Instilling Conflict

b88cbAs a general rule, everyone wants to pair up with someone from the opposite sex, and there are many instinctual reasons for this. But through history, women have been seen as lesser than men, and we’re beginning to see that we can have no future without remedying that reality. All people have masculine and feminine within them, and they need to be in balance and harmony for our personal lives to function properly, not to mention that it is a prerequisite for a journey back to God. And that makes it a prerequisite for the human race being able to move forward, as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in the dream that I remember, I seem to be a supervisor in an office. And actually it’s kind of like two offices because in one office there’s all women, and in the other office there’s all men – and they’re all police women or men, although they don’t seem to wear uniforms.

And initially what I’m doing in the office, I’m mostly in the office with the women, and I realize that we need to kind of build the relationships between them so I do some kind of… take a day when we do some of those exercises that kind of help bond people, and I kind of see what happens as a result of that.

Then I realize that we need to do more of it, and maybe in another week or a month I’m going to take a day and I do that. And so I’m studying each of them and seeing how I need to pair people up and how many people need to attend it, and I have the same thing going on with the office with the men.

But then I realize the next step is going to be to kind of mix it up, so that first I’ll have to have the day in which I see, does everybody have to go because maybe somebody will take a teaching role or, you know, more of a supervisor role? Everybody needs to have some contact with each other. But then the next step is to build up the relationship between the two offices.

And when I’m looking at all of this it feels like sometimes I’m looking at the names, and I seem to almost see columns, and it’s like people fit in the columns. And I’m studying how to get the columns to relate better to each other, or to people in different places in a column, you know.

And so it’s kind of like this really quiet dream where I never see much action going on. I don’t really quite see the work that people are doing. I’m just seeing how to build some kind of relationships initially kind of within the same people, and then within people that have more differences. So it was like very quiet dreaming.

John: The kind of a dream that’s showing you how to relax, or let go of, as you take into account the overall way things are, to be able to relax and let go of the variables.

To begin with things are set up in which you had a distinction that was drawn between the masculine and the feminine, and that you took into account the orientation towards the feminine mannerisms, as if weaponized in their own way into life, almost as if, you know, one has had to contend with things and has utilized that as a means of being to better cope, or to cope.

What the dream is basically saying is, whatever those simplistic ideas or concepts or whatever they are have been, they have to be released. You have to let go of them, that everything is part of a design that intertwines and interconnects. And to hold out one idea over another, which is becoming a pattern in terms of masculine and feminine, and is apt to get further accentuated even especially if the Earth starts acting up and everything starts falling apart, it’s going to be almost as if the masculine authority over things has got to be stopped by the feminine principles or something – instead of there being a recognition that the two have to come together, and they have to meld together, and they have to work together, and they have to let go of things together, and that nothing is solved by there being a contrast.

And it certainly is a whole lot easier to accept something like that, than to accept the ideas as expressed by the concepts that people grasp, that the masculine is in service to the feminine. And essentially there’s a kind of generic party line that exists, and there is something about that that’s conflictual, and keeps the individual in conflict to have to be oriented to something that’s this and that, and that there is the this and that in life.

There is just one soul, and it’s the world soul, and you can’t go taking and drawing the conclusion, well, you can try to do that, but it weighs on the heart to try to do that. The way you dreamt it and realized there needs to be this nice, comfortable, intertwined letting go. That actually felt good. That was wonderful, that was peaceful to do that. The other was attention that was tearing at itself and tearing at you, and that there can be no breakthrough as long as there is something like that going on.

So what you did is you dreamt an aspect of a wholeness, in which, in order for you to be an overallness, you have to be comfortable with how everything is. You can’t take and sort things out into some sort of progressive unfoldment, as if that progressive unfoldment empowers one thing and dis-empowers something else. Or, in other words, as if there is this warfare that has to exist in terms of how something is coming to pass.

It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that the way things are progressing, in terms of the powers that be and holding onto the established norms and such, is heading towards a catastrophe. And that the ways that something need to perhaps be that honor Earth and honor the feminine, which is Earth, and look out for the well being of the planet and such, that that can be something that can be deemed as an expression, as a mannerism, that is in opposition to all of that, that is fighting to maintain an order in relationship to something that is disoriented.

And an image like that is full of tension. An image like that is full of direness and dourness, and is full of impending doom and gloom; that the answer has to be an acceptance and intertwining, that you can’t have one or the other dominating and, if you do, and if it is like that, it becomes a lot like the Greek gods that tear each other to pieces over some little nuance of things. This is like a way in which the purported story cannot happen, unless it does 180-degree shift, and therefore there has to be a right and wrong or something energetically. And whenever there is this idea of establishing a concept of right or wrong energetically, you end up then with a clash between the masculine and the feminine – because the feminine is always going to be associated with the orientation, and its overallness, that has to do with manifestation and what is proper for manifestation, and the wholeness of manifestation.

And the masculine is always going to be something that is going to be acting in a capacity that is actually coming from a place outside of manifestation, so it’s run amok nature in terms of manifestation is at some deep, deep, deep level almost understandable. And so we sit with our concepts and our ideas that everything happens through manifestation, and therefore if everything happens through manifestation, and everything that’s in the expanse on other levels is also extraneous, then that means the masculine is extraneous, and that means then that you don’t actually integrate. But if there is a stillness and a peace, that stillness and peace incorporates both the contraction and the expansion, and the contraction has to do with the quality that represents manifestation, and the expansion has to do with the quality that represents the cosmos.

So if you’re caught in this idea that it is all happening here, and that this is the highest of all planes, which is a nice way of portraying it, just like the Earth is the center of the universe and everything goes around the universe, which is the old way of thinking of things in an arrogant sense until astronomy came to realize that that’s not necessarily the case, as long as one has this kind of viewpoint, then that viewpoint, that concept alone, instills conflict, because when you sum it all up you have to come down to the standpoint that it’s all about manifestation because it’s the highest of all planes, and therefore the expansive things is subordinate and has to bow down to the manifestation of things. And, therefore, the masculine has to serve the feminine, and then you get into this deal in which to the degree that it’s not, then there has to be war, and there has to be conflict, and there has to be the issue of darkness and light.

And your dream is saying that that’s not right. Your dream is saying that they have to intertwine, they have to work together, they have to lay down their arms, they have to realize that they fit together, that they are as they come together part of a greater whole. And it only makes sense and it has to be that way because if a human being is all that there is, in terms of the human being in its highest form is God, then it’s going to be both the expansive and the contractive. It’s not going to have to be limited to one plane of existence or another. It’s going to have to include all planes of existence, and they all then will make sense, and they all then will work together if they’re treated that way.

You know maybe the better way of trying to define it is: what is the role of the masculine? The role of the masculine is to let go and learn to intertwine with the feminine. What is the role of the feminine? The role of the feminine is to let go and learn to intertwine with the masculine. That’s kind of what your dream is saying, and in that regard there is a peace. There is something that’s okay. Or otherwise you’re always going to be pulled or torn a little this way or that way.

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Out of Its Skin

2_taylorjamesIf we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, male and female, we can see Jeane’s physical attraction to a man is more about making a deeper connection to an inner, masculine element. That, in turn, allows us to see more easily the distraction her female friend is creating – will she cause Jeane to miss her connection? It requires an alliance of both genders inside us to make the necessary journey forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I remember a little excerpt from a dream, where I’m with some people I knew from the days when I did seminars. And one of them is a woman that really liked to dress kind of with designer fashions and stuff, and so she’s interested in me – both in terms of maybe helping her with what she’s wearing, or she’s interested suddenly in something new that I’m wearing.

However, I’m interested in the guy, who I was kind of visiting with before she came. And I kind of want to hook up with him. He’s like over in his bed, and I had gone over there and he usually just sees me as a friend, but it feels like I can’t really find time to connect with him in any way because, you know, she’s kind of dominant.

Although she’s pleased right now with some changes I’ve made in what I’m wearing, it’s almost like we’re a little at cross purposes, because she kind of wants to pull me into that whole dialogue, or go off and be interested in that, and I’m more interested in hooking up with the guy, because I feel like the window of time that I have to connect with him is limited.

John: How did it start?

Jeane: It actually started with I was kind of visiting with a guy, maybe even sitting on his bed, and then she came along. And she’s interested suddenly in a change in what I’m wearing or in my helping her with what she’s wearing.

John: So, this is actually similar to the prior dream, in that you’re finding the feminine aspect of yourself wanting to get out of its own skin, so to speak, or take another leap, from how it is in terms of creation or/and also, therein, what one is wearing, into a whole other frame of reference.

I suppose that makes actually a lot of sense, because the literal nature of the feminine is, is that it is creation, and that it does have to contend with the matter of things in manifestation. And yet there is so much more that is also going on, that is repressed or hidden, in terms of a literalness about just manifestation, per se, that one understands or appreciates in terms of their senses and their mind.

And so that, if you have an inkling that there needs to be more, that you would find yourself fighting to take that step, which means that you are rejecting or repelling what is offered to you, even in terms of how your opinion might even be solicited in relationship to some aspect of what is going on around you, because you recognize that what you need is something of a masculine or bringing in of spirit energy, or however that works as a process that comes from inner into outer.

You need that sort of revealing, in order to be more than what you currently are.

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Symbolic Reflection

Earth connectedWhy aren’t we naturally intertwined with creation? Mostly it’s because of the ways we are raised and the demands of society that cause us to grow separate at an early age. The journey to regain that lost connection is one of letting go of our personal identity and dropping our defense mechanisms. Those defense mechanisms may seem to protect us in the cultural world, but they only create a veil between us and the causative ways of creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: One of the benefits of meditating is meditating can kind of help put you into a state so that when you dream you can actually slip into a deeper quality.

Meditation helps to facilitate an access, is able to reach through and beyond the personal prerogatives that have the veils that kind of keep one in a trance. Any kind of veil, or trance, or mannerisms that you take on has one distinct characteristic: it’s not intertwined.

In other words, anytime you’re struggling you realize that you can apply one word to it – how are you intertwined? And you would realize that you’re not intertwined. When you’re struggling you’re holding out something as a mannerism that’s separate.

So in this dream what I’m kind of doing is I’m struggling to get into the space. And so when you’re struggling in kind of this in-betweenness you know that there is an awareness, that has a communication to it, that arises subtly within. But you can’t access this when you’re not able to adhere to the subtleness behind the reflections – and knowing that that is all there is.

When you take it literally you then don’t hear the communications. It’s like a voice even. I mean, it can be impulses and such, but it’s like a knowingness that is coming as an aspect of inner sight.

So what I am going through is the need to adhere to another sense of myself that is waking up. To get my attention this is presented in a kind of black-and-white way. It is as if I am either attentive to an inner process or not.

In creation, for the inner awareness to be like a language, there is the need to be aware of this inner sense by noticing that the inflections are to a state and condition in which the outer can be accepted as predominating. However, behind that comes the more awakened inner orientation, in other words, to see through the appearances.

And then this is more of an official dream. And in this I’m in a building. In other words, I have traveled or come to this small town, and then there is this like, not a sophisticated building, kind of like a simple building, almost like a house that you use for office purposes, so it’s like a clinic. And as I come into this general reception area is this very stocky looking woman that I’m looking at. I am not sure whether she is a guy or a woman or not, and she is dispensing advice to a bunch of guys that are there.

So she has a way in this community in terms of what it is that she says that they can take and follow as if it’s a type of guidance. But when one of them leaves, she even calls them back because she realizes they somehow or another didn’t quite get it and so she takes and puts a stamp on his chest, shirt, as if that gives him the credentials to help him hold onto the attention that he needs to have.

I’m sitting down in a chair. I’m observing this and after she has done all of this she goes into the office behind me. I know I’m there in this clinic for health reasons or something, and she’s acting in something that I would define as when you are dispensing advice and whatnot, maybe she’s a quasi attorney or something. And so as I am sitting there just observing I am noticing how the guys she was directing became animated and quickened by her involvement in their lives in a way that helped them free flow better. I’m still trying to figure out what she is, and who she is.

So I turn to look at the doorway behind me where her office was that she went into, as if this will enable me to figure this out. And on the door, instead of seeing her name and title are the words “Live in it.” So as I ponder what this means, my attention is captured by her dog who is out in this waiting room area.

So I find the dog’s friendly and spirited demeanor as inviting, as intriguing, as fun to play with, and ultimately I push the dog in a way so that it lies down, and then I push the head all the way down to the ground as well. I want to see if the dog will submit to a quiet composure and acceptance. I am impressed that the dog knows how to listen and abide in this unspoken way.

The meaning is that everything in the dream is me in various particular ways. The feminine energy is able to counsel so that things are able to find and recognize a guidance. This works because there is a focused sincerity that engages the energetic. By engaging the energetic you actually give it a spin, you flip it a little bit so that there’s an inflection behind it that can come out. She’s able to put herself, in other words, advisingly into their shoes so to speak.

As a result, the environment is stimulated, and yet I’m still a little bit sluggish because I’ve come into this like I need to go to a health clinic or something, I’m not sure what for even, so I’m a person still looking for an answer. And watching her, which is the feminine part of myself, do what she does helps simple farming community guys, which is my innocence, who have come to her with no qualms, that’s why you can say that they are innocent, in other words, they don’t have a sophistication that gets in the way that would diminish or challenge or question or not be able to accept the interaction.

To see it working like this is refreshing. The result was a mutually surrendered scenario. The approach is direct but gentle, the same as her dog, which is man’s best friend, spirited and friendly but not overbearing, knowing when to surrender to receive and thus able to intertwine.

And then in this dream, I am being directed towards an energetic cadence, although I do not remember the details. I was also being shown how not to be. Because experiences like that are confronting, to be challenged in this mannerism is apt to put you into a position of having to defend, thus whatever the dream was, was blocked out.

This being an example of how and why it is important to simply shift the vibrational energy from a condition instead of challenging it directly and, thereby, you leave the person free to catch up with the effect as an experiential exception to the density of their nature. That is why we learn through symbolic reflection. If directly confronted our defense mechanisms intervene.

Effectuate a difference by not engaging things that are imbalanced, but by taking and creating a counter reflection through a vibrational way of maintaining one’s self so that what comes across as an input reflection to the degree to which it is recognized, or seen, the other person then adjusts as if it is so natural that you are unable to notice, and this other person is not able to notice that the adjustment they made wasn’t something that they did naturally.

However, if you took and hadn’t approached the young boy and instead tried to approach the older boys that are more set, what you would have ended up doing would be creating an arm’s length difference because that’s the nature of how things are in the outer.

Everything in the outer maintains itself in the outer by having established a defense mechanism in which it holds itself separately. And you have to not question or challenge that because that is a freedom that exists in terms of how the fabric of life is designed to exist in this mannerism. You work with the mannerism by going behind to the design vibration and cause the energy to vibrate in a different way.

And to the degree that the person or object is able to be affected by this more pervasive and more open vibration, it’s kind of like that is their business, not yours, but if you make it your business you can’t make a change happen so you have to do it in a kind of invisible capacity.

You can’t even go there with the intention mentally of doing this, that, or the other because even that can be seen, so you have to live in a quality of yourself that exists in a space of essence that, in and of itself, whatever and however it acts and does things, is always projecting a reflection that if you can go behind the reflection you find the difference.

If you can’t go behind the reflection, you’re left with whatever mannerism or reaction that you want to take on, but you’re not challenged by that other than the fact that the inflection did not have the reaction that you took on as a defense mechanism built into it. It was free of that.

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