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plandePlaying a game of cards in a dream may seem a simple enough image, but it points out how the process in our unconscious works. In this instance, the game brings in elders, or the dreamers relatives who have passed on. And the game provides a way for those with “ancient wisdom” to interact with the energies at play. Just as we do when we seek to find solutions in daily life, our inner life uses all the information and connections at its disposal to bring separate elements together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So about that time, too, or even earlier, I had a dream in which the main thing I remember from it is it did seem to have a lot of characters in it of older movie stars, that I grew up with, who were around like Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman.

And then I was going and sitting at a round table and playing poker with some of my older relatives who passed on. And I just don’t remember much else about that dream because the colors were kind of dark, and there were a lot of people and little dialogue going on.

John: It’s a dream that has a mix in it, in that you’re trying to mix the energetics that exist in terms of what you are familiar with, in terms of the outer, with the chemistry that occurs from the higher-self part, that’s on an inner level, that is able to affect manifestation.

That’s generally considered the spirit energy that is able to come into a game and, in that game play, and, of course, the game then would be life, and the spirit energy would be this essence of your superiors, or this quality inside of yourself that has a sight about things, a knowingness about things, a depth, an inner depth – on the other side – in terms of things.

Again, it’s like a type of masculine energy. The feminine energy is just having a sensibility of the whereabouts as you are in matter, that the masculine doesn’t tend to have and tends to be askew. The higher self for you has to do with the recognition of sight that comes through that can seem like it’s, well, you call it your relatives, or your superiors, or can seem to be coming from another place outside, other than what is just in manifestation per se, or in matter in your environment per se. And that it has its way of playing in life. It can design. It can shape. It can cause things to be quickened or to happen in life.

So the game itself, and that card playing, is like the action of what comes into the outer which is a denseness in which the spirit energy is unconscious, and it sets in motion an activity, or a consequence, that causes something more to unfold. And what unfolds there is recognized by the feminine as a greater dimensionality in terms of the mystery of the whole. And the whole in this case is both inner and outer.

The feminine is always trying to figure out this and to ponder that in terms of what is going on, and is always interested in information that helps in the seeming sorting out of how it is that things are, as she moves around in the outer. And that comes from this other space like this.

Now, of course, we have all kinds of conceptual ways that we attempt to do this, like going and studying this, or trying to figure out that, or trying to be connected to an unfoldment that has its conceptual borders in terms of trying to engage, studying sciences and such. You have all of these bifurcations and subrogations from what can be just that inner direction.

That inner direction is able like for example to sit around and play cards and in so doing of the sitting around and in the connection like that brought… you know, designed something that touches manifestation. And that part of yourself that can do that, so that it touches manifestation, is something that you have to access in order to change the storyline of manifestation which you are immersed in naturally.

You’re immersed in a way which has the naturalness of both matter and spirit, but not working in cohesion, because the spirit energy is veiled within the matter. And although it is there, you can’t quite reach it, and that’s where this other energy, this other vibration, has to and needs to awaken.

And you are, from the first dream, doing something to keep this from happening that has to do with a venturing out, or an attempt to come to grips with things that involves somehow or another giving up a space, that is important in terms of your rootedness about things in manifestation. And this moving away, the inflection that is not being taken into account has something to do with the kitten, whatever that kitten might be.

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abstract-D-OyleyIn this dream scenario, movie stars and politicians are used to represent different aspects of manifestation – the vibrancy of life, and the catalyst for change. Yet what is shown is that true change isn’t always something that has to be planned and executed over a long time frame. If looked at in the right way, it can be accomplished in the here and now. What that is saying is that we are not distant from the energies we seek to connect with – they are with us always. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had trouble pulling out the details of my dream this morning, but it feels like I’m someplace and two people who are there are a woman who’s kind of like either Ann-Margaret or Nicole Kidman, you know, tall and redheaded and part of the entertainment industry.

And she’s wearing a dress – it’s almost like it’s made out of rubies and diamonds because it just glitters, and it’s kind of that shade. And also a man who I think is like Rand Paul or a young Ron Paul.

And there’s somebody present who approaches me and it’s like he wants me to work with these two people to almost write or design a way that a change will happen. And I reject that because it would take about a year of writing and working with them to make changes.

But when that person leaves instead I go and I do something with the two of them right now, which will make a change or a shift happen now. I just didn’t want to do it as part of this overall plan, in a way, you know like in some kind of formula way – writing the book that would take a year and all that.

It was like instead I do it in some way that I approach them or do something I did right now. But I just can’t remember what it was.

John: The theme of the dreaming was one of demystifying the difference between the inner and the outer. And demystifying it from the standpoint that there’s like a gap – like a world of light and a world of sound.

And that the concept of a person who finds themselves in manifestation is to think that they have to go somewhere else, or to get into the light, or make some effort in this other capacity. And what you’re dream is saying is that, no, that this should be possible, this should be able to happen, if there’s meant to be a shift and whatnot, this should be able to take place right straightforward and straightaway in manifestation.

In other words you have the forces of the quality of manifestation, the beauty of life, represented by Nicole Kidman and Ann-Margaret and all of their glitter. And then you have the seed energy of change, represented by Rand or Ron Paul, and that there seems to be a need to reconcile two spaces that would appear to require a whole lot of effort to bring about, and that’s an effort that involves having to go through changes or something, these are conceptual changes now, in order for that to happen.

And what you’re saying is, no, it can happen in the moment without all of that. And what you’re actually saying is correct because there is no such thing as time and space. And there is no past, present, or future, it’s all actually directly a total stillness that has been evoked with motion to create the sensation of time and space, and condenses the energy by way of utilizing the principle of sound out of the light.

And all of that is the same-same, actually, so you should be able to just connect and link to that, straightaway, in manifestation.

In other words, there’s a shift, and how is that shift to be effectuated? Or how is something to be brought through? That’s the question that you’re kind of asking. And what you’re kind of saying is that it can’t be about all kinds of conscious development tools in the light, or something, in some other place or whatever.

It all has to be, somehow or another, manifestable right here and now.

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