Going Beyond

hriginalThe pure scale of the universe, and its 15 billion years of unfolding, makes it seem pretty unlikely that our lifetime here could really be of importance to the greater scheme of things. But the universe is a single organism itself, and so nothing in its “body” is unimportant. And the human is instrumental in the evolution and liberation of the higher aspects of this “body.” In fact, the success of the universe itself requires that humans play the role we are designed to play, because we bring in consciousness and freedom of choice to a robotic process – a very high purpose. So if we take up our true purpose, we are deeply intertwined with the future of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in March 2018.

Jeane: In my first dream, I seem to be working in some kind of a rehabilitation facility, as a counselor, because all the people on the wards are men, so it feels like a veteran’s facility or something like that.

And we’re kind of in the rehab wing where maybe some people are older, and not that sick, and we also have students that we train on how to work with them. And then over in another part of the grounds might be a hospital where you have people that are getting more urgent care.

And the therapists meet together regularly in this small circle with the people they’re training, and I realize that the woman who’s been the main person training one young lady is retiring, and so I’m kind of observing this student to see where she might work best. And I realize she really hasn’t gotten very much good training because the person was close to retirement age, and wasn’t that interested in it.

And as I follow the student around, I also realize that on the one hand she’s in with a ward of people that are just maybe more aged, or don’t have any major issues going on, so she can’t really do much harm with not a lot of training. On the other hand, she might not be doing a lot of good, either. To my way of thinking, it would be better to be training her maybe with some of the people in the hospital that have acute needs, or are in more stress.

But then as I go back out there, I suddenly realize that I’m only a year away from retirement age and how much can I train her in that amount of time? I don’t know if it’s mandatory retirement or not, so I may just have a limited period of time in which to train her. And so, if that’s the case, where’s the best place to do it? So that seems to be what the first dream is about.

John: Well, the setting is that of trying to sustain and maintain an overall presence, and connectivity, to the environment that you’re intertwined with. In other words, you have a responsibility, or are recognizing a responsibility, in terms of maintaining a linkage in an area in which a greater attention is needed.

Now the dilemma you have, in terms of doing that, is you wonder how that is going to be possible – even though you feel this calling inside of you as kind of an inner unfolding process awakening inside of yourself. You’re wondering how that is going to be possible, because as a human being you’re at a different energetic phase of your life. You’re at a point where, instead of continuing to continue in terms of sustaining and maintaining, and working with upholding and maintaining, that what has been put in place, is going to have to continue on. And that the idea of that happening with you gone is a concern.

What this does is it creates this flashback inside of myself, in which, I believe, as an aspect of intertwining, that a person recognizes themselves to be more and more of an affinity to an energetic, or an awakened aliveness, that is of a nonphysical nature. And that the awakening of this, the recognition of this, there is in that something that defies the perspective of how it is we perceive things to unfold.

In other words, we see things as unfolding in terms of gaining a certain understanding, or clarity, or consciousness, acting on that understanding in some sort of capacity, and that capacity then proceeds to project from our center of awareness into the environment, into the surroundings. And, after some given point in time, we fade out and that supposedly continues.

That’s I guess what we have to tell ourselves in kind of a Spaghetti Western way, that that is meaningful, and therefore it continues on. But, in the dream, you’re wondering, okay, this is what has to be, or needs to be, you’re retiring, you’re letting go, something has been started, it’s trying to maintain or uphold a certain effect in life, more is needed. How is this possible?

And from the mental standpoint of looking at yourself, you’re retiring, physically speaking, but what I am coming to recognize and realize that that is part of the illusion, that when you set something up energetically you’re intertwined with that which you set up energetically. The fact that we see ourselves as separate, and have used this separate energetic way of identification we therefore have a physical world, and a body, and all of that that moves around in it, acting as if it has to function independent from the whole.

And that when we break the illusion, and find that we’re intertwined, then how we are as an intertwinement has a life that goes beyond time and space, that lives on without us having to see ourselves as having some sort of piece of the action, or effect that is important. That we, as an illusion like that, cannot actually really do anything. We are instead intended and meant to catch up with the fact that we go beyond that.

The soul is not independent, it’s a world soul. The light is not independent, it’s a universal light in all that there is, and that when we come to know that, then we are in flow with what always has been and will be, in terms of the awakened aliveness behind it all. In other words, we then are in the mode that is intertwined with everything, and so we’re intertwined with the creator of it all. We are the creator, but that’s not how we see ourselves. We see ourself as some sort of chip off the block at best, that is out there trying to noodle along doing its best, and has its concerns and anxieties in terms of running out of time, and running out of physical energy of our outer beingness, and things that are delusional in terms of how life is meant to be seen, or not seen, experienced, and more than experienced in terms of the all-inclusive beingness, how things are as an all-inclusive beingness.

As an all-inclusive beingness there is nothing to contend with. There is nothing to be concerned about. There is actually nothing going on. When there is the distinction that’s trying to run its play or act separately, that’s when you have the hoopla.

And so your dream is just describing the setting. It’s not saying what to do about the setting. It’s just saying that the setting, when perceived in an outer capacity way, can lead to a certain kind of unfulfilled sadness. And somehow deep down you know that it’s got to be more than that, and somewhere deep down inside of yourself you know that it is more than that, but you can’t prove that, and you can’t point that out in an outer capacity way. And that it is only from this innerness, and this knowingness inside of an intertwined innerness, that you come to know the difference.

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Meeting at Night

We have these odd sayings: it takes one to know one, or it takes money to make money. What they are pointing to is that a certain essence has to be within us before we can connect to it in an outer way. When we dream we are traveling through the frequencies of different essences, and every essence also holds an intelligence stored within its energetic field. We could say that we are meeting these essences and energetics when we close our eyes and dream, and we are trying to gain their intelligence for our conscious self. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I was shown how the awakening process looks to the inner observer. As a person speeds up within, they let go of what is affecting them. In other words, if you’re plagued by something, you just kind of spin on what you’re plagued by. 

But if you speed up within, you can travel within so to speak, you actually go towards something as if it has a magnetic effect that pulls you to it. It is the way that one lets go that is interesting. If the person remains under the clutches of an energetic, some limiting mannerism or something that has you twisted a bit, they’re not going to be able to find an inner relief to correspondingly touch to where they are – which means they’re going to remain in a trance. 

However, just a mere glimpse can be redemptive. To begin with it starts that way, just like when a person has a lightbulb epiphany in the outer, it corresponds simultaneously to what it’s like on the inner. You have this glimpse that redeems for a split-second or so. But eventually this leads to a merged connection. It is this merged connection that signifies a soul-to-soul meeting in the night.

I had a dream to pull this into a clearer dynamic than a glimpse. The glimpse was what caused me to realize how the redemptive process functions. In the outer it is said that when you suddenly get it, and grasp the vibratory clarity on the inner, the way this looks is you experience a glimpse of something faster than yourself. And just a glimpse, for this to happen, even if it’s for a split second, you drop a weight around your shoulders, because it’s faster or something. It’s like the lightbulb moment of an epiphany, or awareness, or how something is meaningful to your being. 

After a while this becomes more of a kind of communion. Instead of a glimpse, you look for this energetic that you know resides out there, because from the glimpse you start looking for it because that draws your attention. As you get closer and closer to it, you become aligned more and more to this inner essence. And then inside you notice this, and just in coming close there’s this impact that triggers the pulling even more, as if it’s teasing the sense of a magnetic alignment that needs to be.

And then the time arrives where you can come together as one in a spot within, and that’s just kind of a merging. To experience this and to see this coming together is how I came to know that this is what it means to meet at night, like Sufis have claimed to do. Such a meeting is a communion where it is direct. 

To sustain the communion is to merge with the teacher’s essence and to lose a misaligned waywardness. At least that’s how it appears; you’re merging with some sort of essence out there that I guess is represented by the teacher, that is maybe the tuning fork or something. In some fashion it causes this coming together. Just like when two people fall in love, or a couple or something like that, they do have this kind of soul communion that takes place. 

So it is said I receive my training at night. The glimpses are what redeems me. Eventually I’m able to go from a spark to the recognition of a greater presence. The glimpse of the whereabouts is a magnetic beckoning. Eventually I’m able to let go of that which throws me around this way and that, and connect and commune and merge my vibrational essence into that, or being into that. 

To do this within is to lose yourself into the heart of what the inner essence is, whether it’s the teacher or whatever. And, of course, to do it consciously. When this is done with the essence of the teacher that is when a coming home is most pronounced. The coming home leads to the emptiness we all seek, even though we may not be aware of this initially. 

And it’s what the wakening process is about, and what the idea of dying before you die is about, is to find this inner essence in the human body. Such a communion transcends time and space and enables the psyche to access the true matter of oneself – first on its inner, and eventually on a seamless outer.

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Without Hesitation

How can energy protect us? Energies operate on different frequencies, and higher energies can reject lower, coarser energies. This is how our aura works: the edge of our aura, about three feet out from our body, burns off coarser energy in the same way that the Earth’s atmosphere burns up asteroids as they enter the planet. When we are susceptible to illness it is often because our aura is not strong energetically. And, of course, the energies in our aura are comprised of our intentions, and thoughts, and our state of mind. We can be more conscious of how we keep ourselves energetically clean and safe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then this is a drill down, you might say, in terms of the meditation dream, in that, first of all, I have to acknowledge that from prior meditation dreams, behind everything that I can look at I can just sense that there is some stillness somewhere. But something is out of that stillness, some unfoldment is there, too, outside of the stillness, that has my attention. 

And that stillness is, therefore, hidden, but it is sensed. And from those dreams, I notice that I am able to recognize the mannerism of hiding, and the underlying deception. You’re hiding yourself when you’re in a deception, when you’re perpetrating some sort of engagement. 

So, in this dream, not only do I read the energetic nuance of something that’s in front of me, but I am engaging the revealed energetic. This is possible because I am able to react, spontaneously, to maintain the stillness that lies therein. 

How is that possible? How is that done? I have senses, and this is kind of like the input of how a oneness works, in terms of the next step. Which, you might say, in terms of how is this done? I have senses in my beingness that are programmed to offset disturbances; the stillness is meant to offset the bifurcation; you can go back to it. But in order to go back to the stillness, you have to go back to the stillness, you can’t go back in some sort of negotiated, compromised way, where you still hold on to a piece of this, or a piece of that. 

So the way this worked, in the dream, is that an imbalance and deviation got too close to the important stillness that is embodied in a human being. In other words, that means there was something that had my attention, so I could be manipulated by the attention. 

So another way of saying it this way is that the senses respond in a split second, flipping an errant behavior. It doesn’t have something that is strung out. What I saw, to my surprise, is that without hesitation, and at split-second lightning speed, such a sense, that was just kind of me naturally, could take whatever there is, and shift it, can change it. 

Normally, ordinarily, in the past, when you talked about trying to do this, that, or the other to noodle something around, you were doing this in some sort of other aspect of yourself for some verve or weaponization. Here, you’re doing it only with a pure stillness, in which, if you’re in a pure stillness, the pure stillness has its protection. 

This is a big deal in that altering and affecting a misguided energetic, with a response that is at the speed of light, is to be able to shift and redesign what is unfolding energetically. And you’re doing it with what? You’re doing it with the stillness. 

In prior dreams such conduct had a limitation built into the response. In other words, there was some projection or another, or some piece of involvement or another, that remained. In this dream, the sensors were already completely intertwined. In other words, they were activated and intertwined. The sensors being the wholeness, and the oneness, and the stillness, already intertwined and attuned. 

Thus, they automatically had an all-pervading triggering response; there’s no room for error, in other words. It just doesn’t let any of this bifurcation come in. It holds a space that is way beyond like that. And it’s possible because there is no positioning that is in the way. When the stillness is not compromised, it has a natural sense of protection about it that repulses malarkey, or misalignments. 

This sensor-like naturalness, from the oneness of stillness is like an innocence that is all-pervasive, and all-powerful, in that it can shift manifestation. An example from this stillness on the plane of manifestation, occurs if their orientation is upon, instead of outer distinctions, a soul-to-soul level, which is an intertwined connecting. And when it’s like that it’s automatic. 

So that is a type of protection, we all have these inflections. That is what makes a oneness all-pervasive and all-inclusive, and there is no room then when that happens, and you can catch up with it, and adhere to it, for the physical mind senses to get all strung out projectively. 

So you’re in a wholeness, then, that is energetically protected. Because that’s where your attention is at, not in some flippancy. To a lesser degree, when I check out from a projection that is designed to put me in a trance-like spell, by going to a deeper place within that is when you notice, basically, that there is nothing going on. 

This is how you can actually feel it, too. If you can’t quite catch up with the soul-to-soul inflection, that is a sensor kind of quality, simultaneously, you can slowly note that really, basically, where can this go? What can really unfold – in the schematic of however and however? It’s really as if there’s nothing going on. 

So you can imagine it to the degree that you could imagine it and still, in the end, there is nothing really going on. You can come back at it that way to denote that the stillness is still the stillness. And for the stillness to be that stillness, there cannot be any compromising or conditioning.

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