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chakras12Here John continues the discussion of Jeane’s dream (see A Greater Openness), wherein she is weighing her sense of wanting to hold onto the “treasures” she has found, while at the same time she is finding that she can let go in a way that offers these treasures to the Wholeness of life. It speaks of the natural role of the human as a processor of higher energies into manifestation, which is an higher octave of service to creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: If anything, this makes you so different that maybe they will have to try to affect it, or take it away, and so you come to the conclusion that you can’t go around carrying this attitude. You somehow or another realize that there’s an even greater openness that’s possible that integrates all of these parts of you – if you open up, and if you figure out how to share it.

You’re still going to hold onto certain things that you personalize, that you still feel that you have to go off to one side and be with because they’re necessary and essential to what you still feel is your well being, but there are other things that you can open the atmosphere with, there are things that you’ve developed through your aloneness with yourself, through your ability to hold a focus and attention, which in order to actually keep them from choking you, and to keep them from creating a problem for you, which you recognize would exist if you tried to just hunker down around those – all in terms of yourself.

Because you’re part of this greater Whole, maybe you don’t quite admit that, and recognize that, in this dream yet, but you do seem to recognize that there is something about a way of conducting, or carrying, or feeling a greater orientation towards everything, if you figure out how to communicate and share some of this with them.

So the dream is kind of saying that you can’t be adopting a black-and-white attitude about anything, as if this creates some sort of means-to-an-end aspect of your unfoldment and development. That when you come to know something, and when you come to understand something, and when you come to have something – that you have to be able to let it go.

You have to be able to share it. You have to be able to make it available to all parts of yourself. You don’t take and think that you have something that is somehow or another uniquely yours, or uniquely something that you protect, or maintain, and covet as a type of treasure, in relationship to the overall picture or the bigger equation of life.

You can’t do that. What you have, the traits and the mannerisms and the qualities that you have, you have to figure out how they exude out from you to others. The illusion that we have, or that lie that we tell ourselves, is that when something like this happens, then we lose it. And you still kind of believe that to some degree, because you’re hiding some treasures yet.

But you seem to be discovering the greater truth, that to actually have something, to actually own something, to actually truly have an overall relatability that penetrates through things, you have to share and be out in the open, in terms of how it is you are in the bigger equation of things. 

So it’s a dream that has you yo-yoing, octaving, between the difference of holding on to a trait, or aspect, of yourself, which is segregated and, therefore, in its segregated nature is able to sustain or maintain something.

That is something that you tend to believe is important, and yes it may be important up to a particular point, but then at some point you have to let it go, and you have to let it effuse out into everything around you in the environment.

And so you’re playing with this. You’re catching up with this. To what degree do you still need to catch up with things, and then to what degree do the things that you have caught up with are you able to then just release it outwardly, effuse it out into things?

It’s kind of like a process of the breath. If you think about it, it’s like the out-breath brings stuff down that you catch up with. The in-breath brings it back into the Whole where it’s kind of released.

And initially the out-breath is a type of catching up with something, which causes the contraction, but also causes you to develop an understanding and relatability that just the sheer shrinking can be very defining and limiting. But then in terms of freeing yourself up, in terms of getting outside of the burden of that, you then have to release it, or let it go back into the Whole, into the atmosphere.

First you’re bringing down, and then you’re letting go, you’re bringing down, and then you’re letting go. And so what you’re doing is, you’re describing what this is in the greater octave of things, is describing this linkage, this connection to where something comes in and then something is disseminated.

And the degree to which you’re bound up in creation, is the degree to which you still have to maintain what you consider treasures, which you have to keep off to one side, and quiet, and hold onto outside of the Whole.

And, of course, in your dream you start off thinking that there is a lot of that, and that if they know about that you could be somehow or another in a deprivation, or danger. And then you realize how you’re able to release that, and that leaves you feeling good. That leaves you feeling wonderful. That leaves you feeling complete. 

Otherwise, you would feel somewhat constipated. You came to realize how this choked feeling was something that you contended with when you tried to go meet this part of you that had gotten off on this tangent, and that all kinds of things related in this level of a tangent, and in order to meet this part of you, you had to drop that, or otherwise things would stay on that tangent.

You’re playing with this way of catching up with things, and in many cases doing it by way of a lesser aspect of the process, where you’re just hunkering down and holding on to things. And then you’re realizing how the release of that can open something up, and free something up, and you’re catching up with that release – and what it feels like.

The underlying principle behind it is a type of total vulnerability, because the concept that a human being seems to have is that if they’re too much of an open book they get taken advantage of, they’re in danger, that people can plot against them, they can use what they know about them, against them. 

And that a person who’s already defined then, in their definition, holds a power over someone who is too open, and that tends to be a general concept that exists. And you’re challenging that concept, realizing that there’s a way of being open and out front that leaves things free, and enables a greater integration, and wholeness, and workability in the Wholeness of things to occur.

Complicated dreaming, huh? A very expansive way of dreaming. Interesting theme.

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John: Following my first dream (see Acceptance and Forgiveness), I had the following dream that continues the same theme.

I’m meeting a male friend and a woman at a restaurant. We need to get to the restaurant in time to make a change. In other words, we need time to adjust to the place we’re going – we can’t just get there at the last minute because then there won’t be any time to adjust to the space or settle in. 

If we walk there it may not leave enough time to alter the energetic flow so that the food and service is suited to our needs. I feel urgency within, as if I hear an inner clock. The change needed has to do with the atmosphere of the place; eating is a secondary concern. 

Said another way, if we arrive in time and can, through our intention, correct any imbalance to the energetic, the food will take care of itself. But, if the scene is unsettled, then the food will not be quite right; there will be something about it that’s missing. (It reminds me of people who pray over their food as a way to set a certain note inside them. There’s something to that. It helps change the energetic flow.)

And it helps the food, too, because everything is alive and affected by the energy around it. This is true in the restaurant scene. If we go there scattered or discombobulated in ourselves, or just don’t flow into it naturally, or hold onto a certain presence or mannerism, then we’re just letting the circumstances of our environment dictate how things will be. 

In other words, we are meant to take on a greater responsibility in terms of how we affect our environment and the people in it. Our energy touches everything around us and, if we hold a conscious intention, we can touch our surroundings in some way in which it needs to be touched.

What surrounds us energetically is a form of food for us. So, is it junk food, or an organic meal? Our conscious intention can affect the energy in either direction. So this imagery is about honoring the connection, the relationship, to the wholeness of which we’re a part. 

The inner issues that must be overcome for this energetic change to take place in me are represented by the sense of urgency that I (my character in the dream) carry, the resistance to change shown by my male friend which needs to be let go of, and the woman who needs to bring an acceptance to it all.

All three characters are aspects of my inner life – both masculine and feminine. I wish I could really pull out exactly how I saw this because it was almost like I went one, two, and three: these are the three things needed.

So I was trying to catch the note, because it’s a consolidation of the two dreams. In the first dream I was the man working with two aspects of feminine energy, and in this dream it’s shifted to two masculine aspects with the feminine providing the acceptance (perhaps the feminine that was joined together in the previous image?).

Upon settling back, I became aware of a deeper energetic meaning behind these dreams: a change is needed, and it’s coming. I’m being shown that I need to be able to accept the transition as it unfolds. I need to adjust as needed, and flow with what evolves.

I can’t do any better than that – that’s as close as I can get. The understanding was very succinct and it broke the things into a structure of one, two, and three in terms of jolt, jolt, jolt, which results in something initiating a change.

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John: Yesterday my dream was propelled by the energy of the kundalini, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “coiled” – like a serpent. It’s an energy that is mostly dormant in all of us, and is seated in the sacrum at the base of the spine. The kundalini is an amazing energy in that it’s a result of the clash, or coming together, of an inner aspect of light. (For yesterday’s dream, see The Heat of Kundalini.)

Kundalini has to create and cause an outer aspect of light to emerge. In the masculine way, it gets snapped into existence. In the feminine way, it just is. When it is awakened, everything is perceived and appreciated as being a part of the light – it’s a divine connection.

So in this imagery, I’m shown two possibilities – I’m shown two ways that things can unfold.

One is through the personal, ego-based way of the human, where a person acts according to their best thoughts and perceptions. The second is the divine way (universal way), which has to do with being embraced and swept up in the light – in the flow.

Of course we’re not used thinking that the world works this way. We’re used to fumbling about on our own in order to bring about some change, or to rectify a situation, or to try and steer things toward an imagined outcome that we have projected. That urge (which is a very personal view of life) cuts us off from the way things are, and from the way they should unfold, naturally (universally).

So, in the first dream, I begin by having to fulfill or maintain a perception of what needs to be, in terms of where and how I need to be situated. I’m trying to fit the ideal of what I’m projecting – according to my human perception. 

In this vision, I see myself as a person named Stark. I’m standing in the shadows – I’m barely an outline – and there are scores of my replicated self, standing side by side, formed into a circle in the shadows.

That image morphs into a pulling together of the limited light, and formulates a position in which all of the various points of human consciousness are pulled together to create an end result that looks like the light array of the Las Vegas strip, but that I can feel has barriers. In other words, it’s not wide open; it’s not totally free.

It’s like I see the lights from all the hotel rooms as dots positioned in relation to a particular spot in a building. And I know that’s unacceptable, but it’s the best that I can pull it together – the best formation I can make – in relation to trying to contend with the lights emanating from the Las Vegas strip.  

It’s like I’ve recreated the lights of the strip myself, but it’s a poor imitation. There are parts still in the shadows, as though they’re protected.

So, there’s something not quite right in all of that. I mean, with all the effort I made, that was what I ended up with? There’s a sense of personal indulgence in this effort that hurts the heart.

This image is a portrayal of what will unfold based upon my current state of consciousness. Because I’m in the shadows of my true self, I’m not fully aligned. So the result of what gets portrayed is unacceptable and not how things need to be.

Simultaneous to that vision was something that also occurred as an example of the second way, the divine way, in which I just allowed myself to be in the light, to stand in the face of the light. 

In other words, I was not in the shadows, not in a multiplicity of myself, and not called Stark. I was just myself in the light, not trying to do anything other than take in the sense of the light.

It was as if the light knew how to give birth. All of a sudden the light flares out, just like you might have a solar flare or volcanic eruption. The best way I can describe it is that it seemed as if the light had a tail to it, and the tail just flickered out through the rays of the light, sparkling as the tail moved.

The end result was a whole new manifestation within the light. Something new is there now that couldn’t have been put together in the wildest imaginations of all the Starks of the world.

In the misaligned state, this instantaneous manifestation could never come about. It’s as if the light suddenly just flickered a tail, created the flare, flashed it out, and then lo and behold there was a whole new extension of lights. It was like the next phase. It was what was needed.

So this is shown to me as what’s possible when one stands in the light of self without compromising it, without limiting it to the personal view. The unfolding it portrays is a divine plan coming into manifestation, born from the light.

Because we all are the light, that’s all we are. If we surrender ourselves to the light, new manifestation becomes possible.

If we don’t surrender, we are limited to our own faculties, which can only lead to the “Stark” images – endless replication. It’s living life through a shadow consciousness that doesn’t know any better.

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