it that way, you had shadow dynamics and stuff like that, that helped facilitate your ability to kind of get it the way you’re supposed to get it. And of course you came to understand that you are everything in a dream, and by you being everything, or I should say everything in the dream being you and you being everything in the dream, that being who you really are, in other words, it’s all included inside, by you getting it, by you coming to get it that way, then you open up the aliveness.

But when you look again and project it out as to what’s going on in the outer, what’s going on in terms of some event in the outer, and you’re trying to perceive and make sense out of it from the outer, to bring that back to an independent you, you know, a separate you, then you kill the light. So your light intensifies when you come to see yourself in another person. In other words, the “die before you die” has to do with being able to see yourself in another person. If you’re continually going around seeing yourself in yourself, or seeing what’s going on outwardly and bringing it back and relating it to yourself as if that’s giving you clues or hints to understand something, and you go unconsciously that way, that’s the feeling of seeking, that’s the feeling of seeking, that’s the feeling of reaching out as if that causes the consciousness to grow.

What causes the consciousness to grow is you being able to, for example, see others as being inside of you. I didn’t quite say that right. In other words, another person doesn’t see themselves separately. They come to see themselves by seeing what’s inside of them in terms of someone else. So, you come to understand things in terms of how your dad sees himself inside of you, and your dad understands you in terms of how you see yourself inside of him.

This is so hard to say. In other words, it’s so easy to keep repeating it in the opposite direction. It’s so hard to flip it, to twist it and go the other direction. It’s so hard to say it in the other direction because in manifestation we do the same thing over and over and over again. We take and we look out and we see what’s going on around us, and we adjust ourselves accordingly. And when we do that we’re taking then what clarity we have inside, we’re throwing it out into the outer, and we’re killing the light by doing it that way.

We’ve got to flip that around, and go the other way around. We have to go outside of ourselves in terms of us being just an empty vessel that has a consciousness. It’s almost like trying to spin your fingers in two directions simultaneously. You can’t do that. And yet, somehow or another, you have to do that, and that’s what heightens consciousness. Anyway, I’m having trouble saying it. This is what makes it difficult to dream, is we have to figure out how to do this now.

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