Touch and Be Touched

John: In this dream, I’m affected by everything in the environment and it slows me down. When we are affected by things in the dream environment (just as in the outer reality), we become what is known as being in a state of “amnesia.” It’s like a state of sleepwalking, where we are carried along by events but have no control over them.

The effect is that it slows us down. If we are always trying to manage the environment around us, meaning we think it should be this way or that, rather than flowing with it, we get bogged down in the details and lose our connection to the flow. In this imagery, I don’t have the spontaneity to know how to keep from being thrown around or affected by the influences that I encounter.

Said another way, everything outside of us has an effect, because everything has an energy to it. When we come in contact with that energy, we can either flow with it or we can react to it. It’s our reactions – the patterns of response that we accumulate over a lifetime of experience – that cause us to spin out of the flow.

You might say that what is outside us moves at a faster speed, because we are continually trying to catch up and regroup while it just moves on. This constant state of trying to catch up weighs us down, leaving us feeling worn out or even depressed.

Then it seems as if everything is too much for us – it’s too big to handle. But there is a way that we can maintain ourselves in the flow in terms of just going ahead and touching everything in life, and letting it touch us. The outer energetic is bigger and moves faster than we do, and it can take into account more things than we can. It’s important to understand that relationship and just let go within it.

Of course we can avoid it, or hide a little, but it will eventually catch up with us.

So, in the dream, I have figured out how I can contend with those energies that can easily overwhelm me and prevent me from doing what I’m supposed to be doing (in terms of how I’m living at that moment). So I have to shift my attention.

What I do is I shift my attention to being the type of person who is able to postpone this inevitable catching up. I do this by leaving fliers behind me as I go. These fliers say certain things that signify that I know something else is going on as I proceed through life. I’m also able to touch people, as if in touching them I can change the note just a bit so that the force doesn’t have as much speed or way with me.

I can stay ahead of it that way. There is a tension that exists when I look back or think about the condition that I’m in, but that tension seems to fall away if I put my attention upon leaving inflections behind and touching people. 

My observation is this: The imagery shows me in the outer world, but I’m observing myself from a higher place and can see that I’m unable to function on my own. I’m barely getting by, but I’m able to maintain because I let my energy clear the environment. I stay just ahead of the collective outer forces.

The meaning is: I’m being shown how I must be, within myself, to exist in the outer world.

The subsequent dream indicates that if I touch something in any way, even if it’s indirectly, I have an effect on it – something has been changed.

So, in this dream I have some tillable acreage. A neighbor has a lease on a large section of land that borders my property. He’s an expert farmer. Because he’s located next door, or has a direct connection to my property, he is allowed to exert an influence and effect over my outcome in terms of how I’m farming.

The meaning here is: We are all interconnected. To know that is to have an effect upon what transpires. 

This is another way of portraying the depth of the human heart, only in this case there seems to be an assumption on my part that I don’t know exactly what I’m doing (the other farmer is the expert, not me). So it shows me tending to rely on the judgment of another who has more insight.

I don’t seem to understand yet that I am he, and he is I. Perhaps I can get this understanding when I become “less than the dust at the teacher’s feet” as the saying goes. Or when I realize that my neighbor’s freedom begins where mine ends, in terms of the personal notion of things, as I come to see everything as being intertwined, interconnected, and I’m able to simultaneously touch and be touched.

Turtle Island

Jeane: Well, I only remember the last part of this dream because it kind of shocked me. There’s a lot of activity going on, and the activity seemed to be taking place on board a large ship. There’s a trial, or a meeting, going on.

John: A trial?

Jeane: Or a meeting of some kind. All of the different groups that have been involved in the dream are there and someone is explaining that they didn’t know how a certain substance was smuggled out of somewhere and not tracked.

Since I’m the one that smuggled it out, I explain that I didn’t take the substance out in a normal form – I took it out in these little cubes that fit in cartons. The substance is made into little, white, chalk-like cubes that turtles like to eat.

Then I was involved in releasing the cubes so that the turtles would have food. I suddenly become aware that some of the people I was working for to gather, or to smuggle, the turtle food, might actually plan to track down the turtles when they come to eat and shoot them. 

I guess the turtles interfered with their shipping. I’m so shocked to find this out that I just wake right up. I thought I was helping get food to the turtles, and here these people are going to track the turtles down and kill them.

I’m so shocked that I can’t remember the beginning of the dream or anything.

John: Interesting. Well, as a symbol, the turtle represents all of creation. It’s the back upon which all of creation sits, and the secret substance that you’re able to smuggle out, which is like the turtle food – is the essence upon which all of creation exists.

So you’re able to realize that if you uphold, or support, something in the overall, if you can truly do that in terms of the whole, you catch up with the secret substance. In other words, you can’t catch up with this sort of thing unless you honor it in relationship to the whole and, when you do, then it’s complete. You’re at the essence of the world of creation.

When you reach this mystical understanding of how things work, in terms of catching up with the quality of this inner essence, it has to do with recognizing that what is real is related to the whole. Others ponder how this can be because, if it belongs to the whole, how is it possible that you could smuggle, or have any access to, something that belongs to, or is food for, the whole?

The reason is because you, as a human being, are the whole – you’re part of the whole, you’re everything in the whole. You are the turtle world in its fullest context. Then, of course, the alarm in your dream – the shock – is the condition of things. All the essence – the turtle food – is being used for purposes other than what was meant.

In the outer world, it seems each person goes about with their own personal agendas, existing in their narrow, ego-based lives, with no consideration for the whole of the species, the whole of the planet, or the whole of creation. This perspective creates the veils and the confusion, and the continuing delusion, that is all around us.

In your dream, after having gotten a glimpse of how magnificent and wondrous it can be, the shock of that reality would be pretty traumatic.

Jeane: Yes, they were going to kill the turtles.

John: That’s what happens. We’re killing the turtle when we shut ourselves off from this inner essence we all are naturally connected with. We’re killing the magic of what life is about, and what the human being is meant to be.

So, our dreams lately seem to have something to do with catching up with a progression of what is. It’s important to be able to not get detoured into some specific aspect, or linear condition, because we’re meant to be able to take in the whole. In other words, we should be able to see all the cities and realms of ourselves (see The Lost City).

The Third Wheel

John: The next dream has more specific imagery and is tied in with the first dream (see Breaking Through).

This time I’m traveling somewhere with two other men. I’m not sure where we’re going. 

One of the other men has a presence about him – he just seems to know where things are going and I feel I can trust that. The other man is more impulsive. He gets impatient and pushes to keep moving forward.

I’m the third part of this trio. I like the pace of the first man, who creates an allowance that exists energetically. With him, everything seems to proceed smoothly, and there is time to catch up with one’s self.

But just when I reach a state where I almost get something, that’s when the other man gets impulsive, pushing for a shift, urging us to go forward. That unsettles me, throwing me off from my normal way of being present in the flow.

The first man is influenced by the urging of the impulsive man, yet he purposely tries to slow things down to give me a chance to catch up with what’s unfolding. 

For example, when we pause in the journey I would read a portion of a book, about heroines (the feminine), and there’s time provided for me to do this. But just when I’m nearly through with a particular chapter, the second man – almost as if he can sense that I’m nearly ready – begins to push for us to move forward, before I can fully digest what I’ve taken in. I really only need a tiny bit more time, but that’s when he pushes harder that we need to move on.

So I feel this pressure, as if I’m the third wheel in the flow, because I am not quite keeping up with what I’m trying to grasp. I’m getting information, but then I’m getting scattered by the disturbance of the impulsive man.

I’m under the impression that, if I’m able to pause and catch up with this matter, then I will know where we are going and what we are trying to do. The way things are going, I’m continually left feeling I’m still a little in the dark. 

It doesn’t work this way on the higher, more vibrant energetic level. This dream is describing the flow of things, and the feeling is one of being pushed and pulled a bit. All three men are aspects of me, and aspects that are trying to guide me. One part is connected and in the flow. A second part needs a pause to catch up, or consider where I’m going. The third man sees that the pause is causing me to become distracted and wants me to push onward – to stay on track.

It is my pausing that carries me back but, in this particular case, this pause has a double effect – as shown in the first dream (see Breaking Through) – in that it can carry me back to an imbalance of feeling. When I pause in the flow, I teeter between falling back into old patterns (the easy, familiar way), and being urged to keep pushing onward into new territory and growth.

That moment of pause is basically me letting go of the energetic I’m connected with, which can guide me to a greater state of knowing. It’s that energetic note that I want to resonate with. When I let go of that note, I fall into lower-self considerations, patterns, and idiosyncrasies that derail me from my journey.

At one point in the dream, as I’m reading the next chapter and the second guide is urging us onward, I come across a word I’ve never seen before. The word is “unpatented” woman. I ask the primary guide, “What is this?” He says, “It’s a woman who reaches the point where she can no longer say “No.” 

This has me dumbfounded, wondering what that means because I’m not reading some sort of soap opera drama, like a romance novel. It’s not like that at all.

So, how does this fit? I know that it’s about some other revelation, which we will explore tomorrow.