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dmttrIt seems to make us happy, and give us settlement, to put things in their place; to categorize them, or to label them. But a spiritual journey is not like that. We can’t say that only this is the path, and that is not the path. The only path is within us. And, if we are on that path, it hardly matters where we are or what we are doing. It’s an important point: the only thing that matters is that we are doing it, that we are living our spirituality when we make tea, do the laundry, or cook dinner. Every moment is the right time for us to be with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, I seem to be somewhere in the mountains, almost like at some kind of a camp, because there are a whole bunch of us in the mountains and we all have our own cabins, or we share some cabins with other people. They have kind of like screen doors, or screened-in porches.

Anyway, at whatever we’re all there for, there’s a man who I usually feel is a little too complex to want to get very involved with, but I seem really pulled to him this time. So he and I are trying to find some place to be alone, and make love, and it’s like I think we try his cabin, I think it’s his cabin, first.

We go there and suddenly a whole bunch of people come in, just kind of fill the room. And it’s like I’m doing my best to get rid of them, even being rude. While I’m doing this, he suddenly also seems somewhat preoccupied with things that I’ve drawn, from the past, so that he’s looking at pieces of like art paper on which there’s drawings or scenes from things that may even go way back in the past. And he’s interested in that, something that I’m showing him.

Then I feel like we maybe have finally gotten rid of everybody, but there’s a young woman there, someone I’ve known from high school, that I can’t seem to get rid of. She just won’t leave the room.

So we kind of give up on having any privacy there, and I guess then we’re going to go over either to his place or my place, but we end up outside. And, as we’re walking somewhere, then he starts to want to make love on the sidewalk, which I consider too out in the open. Plus he keeps talking about something, which I find kind of a distraction because it seems to me like we’re just not really finding the right place to be together.

And then I wake up. And then when it feels like I fall back into the dream, and I look around, I’m looking around for him or something and then a woman comes up and gets out of this Bentley and so she says that she had found that the Bentley is a place where you can be. There’s maybe a whole row of Bentleys or something. Instead of trying to be in a cabin, or a house, the place to be was in one of these Bentleys if you wanted to get together. That’s all I remember.

John: Well you did this dream a little different than how I was looking at it, because I was looking at the theme as being something that is not limited to something that is transcendent, or in another loci or, in other words, outside of this plane of existence, on high, or however you want to say it. I was looking at the theme as being the recognition that there is that, but there’s also the importance of creation.

And the way you approached the subject matter is you indicated that, whether it was your house, or his house, there’s too much that was still going on. And even if you were to eliminate all of the activity, which would be the case if it was more his house, then it would be more like your house and there would be the young girl, or the quality of manifestation vibration, that’s there. And that no matter what you did, you wouldn’t be able to quite capture what was necessary, or needed, in terms of what you’re trying to do in either area.

And so you ended up finding out that it happened on the path. In other words, you go outside and it was on the sidewalk, it’s on the path, it’s not in one place or the other. The energetic comes together on the path. And what’s the path? The path is where things go up and down, or like the breath, up and down, between the two places.

In other words, it’s outside. The image is you’re trying to make it your place, you’re trying to make it happen in his place, you can’t tell which is what. Outside on the path it seems to be something that is able to occur. You kind of wake up from that.

When you go back into it you realize that it’s in the journey, it’s in the Bentleys, it’s in something that travels. So what you’re kind of saying is, where I’m sitting in the theme of this dreaming looking at the importance of manifestation almost as a reactive counterbalance to the schematic of going to heaven, or some other place within, as if I’m doing a pro and con or something.

What you’re basically doing is, rather than getting into the details, or the conundrums, you’re indicating that what is working in your dream, or seems to be the only availability that will make sense – because you can’t be in your place, which is in manifestation, or in his house which is on high – it has to be in the unfoldment, which is the path, and when you come back to take another look it’s in the transmission process, the Bentleys, the vehicles that go back and forth. Interesting.

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Duy Huynh

Einstein said: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” And so when we try to make changes in our lives, we can’t use the old patterns and methodologies that created the behaviors we want to change. And so it is at a certain level of spiritual development, where for us to change the energies of what we are doing, to make a shift, requires new energy, higher energy. And to connect to higher energy we need our intentions to be connected to higher purposes.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a long, elaborate dream, that I’m sure I rehearsed and then lost most of it, and I just remember glimpses of it.

I remember one scene, the room’s kind of yellow, and there’s a couple twin beds in it, and a space between the beds with maybe a little platform. And it’s like there’s a large man and myself and we’re wanting to make love on that space between the beds, but then there’s a young girl that comes in the room from the door at the end of the room, so I kind of stop everything because I don’t want to do anything that startles her.

And also there’s someplace we have to go that everybody else is going to. So I remember that glimpse.

John: So what you have is an out-of-twang position. And if it wasn’t for the little girl that comes into the room you wouldn’t realize that, energetically, you’re in an out-of-twang position. So the nature of the dream is to create an image that shows you in an untenable out-of-twang position.

The theme of the dreaming last night was showing us something that we already know to be true, so you already know that. You already feel that something is out-of-twang and can’t continue in the same motif. You know that on the basis of an energetic that you can feel in your nature that you can’t let go of, and that you have no answer for how to change it.

What you’re doing is, from a standpoint of another quality of sight, or innocence, or letting go, what you’re doing when you see that is you find it to be something that is not a maintainable thing forever and ever. See, that’s the vibe that’s behind this that you feel. So what is that vibe? What is it that’s not sustainable?

Jeane: In the next dream it feels like I’m outside, it’s night, and it even feels like there’s some snow on the ground. There’s some cars, or almost like a convoy, traveling somewhere on my right, and I’m trying to get to somewhere. And I see that there’s only a narrow path of roadway to travel on, so it feels like I kind of speed up, go along that narrow path of roadway that’s going up like a slight hill and through some snow, and I can get to where I’m going. But it’s kind of complex, like I don’t have a sense like the other cars can go there.

John: So this dream is saying that there is a way out. But it seems awful peculiar and difficult to you. In other words, the condition and the situation that you’re in isn’t completely dire and hopeless, that there is a way out, but it’s not something that’s easy to see. It’s not something that’s easy to do. It’s something that’s going to take a lot of focus and attention and a certain kind of precision of your nature just to make it happen – because it’s very narrow, too.

Jeane: The last image it felt like it was a dream that went on that was long and complex with people, but near the end of the dream I’m going across a desert, and to my right across the desert is this almost invisible structure that’s moving along. It’s almost like it rolls along. It’s very, very large and it is semi-visible, and I realize that this is a structure that creates reality that’s somewhat out of control. But it’s the same structure that helps you correct the reality, so it’s like I’m kind of bumping up against it because you use the energy of it to correct the same reality that is messed up.

John: So that’s the answer. In other words, so what is it that a person does that corrects something when they’re in a particular energetic motif, and if they were to stay in that energetic motif only something disastrous is bound to happen because that energetic motif is holding them back, it’s no longer permissible, it’s no longer allowable, it’s no longer an option to continue in that same treadmill way.

And yet, if you’re in this treadmill way how do you get out of it? Because whatever you look at with the same mind that created yourself in this treadmill way, you’re only going to be rejiggering the equation, first one way and then the other, but it’s still going to be within the same vibratory mannerism – so you’re not going to find any answer that way.

And it’s the nature of a human being to try to ponder the way out of a predicament, based upon the situation they find themselves in so that, in other words, they’re using the energetic that’s in accordance with how it is that they are carrying themselves and finding themselves. They’re using that energetic as if that can get them out of the predicament. And it never can, especially if that is something that has ended, that can’t be that way anymore, and is no longer accepted, or no longer is it part of a dynamic that is given into life.

And so, when you reach a certain point of consciousness, those conditions and those mannerisms and those aspects of your being that are still trapped in a motif that can’t go anywhere, and that your habituation is to look at the motif that you’re in, in the same vibratory space that that coexists in, that’s the motif that the dream is saying that you can’t do that anymore. You have to allow yourself experience something that is more conscious, and more open, and more awake, and more aware and allow that to immerse or to sweep over you, and when it does that is what causes you to be able to shift, to be able to change, otherwise you’re left to your own devices.

It’s like that road that you found, that you kind of try to steer your way out of the situation. I’m not so sure that that actually works. That might have still been applying the same energetic, only it was your best guess as to how you could extricate yourself from the condition, and so you may have actually changed or steered the dream in order to relieve the anxiety of the complexity of a situation in which you were stuck.

I’m thinking the third dream provided the actual answer, which indicated that you had to get close to a kind of vibration that was like a tuning fork to your being, to your nature, that when you take that in and you accept that and you relate through that, it is in that means, and in that way, that you’re able to then see how it is that you’re able to proceed. But if you don’t relate to that, you don’t really change, you just keep shifting about. Because your dream was about this other energetic and catering to it, and using that as your means to grasp what was necessary.

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earthquake-cracksJeane’s dream begins with an energetic run outdoors, but quickly verges on catastrophe as an earthquake occurs. What makes a dream image devolve quickly into chaos? Well, in this case, it centers on an internal imbalance between masculine and feminine energies. Masculine energy can act as a trigger, but the feminine needs to be able to contain the energy of what has been triggered, otherwise chaos can ensue. Here, Jeane seeks to re-balance herself in the company of feminine energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream when it starts out I think I had missed my boot camp the day before, so it’s a weekend. I’m living with my family and I decide I’m going to go out running on my own.

I go out and I see some other people from the class there that just like to run because there’s no class that day, it’s Saturday. I start running, and I’m able to suddenly just jump over these small, almost like piles of twigs and stuff, and bushes.

Somehow I get to where I’m just really running and I can jump over these and I go over along the side, and then I go way out almost like on a cliff. And I get out there, and I’ve even climbed down a little, but then I see that this area that I’m on is kind of mossy and that it cuts out underneath.

And then I’m not sure I can get back up on my own, and I could even slide and fall way, way down to some rocks and water, and I see logs in the water so I would hit something. So I’m kind of staying still, and a man comes along and he kind of even stretches out so I can grab his hand, and he’s going to pull me up because I have to be really carefully how I get off this cliff.

Well, just as he’s going to do that, an earthquake hits, and I can see way up behind him where big rocks are falling off – so I just figure I’m a goner. But then this huge tree falls, so I start sliding down the cliff. This huge tree falls such that it’s almost like I can either slide or walk down the tree all the way down across the water to the other side.

None of the rocks that fall hit me or anything, and now I’m on the other side, but down below, so I go over and at some point I find this city that has kind of been built into the rocks. And I have to start climbing up on the outside of the walls in the city. And as I get up, because I keep climbing up because if the earthquake hits this city it would just cave in on itself, but it seems to be holding strong.

Right before I get to the top as I’m climbing up it’s almost like one of the homes that’s built inside this cliff – like there is this whole city inside in a sense. A door opens and there are a couple of women there and they have actually made a whole table full of sandwiches, and I think they’re probably making sandwiches because the earthquake is hitting and they’re going to want to stockpile some food for themselves.

But no, they offer me one so I just take a little corner of one. They’re cut into fourths. I just take a little bit, and then one of the women invites me to another room to lay down for a while, and shuts the door, and we make love, which is a real strange experience because I don’t think I’ve ever made love with a woman before.

And then afterwards it’s like her… she actually has a partner and a girlfriend. She didn’t quite want them to notice this because they might get jealous. Then after that her partner comes into the room, and it’s like she’s even brought us something, some tea or something. Suddenly we go outside and we’re all sitting there.

And the other partner shows up and she has a pot plant, or the leaves of one, and they want to know if I want to either eat… I think I take a bite of it, but I tell them I don’t really smoke things like that, or I don’t take drugs.

It’s time for me to get on my way, so I start walking now and I realize all I’ve got on is this long shirt that comes just above my knees, but it doesn’t seem to matter because I’ve been in the earthquake. It’s kind of a silvery shirt, too. If somebody looks at me I just kind of shrug because after all I’ve been in the earthquake and this is what I have to wear now.

And then I come to an outside area and I’m still trying to figure out how to go home. And I look down and far away on the water I see a speedboat with my dad in it, and I wave. I don’t know if he can see me though. I think that’s when I wake up.  

John: This is a very loud dream. In the dream, it starts off with you accessing something inside yourself, in which you actually go over the top, in which you, by the efforts and whatever it is that you have done, that you suddenly are able to do everything better than ordinary or expected under typical circumstances.

You’re able to jump over things and that sudden sense of freedom sets in motion, it’s almost like too much energy for the situation of yourself, and so it sets in motion this whole reactivity. You have a greater influence on your surrounding environment than you realize, and when you get like that, and especially as you get more and more connected inside, so that you have more and more sense of freedom, and the obstacles in the normal mannerisms in which you’re restrained, or slowed down, no longer are dominant, so that you then can have a more direct influence upon things in the outer.

Which, to begin with, is like suddenly the usual resistances aren’t there, and you’re able to do things with a certain dynamic. But there’s an importance to the sense of balance, and the sense of order, and the sense of going through things within a kind of container.

Your energy has bolted out, and it’s now discombobulating the environment, setting off these earthquakes and landslides and all of this sort of stuff that almost engulfs you. You have a few lucky breaks because it’s like this has happened, but something… it’s not meant to destroy you, it’s meant to cause you to recognize that you have to be able to take in what has occurred.

Now, this disruption and whatnot that you did, if you think about it you did it from a breakthrough that had to do with you having an acuity to push through things, and that acuity to push through things, to have a focus that could push through things, and have a certain freedom as a consequence of pushing through these things. That’s a masculine use of energy.

So now you’re needing, and feeling that you need to take that back, you need to catch up with that, you can’t be like that, that’s too much that came rushing through all of a sudden. And it if it’s going to have that kind of an effect, you’re disturbing things.

So you go to a place, and what was interesting about this place is, in this place you are attempting to find a rest, or a balance, relating more to the feminine side of yourself, relating more to bringing something through in terms of the feminine, and it kind of works that way.

It’s just that you’ve got this in some sort of correspondence that’s not smoothly one to one. In other words, the effect of something of the masculine comes in and touches something in creation, and usually creation is able to respond, and take that into account, and handle it with a certain degree of balance and composure.

But in this particular instance, that which came in, which gave you the dexterity and the freedom to lurch about more casually and readily, was over the top, and caused a disruption, caused the earthquake, caused an upheaval, which meant that it wasn’t received with a balance in terms of the feminine.

So now you’re trying to figure out how to find that balance in terms of the feminine, thus the relationship with another woman to again accentuate, to bring out, the depth of feminine energy so that it can properly correspond, because it didn’t correspond initially.

Initially you raced out with a certain sense of freedom and a breakthrough that put you into kind of a preening euphoria, and had you able to conduct yourself, and act, in a way that surprised you, the way you broke through things.

In other words, you were missing the class within yourself of taking this stuff in natural stride, and so, having lost that ability to do this in conjunction with both above and below, both inner and outer, both expansive and contractive, or however you would say that, being able to carry that with composure.

You’re going to an extreme that lacks the composure in terms of how to carry this, which seems okay on the surface, but is too much for life and causes things to be disturbed, which causes the landslide and earthquake and all of that sort of thing.

And so you don’t mean to do that, so you then go back to the depths inside you, and find how to open up something in terms of your greater ability to absorb or to handle this.

You go back into a house like that in which now the feminine composure is accentuated, and then when the feminine composure is accentuated, then you’re able to go, and move about, in life again, in keeping with the father because you see your father in the distance.

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