Line of Credit

We often speak about how many processes and methodologies in the outer world are reflections of how things operate on our inner levels. In this dream, the character is being given a line of credit, and, as we know, if we handle this well and pay the bills the credit line increases, and our credit “score” is considered a good one – and then we can gain access to more and more because we are a good “risk.” The energy worlds work similarly: if we show ourselves to be consistent and reliable hosts, they will make a home in us, offering intelligence and enhancement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream, the dream starts out where I am seeking a better way to deal with the outer environment, and the typical issues in the outer environment. And I’m given a new credit card that I use for what are kind of considered equity occasions; in other words, something that works in matter. 

Initially, the card is questionable in terms of its general benefit. I’m wondering if the use of this card is more bother than what it is worth because the card starts off carrying a very low credit line. This makes it hard to use. 

But over time the credit line is increased, and keeps increasing, until all of a sudden it kind of shocks me: it gets all the way up to $50,000 on the credit card with just one condition. And the condition is that the card’s credit rating of up to $50,000 has to be applied in equity situations. In other words, where there is some substance. In other words, it’s not just willy nilly where there’s nothing to show. 

And so the dream meaning is it’s indicating that I am being given more and more access to affect what is going on in the outer. This doesn’t come right away, it took time to see if I could handle the access.

When the credit card was increased to $50,000 I was stunned because $50,000 was far more of a credit line than I would have ever chosen for myself. To be given such a large credit line felt a bit awkward, responsibility-wise, making me a bit nervous as this was more than I need. 

I didn’t complain, I was just a bit taken aback and in awe. I was being trusted to invest capital given to me by the superiors in a safe, sound, and wise way. I hadn’t chosen this, it was provided in the form of a credit card responsibility, meaning I must exercise care to not abuse such an entitlement. 

And so what this is also talking about is how things work in terms of how you are able to maintain some quality of a flow inside of you. You can’t abuse that; you can’t be too rampant with that. You don’t shuck and jive it and use it for any kind of personality, and whatever, edification.

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Without Continuity

We can understand how a strong parent can hold together a family, or how a visionary can rally people to create something amazing, and we can also see that when those energetic forces are not present, everyone or everything becomes randomized and has to fend for themselves. There is no coherent logic that propels events forward. Our individual life is similar, in that we either move through our environment energetically connected with it, and in the flow of it, or we can bounce randomly from one energetic effect to another. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now the in-between dream to that other that was like yours is not necessarily dissimilar, but also chaotic. In the dream, my notebook has been moved as part of a transition. The person who moved the notebook is part time. I need the notebook to round up what needs to be gathered up in a very short period of time. 

And so I’m able to go and talk with Jacob, and there’s a certain close proximity of an understanding and energetic, but still, I must, to reach some sort of Chi, to bring it together, I finally am able to find Edward. I guess he kind of somehow arrives on the scene, or shows up as I’m talking with Jacob.

So I have to try to get him to focus. I mean, that’s his problem, he’s just unfocused, you know, and I have to get this notebook. So I have to get him focused first, as he seems to be emotionally scattered. As the evening progresses, it’s as if he throws out on the ground the gate money, in other words like where the thing was done on the side, where they did the gambling on the side. So he throws all such monies out there that has been taken in, and says, I can have all of this.

As I’m picking it up it gets dark. Animals from the jungle come out and start rolling in it, chewing on it and scratching, digging it up, rooting in it, making it impossible to pick up. So I get concerned; I yell, “Help!” All this does is draw another strange creature over, another strange animal, a kind of animal I’ve never seen before, to see what I want. Creature after creature, in other words.

The theme of the dreaming is about, one, accessing Chi in matter, and two, holding it together in a directed inner-self way. In the dream I’m seeing how things flip-flop about, without continuity, when Chi is not brought into action to affect the surrounding environment. In the dream, the Chi is in a hit-and-miss capacity in the outer. I need to sustain its presence in order to pull together what needs to be, and doing so requires that I live a focus in an intertwined way. 

So that, then, led into the last dream that had to do with where something could be in a state of disarray, but it points to something more that’s meant to unfold. This one here didn’t point to anything that’s meant to unfold yet, it just pointed to the fact that all of that that was gathered as the gate was not going anywhere. I gathered up some of it. The bigger bills, it seemed like, but most of it was still out there getting trampled. 

And, in the other dream, it points out that what is going on is being watched, or is being observed, or is something that’s significant to children, which means that what is going on in terms of the seriousness of us goes nowhere, but, in terms of something that is more innocent, is quite meaningful, which means we are that innocent quality, too. So we have to step back into that innocent quality in order to catch up with why it is that something happens in the way that it happened.

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Seeing Through

lxtptcIt’s virtually impossible to truly understand something without experiencing it. And in religions, and on spiritual paths, we constantly hear about the oneness of life, and are told that the world around us is an illusion. This cannot be grasped intellectually. It must be experienced – and that is done through higher connections. Because what we do experience every day, automatically, are our lower connections to whatever energies are “in our neighborhood,” or generated by our thoughts and intentions. It is higher connections that let us see what is real, because they have the intelligence and flow we are seeking. And higher connections come when we begin to live our lives for something greater than our selves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I didn’t meditate as long as I usually do. I came out of it after about an hour, but it took a couple of hours to write this up, and I didn’t write up much because I kept going in and out of it going somewhere and coming back after half an hour, going somewhere, all in the process of trying to write this up.

So we live in an outer world in which the essence is hidden. Philosophers and other pundits speak of an inner essence behind outer manifestation. To be able to see through the projections is the challenge everyone is presented with in physical existence.

To not do so is the condition of being veiled from our inner beingness. I feel a huge weight of relief lifted as I notice that I am able to see, and denote, the hidden inner reality within the outer projections. And I can do that from within myself.

I may think that what I am able to do is easy but, over the years, I have come to know that this isn’t so. I may not be able to say much to the parts of myself still in the clutches of the veils. The reason is, seeing is believing. In other words, if you don’t see it, then how can you believe it? In other words, you can’t describe something that isn’t experiential or something, or relatable from a sense like that – even on an inner sense.

Until you see through the projections, the philosophy of the pundits, with regards to a oneness, is just another projection. So a person remains lost in veils of outer projections until they are destined to awaken within. To not be free of the clutches of the senses, and therefore unable to see through personal projections to what is real, is what physical manifestation is about for the lower self. For those who make the breakthrough, there is an actual awareness of the soul of life within all of manifestation. That’s kind of the dream.

Now what caused the dream to go around and around, was inside of myself it’s like the breath just gets really full, and the in-breath races into a home somewhere as I suddenly, from within the dream, have an aspect of an outer – and I see right through the outer to what it’s about. And the outer has a shadowy aspect, or it has a shimmer aspect, that is a murk within the outer.

That’s what I saw. Now you don’t open your eyes and see that in the physical, but when you see that within then you know that the outer is a projection, and within that outer is something coming from inner – and that’s what is meaningful. And to be able to be in a condition of your being so that that can happen, well, you just don’t do that in the outer, you do that on the inner when you totally let go, when you don’t have the senses or something creating the personal moving around.

So, this is an unusual dream that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to understand. So in the dream I’m going into an area of light from dark. I mean you can almost create the image, a visual, that would be something like this.

Let’s say you’re walking by kind of a place that you’re unfamiliar with, and you decide to turn and go over to it. And the place has a lot of light to it, and when you turn to go over to it you are kind of darkish in your demeanor. And as you go over to it, what you see is it’s a wheel, and instead of prongs that stick out in the front, the prongs stick out going down and it’s like a grinder, it grinds in.

And so then there are a couple people, a woman, there and you have to pay her to go and do whatever this is about. And so I hand her a bill. She takes the bill and immediately shows the bill to the guy; it’s like there’s something unusual about the bill.

And so I knew that they came out with new bills, and so I ask her what she’s looking at, and suddenly I see on this bill a number that has been embossed that’s really dark. It stands out. I hadn’t noticed it. I mean at first glance it jumps right out at you, and it’s smudged. And so as I see this I’m thinking oh, well she’s taking it because the printer smudged this in some fashion, but I notice that what it is is it’s a number and the lower numbers on the bills are worth a lot.

And it’s not a lower number, it’s a six digit number. You know, in order for it to be worth something it would have to be like a number from like say 1 to 100, and then it would be worth 1,000s of dollars as a $1 bill or whatever it was. And so I don’t get it, and then I wake up.

And then I realize that there was something else about this bill. I saw it at the time, but didn’t know what to make out of it. There was just the number, and I think I kind of commented, isn’t there supposed to be another image on this bill? There was no other image, and usually the image that you have on a bill is an image of a president or something. There was no president embossed, nor was there a scene of the Statue of Liberty or anything like that that you might have on a bill. It was just money print with a stamp there, without the image.

So the comment was, is I was not going to wake up and write up the dream, but I heard a sound within that brought me back. So I took this as a sign to write up what was happening, thinking that it would have to pop through then.

And so the energetic feel is that, in this dream, it seems I am transitioning into a new place within – and I am doing it in a nonchalant, indifferent way. However, what is happening is drawing an attention that has a meaningfulness in that the process is an atypical transitioning.

So then to try to understand the atypical transitioning, I try to describe the scenario that could’ve influenced this because one’s influenced by the inflections of things in the outer. That’s why it’s very important in terms of how you carry yourself in the outer, because you leave yourself receptive to things that then can inflect, and not be veiled out, if you’re all oppressed or something estranged in the outer. Sometimes then that creates a denseness that keeps something from flickering through.

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