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walathNot all spiritual travelers need look like the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa.  There is much work needed to be done in the universe and, just like here on Earth, everyone has unique skills and capabilities and can find their role in the unfolding process. A spiritual journey can be done through gardening, or through being a parent, or by being a musician. In fact, almost anything a human could think of can be elevated to the level of a spiritual journey – if one has the intentions of being in service to a greater purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream it just kind of opened up by waking up with a couple of statements that I had to untwine. And sometimes I can sit then back into those interesting statements from somewhere and go to the depth of the vibration, in terms of the imagery of a dream, then, that lies behind it.

And so the first statement that I have, that’s really loud, that almost drowns everything out when I wake up is: I have to be able to see the bottom, or it makes no sense getting in the water.

And then when I go to check out to see, because it’s a scenario, I impose my way to go and check out and see the water, and look at the water, to see if one could see to the bottom. And there’s a certain resistance to me maybe seeing it like that because, can I leave it be? Then there’s the statement: great, I can get in the water, but not today, because I’m not allowed to yet.

So the the dream aspect of it is, there is a family I know going swimming. It’s kind of like there’s a flow of water; it’s not like a river, but it does flow, and it has a certain depth to it, too, where it can go deep down. And the way this family goes swimming is they go into it and, at first, until I walk right up to the water and look at the water, I just assume they’re just going to swim, but, no, the key to enjoying this is to be able to dive down. And I push my way to this area.

So, in other words, what they’re doing is natural for them; it’s kind of how they’re situated. And I have somehow or another reached, or pushed, my way into this area, and have been allowed to push myself into the area because I have agreed – with the father of the family – that I will not go into the water because it is not right yet for me to do it.

And so I’m allowed to push myself into the area where I could come before the water, but not walk right up on top of it to look down to see that you can see right to the bottom. When I did that, that was a little bit, a little bit much, but that’s what I did. Because having come this far I want to see if I can see the bottom.

And I’m excited that this is possible and, also by doing this, I come to realize by getting closer that the temperature of the water is quite pleasant. What I do not understand in terms of this dream has to do with the agreement I made when I got to this place. I made it with the father. The agreement was, if allowed to come here, that I wouldn’t get into the water, and I must keep my word because this is what I agreed to.

But when I came this far, what I did was overstep the agreement by actually going and looking into the water and seeing to the bottom. That wasn’t anticipated that that would happen, but I just did that part almost on my own. So I do seem to be a bit at odds with myself, however, because even though I made the agreement the allure was such that I looked at this water and then there is this someday thing in which, after pushing through, the statement is made that I can get in the water but not today; honoring the agreement, but having looked a bit too much.

And the meaning is, in my case, it seems that I am intended to go through the ups and downs of life, and take note of that, but not go into the water because it is agreed by me that if I am able to see the water, I agree to only make note about it, but not check out from a journey. So I have to step back into the process and continue to work things out in terms of what is important on the path.

The significance is that I’m doing the process this way because my purpose and role is to portray the path, and the journey, and what is involved on the way to a truth, consciousness, and bliss. And is part of a truth, consciousness, and bliss, too, because if done right the inner and the outer is all revealed through the path.

So I have agreed that I will not take what I see for myself, and I will keep doing the work needed in manifestation, although I have to admit I am surprised at how hard it was to step back, and I experience the vacillation and tug within to make an exception somehow, if possible. But the agreement was the agreement. I could come to this place, but I would step back and not take myself out of the unfoldment process.

So why this is of a greater importance: I’m able to see, appreciate, and understand more of the inter access of what it is like to be in physical manifestation, and how to contend with the spiritual illusions that many on this path tend to blank out. Because I keep stepping back, based upon the understanding that was agreed to long ago, in other words, stepping back and going home in a way, from leaving whatever it is that I can get beyond, I am able to see the subtle problem that exists in most physical paths in which there is a going into the depths too quickly, or going into the depths and staying there, rather, whether it’s too quickly or not is another thing, and staying there, because it can be done when you get that far.

So to offset the problem, I must remain able to let go so that I am able to cope, but not go so deep that I’m not able to come back out into the journey process to deal with what I agreed to do.

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transformation_The idea of traveling a difficult road in a dream can seem to be a pretty straightforward image, but it is an important idea in terms of a spiritual journey. And that’s because there is no teacher or religious figure that can make this journey for us – we must do it on our own. There are many that can help to guide us and keep us on track, but in the end it is between us and the universe. It is a journey of transformation, and therefore will be a different experience for each individual. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have this dream in which I seem to live in this house that’s a little apart, so when I travel to this house the road that I travel on isn’t paved, and it goes through some woods, and it’s a little difficult, and I don’t notice that the first time I go to the house. It’s just the way I go home.

But I go home and I need to check on these critters that I’m raising for an experiment. They’re some kind of an insect. You know, they look almost like a long legged, furry, big legged spider, but they’re not quite that. I don’t think of them as that, and they’re kind of a manageable size right now. I raise them in kind of a dry aquarium, but I realize when they get too much larger maybe you need to feed them to the cat, or you do something else with them in the experiment, I don’t know what you do, I’m raising them for something.

I’ve invited somebody over to the house so I realize if these critters got too much bigger they might make that friend uncomfortable. I don’t even like them when they get too much bigger and start getting out of the aquarium, or run around, but they seem to be needed for some experiment that I’m doing for work or somewhere.

And then as I travel from there with my friend back to where I’m going, I’m realizing that actually my house is probably pretty difficult for other people to get to because it goes through these woods, and on an unpaved road, and up a hill. It’s not even quite two lanes, and I don’t seem to think anything about it, but I feel like it’s probably a little uncomfortable for other people.

But it feels like for the time being I’m living somewhere like Germany. I have work that requires me to do this, and so there’s not a lot I can do about it. I don’t even normally even think about it, it’s just reflecting back on it I notice all these things. That’s really all I remember of the dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was that the world is changing, from the standpoint of our perceptions, and that we’re opening up to experiencing more and more of what is going on, in terms of our consciousness or awareness, as a being.

And what you’re being shown is that even though conceptually you might think that the idea of taking and expanding, or reaching other levels, or awakening in some capacity is something that makes a lot of sense and is readily embraced – that’s not necessarily the case. There is a certain resistance to that happening because it involves you having to contend with things that you never had to contend with before.

In other words, you have a sensibility in terms of more things occurring around you that you have to now be able to handle as part of a newfound awareness. And this sort of thing destabilizes how it is that you are inclined to see yourself, in terms of being, in relationship to others who do not have this sort of thing going on with them.

So they tend to come across in a different way, a way that’s still in keeping with how it is that is safe for them, and is simple for them. And you are inclined to have scoped out something more, and also recognize and realize that you are kind of alone in that capacity because it’s not something that can be readily shared without there being reverberations.

And so it’s almost as if what you’re doing is you’re taking and you’re looking at all of the ways in which you have changed, and looking at this as if this is something that, from a standpoint of coping in terms of an ordinary world, it’s a big shift in terms of how you have to conduct yourself.

So this dream is showing you what this really looks like, which is a little different than how you would have been inclined to believe it in kind of a glorified perspective, in which the average person sits there and they think that waking up, and becoming more aware, and taking into account more of what’s going on around them in their environment, they idealize that. They don’t realize that when it is actually happening that it causes you to have to be different, you can’t be as open in terms of revealing things that you perceive because what you’re able to perceive is something that took you awhile to know how to handle, and that others aren’t perceiving, aren’t familiar with all of the levels and ways of being because they do not know how to let go enough to be able to handle that. They still need their creature comforts.

So what you’re portraying is not at all glamorous, although it would have been conceptually deemed glamorous if you were kind of looking at this from a standpoint of that being an end all, be all sort of thing. And so what the dream is doing is also showing you a whole other reason why a person takes a step back and takes and says no to certain things because it can be too much.

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pC-n2jpgIt’s been said before, but it bears repeating because it is so rarely made clear: spiritual paths and religions are meant to start us along the path to our human purpose. But, at a certain point, it becomes just us and the universe itself – no one else can help us, or steer us. It is the way of the human design to gain the intelligence and guidance it needs to proceed, and for each of us it’s as unique as we are. Said another way, teachings are meant to help us connect to higher things – but, once we do, we must follow the guidance we personally receive. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well I had a similar dream, in comparison, in which it’s like you and I have gone down into the parking garage. It’s like under some building anyway, some large complex that we live in, and we’re going to what I know is our temporary parking spot.

And, when we get there, I notice there’s a car already there, but also out in the main aisle is a worker who has this bucket on the ground, in the center there, and is taking and finessing some machinery or something, a tube or whatever, up high, up above. And so my assumption is that the parking spot and what’s going on here are somehow correlated.

And, suddenly, as you’re walking by him, I’m behind you and so I’m still kind of watching what is going on there, as you’re walking by, almost as an effect but probably just the way it’s done, he takes and he releases something and, in one fell swoop, into the bucket is this mixture of concrete that just drops, plop, right into the bucket.

And so I say to him, “Do you ever miss?” You know, because it looked like he was aligning or doing something up above. “Do you ever miss?” And he says, “No, never.”

And then he somehow knows that you are supposed to be doing something, in regards to something almost like a school project or something, some project anyway, and so he says to you: “Ignore the speech at the end, but follow to a tee everything else.”

And as he’s continuing to explain how important the first items are at the very beginning, he then kind of pauses, almost as if you might still be influenced by the speech or something even though you’re to ignore it, and he states it – even stronger this time – and he says: “I’ll burn the speech, so you better not pay any attention to it whatsoever.”

And then I turn to you, and I say, “That’s correct, that’s right.” And the reason why I’m able to say “that’s right” is that earlier I had gotten some sort of impression or something, direction, or orders or something that came down and affected me in some way, and realized that apparently whatever it was that I was making out of it was not what it was about.

So that was the dream. And what I wrote up about it, as a meaning, is the status quo in terms of how it is that I see myself situated is in flux. My temporary parking spot is no longer available for my use. My attention is being directed to a work in progress. It is coming down in one fell swoop. I am to ignore what there is to say about the unfoldment, where you can portray it to others, because that takes an absoluteness into the relative. I am to place my undivided attention upon a guidance that I feel within and, to keep from being distracted, burn everything else. I hear and denote this as a here and now, requiring an unwavering attention to what is moving inside me.

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