Able to Give

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Jessica Dunegan

It’s easy to wonder what a human could possibly do that could be helpful for the universe. How could one person be of use to the enormity of things? Well, in exactly the way that is described in this dream: by making a connection between things. Humans are unique in their ability to make connections between disparate things, and that’s an inspired act that can’t be programmed into the robotic unfolding of organic life. Of course, the key idea is that such connections support universal purpose, rather than just make a good sandwich. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remembered one dream. It felt like my dreams were jumbled up last night. But in the dream I had, I went over to the house. It was a really nice house, almost like a little mansion, and there was a woman in bed like she was sick or something that I was visiting.

When I got over there I realized what would help this woman had to do with getting her an iPad, and I’m almost like visiting her going around whoever her normal caretaker is, so I leave there and I leave there with two other young women that, or three of them, that I seem to be traveling with.

And I realize I have to find an iPad store, and two of the women leave and go into a little restaurant. But the third one goes on to where the store is, which seems to be on Miller Street. I have an idea of the street that the store’s on and what needs to be done, and that woman’s going to need me to help her figure out the iPad, so I can’t really take the time to stop at the restaurant for a drink or whatever with the other two.

And I have to find my way to Miller Street because it feels like the woman that wants me to help her with it has already gotten there and I don’t know where it is exactly. So this man gives me a ride up a real steep hill in like a Jeep or something, but the Jeep will only go to the top of the hill and then I have to walk over, then even cross over, at the little railroad tracks, and then I’ll have to go down somewhere steep.

I’m walking now and find the store on Miller Street. And it feels like I have a little tension because I wish the women hadn’t stopped at the restaurant so that we were all at the store together, and the delay that happened when I stopped to tell them that I was going on to the other store, I’m wondering if that delay will cause the woman that was in the store to not wait for me. So all of it feels a little tense at times, but I’m pretty sure I can find the store.

John: So you’re trying to establish a connection. In other words, you’re trying to find an iPad for this one woman. And the others that you’re with only create confusion in terms of doing that.

So it’s kind of an interesting dream from the standpoint that it’s a little bit opposite the way it would work from the masculine side of things. But from the feminine side of things, it involves opening up and finding out how to utilize, or how something is given.

In other words, how there is a linkage or a connection that’s made, that increases the overallness of something, and that you’re part of establishing or making this connection possible so that it happens. All you have to do to do that is to connect up with the whereabouts of things, and as soon as you do that then you can facilitate something that is needed so that it happens, and you can open and enable that to be understood in terms of how it works.

That’s a dream that shows the quality of the feminine being something which gives something into life, that when the feminine is just trying to find something for herself and whatnot there is something missing in life, but when she’s able to give something into life, then she is… that aspect of flow of energy, that’s what’s important. The masculine is having to find and pull together that way, and the feminine is having to give to make something complete by giving. So, it’s an interesting dream that’s showing a cohesion coming into place.

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Creating a Veil

faultWhen it is said that life is an illusion, it usually refers to the idea that our attachments to our personal identities have created hundreds (or 1000s) of veils, each one adding to our separation from the whole. As we develop, we need to peel these veils away, which is the process of letting go of this physically-focused, personally-involved life, and beginning to merge with the everything else of the universe, joining in a life of service that everything else lives automatically – but that humans can only live by our choosing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then in sleeping, the dream I had shows this whole lack of continuity where one is losing the note of the consequence of the blur, or the residue of things.

And in this dream, I am trying to get from where I’m at to another place. And I’m in transit, in other words. I have something I’m going to be doing at this other place the next day. And it’s like I have plenty of time to catch a bus to go over to this other place. It started like maybe in the mid to late afternoon, but now all of a sudden it’s night. And what I’ve been doing is I’ve been standing there, waiting and waiting, and, you know, maybe there’ve been others, and then there are people around and whatnot, and this bus just keeps coming and stopping and going, but it’s still going in the direction away from where I want to go.

And I just hang out and hang out and hang out, expecting that there should be a bus that will come from the opposite direction, that I can catch that will take me to where I need to get to for tomorrow, in which there’s something about tomorrow that is kind of important to me in terms of a quality of the way I can be there. It’s a precursor day, however, to a program that is going to happen the following day and it’s that program that’s really important, but I have also made tomorrow important, too, as an in-between process to it all.

But in terms of just hanging out and hanging out, and waiting for this bus and waiting for the bus, little by little I’m getting discombobulated. I’m getting out of sync. And it gets to the point where I even lose the idea of what is important or unique about tomorrow, and then start to treat tomorrow as kind of a throwaway day, when before I had it as something that had a specialness to it.

And then I also come to find out that I have been just sitting in a trance with myself, because if I had just walked around the corner, the busses have been stopping there real regularly all along going in the other direction. I was kind of like on a one-way or something, you know, where I was waiting for the bus to come. And if you go around the building to the next aspect of the block, the bus is then going in the direction that take me to where I need to go, that has the note and the mannerism that’s necessary for that, have been coming and going and coming and going regularly, I just hadn’t been paying any attention.

By having been in this malaise that I’ve been in, I slowly got to the point where I lost all of the succinctness and clarity. It just kind of got blurred out by hanging out in a mannerism that was unbecoming to how something is naturally in flow. And by doing that long enough, I got so that I became amnesic and forgetful to the flow. I still held onto something that was beckoning me, but not with the consistency that went all the way through.

It got to the point where that consistency, that mannerism, that quality that I held and hold and carry and embody and maintain, and can tell is directing me and is causing me to evolve in a particular way, it got to the point where I couldn’t even see that anymore. And when I couldn’t even see that anymore, then everything became so ordinary that in relationship to what comes next, it all became blasé.

And so, just like your dream was pointing out that there is something about the way that you are carrying yourself, whereby you are allowing yourself to fit in and melt into the environment in such a way so that you rise to the denominator of the vibration of that environment, and therefore lose a kind of clarity quality that you have to yourself that can succinctly see something, can claw its way through, or raise itself through, or penetrate what needs to be penetrated, that you lose that ability because of the way you are subordinating yourself. That’s how you’re doing it.

How I’m doing it is I’m sitting apparently in a tangent and sitting in the tangent long enough to where the effect of the tangent that I feel as a tangent, or that I feel upon myself as having taken a position and a stand, if I carry that long enough, and it vibes around and vibes around and vibes around long enough, it creates a blur. It creates a veil. It creates a lack of sight succinctness to my nature, to where I become totally dysfunctional in terms of what is meant to come next.

However, when I’m staying in an acuity to it, everything clicks. And the way I carry myself is a way that I continue to see myself, and that way that I continue to carry and see myself is meant to be holding onto something that then effectuates out with a flow that doesn’t have this wayward or confusion or kind of amnesia about it.

So, the problems that the dreams are identifying for us to look at are of a different quality nature than you would think. The aspect of you having an understanding and succinctness is something that you can then use as a clarity to help sustain who it is and how you are. That’s a masculine expression. That’s where you’re able to be clear in a particular way in terms of how you’re able to come across and make yourself known.

And my way of trying to be in flow with something, in a clarity that is naturally there, as an attuned note, that’s kind of like a container quality energy that I’m allowing that is dissipating away, that I need to have. And if I carry that, I carry that and I flow with that, as opposed to some other complexity.

Now, what your dream and my dreams have in common is they both indicate that there is something askew energetically. And the way that askew energetically works differently between you and me has to do with what you have to work on that has a masculine quality element to it, and what I have to work on that has a feminine quality element to it.

That slight deviation in the note for me is causing me to be hung out and confused in terms of how something in the overall is to unfold. That deviation in the note for you is causing you to go along with the lowest common denominators of an energetic collective vibration that is not who you really are, and therefore you’re losing the clarity to penetrate and claw your way through things succinctly. It’s going away. You’re becoming compromised by holding back.

So, what’s interesting is your dreaming and my dreaming do come to a point where the aspect that underlies it all has to do with a certain quality energetic note. It’s just that how you handle that is different than how I’m handling it. And the consequences of how you’re handling it point to one thing, and the consequences of how I’m handling it kind of point to something else. But you can even take that and point out that even that collapses and comes together, too.

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An Inner Sensation

4305As humans we have forgotten that we have all the systems within us to fulfill our human purpose. In these times, we tend to use our brain and rational thought for all our decisions and processes. But the truth is that we have many systems that could offer us even greater intelligence than the brain on its own, but we have to learn to listen to them, and to trust them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It starts out in this kind of general motif and then I use an outer thing to kind of set the template. In that in my meditation dream, I could see myself gauge the effect of a drop in the gold price by using my body as a beacon. In other words, my body naturally knows what’s going to take place and what’s not going to take place.

It’s like I tried to say to the dream group: there’s the body, there’s the heart, and there’s the soul. The heart knows some things, the soul knows things, and the body knows things. And in the past, I’ve experienced the effect of a decline or a drop, or something that takes one by surprise, we’ll say. I’ve experienced this effect in the heart. This effect to the heart is correlating to my mind/senses and the effect, which strikes like a stab and creates the sinking sensation in terms of the heart – that’s because it’s being applied to the wrong center.

You have a body knowingness, too, where everything is alive. Where the body is, maybe you might say, a more liberated heart, too. In other words, yes, the heart is the trigger to something that opens things up, but the body is there too automatically. It has to be there automatically. And it gets the hint, it gets the impulse. It doesn’t have to go through, you know, a vying necessarily that goes back and forth, and result in a sorting out that takes forever.

The problem is because we have gotten use to this kind of vying that requires a sorting out that takes forever, that we come to recognize that there’s the mind/ego that gets in the way, and then there’s the denser lower-self nature of a body that holds the soul, which is infinite. And we sit there and we meander back and forth, as if in a tremendous conundrum. But we don’t realize that everything is complete in and of itself.

The body is complete in and of itself, as a center of something that goes beyond the wholeness or the limitations. It’s part of a wholeness. The heart goes beyond the limitations and is in a wholeness. And the soul is everything that’s in a wholeness. All of that together is God. And, you know, there’s nothing that’s not God.

So the monitoring, when you recognize that it works like that, has a different impact. Because it’s as if there’s a pent-up quality to every sensation and it’s of a body orientation. You have to know what part is body, what part is heart, and what part is soul, and they are all okay.

In other words, the body has a way at looking at the effect that sits as a kind of latent suspense with the body. And I am interested in seeing what this means because this is something different. And it’s different than how you would sort it out with the heart because the heart works on other aspects of your overall beingness.

The body knows. In other words, no one has really stopped to realize that the body knows things. There’s a body knowingness. And one wants to try to figure out how to rationalize and explain this to the heart. But there’s the body that’s separate, the heart that’s separate, and the soul that’s separate. This is a big thing that hasn’t been explained, that hasn’t been clarified.

And so in my meditative dream, I know that the body orientation, that if I catch up with, is associated with something that can happen in the outer in terms of, for example, the gold price going higher. I’m not going to figure this out by the octaves of the heart. And it’s not going to be something that has anything to do with the soul level. This is a body orientation.

So, that was the big template of the meditation dream. Because this has like a wildness now to it, that now when you throw in the dream thing, if you don’t kind of catch the template of the scenario of the energetic defect, this is going to come across as bizarre. But another reason why this doesn’t come across as bizarre is after having listened to your dream. You know, I understood it, because I understood my bizarreness.

And the energetic of a knowingness that is designed to come together continuous, and can be there, in spite of appearances. I simply need to access the inner sensation and it will manifest.

In other words, the masculine does this different. It’s as if it brings something down and it snaps something as the vibration, and therefore something arises. While the feminine just has a way of holding the overallness of something and can—through the overallness, through the hiddenness that is normally there out of sight, if that hiddenness has access—can cause the epiphany or the change, which one breaks through and out of the plight that is before them.

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