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human_ascension-250x227Culture and history have put many heavy layers of veiling upon a simple truth: we are all human beings. And, as human beings, we are part of a single tribe, and are all born into the same physical design. As we develop, we can begin to reconnect to that sameness because we can let go of the surface differences and remember that we have all been created for the same reasons – and as part of the same purpose. No matter what else, this will always be true, and can provide the deepest bond of all between us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it felt like I had a dream in which, initially, what I remember of it is it’s like I’m having dinner with people that I know at a house. And then it feels like I travel, and one of the members of that family, a man, is going to meet us at the other house.

It seems like there’s a little trouble with the traveling from one to the other and, on my way to the house, I must be a man at that moment because I run into a woman, who has a son who’s maybe about ten and, in talking, I suddenly realize that I was the father of the son. And she realizes it, too.

So then we’re going to travel on to the second home where everyone will be coming together: she’ll be there, the son will be there, I’ll be there, and then the uncle or person from the previous dinner is going to be there, along with a group of other people. So we’re all going to meet there. That’s, I think, the end of the dream.

John: So, what you’re describing is kind of like what’s called a caravan of souls. And then on the various paths that exist out there are the tariqas, in which there are similitudes that open up. One has described this way of knowing each other as something that is kind of done by the smell, which is a higher octave of smell, apparently, because there’s probably something to that.

And that what you’re describing is you have accessed a level of awareness, vibrationally speaking that is, that is making and bringing unto itself that which it has a commonality with. And so what this dream is doing is giving you all kinds of interesting information in terms of how it is, and why it is, people associate in the ways that they do. In other words, you’ve got some people that go around and have a particular way of carrying themselves, and that’s just kind of how it is.

And, in your dream, what you did was you, in your awareness, where you put together the sound quality from your first dream in which you’re accessing levels with inside of yourself that way, you are expanding the recognition of a kind of creativity that exists in terms of a similitude opening up awareness that has grown. And it’s shown as growing by more and more kind of awakening.

In other words, you’re not the father of some woman’s son, literally speaking, yet you are connected in terms of a quality of energetic that has come to your attention, or has come unveiled, which you had denied and now no longer deny, which means you have let go of something in order for that to be so.

And so you’re portraying it in kind of a linear way of saying it, but on a higher self way of saying it this is a quality of knowingness. When you put the first dream together with the second dream, it’s a quality of knowingness that has opened up for you in manifestation through sound. Isn’t that interesting?

In the past the attention has always been dwelling upon the idea that there’s information found in light and that, even though I know and could know but never had gone there before, with the idea that there is a flip side that is also there, in terms of information available through qualities of sound, vibratory sound, I didn’t really address that because it’s easier to look at things, for me, in where my wheelhouse is at, which is an aspect of bringing an energy down and through that is in essence an aspect of sight, or light.

And, of course, I hadn’t pondered the fact that you have a certain kind of receptivity to being able to facilitate that, and even understand it, in some aspect of your subjective nature. And that the reason you’re able to understand that has a lot to do with a certain quality of similitude found in common sound that you may not be able to hear, or denote, as being like that because it is something that can go beyond the loudness of your senses. It’s subtler than the loudness of your senses.

And thus it has helped me to understand why it is that I suddenly found that I can go somewhere in sound and that there’s more than the sound, just like that was introduced as a first technique. And then these other techniques that was teaching people to pay attention to in terms of how you generate thoughts, and let go of thoughts, and stuff like that, is actually working with a quality and principle now of that sound, in a different octave, that is more like light again because thoughts are like light. It’s just that they’re misaligned, and when they become perfectly aligned then those thoughts create, they manifest.

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dream_peopleA few fundamentals are well illustrated through this sequence of dreams, which include the earlier aspects discussed in our last post. The first thing to notice is how the thread of dreams from a single night progress the understanding being made possible by our inner lives. The second is the understanding that we are all the characters in our dreams: when we meet someone, we are meeting an aspect of ourselves that has been previously ignored or unknown. So, what is the story our dreams tell us about ourselves? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream—and each dream progresses—this dream more or less establishes the condition that I’m in.

Your dream established the calling, as a type of calling from your dream that even is a type of longing in terms of trying to hold something in a cadence. And then that progresses into recognizing how one is all flip-flop. You progress into retrieving or catching up with the parts of yourself that you need to pull back into recognition and closeness and realization of, in order to not be wandering around in an amnesia and disorientation.

So, in this dream, I find myself in a room where there’s a guy to my left that I do not know, who introduces himself to me. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it, because he wasn’t that far away. He was just a little off to the left and that’s kind of reasonably polite. That kind of makes sense.

But suddenly, from across the room, where I wouldn’t be inclined to even notice, this woman, who knows how to radiate a certain sincerity with a natural and open demeanor, comes over to introduce herself to me. All she says is, “Hello, I am Amber.”

This is all that it takes for me to appreciate her beingness in a way I admire. One glance at her, I saw her, and in seeing her, I experience what I needed to experience as the essence of her being. In this plane, I do not get the feeling that these two even knew each other, but they both are eager to meet me, especially this woman who came the longest distance.

And, actually, if there hadn’t been this little opening where this other guy was introducing himself, I mean, that would have been kind of forward on her part to introduce herself, but it seemed to be what was going on.

If she hadn’t come over to introduce herself, I wouldn’t have even noticed that she was there. Just making her acquaintance was what this is about. Nothing more needed to be said or done. I’m just, in the introduction, in her presence, in her coming over, I’m able to get it energetically, you know, to perceive in this new way, this quality, this part.

So, the meaning of the dream is that I have been living in a way that is at the expense of these parts of myself. They haven’t been able to find the balance or come into a consciousness. It is important that I do not lose the connection. And meeting the guy to my left is what established the opening for this woman to meet me in a way so that I would just see and appreciate her for who she was.

Again, she was a genuine, open, heart-connected presence that I had, (1) moved away from on the path, or (2) lost the appreciation of in terms of self, or (3) am finally at enough of a letting-go ease-ability, that this is now able to happen. Isn’t that interesting?

So you can see we’ve got a progression of one, two, and three now. Your dream, my sense of what was going on in my meditation, with your sense of what was going on with you in terms of trying to hold the continuities of something together before anything could flow – which is a type of mental reverberation – but at the same time behind that is the larger being of one’s self that needs to fit naturally with everything in the outer.

And then, in the second part, after all of that, I’m finally able to see how I am in terms of what’s going on when I’m in the amnesia imbalance. And then it goes to this third part, where I’m now able to finally catch up with missing pieces of soul nature, or whatever, that I haven’t been recognizing.

Then in the fourth part, I’m with another person and we are looking at what looks like rotisserie cooked chicken. There are a number of the chickens before us. They’ve been taken off the spit, or the rotisserie cooker grill, and they’re just laying out there available—whole chickens cooked. They’re available for you to purchase or to eat, or whatever, because this is like a service area, too.

So, I’m inclined to think that they should be delicious, but because I’m in the presence of my friend, there is a pause. The reason is, because these chickens have been blackened, and although they may taste all right inside—because some people do like their meat blackened—but on the outer, that isn’t quite right. You can do this with beef, but you usually don’t do this with chicken I don’t think, maybe you do. But if not for my friend being there, I would have ignored the obvious.

And then, I’m pulling it all together. The theme of the dreaming is that I have gotten away from parts of myself that are an essential quality for my nature. And, of course, you could even say before that, one was trying to hold onto an energetic that you rationalized and justified in relationship to it being important for some step, some next step, or some part of the whole, or whatever. That was actually at first.

And then before I even recognized that I’d gotten away from parts of myself, I start off in a place that needs to sort things out – and that’s as good as it gets, at that point in time. I still am in a disorientation and don’t necessarily know where I’m going, or why I’m there, or what it’s about.

And then from there, I go beyond that in terms of the outer effects and conditions of things just having their way with me, to the second dream, in which I have let go enough so that the missing parts of myself can make my acquaintance. That progresses to the final dream, in which the presence enables me to recognize the subtle distinctions, which lead to making good decisions.

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