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black-stallion-rearingThis dream analysis shows how a process unfolds in us as we sleep. Said another way, our dreams aren’t movies: the story line adjusts as we react and respond to what’s happening. In this dream, we see someone moving back into town, a visit to a family home, we see day turning into night, and we see a horse needing to be calmed down before a ride. Each element reveals the state of a relationship with an inner energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like rather a mild night for dreams for me last night. I just had this dream in which an old boyfriend who lives back east, now I guess, anyway he’s gotten married and I’ve never met his wife and his two children.

But in the dream he’s living maybe in my hometown, but a few miles out of town, and I’ve gone by to visit, and his wife isn’t there. But he has some horses and we decide that we’re going to ride into town, and then ride up along the lake, and then come back.

So we saddle the horses. I have a mare, and we get as far as town. We decide to stop by my folks’ house and put the horses in the backyard. And we go in and relatives arrive, and then at some point his wife arrives. And then I realize it’s gotten dark out and we’re not going to be able to ride up the lake.

So I introduce myself briefly to everybody but then explain that I really have to go, we have to get the horses back. So then I go out into the backyard. I look at the horse and now the horse has an attitude, so I’m having to talk to her before I get on her. I don’t know if maybe because she’s been left out in the backyard with her saddle on she’s a little unhappy, or maybe she thinks we’re still going on a long ride – when I’m really just going to be taking her home.

So I have to take some time to talk to her because I have to see if I have to tighten the cinch, and then I take a few moments to explain to her we’re going to take her right home. And then that’s when the dream ends.

John: So you’re using the precept image of marriage to denote that something new is coming into your sense of awareness. In other words, marriage is the image of something coming together and, initially, it’s outside of yourself – or back east. In other words, it hasn’t yet risen.

And now all of a sudden it has: it’s in your hometown. And when you come to looking at this to having to understand it, because it’s now present, what’s associated with it is the need to handle a certain kind of power. That’s what a horse represents.

To begin with you have to understand what that is all about. There is something missing yet in the sense of awareness, and so you don’t take on the responsibility or the expression and, therefore, there is a form of imbalance yet. In other words, it’s as if the power itself is an aliveness and it hasn’t been properly related to, or treated, yet.

And it awakened kind of slowly. I mean first it had to awaken from the masculine. In other words, the married couple had moved back into the town. First you go over and you meet the masculine. The masculine is again the symbolic energetic that comes down and stirs something that awakens. Well, a whole day goes by and it didn’t awaken very quickly.

When it did awaken is when the wife came home, the wife symbolizing the completion. In other words, the marriage has happened, she comes home and that’s when, all of a sudden, it’s now night and you have to go. It comes together, something rises up because, again, it’s the process where the energy comes down from the masculine, touches manifestation, something awakens in manifestation, and rises back up as the in-breath going back home.

So you now have to deal with this power, the something that has arisen and awoken and come into a consciousness of your being, and the timing isn’t right. You don’t have your alignment right, yet, and so there is still the acting up that is going on, that has to be sorted out. But it’s there. It’s just a matter of getting it, reaching to it, running it through, and processing it as it is meant to be.

Also within the theme of the dreaming, is that this something that has to be brought through, or lived, or ushered in, is pent up, and because it’s pent up and has been needed for a long time, there’s a little bit of hyperness to it. It’s not that calm anymore. It’s compelling. It has a compelling nature to it, and it’s that compelling nature that you’re noting with this horse. It’s a little perturbed that you’re a little bit late in coming forward with your focus and attention.

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2803770This dream snippet triggers the concept of what a human being is truly capable of and, if taken to heart, will show us how we sell ourselves short in terms of our possibility. Because, as John points out, we are designed to, and have the capability to, connect to everything that exists in the universe. But we can only do that when we begin to vibrate at the frequency of those universal things. Of course, that’s not possible when we’re self-involved about everything because that’s not a vibration that the universe recognizes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I couldn’t pull out my dream that well. I can just give a little bit of an impression of it, which was that there was a group of us living in a house, and then it feels like there’s a group of men and boys who live in another house. And when they come over to visit us, it’s like they’re looking for things from us that would add a little more protection to the place where they live.

That’s the best way I can describe it because I can’t remember the details.

John: You’re feeling it as a protection because that’s kind of the bias or nature that the feminine has in terms of it sorts its world in terms of a type of security.

With the masculine it has a bias of having to permeate this out across, where it takes and goes and this sort of thing then is disseminated across, or effectuated through an action so that it comes out and comes across. For the feminine it is something in which if you come into the presence of the feminine you’re supposed to be able to feel it, or recognize it.

So, what is it that one has to feel, or one has to recognize, or that one has to take – if you’re the masculine – and permeate it across? Well, it’s not an attitude, or a notion, or a mannerism that one carries in this dense life. It’s something that one accesses through them, that comes through you. And in order for it to come through you, you have to get away from that which carries a more dominant energetic projection.

You have to drop all of those personal elongations that get in the way of something that is natural, that sits in the background, that is meant to come through you, or have access, or be present through you. And so, in the feminine way of perceiving it, when something then comes over they are able to then recognize or appreciate or to see that memorability that permeates and is natural to each and all of us.

They’re able to get a sense of that, so that is able to come across in terms of how it is and who it is that they are. And they aren’t the ideas that they may have come over with because they are receiving something, and what they are receiving is the recognition of something deeper about themselves that everyone has in common.

In other words, we’re all designed and meant, because we are connected to everything that there is in life, we’re all designed and meant to be able to hear the music of the universe, so to speak. In other words, it’s like as something is intended or is unfolding we’re able to pick up on that. And we can’t pick up on that if we have our own mannerism and our own projections that we are holding onto as if that is what is going on.

In other words, we tend to orient our attention to that which we see, or deem, to be important that is a loudness that is going on in our life. When we quit doing that, and if we stop doing that, then our attention reaches and rises up, or catches up one might say, to a language and a flow that is always there, that comes and is alive and awakened and intertwined through us – because we are aspected to everything that exists. So whatever is going on, in some capacity is the communication of that which is going on, is integrated and taken in in terms of the whole to which we are connected.

So it’s a true, so to speak, communion that doesn’t have the bifurcations that take and throw one off into a personal tangential nature. To the degree to which we buy into anything as an idea, or as a perception, of how something is that gets in the way of this natural overallness that we are able to hear, and recognize, and take into account – and it’s huge.

This sort of thing is huge because what we’re taking into account is everything that is going on everywhere, vibrationally. We actually have that capacity to take all of that on, and this is the oneness that is alive throughout all of life, and we relate, and we flow, and we are connected to that – and that is what is real, not the individual neurosis and mannerisms that octave off of that that, we go into as our predilection.

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