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inner-aIn Jeane’s dream, she is struggling
with making connections and, since she is all the characters in her dreams, we can look at the two people – a man and a woman – as the masculine and feminine aspects of herself. What we see is that each energetic plays a different role, and that a connection to both of them needs to be there for the whole to come together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then in the second dream it feels like I’ve gone to a house and there is a woman, who’s like a seminar leader, is coming together for something that will be happening there, and there’s also a man that I’m trying to connect with.

But she seems to kind of go outside a lot, like sometimes she’ll be on a beach, and when I try to connect with him it feels like I just can’t quite make that connection, that he’s kind of wrapped up in whatever it is that he’s doing, or what’s going to go on, so he’s being more hidden. And even if I go to his room it’s like you can’t be sure that you’ll really connect with him because, like I said, he’s more hidden, or focused on something that he’s doing, so that the connection with him is harder to make happen.

With her I seem to be able to go to where she is, even though she has her own thing she’s doing.

John: What is going on is there’s something that exists straightaway in life in its directness and its density that consumes one’s attention, just like war can do, so it can keep you from catching up and finding the hiddenness. You can even be traumatized by it to such a degree because you can shut off such a process in terms of your inner trait being able to move and affect you in an intertwining way.

And in this dream you are sitting with something that has an importance in terms of the features of the outer that have to be transformed or dealt with. And it’s depicted as heightened in creation.

So how does one know that? How do you survive with that in your dream? Well, it’s a woman with red hair and you can come to grips with her, but you really are seeking to develop a closeness and a relatability with the guy that is also in this house in another room.

A woman who is really grounded, and red signifies something that gets directly into life or carries a mannerism that contends with how things are in the straightaway outer, that can have a loudness that is easy to observe, or denote, and get caught up in and kind of relate to.

However, to have a proper semblance and proper relatability you have to have the energy that comes from the guy, and the guy is the one that brings down the possibilities that opens something up in terms of a sight, that starts something churning, so that you can awaken from a kind of amnesia and catch up with the hidden spirit energy – as we’ve been calling it – that is imbedded inside of you, or more basically, that you can take and deal with the outer in terms of how it is – not consumed by your redheaded nature that can be kind of hot and bothered about things – because you’re able to access and bring in the information that moves all of that, and transforms all of that, so that it is intertwined with the inner and the outer.

The image of just a woman who has red hair and just that per se is the image of a quality in life that is loud, that is straightforward, can be wonderfully outrageous, there’s nothing wrong with being like that. In fact, it’s wonderful… and it tends to be more dynamic than usual but, in and of itself, it is only able to go and deal with the outer in terms of this strict linear way of how it is that the outer is – and it’s not able to open up and access something more. It’s not able to… the terms is transforming something, like the changing of the lead into gold, or working with the prima materia of one’s nature in order to get something out of one state that is dull and not with the greater higher-self whole.

The key is how to get and go from that state that is like that to something that’s in motion and in movement of the inner and the outer working hand in hand and coming together. This dream is loaded just with the symbology of what it’s like for something red and red denotes the most rootedness of things to the point of anal retentive in its mannerisms, in its emotions, in its attitudes and everything, versus something in another room that you don’t quite know how to catch up and tangibly link up with. It’s easier to link up with that, and yet you know that you need to tie in with that, and the tying in with that or the bringing of the two together is what creates the consciousness – and the flow that is a consciousness, and the effect of an inner coming through, into, and upon an outer.

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80_nAs a human being, what is our true inheritance? Perhaps it is the entree into the whole of the universe that can be ours if we use our freedom of choice to be in service to a greater purpose. And our connection couldn’t be closer – it’s been inside of us all along. Because of the training of our culture, it may seem foreign to us, but it is never too late to awaken to our true calling. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in one dream it feels like an ex-boyfriend and I are parting ways, and he’s given me a check. Now the check is actually almost like an investment-type check that was written on a bank account to I think his ex-girlfriend, but now it’s supposed to be mine. But getting that type of check deposited is kind of a problem.

It feels like I’m trying to figure out how to get the check either cashed or deposited because it isn’t initially in my name. It has just been endorsed to me or something, so you can’t just go to the bank and cash it. It’s like you have to figure out a way of putting it in the bank so that it’s eventually good. And it feels like I’m going through some kind of a process to try to figure out how to do that the fastest way possible.

At the same time, I think there’s this car that I also feel like he left me, or it might have been my car I’m not sure, but it’s a very low-slung sports car, two-seater, that’s a little hard to get into. And it feels like somebody else and I are going to get into it, and it already has some stuff in it so it’s a little crowded. And then it’s not high off the ground so when I open the door and I start to get in, I think she on the other side does, I realize I’m starting to get in the wrong side and so we have to walk around.

It’s just like hard to get oriented at first to even get in the car, let alone make room to kind of slide down in so that you can fit in and figure out you’re facing the right way. So the dreams last night felt like that where I was struggling to get something to work right.

John: The dreams portray the opposite of what everyone in the dream group is inclined to think, and that is that the feminine gives something to the masculine but doesn’t receive anything in return. Yes, it’s the feminine’s role to extend something out into life, but how can she do it because she’s totally unconscious? And the masculine is totally misaligned.

And so it’s the role of the masculine to protect the feminine, to safeguard something so it can happen. It means that something has to be brought down as an awakened spirit energy that then is embraced by the feminine and then carried forth into life. And that’s what you were dreaming.

You were dreaming about how something is left you and you have to figure out how it is that you cash it, or make it happen. And then to point out that it is you, you added the punch line that it’s like a car, that you have to get into in a particular way and whatnot, or adapt yourself, or whatever around in order to go somewhere with it, that has also been left to you.

And that’s the nature of how the masculine works in the world and the feminine receives something, as an understanding, in order to proceed. Yes, it is the feminine that does the dissemination of things. But what you’re describing and looking at in that one step where the feminine just establishes a recognition and a realization, she just doesn’t get it herself.

And the idea that it’s harder for the masculine to do all of this is quite true, quite true, but the masculine can access the information, which is called wisdom or knowing, much more readily than the feminine can. The feminine can get into life much easier, much more naturally, than the masculine, but you have to take and pay attention to both, or you’re going to end up with a mess.

It works in that capacity. It doesn’t work in the way that we think things work, and the feminine doesn’t wake up and do her job in the way that everybody thinks, and that the masculine walks around as some sort of Neanderthal. That isn’t correct either.

Your dream portrays that you’re inheriting something, you’re inheriting a recognition, and that it comes from somewhere else – or so it seems. It’s all inside of you, but it has to be woken up in a whole other mannerism. You don’t just jar yourself and cause yourself to awaken.

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Spiritual-PowerMan seems to have always been seeking power. Yet perhaps originally that power was internal, or a power that comes from greater connection beyond oneself, rather than a means of physical control of others. We may have lost this understanding on a cultural level, but on an inner level, and through our dreams, we are constantly being nudged back to our inner truth. It’s just a matter of whether we want to hear it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then I had this other dream. I’m trying to get away from an inevitable unfoldment by going through kind of a backdoor approach and using this to try to realize what I’m missing. For this backdoor approach to work, I need more energetic power and clarity. I need to see and/or find a way back. You use more energy to do this. You need more power to do this.

What the meditation dream and the sleep dream are both telling me, is that there is a way out, but I am not recognizing it at this time. But because I see the problem, this means that I will reach the result that I seek.

So, how does that fit with yours? With yours, you’re taking and recognizing that you shift now and utilize your energy. As you become more conscious, your consciousness ties things together in terms of how they are as a process in the outer. You recognize what fits and supports or heals the outer.

My nature is to try to figure out how to go back through a flow that has happened, to backtrack or backdoor through it. Because where it has taken one, the result is not going to be sufficient. And even to backdoor something, you can’t sit there and noodle at what took place. You aren’t going to figure it out that way. You’re going to know how to do it naturally, if you can find more energy.

So, in my dream, there’s the need to just automatically shift and come into more energy—or more power—and when you come into more power, you come into an understanding of how to do it.

Otherwise, the lower side or part of yourself is that when you’re afflicted, then you’re continually trying to figure out based upon what occurred, which is a type of going backwards into what occurred. You’re continually trying to figure out how to resolve it or to figure something out. And it can never work that way because it is always about something deeper and more meaningful.

And you took it to a point where, because it’s always about that unfolding in terms of who you are, that you have to continually access more power or energy inside of yourself in order to keep taking those steps. This is a form of awakening.

The way the dreams are connected is the form of awakening has to do with me accessing a certain degree of inner power to which to bring in the clarity of a situation that’s naturally known, but cannot be known if I just study the situation per se, because then I’ll only be bulldozing myself or making a mockery of this or that, or that or the other. In other words, whatever I come up with, is only going to be as good as the data that I feed into it, which is going to be outer consequences and circumstances.

When one accesses more energetic power and whatnot inside, then they have the natural knowingness and clarity in terms of what to do. That natural clarity and knowingness comes through and it becomes part of the feminine nature in which, in life the feminine nature as it becomes more conscious stops its doingness and carrying on so much, but then can tend to become a little too aloof because it’s not necessarily as bothered or as fettered by things.

But then with the additional power with the clarity that comes through, it then knows how to maintain because it always has to maintain its natural roots into life. And so it is the one that can bring in that change.

In this particular case the change that was needed, that also kept you part of a oneness, both on the inner and on the outer level, was the establishing of this alcohol and drug quality program. And, in doing that, you maintained yourself as part of what was going on and you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The thing that kind of brought your attention back was this drug and alcohol program that was established, or otherwise you would have just continued to feel yourself wispier and wispier, coming and going in and out the window. This tended to create a magnetism or a top-to-bottom connectivity.

So, the way the dreams, like I say, fit together, the masculine takes and has to address and access the power that it needs to know how to see how something comes one way and then the other way, comes both directions properly, appropriately.

The feminine understanding that, or gaining an understanding of that, is able to then introduce that into the creation. And in doing so, that keeps her from getting too spiritually ungrounded because the weight of things falls off. She’s naturally inclined to be doing things, but how you do things is a whole other thing.

And now, she’s able to do things from a naturalness, as opposed to doing things as part of a neurosis where she’s caught up in this, that, or the other that hasn’t been sorted out in her nature, which is more in the lines in terms of how the feminine was, or tends to be, when it doesn’t have this process, you know, working with it. It tends to look this way or that way. It tends to have to be overwhelmed by all of the neuroses of itself and, therefore, isn’t able to do something effectively for life.

This dream actually tends to show you how you establish an independence and a strength. It shows that the two parts don’t just lean on each other, they have to operate autonomously, or otherwise, there’s something missing.

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