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energy34This dream has the image of being under siege, and that can reflect a relationship between a person and the outside world as well as the inner struggle of different forces, often between the masculine and feminine aspects of a person. One element of this is caused by a person’s reactions to events, both inner and outer, which begin to cause rejection, resistance, and internal rifts. These all serve to separate a person from the wholeness of things and to disconnect them from the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream I’m kind of like the leader of a group of people; we’ve gone into this building. It almost looks like an old schoolhouse and, again, it’s olden times because I’m dressed like almost in a court dress.

As I look through the building, I’ve gotten people to leave the front part of the building, which looks out onto a courtyard. And I’m having them go to the back of the building almost to what looks like a basketball court area, but it feels secure. It’s on a lower floor.

And then I’ve gone back upstairs on my own because I understand we’re being besieged. And I’ve gone up to make sure that the blinds are drawn and the doors are locked. And as I draw the blinds, I can see the people that are besieging us riding up on horseback, and I realize just drawing a blind down across the window doesn’t do much, but at least it means they can’t see us that clearly.

And then I want to make sure one of the doors is locked, but I realize as I turn the key that I unlock it and at the same time it’s so dark, I’m suddenly having trouble locking it again and I think someone comes and helps me and I get the door locked. I mean, I know the windows are going to break through anyway, but it gives us at least some effort to protect everybody. And I go back down.

And then I’m just one level, or just on a shelf kind of like, where my people are gathered, when the invaders enter in. And the leader of them has like a peace treaty or something he wants me to sign, or a surrender treaty, who knows what it is.

I’m about to sign it and then he remarks to somebody that he knows our lineage well. I ask how can that be and he says because he knows my sister and at that I stop signing because I have a twin sister, but as far as I knew she was dead. I look to my right and there is a brunette woman there, but that’s not my sister, but she seems to know what he’s talking about, too. But now at this point I think he’s lying. I’m not signing anything. And that’s when I wake up.

John: That is complicated. Because from the first dream, there’s a suggestion that you can take more action from a depth inside of yourself because you’ve developed a general overall knowingness that you can come from.

And in the second dream, it’s acting as if everything is okay from the standpoint that there is more being taken into account than what you are able to perceive or draw as general conclusions. And that where it is that you sense a type of futility, it doesn’t really exist, because of the fact that you have this greater, inner quality that pervades through everything.

So, your dream is like taking and doing a twist on action. Because at the depth of this connectivity and everything, it takes what is normally a siege and danger and assault or whatever, and it transforms it into something that is part of what needs to be based upon the fact that there is the intertwining. And so it’s as if appearances aren’t appearances.

This really puts a different wrinkle in the first dream. This is complicated to figure out what it is that this dream is trying to say or suggest. The first dream is like a template that lays down the fact that when inside of yourself, you’re able to have a sense of something that you can springboard and act out on.

And in the second dream, it is suggesting that an even greater sense exists inside, in which the action and the things that you see or perceive in terms of steps that you can take, are not taking into account how everything exists, is intertwined, and isn’t a kind of action, or isn’t a kind of issue that you’re inclined to make it into being.

The dream is working at correcting something in your nature. What is it looking to correct?

It’s almost as if this dream is working on a stability quality. In other words, it’s almost as if the real meaning of the dream has to do with catching up with a quality of a vibration, in which a knowingness of what needs to be can be there. But at the same time, this has to be rooted enough so that you are able to appreciate a greater intertwining that is also at hand simultaneously. And in order to do that, you have to watch your reactionariness that your limitation in terms of something coming up and functioning in a quality that takes on more of a masculine nature is that you have to be attentive to not reacting in a way that fails to take into account that everything is always on some level destined and intertwined, and that you need as you act to be taking that into account simultaneously.

Which leads into the kind of energy—as one is playing with the subjective side versus the objective side, and the subjective side being kind of an innerness, and the objective side being a flow that acts out of the impulses of the innerness—what this is tending to suggest as an even bigger blueprint image is that there is a total letting go, and total surrender, and total annihilation, and total quietness, and total stillness that exists, that is like the ocean.

And then there’s the action that happens, where the thoughts, the manners, and whatnot, the masculine energy that takes and initiates something that breaks out of that stillness. And then there is the having to take into account that you don’t just abandon the stillness, that you hold that quality inside of yourself. One foot in the heavens or something, even though you’ve got your foot going you’re in existence in manifestation. You have to hold that other, or otherwise your actions won’t see the bigger picture of what is unfolding in front of you, that is part of a greater design and plan, that you’re meant to be able to shift and adjust to and keep up with at the same time.

So, that’s the big motif that exists now in terms of a bigger subject that has to do with catching up with the saintly nature of being able to let everything flow, or everything be as it is in life around you. And then to try to spring from that into something that is able to act out in it, which is a type of mastery. But that isn’t possible unless you, at the same time, always recognize that the emptiness is everything, because everything is interconnected. It’s not like this is that and it’s opposed to you completely. It’s not opposed to you completely. It’s a factor of something coming together in its own way that also includes you. And you need to recognize how that is intended and meant to be.

That’s the quality in the dream that recognizes how the lineage or intertwining works. In other words, you don’t just take a black and white. Things are never black and white. What looks like it is an issue that’s perturbing you or causing you to have to take steps of action, is also a stillness and at the depth of itself, it is an acting out that is still looking to try to find where it can have its cadence or alignment. It doesn’t know it. And so it’s acting out. It doesn’t know that it’s not aligned. And yet some part of you can know that all of that, even though there is an action and something can be seeable and feelable and hearable, that there is a way of also recognizing in every action the stillness that still exists.

So your dream is pushing you out on this level. This is a zone. This is an area that where the human being actually shapes things in life, if they can do this.

Or otherwise you just keep experimenting with parts of yourself. A negative way of looking at it would be to say on one hand, you’re being pressed to take some steps outside of your wholeness and start to recognize that you’re not as reticent or laid-back as you’re inclined to see yourself as being in terms of the mannerism and how the feminine is that you have to catch up with more of the masculine quality flow you’re being compelled to do that.

And then on the other hand, it’s showing that, as you do that, you’re missing all kinds of things. That is meaning that you’re being compelled to do that only to find out that what you’re doing, it doesn’t have a chance. It’s not taking something properly into account and that it is going overboard.

Well, even the negative way of looking at it is interesting because it shows that just the negative quality is the reaction that could have kept you from seeing that intertwining. You act out because you do that, but at the same time, you recognize the quietness and the silence of something that’s emerging. That’s intertwined. And then when you do that, when you take all of that into account, you pull things together. You pull the imbalances together. If you continue to be reactive, then the other oppositional thing would continue to act up and you’d have a mess. But when you suddenly see the semblance, then that is recognized.

Now, in this dream it seemed like the semblance was recognized by the other side first, wasn’t it or not, or was it just a…?

Jeane: Yeah, it by the other side first.

John: They recognized it first. So it’s as if the forces of life that are coming down and affecting you, are bringing you in information, if you’re able to settle back and look at it properly and correctly, from which you can see that there’s more going on than just the general mannerism that you could be inclined to buy into. That there’s actually more going on there.

And from that recognition, as if the outer is the greater teacher in this regard, you can come to see how, you know, the humor of something that’s unfolding, that not seeing it would have you reacting in ways that keep you tangential. It’s an interesting cycling around of energy that I suppose you’ll be getting more information about.

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2803770This dream snippet triggers the concept of what a human being is truly capable of and, if taken to heart, will show us how we sell ourselves short in terms of our possibility. Because, as John points out, we are designed to, and have the capability to, connect to everything that exists in the universe. But we can only do that when we begin to vibrate at the frequency of those universal things. Of course, that’s not possible when we’re self-involved about everything because that’s not a vibration that the universe recognizes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I couldn’t pull out my dream that well. I can just give a little bit of an impression of it, which was that there was a group of us living in a house, and then it feels like there’s a group of men and boys who live in another house. And when they come over to visit us, it’s like they’re looking for things from us that would add a little more protection to the place where they live.

That’s the best way I can describe it because I can’t remember the details.

John: You’re feeling it as a protection because that’s kind of the bias or nature that the feminine has in terms of it sorts its world in terms of a type of security.

With the masculine it has a bias of having to permeate this out across, where it takes and goes and this sort of thing then is disseminated across, or effectuated through an action so that it comes out and comes across. For the feminine it is something in which if you come into the presence of the feminine you’re supposed to be able to feel it, or recognize it.

So, what is it that one has to feel, or one has to recognize, or that one has to take – if you’re the masculine – and permeate it across? Well, it’s not an attitude, or a notion, or a mannerism that one carries in this dense life. It’s something that one accesses through them, that comes through you. And in order for it to come through you, you have to get away from that which carries a more dominant energetic projection.

You have to drop all of those personal elongations that get in the way of something that is natural, that sits in the background, that is meant to come through you, or have access, or be present through you. And so, in the feminine way of perceiving it, when something then comes over they are able to then recognize or appreciate or to see that memorability that permeates and is natural to each and all of us.

They’re able to get a sense of that, so that is able to come across in terms of how it is and who it is that they are. And they aren’t the ideas that they may have come over with because they are receiving something, and what they are receiving is the recognition of something deeper about themselves that everyone has in common.

In other words, we’re all designed and meant, because we are connected to everything that there is in life, we’re all designed and meant to be able to hear the music of the universe, so to speak. In other words, it’s like as something is intended or is unfolding we’re able to pick up on that. And we can’t pick up on that if we have our own mannerism and our own projections that we are holding onto as if that is what is going on.

In other words, we tend to orient our attention to that which we see, or deem, to be important that is a loudness that is going on in our life. When we quit doing that, and if we stop doing that, then our attention reaches and rises up, or catches up one might say, to a language and a flow that is always there, that comes and is alive and awakened and intertwined through us – because we are aspected to everything that exists. So whatever is going on, in some capacity is the communication of that which is going on, is integrated and taken in in terms of the whole to which we are connected.

So it’s a true, so to speak, communion that doesn’t have the bifurcations that take and throw one off into a personal tangential nature. To the degree to which we buy into anything as an idea, or as a perception, of how something is that gets in the way of this natural overallness that we are able to hear, and recognize, and take into account – and it’s huge.

This sort of thing is huge because what we’re taking into account is everything that is going on everywhere, vibrationally. We actually have that capacity to take all of that on, and this is the oneness that is alive throughout all of life, and we relate, and we flow, and we are connected to that – and that is what is real, not the individual neurosis and mannerisms that octave off of that that, we go into as our predilection.

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Trapped_EnergyIn Jeane’s dream, she is a prosecuting attorney who is being pushed off of the case. Yet that role is a masculine aspect of her inner life that is trying to take its rightful place, but is being repressed by other internal aspects – aspects that are triggered by being too personally involved. As we have spoken about before, when we become personally involved in anything, we end up preventing our natural aspects from shining through. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it’s like I’m supposed to go help with a trial, but when I go there it’s like they want to disqualify me from being the prosecutor, or the questioner, without telling me why or putting me in a secondary role.

And then I figure out finally that it’s because either the opposing council or the person that’s coming up is somebody that I knew, or had a relationship with, or they think I want to be in relationship with, and that this would taint how everyone was looking at the questioning.

So I’m frustrated with this because I don’t feel like it should really make a difference. Then I see that everything is targeted towards making me forget. And then that starts becoming the reality – everything seems to be targeted towards even making me forget the dream, and it’s so frustrating that I have to fight to even remember this part which you think would stand out because there was a certain amount of emotions.

So it is like that just becomes the outer reality then where I really have to struggle to even remember this tiny bit.

John: What’s happening is as the prosecutor you’re being the masculine. In other words, the prosecutor is a person that takes and goes out and brings in the inflections, and the thoughts, and the sparks, and the energetic that takes and quickens something out of its dormancy, enlightens in that regard, makes something more alive, and more real, and more tangible. 

That’s the nature of the masculine, and that’s what you’re doing as the prosecutor. However, the need is to keep you repressed, which then takes you back into the condition of the feminine. The feminine is a person that takes and doesn’t quite see what is going on around it, and is affected by things that it can’t sort itself through and find the greater picture in life.

And so your dream is indicating that this happens to you when you are overpowered by the idea of something being personal, too personal, and so you are shut down by the fact of them causing this indulgence, this limiting feature, to be used as a means to keep you from invoking, and exciting, and causing something to be seen by a normal, natural, masculine quality expression.

So to keep you from finding this other side, or fullness, of yourself, you are being shown that this is lost, or goes away, or is inaccessible to you when you indulge in what is said to be personal mannerisms that contract and hold you down in a kind of compaction. 

That’s the nature of manifestation. Manifestation is something that has been slowed down with an energetic in such a way so that it is of a sound quality, as opposed to something in a more speeded-up realm, that is not necessarily grounded as a consequence, that comes and appears in the nature of light. Yet light and sound are one and the same.

And so the masculine part of yourself that has this quality of being the prosecutor, or the means of bringing something through that quickens, and awakens, and stirs, and jars, and invokes the situation to have a whole other way of coming out of its condition – that is working with the principle of something coming down into life.

And, by contrast, you find yourself constrained because of personal limitations that are placed upon you, that keep you contracted, so that you don’t wake up to that or, as the dream is indicating, find the means inside of yourself to quicken yourself, so that that which is whole and complete inside of yourself you are able to awaken, all on your own, with your own inner masculine.

Isn’t that an interesting dream? 

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