Being You

fultThis dream triggers one of the great questions: how do we keep letting go, and still remain who we are? It’s kind of a trick question, because we mostly don’t know who we are without our defense mechanisms, fears, biases, and self-imposed limitations. One way to think about a spiritual development is to understand that we are meant to be universal beings, and we let go of the things that tie us strictly to the planet, i.e., personal involvements. As we do that, we begin to liberate our true selves, and make possible a life of much greater realization. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream I’m with you. We seem to be living in this compound, like the room we’re in is almost a little bit cave-like, and it’s linked to another room which belongs to a man who seems to be in charge of everything. And then there’ll be another room, and the rooms are almost like more cave-like, is how I would describe it.

When we have come in I’ve gone to my closet, because we’re going to be taking a trip and my closet had actually consisted of this board that was up there, even had some bark on it, and had some pegs sticking out of it, and that’s what you hung clothes on. And the board is broken, so my clothes were in a heap on the floor.

And, in fact, when I go to one of the adjoining rooms of the guy who’s in charge of the place, that’s kind of one of his rooms I have some clothes there, too, but they’re also on the floor and they need to be washed. And I feel like I have way too many clothes, and I have to sort through what I’m going to take because you and I are supposed to go on a trip, I think to Russia. And you’re arranging the transportation, but I guess I’m a little dubious about what you’re arranging, but mostly I’m trying to get the clothes together.

Well, I can’t really straighten and hang things up because the board that everything was hanging on is broken and fallen down to the floor, so I’m going around and I’m trying to round up some things. At the same time, I’m trying to clear up with you how we’re getting there. You seem to have this idea that you’ve arranged for a jeep and a jeep is going to take us to someplace, and then I guess we’ll somehow get from there to Russia. I don’t know if we fly, or what it is.

Well, now I go outside with you. You drive us to a place. We still don’t seem to have the jeep, but you’ve gotten us to this place where there’s a woman there that I feel is related to you, and it’s almost like a very busy place with some trucks going through and there’s a big almost like a huge, huge sink that she’s standing at that she’s fixing some kind of food in.

And I’m looking around kind of the outside. You know, it’s like a working area and almost like where trucks cross back and forth trying to see what vehicle that you found for us. At one point after I’ve left and I’ve come back, I’ve gone over to her and it’s like she’s trying to make some kind of food in the sink.

And I actually seem to have taken off my clothes, and I get in the sink and I twirl around, and as I do that causes what’s in there to kind of gel. And where it would have been something like between fudge and peanut butter, she had dropped a little cake mix in there, so when I dip my hand in and pull something out it comes out like a piece of cake with maybe some peanut butter and fudge frosting. It’s a hybrid food by now, so I’m asking her because if that doesn’t work for her I can just pull the plug on the drain and let everything go down the drain.

And then I seem to shift back to where I want to find out, I still haven’t seen the vehicle that you got for us. I still don’t understand for some reason why you have this plan and we’re going to take a jeep to somewhere in California and get from there to Russia. I don’t understand why we’re not just flying to Russia.

But I’ve gone over and there’s someone who has a map. They’re going over with you, and you had a definite plan of how you wanted to drive across California, and this person’s explaining to you that that route is going to be blocked that day because of something else that’s going on in the area, and is showing you on a map another route that would be the only one that was viable. I think that was when I woke up.

John: So this is the first time that I can recall that one introduced the closet of the house. Now the closet of the house is the place where the hidden essence is kept. In other words, you go about, you do this, you do that, but in order to truly move about, to come out into more of a flow and an openness you have to have access to that hidden essence, which is the closet. The access that you need to have, what you need to have to access to inside of there is it has what’s… it just doesn’t have it in a focus and attention. It’s all askew, the clothes, the whatever, the means by which to connect and work with the flow is all askew

But you do have it. It’s just, how do you catch up with it? And then the kitchen sink, anything in the kitchen is catalytic, and then in the kitchen sink is kind of like where you can whip up mirages even. In other words, things can be put together, things can be combobulated in terms of an unfoldment, and if it doesn’t quite work out it can be flushed down the sink. In other words, it’s not a serious thing. It is where the energetics can collage, so to speak.

And so a human being experiences in a collage anyway. In other words, this whole thing in the outer is something that with the attention of one’s senses and mind is very, very limited, but to the degree to which they have access, a little bit of access, even though it doesn’t have the right focus and attention to it because everything is askew, so that you do not quite grasp or pull in that hidden inner, deeper innerness as an essence to it all, you get flickers, and the flickers lead to making a collage of a mess of things that can be flushed down the sink, and this can happen, that can happen.

You actually put some interesting things together, and then the whole underlying thing that’s a vibration behind it all, is that somehow this all caught up with properly enables you to be somewhere that you’re not familiar with, and to follow a flow that goes wherever it goes. And your faculties in the dream are trying to make sense out of how this works, and all that does is create a roadblock for you – because if you have to have a handle on it, instead of just being able to be part of the dynamic, if you have to have a personal handle on it, then you get yourself into trouble because then your notions or ways or means in terms of how it is to unfold, gets caught in definitions that are limited to the mind and the senses, as opposed to it having an unlimited potentiality based upon the inner energetic.

That inner energetic that one’s describing is the soul, but you cannot, from a human perspective, take and define how all of this works on the soul level. You’re lucky if you have the flicker of inner guidance from this universal aspect of yourself as you cope in a finite way, except with the new energy the dilemma is that you have to carry this universal way as opposed to just getting infinitesimal glimpses that don’t do anything for you in terms of what transpires. In other words, it’s not about making the collage in the sink. That can be interesting, or it can be flushed down the sink. It’s not about it being at that point, it’s something so much more.

So you’re kind of being teased to something that’s from the beyond of the beyond, and it’s a terrible tease because to be in a position where you have to try to get a gauge on it, you are beating up on yourself by taking and applying all of your senses to catching up with that – and you’ll never get there that way. You get there through the access to the flow of the energetic, which was what you noted at the very beginning in your first dream, which can be nauseous, it can be over-the-top, it can be unsettling, it can give you a headache. It is something you have no known degree of coping in terms of it, and yet somehow or another you have to somehow let it be.

And how do you let it be, when your natural nature has got its characteristics this way and that way? You have to know how to let go of that. So how is it possible to let go of that and accept this other, and still be you? Quite a conundrum.

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