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R G Wood

The idea of getting away from it all can seem like the most wonderful thing but, as a dream image, it can symbolize the concept that where we want to be is somewhere else – and then everything will be okay. Yes, even in our inner psychologies it can seem like the best way out is a new start, but from the image of a busy work place and its pressure, to the messy car image, in this dream, we can see that the work must be done right where we are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, it’s like I’ve been working at an agency that’s really busy. I don’t even know how long I’ve been there, but what I’m doing is I’m planning to take some time off and I’m going to go to Australia.

And everything feels real pressured because it feels like whatever work we do there’s always these time constraints. But I have these couple weeks I’m going to take off, and I’ve even called someone I knew in Australia, and I have this plan when I got to Australia I was actually going to visit three different areas of Australia, which were all far apart, and have kind of an adventure in one of the wild areas, and then be down on the other coast, and then come back.

And I had had one phone conversation with some people that I knew there that would help set this up. And then I was caught up with all this busy-ness, plus it felt like my car, particularly the backseat of my car, just had all this junk in it. I mean it was like it might be useful junk, like my computer or whatever, but it was all junked up in my car.

So it’s the day I’m supposed to leave, I’ve kind of said my good-bye’s at work, although I’ve became aware at the last moment of something that might be a problem, that maybe I should fix, that just had to do with some paperwork or something that I haven’t gotten time to do. And I’m doing some packing, and I seem to be sitting in the back of my car because all that junk in there has to be sorted through or something when, I suddenly become aware that I never bought my airplane ticket. So that’s kind of a jolt to me because I’m supposed to be flying out that night, and I haven’t bought the ticket yet, so I’m scrambling through the back of my car to get my computer together to see if I can get online to get a ticket.

Because what else do I do? Do I stay? Do I go? I figure I’ll just have to get on one of those things like Hotwire and get an empty seat somewhere, but that also means that from that first conversation I had with someone I hadn’t firmed any of the plans, so I may just be landing in Australia and have to make it up as I go.

It feels like at that point I split off a little, and there was some masculine part observing, that has almost like a separate dream that’s going on at the same time, but I didn’t quite pull that one out. All I remembered was the first dream because it was such a shock when I realized I didn’t have my ticket, that I halfway woke up.

John: So what you’re dreaming is an example of what it’s like for the feminine in the outer, that it has to stay in the bazaar, or the place of itself, and cannot leave that, cannot just arbitrarily go somewhere else. And it’s opposite what I dreamt, because the masculine is always trying to find the bazaar, just to find that place.

And the feminine, in terms of trying to figure out how to feel comfortable about things, is always trying to go somewhere, and feels that the enchantment of some long lost place is where things open up for it, or would be interesting, or would be a vacation.

The thing that’s wrong with this approach, that the dream is portraying, is where you’re at has it all; it is all there, too. You don’t have to actually go anywhere to determine that, just like the masculine can be searching and searching for the bazaar, but it’s something that’s always been there. Their place there, that they will find, will represent whatever it is that they have caught up with in terms of the depth of who they really are, in terms of their inner self.

And you leaving the bazaar, or trying to leave the bazaar, there’s a tendency of disenfranchising yourself from the wholeness that is all around you. And so you find that you can’t quite really do that, so you’re finding the importance of the bazaar from having to reconcile with this need to try to leave it. And I’m finding the importance of the bazaar from the standpoint of organizing the thoughts and the ideas of my nature into a cohesion of a memory. For you the memory is there in the container of all of that.

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