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house-collapsepNo matter how well intentioned we are as we make our spiritual journey, there will come a point where we have to break through some spiritual illusions that we have held as we made our way. It’s natural because we can’t truly understand the way of something until we get deeper into it, when we are able to say, “Aha, so that’s how it is.” This dream shows this process in the dreamer, where a meeting with the queen awaits, but first the “family house” has to be torn down to make way for what needs to be built in the next phase. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream in which there’s someone I’ve known since childhood, who’s planning her wedding, and I’m trying to facilitate. The fiancé is around, and other friends are around, and initially I can only do so much because at some point, around the time of the wedding, I have to go to England to do something with the queen there, go to court, do something.

So I’m doing what I can, but in the process of planning her wedding she’s getting really neurotic, even driving the fiancé nuts. At one point he comes to lay down next to me. He’s like just looking for some affection, or some kind of connection, and then that makes her nuts. I’m just trying to keep everything neutral, but getting a little fed up with the whole thing, too.

But it feels like her getting mad at me kind of gives her the energy to get refocused and start working again on what needs to be accomplished for the wedding. On the other hand, because she’s mad at me, now you feel like she doesn’t really even want me at the wedding – even though I found out I’m not going to be out of town after all.

Then I turn around and I go over to look at the house where I’ve been living, which is my family house, and it feels like I’ve been living on the lower levels of the house. In the upper levels are some monks who have been living there. And as I look at the house, something causes it all to start collapsing from the top where all the monks live. And it’s just kind of flowing down through, kind of like when you see a type of flow you get with a landslide.

It’s not like I have a sense anybody’s necessarily hurt, but obviously I can’t go back to the house. And this is causing someone who’d been observing the whole dream all the time to kind of reach out to me a little bit, instead of get wrapped up in all the types of strange emotions that have been going on with everybody else.

But I also have to get somewhere, so I go down an alleyway, or I’m going to down a street and I’ll be coming back to the house but, as I go down the street, I suddenly see that running rampant over the street are these prehistoric animals. Some of them look like small dinosaurs, and some just look like crocodiles, as they kind of sweep with their big tail down the street and things it’s like then they try to harass or get some of the people, or animals, or things that are going down there.

And one of them, particularly, a smaller one, starts to kind of want to chase me as I have to go down the street to get to where I’m getting, but at this point it seems like I really am kind of fed up with some stuff like that because I seem to pick up some small little log or something and I think I chop off its horn, or parts of its tail, or something. It’s something that discourages it anyway from continuing to bug me – just because I feel like I have to get past that street.

I don’t particularly really want to hurt the animals, even though they are kind of rampaging, but you have to not have them creeping up on your back, or trying to take a bite out of you so you have to whack them.

John: That last part is kind of a way that you have become kind of indulged, or indoctrinated, by some pattern that’s ancient and prehistoric in your past, that comes up and interrupts or interferes with the unfoldment of a process.

Now the process that’s unfolding has both a top and a bottom to it. The top of it is the queen: that’s the area in which something is in a greater realization in terms of something so much more. The bottom is that which is trying to be born, or married or whatever, that’s trying to awaken. And that part that is trying to awaken is personal, so that’s like in life. That’s something in life, and the queen in something of the higher self somewhere else.

So the part that’s trying to awaken has a precociousness about it because it sees this sort of thing as something that is happening with itself, and so what it’s doing is dwelling upon that in a kind of separate motif way so that when the conditions around it do not comport with it, it gets a little peevish. The part of yourself that knows that there has to be so much more, that yields to a greater importance, doesn’t really know what that greater importance is. That’s why it’s just referred to as the queen, that it has to do something for the queen. However, that process of serving the higher self leads to the tumbling down of a way of being that is meant to go away.

And what tumbles down is all these monks that tumble down, collapse in the house, and on the other side of that is what is real. See, that breaks the spiritual illusion and everything like that. So what you’re doing is you’re playing with this dichotomy between a part of yourself that sees itself waking up, coming into knowing something and realizing something, and in that regard you can be very possessive, and protective, and peevish if it interferes with what you perceive as a process.

But then you feel inside of yourself something that is speeded up. By speeded up means that it’s traveling somewhere, meaning that it is going to a greater beingness, that being the queen, and you’re trying to reconcile the two parts. Well, the carrying on by that which is getting married is louder. You have your excuses in terms of a responsibility somewhere else to the queen. You put the two together so that neither of those occur, neither of those become a predominant loudness, and you collapse the house, you collapse all of that which is meant to be in a stillness so that there is this greater overall wholeness that is there only.

There’s no house anymore. The idea of the house had something to do with the process of working with a higher self and a lower self, working with the queen, working with the getting married, and then when all of that goes away you just have a wholeness. Everything comes tumbling down and what remains is what is real. In other words, all the monks came tumbling down, too. That’s quite a dream isn’t it?

Now that importance all happened in the first two thirds of the dream. The other one third I was almost going to say hey, it’s over, and then I started to see that’s a throwaway. And no it’s not, it wasn’t a throwaway. In the past I’m inclined to treat it like it’s a throwaway because it’s all I can do to hold onto the forces to something else that’s louder and more important, but this was very important too because what this did is it pointed out what it is that you have done, over the course of time, that tends to keep you from recognizing this part that is so obvious.

In other words, it’s like your nature going all the way back to prehistoric time has gotten caught up in having to be involved with, in terms of an effect upon you, that has caused you to be thrown off and off to one side instead of catching this schematic that is quickened. Like in the first two thirds you can easily do this step back into this other that has its peculiarities yet, because your memories are so based upon those peculiarities – even though you may not have caught up with all of those memories, because like your dream is indicating it goes way, way back like prehistoric even – it has created an indulgence of your nature, in an abstracted way from the schematic awareness, and awakening, to something so much more, reaching for the higher self, or trying to awaken through the outer to any kind of spiritual conceptualization, all the Buddhas come tumbling down.

That’s the chemistry at play, and then the layer over the top of that was this whole background that you called prehistoric even, that basically held your primary attention instead of your pristine attention. It held your primary outer attention that kept you in a particular kind of trance.

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modern-art-printsIf we are really surrendered to life, to the flow of it, unexpected things will come our way. But we must remember, we are not, at any point in our life, complete. We may have to learn something new to be useful to the path we have taken, or we may need to experience something different to allow a new avenue to manifest. It is best to go with it, and see where It will lead us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well again I seem to be struggling with just pulling out bits and pieces of my dream. It feels like I’m at some kind of a large event, and the purpose of this event is it feels like we’ll adopt children. Also, there are weddings going on, and there are kind of like trials, is what I would call them, where you have to go through really ice water.

And then you have to do something where you go through ice water sometimes, too, plus there are people getting married, and I’ve left the main event area and I’m getting ready to go back there. And when I get back there it’s like whatever we’re doing will be completed and we’ll get the kids.

I look over to the right and I see there’s almost like this area that’s almost like a waterfall and there are bride and grooms dressed like in wedding dress and tuxedo, and they’re coming and they’re going partway down the water feature. And you come to an area where you can stand a little, and then they might slide down the rest of it. And it’s ice water, and that’s part of what they go through.

And I’m with a group that would be going over there another way, but I leave my group and I go over to where the bride and grooms are and I manage to get down to the first kind of little plateau of the water. It’s kind of like two waterfalls, and I notice that so far I seem to be doing okay with the ice water because I’m wearing these cowboy boots that are kind of… they’ve got like a brass or a gold tip, and they’re all carved in whatever you call that, you know kind of like engraved. And they’re partly a deep red; only a little bit of them gets wet and it doesn’t really show when it’s wet.

And then I go down the rest of the water feature, and then I feel like I’ll be going over to where I’ll be getting the kids. That’s all I really remember. It was kind of odd.

John: The reason why the image is odd is it’s pointing out that you’re going to be required to go through some conditions in life that are not what you would select, or direct, in terms of how it is that a process is supposed to work. And that these conditions are part of bearing and carrying what is necessary to cause a process to be flushed through, and to unfold.

And the fact that the conditions are intended to be different in terms of any kind of conceptualization that one might have in terms of how things are accomplished, there’s this whole image of having to do all of this in icy water. If you imagine what icy water is like, it’s something that stops the heart. It’s something that is such a shock that nothing is able to really unfold.

And yet it is through this icy water, going through conditions that take in this sort of thing that is to occur, or befall you, that you’re able to reach and extend your beingness to that which facilitates something in the whole – which is seen by the marriage, and the ability to interact with other human beings on a level of their naturalness, in other words, there were children, adopting children and such.

So what you were doing as part of a dream process, that looks so peculiar, is you were just dumped into a scenario that you would have never chosen, or picked, or thought had any commonality, and yet by being plopped into that scenario you’re having to recognize and realize that the icy waters, and the heart stopping condition of cold like that transcended, facilitates, facilitates so much.

Who would have guessed? Who would have thought that it can work that way?

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black-stallion-rearingThis dream analysis shows how a process unfolds in us as we sleep. Said another way, our dreams aren’t movies: the story line adjusts as we react and respond to what’s happening. In this dream, we see someone moving back into town, a visit to a family home, we see day turning into night, and we see a horse needing to be calmed down before a ride. Each element reveals the state of a relationship with an inner energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like rather a mild night for dreams for me last night. I just had this dream in which an old boyfriend who lives back east, now I guess, anyway he’s gotten married and I’ve never met his wife and his two children.

But in the dream he’s living maybe in my hometown, but a few miles out of town, and I’ve gone by to visit, and his wife isn’t there. But he has some horses and we decide that we’re going to ride into town, and then ride up along the lake, and then come back.

So we saddle the horses. I have a mare, and we get as far as town. We decide to stop by my folks’ house and put the horses in the backyard. And we go in and relatives arrive, and then at some point his wife arrives. And then I realize it’s gotten dark out and we’re not going to be able to ride up the lake.

So I introduce myself briefly to everybody but then explain that I really have to go, we have to get the horses back. So then I go out into the backyard. I look at the horse and now the horse has an attitude, so I’m having to talk to her before I get on her. I don’t know if maybe because she’s been left out in the backyard with her saddle on she’s a little unhappy, or maybe she thinks we’re still going on a long ride – when I’m really just going to be taking her home.

So I have to take some time to talk to her because I have to see if I have to tighten the cinch, and then I take a few moments to explain to her we’re going to take her right home. And then that’s when the dream ends.

John: So you’re using the precept image of marriage to denote that something new is coming into your sense of awareness. In other words, marriage is the image of something coming together and, initially, it’s outside of yourself – or back east. In other words, it hasn’t yet risen.

And now all of a sudden it has: it’s in your hometown. And when you come to looking at this to having to understand it, because it’s now present, what’s associated with it is the need to handle a certain kind of power. That’s what a horse represents.

To begin with you have to understand what that is all about. There is something missing yet in the sense of awareness, and so you don’t take on the responsibility or the expression and, therefore, there is a form of imbalance yet. In other words, it’s as if the power itself is an aliveness and it hasn’t been properly related to, or treated, yet.

And it awakened kind of slowly. I mean first it had to awaken from the masculine. In other words, the married couple had moved back into the town. First you go over and you meet the masculine. The masculine is again the symbolic energetic that comes down and stirs something that awakens. Well, a whole day goes by and it didn’t awaken very quickly.

When it did awaken is when the wife came home, the wife symbolizing the completion. In other words, the marriage has happened, she comes home and that’s when, all of a sudden, it’s now night and you have to go. It comes together, something rises up because, again, it’s the process where the energy comes down from the masculine, touches manifestation, something awakens in manifestation, and rises back up as the in-breath going back home.

So you now have to deal with this power, the something that has arisen and awoken and come into a consciousness of your being, and the timing isn’t right. You don’t have your alignment right, yet, and so there is still the acting up that is going on, that has to be sorted out. But it’s there. It’s just a matter of getting it, reaching to it, running it through, and processing it as it is meant to be.

Also within the theme of the dreaming, is that this something that has to be brought through, or lived, or ushered in, is pent up, and because it’s pent up and has been needed for a long time, there’s a little bit of hyperness to it. It’s not that calm anymore. It’s compelling. It has a compelling nature to it, and it’s that compelling nature that you’re noting with this horse. It’s a little perturbed that you’re a little bit late in coming forward with your focus and attention.

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