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John: In the next dream, I go to the opposite extreme. I have transitioned from a state of dense contraction, in the first dream, to a state of extreme expansion. (See the first dream here: Nearing the Top.)

I am picked up in a helicopter to be taken to a house. The pilot, a woman, takes the helicopter up so fast it practically stalls out the engine, and the helicopter plunges toward the ground. The pilot rights it just in time, with the helicopter blades hitting treetops and branches, but we make it through.

The treetops give way and don’t break the helicopter blades. I give a huge sigh of relief: “Boy, was that close!” The pilot, rather than easing up, presses the helicopter hard toward its destination.

In other words, she doesn’t give it a chance to regain some sort of balance. There’s no effort to get stabilized. It’s just helter skelter flying. The person I’m with, who is the owner of the house I’m going to, just kind of looks away. He’s not paying any attention.

I’m not able to be so cool, calm, and collected. I gasp as we barrel along, swerving between trees, crashing through bushes that, fortunately, don’t cause the helicopter to crash. Finally, we set down at the base of a hill.

The house we’re going to is at the top of some steps, but to begin with I just jump out of the helicopter. Man, I’m in a state of shock. At the top of the steps I yell at the helicopter pilot.

I say things like, “Do you have a death wish?” The owner of the house and another passenger just tend to business. They bring up the luggage from down below. I’m still in a state of shock. I’m not offering any help in bringing up the luggage.

As the owner and the other guest return from down below, I’m still standing at the top of the stairs. As I gather my composure, I ask the owner, “Is there anything else left in the helicopter that I can bring up?”

Significance: In this dream I’m shown an approach that is the opposite of the first dream. In that dream, I’m burdened with a dense, animalistic energy that inhibits me and can’t be brought on my journey. It’s like a weight that gets heavier as I near the top. I can’t come before the teacher in such a condition. Still, we saw that that energy could serve a purpose because it could function as a type of way station.

In the second dream, I’ve entered into expansiveness – I’m flying in a helicopter – but everything is chaotic. It’s not smooth, controlled, or balanced, but I am up off the ground. It’s not a flight I can appreciate however, because I’m basically in shock and consumed by my reactions. Again, I do get to the destination, but I’m not in good shape.

I’m being shown that I’m somewhere in between these two extremes. The denser, contractive energy is a feminine condition that seeks union. The expansive, masculine condition experiences the chaos that creates separation.

Somehow, these two states need to be consolidated in me. Both are trying to bring about change, yet they are doing so in clumsy, unacceptable ways.

I’m shown that I can’t reach my destination with all my familiar psychological patterns. I need to let go of the lower-self ego aspects, and I need to trust in the higher aspects that can “fly” me to where I want to go.

Fortunately, I had a third dream that consolidates these two extremes.

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John: In this dream, I’m in a dance studio and I’m standing in an area between two halves of the room that lets me observe the teacher working with his dance class. I’m just watching what he is doing and I’m supposed to be learning, by way of recognition and reflection, what the class is being shown.

I notice that one side of the room is all or mostly female students, and the other half is all or mostly male. I sense that something has to be brought together, but it hasn’t happened yet.

So eventually the teacher directs the two sides of the room to join together. The motion of people flowing through the area I’m in drags me into the class. I’m swept up in it and I’m a little hesitant because I haven’t been practicing the dance moves like everyone else. The question is, was I able to pick up the moves by observation?

So, I’m challenged to reflect upon what I’ve seen that affects me as a flow. I must trust that I took the movements in and remember how they felt. If I do, then I’ll be able to move as effectively, and naturally, as the moves feel when I imagine them in my head.

To the left of me are two women seated in chairs. The teacher is instructing us how to extend our left hand out, as if we’re forming a line dance or something. We’re supposed to connect with a partner this way, and I’m doing this pretty literally, you know, I’m just flopping my hand out there and the woman is supposed to put her hand in my hand.

But there is no rhythm or flow to my movements. One of the women gets up and leaves, and the other one moves one chair over, which means there’s an empty chair in between. Well, the teacher, as if he realizes that something is too linear (too masculine), starts to suggest that the gesture be made in a beckoning way.

In other words, you don’t just flop the hand out there. The hand is supposed to be an enticement to come together, naturally and sweetly. So, the teacher demonstrates again, indicating that the connection we make will be natural when it occurs from a connective flow – it will be effortless.

What is being shown through this imagery is very similar to your recent series of dreams: it’s about bringing something into life. I’m recognizing that when I allow myself to watch and feel the rhythm and flow of life, I can see how smoothly everything proceeds.

Yet, as we all know, until we have done it ourselves we tend to question our capability. That questioning introduces awkwardness; there’s no natural flow to it. In a sense, we can’t do it with the brain alone – we have to feel it and sense it to be in the flow of things. That’s where everything proceeds smoothly, where one hand beckons, and the other hand reaches to connect, in an unending dance.

When we feel that awkwardness, it is really about identification with our self. We put the spotlight on “us,” rather than on the flow that we are joined with. When we put the identification on us, we are no longer just being the movement, we are mimicking the movement, or “trying” to do the movement – but we aren’t the movement.

In this sense, we are pretending at life. We aren’t actually living in the flow of it, we are just pretending to; we are acting like we are in the flow of it. But we can only be in one space at a time: we are either in the flow, or we are in ourselves.

That’s why we need to let go of ourselves and surrender to the flow. In that way, we fit in with life. We live it and participate in it. In other words, it’s not just the experience of it, but we have to live it – then the naturalness unfolds.

This dream is telling me that my formal, linear side (my masculine nature) must let go. Otherwise I’m contributing to my sense of being separate. I must let go of that aspect of my identity and rhythmically join in with the flow of life that is presented to me.

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John: What the images in this dream describe is a process through which a new aspect, or a new energetic purity, comes across, goes through various levels, and then expresses into life.

So what I see is that there are a large number of vats arrayed on multiple levels and arranged into some kind of system. These vats look like large clay pots. Each of them is filled with water and they are hooked together in a specific sequence.

As water is put into one vat, it filters through to the next vat, then to the next vat, and so on. At the end of the line, after it has traveled through all of the vats, it comes out totally pure and clear.

Certain things happen along the way that can discolor the water, so that is why it has to go through all these different vats at different levels before it comes out clear again. Basically the images are showing an alchemical process – a transmutation.

At some point milk is introduced into the system. Traditionally, milk is considered an image of purity, and seems to have been added to help the process. Yet milk, and the white color, can also be associated with spiritual illusion, which speaks of false piety rather than true inner connection.

I realize, as I watch the milk processing through the vats, that it has clouded the water. Yet as it travels from vat to vat, the milk effect becomes diluted. Then I understand that we cannot have any corrupting influences whatsoever – at the end of the process it has to come out pure.

It’s even possible that the milk was a good idea, because in an alchemical process different elements are added together to create a more refined product at the end. There is the idea that something about milk denotes a quality of a greater closeness or connection – the overall impression is positive.

In this particular instance the milk acts as something that has to be worked through the vat system. But while it does that, the milk also sets other changes in motion as it goes through the various levels.

I take this to mean that, in some way, it has been assimilated or absorbed. When the water comes out clean and pure at the end, it isn’t just by filtering out the impurities, but by assimilating the new additions in a thorough way. My sense is that this allows the water to be pure, yet also it has benefitted in some way.

To me, the significance here is that it is showing how it works when a connection comes through life and back into creation. In other words, the clearer the channel, the greater the overall effect upon life.

Isn’t that how it is when a human being is living a life that is connected to its higher self? We take in the “impurities” of living a physical existence, whether through our own thoughts and actions, or through our interactions with others, and we refine the impressions, through our consciousness, and return them back to God.

So the imagery is very simple, but the mechanism it describes is very profound. Physical matter, in this sense, is a system for refining energetic matter. Even plants and trees capture sun energy for the planet. We humans can capture much higher energies, but we also can consciously serve the process of exchange between matter and energy in the most sophisticated way.

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