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Human-Aura-Energy-FieldWe live in a body on a planet, yet that is not the limit of our being. Being in a body on a planet is the limit for animals, but humans are designed for much more. We can receive energies and create new things, we can bring energies together that have never been together before. Yes, we can exist solely at the physical level, but that puts us at the level of animal, not at the level of a “being.” Our development can elevate us and connect us into the energetic realms, above the physical, where we become a greater possibility for the purposes of the universe itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The prior meditation dream cannot be left in just the context of that. What is important in terms of consequence of consciousness is that the inner needs to come down into manifestation and become visible, and accessible, in manifestation. That is what being in this loci, in other words, in the physical plane, and being conscious on other levels of a greater beingness is all about.

So, in the meditation dream, the consciousness is activated in the image, but the importance of this activation is not to take it home in an inner only way, but to bring it all the way through into manifestation so that the effect is clearly visible here.

So, as I go back into the meditation dream, what is there is a bride and an eager groom. I am like a wedding marriage facilitator, only in the dream I am there to facilitate the connection so that the Kundalini energy of the inner, and the Kundalini energy of the outer, come together in the fullest connective way possible.

The bride is in a container to protect the treasure of her beingness. In other words, it’s like a little compartment. And she’s in this little compartment, housed inside of it, and so I take the container and place it on my stomach, as I lay on my back, telling her to not come out, the time is not right.

I then reach over, as I’m laying on my back, to the groom. I’m using the energetic twining, because they say that in the stomach everything going on there. I’m using the universe there to hold the space, and so I now reach over to where the groom is at, instructing her to stay in the box and veiled until the appropriate moment.

I bring the groom close and what I’m doing is actually linking them together without yet fully releasing, or making it all apparent, so what is to be seen and experienced in terms of the inner into outer experientiality of life, there’s no gap. What I am doing on my back with the bridal chamber box on my stomach is grounding the energy in a way so that the consciousness isn’t lost to manifestation only. In other words, when the masculine comes down and touches something in manifestation and something awakens, then there is a kind of a giving back.

The key is, how do you keep all this here and there simultaneously? Because you have the propensity of an in-breath, just like you have the propensity of an out-breath. And so you have a grounding in manifestation, through me, able to be in an innerness as well. In other words, that’s the ceremony aspect here now. The difference is that the vibrational that goes into all there is is retained on all levels. That’s why the stomach, and the box on there, represents all of the levels as you pull the bride and the groom together.

It isn’t caught on strictly an outer passion where the sight that is important stirs the unconsciousness but does not fully awaken it, and the energetic of the masculine is not overindulgent and extended outwardly into the feminine wholeness as a release that isn’t sustainable vibrationally.

What I am doing in the dream image is taking consciousness that is in the masculine, that was in the meditation dream too esoteric, and in a consciousness in the feminine that awakens arising up from the depths of itself as manifestation, which again can be going away, too, instead of holding something in life, and bringing the two together as a thread that twines and intertwines as a constant tapestry utilizing a plug in, in other words that box sitting on me is like a plug in electrical grounding chemistry set that includes above and below simultaneously. Isn’t that interesting?

So the observation is, it’s as an innerness that has to come down and be immersed into the reflective outer, there communicating itself fully for all to see. Or another way of saying it is, it’s done in a way in which both are seeable and hearable as an overall oneness awakened on all levels.

I say “all levels” in that in the meditation dream I explored the innermost, and in the sleep dream the Kundalini energy on this side is connected so that a tangible revelation and knowability comes all the way through and into manifestation – deemed to be the lowest level – which means that you’re closing all the gaps then. So you’re dealing with all the levels. And when this is able to happen then all levels are activated, or quickened, or become tangible, become knowable, recognizable. 

See, deep down, if you get really esoteric about this again, there’s never anything going on. There’s no beginning, there’s no end, there’s just the path. And then if you really, really get down to it, the path is there as a play, as some sort of means upon which to facilitate something for visibility and experiential purposes. But if it always was a nothingness it still is the same, it’s just a reordering of the energy, pulling a quirk this way and pulling a quirk that way in it, in order to play with itself, I guess.

And, of course, it’s a hard way to have to play with itself because if it gets caught too densely then it actually gets fearful and acts like it can die, and if it gets too esoteric it knows that it can’t die and it gets out there and becomes too removed. And so in between is all of these levels and all of this stuff going on that needs to be in flux, in a knowable flux.

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15eWe can see that the universe is unfinished. How? Because everywhere we look things are in process; organic life forms are being, doing, and evolving over time. So that must mean that everything is heading somewhere. But where? Well, at minimum, toward a better and better version of itself. And, for certain forms of life, like caterpillars and humans, and perhaps even a universe, that can mean an almost magical transformation. And in this process the universe is refining. An awakened human can consciously support and add to this refinement process – which is also a fast track, higher service to human transformation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I’ve gone to a meeting such as we were at last night, you know in a large room like we were in. And, while there, someone who supposedly knew a lot had advised people about a certain breathing pattern.

So I’ve gone back, and I’m in that room, and I’m following and traveling around the room using this breathing pattern. And other people might come in using other breathing patterns. And it’s almost like you think that if you use a certain breathing pattern it’s going to produce a certain result, but I realize after a while that, although many of us are doing this, that the person that gave this to us actually knew that it’s not going to do anything, that none of the breathing patterns are really going to do anything.

And, in fact, they might even have a plan as we’re all distracted with all this, to do something that assassinates something else. So it’s like no one really quite wants to abandon the breathing patterns, but I realize that you have to watch out for whatever this person’s up to behind all that.

John: Well, what your dream is telling you is that, first of all, you’re in a meeting or at an event or whatever it is, in this case it’s a meeting, and some part of you notices something that doesn’t quite sit well with you. Well, you don’t need to understand the thoughts of it; you just need to let go of it.

And so you let go of it by noticing how it is that your breathing pattern can be, or is. And then your dream goes on and tells you that it’s not the breathing pattern per se, which is very, very interesting because that’s a precursor, too.

In other words, the schematic of the dreaming last night was to take what occurred at this program, in which he dealt with some very basics that everyone has to contend with in life, on all levels, and he laid the seed, without even saying it, or at least not saying it directly, imputing it more than anything, imbedding it, helping it awaken in its imbedded fashion, something so much more than just those practices.

In other words, he did something like Hazrat Inayat Khan can do in that, in his presence, Hazrat Inayat Khan used to have people kind of fall asleep because in Hazrat Inayat Khan’s presence everything seemed so vivid, so aware, so alive, so quickened that the teaching was not in the words, it was in a quality of that person’s auric presence.

Well, he hides his auric presence because, if it is too obvious, then something doesn’t happen. So he presents the basic techniques that can be listened to in ways in which you can leave them as mundane, as just steps per se, that don’t go very far, or you can impute into them so much more.

And so you saw in your dream that what was going on at the meeting, even though it may have been mundane things, you saw that that was telling you something, that there was a way of seeing that that you could learn something from that, which means that you now needed to skip something. And what you needed to skip is when something came up and you noticed it, like what you noticed at the meeting, like a thought or something, you could drop it, or you could let it go.

Or, in the case of this meeting, you might not even necessarily know what it was but you could feel it. You could then adopt a way of breathing that kept you free from contamination, from being infected by that atmosphere. And then you came to realize in your dream, the most important thing in terms of the dream, is you came to realize that even the breathing technique – just like the way of dropping something without indulging in it – even the breathing techniques are a precursor to something more.

And what is it that it’s the precursor to? Well, it’s the precursor to a quality of a connection that embraces whatever it is that’s going on. Instead of the reaction that is going to be inclined to be a sorting out that is personal, you have an intertwinement that tends to pull everything together, that works for the whole. And what is the whole? The breathing is actually secondary, as well. It’s the heart that’s everything.

And I suppose, then, you could say the heart leads to the soul of something, or however that is, but that wasn’t what the dream is about. The dream is about, however, there being this something more, which I recognized was a kind of heartfulness, that exudes through everything, and that you facilitate that, not the breathing technique per se, which can maybe provide you some benefit and relief from being contaminated by an atmosphere in which you’re affected by things that are going on around you, some being thoughts you don’t want to have, and others just being the vibe of the place, you could go beyond that with the breath a little, but then that still is an avoidance, that still is a type of separateness, and then when you drop that as an intermediary step, even the breath being an intermediary step, because after that then comes the heart, and the service of the heart.

And to touch the heart of things around you in the atmosphere, you’re facilitating what needs to happen. In other words, these techniques were listened to and heard as if they were personal, but they’re not. Those techniques lead to, as he said, a greater understanding of others.

Well, what does he mean by others? It means that you then are able to facilitate what needs to unfold in terms of their process of awakening. You don’t use these techniques for your own awakening, because it’s not a matter of sifting and sorting in terms of levels, in terms of yourself, it’s a matter of having a connection that sweeps everything up, that takes everything into account, that looks out for the well being of everything else – to the exclusion even of one’s self.

The true awakening is the awakening in which the things around you are facilitated. And so you were indulging in the idea of realizing that, in step whatever it was, that has to do with dropping the nuance of something around you, that what helps facilitate that are levels of breath, that behind those levels of breath what those levels of breath are denoting is something that has to do with a wholeness that comes from the heart. So that’s what that dream was looking at. That’s interesting. Good dream.

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hriginalThe pure scale of the the universe, and its 15 billion years of unfolding, makes it seem pretty unlikely that our lifetime here could really be of importance to the greater scheme of things. But the universe is a single organism itself, and so nothing in its “body” is unimportant. And the human is instrumental in the evolution and liberation of the higher aspects of this “body.” In fact, the success of the universe itself requires that humans play the role we are designed to play, because we bring in consciousness and freedom of choice to a robotic process – a very high purpose. So if we take up our true purpose, we are deeply intertwined with the future of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I seem to be working in some kind of a rehabilitation facility, as a counselor, because all the people on the wards are men, so it feels like a veteran’s facility or something like that.

And we’re kind of in the rehab wing where maybe some people are older, and not that sick, and we also have students that we train on how to work with them. And then over in another part of the grounds might be a hospital where you have people that are getting more urgent care.

And the therapists meet together regularly in this small circle with the people they’re training, and I realize that the woman who’s been the main person training one young lady is retiring, and so I’m kind of observing this student to see where she might work best. And I realize she really hasn’t gotten very much good training because the person was close to retirement age, and wasn’t that interested in it.

And as I follow the student around, I also realize that on the one hand she’s in with a ward of people that are just maybe more aged, or don’t have any major issues going on, so she can’t really do much harm with not a lot of training. On the other hand, she might not be doing a lot of good, either. To my way of thinking, it would be better to be training her maybe with some of the people in the hospital that have acute needs, or are in more stress.

But then as I go back out there, I suddenly realize that I’m only a year away from retirement age and how much can I train her in that amount of time? I don’t know if it’s mandatory retirement or not, so I may just have a limited period of time in which to train her. And so, if that’s the case, where’s the best place to do it? So that seems to be what the first dream is about.

John: Well, the setting is that of trying to sustain and maintain an overall presence, and connectivity, to the environment that you’re intertwined with. In other words, you have a responsibility, or are recognizing a responsibility, in terms of maintaining a linkage in an area in which a greater attention is needed.

Now the dilemma you have, in terms of doing that, is you wonder how that is going to be possible – even though you feel this calling inside of you as kind of an inner unfolding process awakening inside of yourself. You’re wondering how that is going to be possible, because as a human being you’re at a different energetic phase of your life. You’re at a point where, instead of continuing to continue in terms of sustaining and maintaining, and working with upholding and maintaining, that what has been put in place, is going to have to continue on. And that the idea of that happening with you gone is a concern.

What this does is it creates this flashback inside of myself, in which, I believe, as an aspect of intertwining, that a person recognizes themselves to be more and more of an affinity to an energetic, or an awakened aliveness, that is of a nonphysical nature. And that the awakening of this, the recognition of this, there is in that something that defies the perspective of how it is we perceive things to unfold.

In other words, we see things as unfolding in terms of gaining a certain understanding, or clarity, or consciousness, acting on that understanding in some sort of capacity, and that capacity then proceeds to project from our center of awareness into the environment, into the surroundings. And, after some given point in time, we fade out and that supposedly continues.

That’s I guess what we have to tell ourselves in kind of a Spaghetti Western way, that that is meaningful, and therefore it continues on. But, in the dream, you’re wondering, okay, this is what has to be, or needs to be, you’re retiring, you’re letting go, something has been started, it’s trying to maintain or uphold a certain effect in life, more is needed. How is this possible?

And from the mental standpoint of looking at yourself, you’re retiring, physically speaking, but what I am coming to recognize and realize that that is part of the illusion, that when you set something up energetically you’re intertwined with that which you set up energetically. The fact that we see ourselves as separate, and have used this separate energetic way of identification we therefore have a physical world, and a body, and all of that that moves around in it, acting as if it has to function independent from the whole.

And that when we break the illusion, and find that we’re intertwined, then how we are as an intertwinement has a life that goes beyond time and space, that lives on without us having to see ourselves as having some sort of piece of the action, or effect that is important. That we, as an illusion like that, cannot actually really do anything. We are instead intended and meant to catch up with the fact that we go beyond that.

The soul is not independent, it’s a world soul. The light is not independent, it’s a universal light in all that there is, and that when we come to know that, then we are in flow with what always has been and will be, in terms of the awakened aliveness behind it all. In other words, we then are in the mode that is intertwined with everything, and so we’re intertwined with the creator of it all. We are the creator, but that’s not how we see ourselves. We see ourself as some sort of chip off the block at best, that is out there trying to noodle along doing its best, and has its concerns and anxieties in terms of running out of time, and running out of physical energy of our outer beingness, and things that are delusional in terms of how life is meant to be seen, or not seen, experienced, and more than experienced in terms of the all-inclusive beingness, how things are as an all-inclusive beingness.

As an all-inclusive beingness there is nothing to contend with. There is nothing to be concerned about. There is actually nothing going on. When there is the distinction that’s trying to run its play or act separately, that’s when you have the hoopla.

And so your dream is just describing the setting. It’s not saying what to do about the setting. It’s just saying that the setting, when perceived in an outer capacity way, can lead to a certain kind of unfulfilled sadness. And somehow deep down you know that it’s got to be more than that, and somewhere deep down inside of yourself you know that it is more than that, but you can’t prove that, and you can’t point that out in an outer capacity way. And that it is only from this innerness, and this knowingness inside of an intertwined innerness, that you come to know the difference.

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