A Cracked Egg

It’s a fine line to know when to flow with and allow our natural tendencies their outplay, and when those inner mannerisms, which we think of as natural to us, become a detrimental tangent that we are indulging in ourselves. These are decisions, choices, and responses that we must make on the fly, which is why the best consciousness is to understand that, ultimately, we must let everything go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: To catch up with it like this I had to go through some really radical, a very radical intense meditation, in that what I saw, on the inner, was kind of exquisite. How that translated across into the outer was one of sheer devastation; it was almost as if the world could come to an end. And yet, on the inner, it wasn’t like that. 

So, these extremes had to be reconciled, and to reconcile them in my usual way, in terms of the effect of that state, that would have caused me to have a calamitous perspective – how to pull that together? In other words, there would have been something on one side that would have been okay and something on this side that would have been horrendous, and the conclusion would have been diffused.

But the time has come where my nature, that has a reactionariness, needs to be worked around and set aside in terms of what impels and comes across to me, in order to take on a greater and greater dimensionality, or, otherwise, the reactive quality will always keep something held back and shut off in some capacity. A capacity that needs to be overcome in order to denote even more. 

So, it was almost like this was a type of “the jig is up,” kind of thing, in that what has been an inhibition, an over reactiveness, the time is up – that needs to go away. And so a means is devised that I do seem to ground, I do seem to align, but not necessarily as succinctly as a given moment in time when a state, or vibration, first comes in. I can be thrown for a shock. 

That’s why a teacher takes and is constantly catching a student off-guard, on purpose, to see if they can take that sort of thing in and immediately allow it to fit into the overallness of their being. Or do they go off on this propensity or that propensity? 

So think of the dilemma the teacher has in terms of even as he had to introduce a lot of things about Sufism, and had to introduce vibrations, and bring through energies, and do stuff to intertwine a person to the inner connections that they have inside of themselves to something so much more. He had to contend with the fact that there is this natural propensity to have a reactiveness, and that reactiveness gets in the way and causes, then, you to go off and see something in a distorted mannerism. 

And the secret is to be present, to let go, and allow this and take in this something more instead of having to be caught up in a part of yourself that is still sealed in some sort of negative capacity way, or, in other words, defense mechanism mannerism that seals you away from the taking in of this greater quality. 

And this is true of everyone; this is true of teachers, too. They have a certain propensity or mannerism upon which they have developed impressions that they follow, and are they taking those impressions and incorporating them fully into their being? Now, in order to incorporate something coming from inner into outer you have to ground it. And in order for something that rises up from the feminine, that is grounded, it has to make sure that it is properly accepting the bigger picture of a oneness, or otherwise what rises up in the feminine will go off in its tangentiality. 

So it’s like everything is susceptible. The masculine is susceptible to the input, the feminine is susceptible to what rises up, and what needs to occur is they both need to recognize that, because the feminine doesn’t know the other side as much as the masculine knows the other side, and the masculine doesn’t know grounding as much as the feminine knows grounding. And if you don’t work and put those two principles together, then you have like a cracked egg all the time.

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A Thin Veil

1ce41Each of us has our strengths in the way we do things. For example, when we find ourself challenged, or needing to solve a particular problem, we will usually go through our tried and true methodologies – you know, the ones that have worked for us in the past. Sometimes, even those don’t work. That’s when we need to stretch beyond our established ways and find new solutions. And, when we do, those new solutions will become part of our methods going forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the first dream I remember, I’ve been living in a house, but it’s kind of a shared house, there’s like this invisible wall that sometimes can just remove itself between my living room and the woman who lives, or family that lives, on the other side of the house.

And I’m going to be moving. So I’ve been cleaning the house. I’ve got my car packed and everything. And I’ve gone to her, and I’m going to be looking around for someone else to live in the house after I leave.

And, at some point, I run into this man, and I’m going to have him stay there temporarily and see if it’s going to work out for him to live there. And I show him this kind of unusual arrangement where sometimes the wall between my apartment, let’s say, and her apartment can just disappear. And other times it’s there. I want to know if she’s going to be comfortable with this, and if he’s going to be comfortable with this, so I’m letting him stay at the house a little while.

Meanwhile, I packed up everything and it’s in my car, and I’m traveling, but I’m not yet going to where I’m going to be. I’m going to be kind of in transition, for a while, and looking at where I might stay temporarily. And I’m also somewhat focused on whether or not it’s going to work out for him to live there. That’s all I remember of the first dream.

John: Well, in this dream, you’re having to shift, you’re having to transition, you’re having to open up from what is a part of yourself to something more. This is a different impact in your dreaming.

Ordinarily, it has been important in the dreaming to catch up with parts of yourself that are there – but you’re not acknowledging. But, in this particular case, you’re dealing with the part of yourself that is there, that is affecting you in some capacity, even though the veil is thin, and that you need to throw a spotlight on it, in such a way, so that that part shifts into a greater wholeness. Instead of it just being there, it shifts into greater wholeness. It just being there holds something back in a limiting way.

And so when it shifts into a greater wholeness, that shift actually inflects somewhere else, in terms of a greater beingness, to where you then are able to become so much more. I mean, that’s the energetic, so what is it really referring to?

So the house that you live in, that has this thin veil, like two apartments, and you’re on one side and it on the other, is something that can tend to blur a little bit, but technically it’s separate, and that you need to bring more clarity to that situation in order to reveal something that is there, that has to do with an ancient part, or an old part, of yourself.

Now, it’s a part of yourself that, in most instances of developing a consciousness inside, in most instances this is a part of yourself that most dreams would indicate that you would be needing to awaken, or come to see, or to come to recognize, or to come to know better. In this particular case, this coming to see, coming to recognize, coming to know better is based upon bringing a clarity into the equation. That’s where you bring this other guy in that then sits in the place where you’re at.

So what you’re doing is you’re giving something to the masculine, you’re giving something to the plane of a clarity. You’re giving something to the plane of a clarity, or the plane of a wisdom, in order for something to be able to be seen, because you just carrying this feminine principle, in and of itself, is holding you in some sort of trance. But when you give something to the masculine, when you let go in some capacity where you give something to the masculine, that which needs to be seen at a greater depth of yourself is able to be seen, and thus, you find yourself able to be transported into a whole new way. What that will be, and where that is, and how that goes, and all of that, isn’t revealed to you, other than the fact that you make a big shift.

So what is it that is sitting in your nature, that you’re not able to catch up with, that is made possible when you give something to the masculine, that brings in a clarity that you aren’t able to reach this aspect of your feminine nature by yourself, that is necessary to give something to the masculine for this to be able to happen?

This is a very, very interesting informational dream. What it is that is pent up in your nature, is dormant from a long, long time ago. Basically, it’s hard to note that it is saying this, but this is a dormancy that goes back beyond this lifetime. It’s a dormancy that has an effect upon you, that dictates and impacts the way you’re able to relate to things, in that particular house that you’re in, where there is always this thin line that flickers a bit, that’s between a part of yourself and you also there.

When you’re willing to step aside from just the flickering, and just this other that’s there, and truly pack up your belongings and leave, and leave in its place a clarity, which is the masculine, you’re not abandoning anything. What you’re doing is you’re leaving the space so that it is able to be in a greater fruition of itself. What that means is that however it is, and wherever it is, you shift to, even though you don’t know what that’s going to be about, is going to be something so, so, so much more.

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The Setup

energy_rDepending on the moment, we can have different natures in us. Sometimes we are careful and rational and weigh all the possibilities. Other times we can be impetuous and indulgent and find ourselves in a situation we didn’t want to be in. It can be this way energetically as well, where we can connect to energies that we really aren’t ready to process. One way to alleviate that issue is to be connected through the heart, which is a deeper alignment that will help us flow with the energetic shifts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream, I’m a man. I seem a little focused on I have to get to the airport to catch a plane at some point, and there’s another man that’s kind of following me around. And I get the idea that he’s trying to set me up in some way, but I don’t quite figure it out until I’m sitting for a minute in a room and he comes in.

It’s almost like he makes advances to me. Then I realize, I kind of look at him, and I go over and I open up the door and first there’s a little boy there, and then there’s a sheriff, and I realize that if I’d responded to his advances it all would have been a setup to get arrested.

So I leave the room because I’ve obviously kind of avoided that trap, or the other traps I felt he was trying to set for me in the dream. Before going to the airport I see him, like he’s in a cab, and this time I go over to him as though I’m setting him up, which kind of terrifies him and he drives off or something.

So it’s almost like I’ve found out you can turn the tables if people are doing that to you, or something like that. That’s the first part of the dream.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re trying to look at what it’s like to have an orientation in terms of an inner coming into the outer. That’s kind of a motif of the masculine. It’s always an out-breath coming down trying to touch something in creation.

A motif of the feminine is something that is complete, in and of itself, having to open up. So you’re starting off with this orientation of something coming down, or of a masculine orientation, and you’re realizing that the possibilities, the expanse of something like that, is outside of the parameters of what you can cope with.

That’s why if you respond to something that’s pitched at you, and the masculine is always like pitching something, bringing something through, pitching something, you respond to what is pitched at you, you find that you end up in one setup after another setup.

And what you’re doing is there are actually two octaves: there’s the inner, and the outer; there’s the masculine, and the feminine. But you’re looking at the expansive component, and the masculine, in its attempt to understand everything, is always thinking that it’s approaching something in an expansive component way, but it doesn’t have the faculties to really be able to take on the expanse, not in terms of its physical faculties.

And you come to realize that it has to be done in some other way, and you see yourself able to not fall for the setup and to conduct yourself in a whole other way, and that in doing so, this blows the cover off of any kind of qualm or mannerism that exists as a focus and attention that is geared to such an orientation.

What you’ve actually done is you’ve touched the heart, and when you touch the heart it puts you into the overallness to such a degree that the typical way of perceiving things, in terms of the faculties that are at your disposal, that gets overrun because that’s so limited. Now you don’t know that you’re touching the heart because you’re not really feeling the depth of that exuding. You’re not portraying that you’re experiencing the depth of that exuding in your being, yet at the same time something deeper inside of you knows that this is how to be when you’re coping in a expansive way.

But the only part of yourself that can be expansive, that could stretch out, that can try to look at things, that could try to figure things out, is the part of you that orients through the breath/heart. They work in cohesion, and that when you have the heart you have the breath, generally, naturally there, because the breath just automatically comes to whatever it is. It comes to an orientation that is coming out of the heart as the heart opens up.

Of course when you have the mind there, the breath does the same thing. It’s shallower and is in accordance with the linearity of a limited frame of reference.

So your dream is looking at it from one perspective. I attempt to dream both perspectives. You’re going at it one step at a time. You’re dreaming one side of it. You’re dreaming how the enlivenment, or perceived enlivenment, of the expansive masculine is nothing but a setup.

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