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There are few things as mundane as socks, so when your dream offers you a magical portal that only delivers socks, socks, and more socks it can seem pretty disappointing. But we have to sift our way through the mundane to find what is valuable – it isn’t always going to just appear before us, we have to work for it. Eventually, as in this dream, a gold ring is discovered hidden in a sock, and it offers an even greater release from the mundane. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream clearly. And, in this dream, I’ve gone into a room, and in the room is a bed. And right next to the bed is a cupboard that you reach into – it has a couple layers of shelves. And then there seems to be a hole in the top of the cupboard that goes somewhere else, into a room where, apparently, there’s things that belong to me. 

Because if I pound on the cupboard once, then some socks fall down through that hole, and I pick up the socks and I put them on the bed. And maybe one or two garments fall through at some point, as well. 

And I feel like I’m working against some deadline. And I’m looking for something that I know is evidence. I also feel like if anyone comes in and interrupts me, then maybe I won’t get through this. And, of course, every time I pound on that hole, what falls through is more socks, different kinds and colors of socks, and I’m taking them and I’m organizing them on the bed because I’m realizing I have way too many socks. And they’re all different colors and patterns and I’m going to have to do something with them – but at the same time I know there’s something else that I’m looking for, but every time I reach up and pound on the hole once what falls through is more socks.

And I can feel like someone’s coming, so there’s an urgency because I need to finish this. And I know I’m looking for something. So as I’m getting near what I guess what must have to be the end, because lord knows there’s enough socks piled up by now, one sock falls through and I feel like it has something hard in it. It’s concealing something. But I have to pound again to make sure I’ve got everything out.

And then after I’ve put everything in their proper piles, then I take the sock that has something in it and I open it up, and it feels like someone I know comes into the room right then, and what it is is a little ring box. And I open it up and I take out this ring, and it’s a gold mesh ring, almost looks like an earring, it’s curved in a spiral. And inside it is carved out of gold this face and something else. 

And the other person that’s come into the room comes over with me and we’re staring at this, trying to figure out what it represents. And I realize what it represents, finally, is apparently at some point in the past year there had been a murder, and I know that this is some evidence in that murder that will identify. It will do one of two things. It either identifies who committed the murder, then if I’m looking at it in a certain way I know it’s one of the two women involved. Or it’s telling me that one of the two women involved in that has actually switched identities. I’m not sure which it is the ring is telling me, but I know it’s one of those two things that this ring, in that way, will prove something about what happened there.

John: So the theme of the dreaming involves the accessing, inside of oneself, of the stillness that permeates everything that there is. That’s the over the top aspect of where things are going. 

And, in your dream, what you’re doing is noting that you have a particular channel that’s kind of opened up, in which you’re able to function in a myriad of ways in terms of a type of partial access, an access that enables you to go through things. And it appears to be a type of going through things in which it isn’t all veiled, totally veiled – like it can be for most people – but it isn’t the overall total stillness itself, either. It’s just a glimpse, within, that you have an access or connection to, and you have it from some sort of inner aspect of your beingness, your bedroom, the quality that depicts a letting go into something more. 

The thing about it is getting this access to open up more, because it seems like you’re realizing that you have a demeanor, a quality, that you have perfected, that’s to the point where something much much more. In other words, it’s a wonderful access that enables you to function well in life because you have this magical quality, or whatever, that can do and reach like this. However, something is insufficient about it because that same old, same old has come to a point where something much, much more needs to open up. In other words, something about what you’re doing is keeping that something more from opening up. 

And so it’s like you’re kind of raising the issue that enough is enough, and that this needs to break out more. And veiled in the journey, the stepping, the walking, and the socks are an aspect somewhere on the in-breath connection towards the stillness, to a point where it actually touches the stillness to some small degree, veiled in that, or within one of the socks, is the deeper depth. And it’s portrayed as a ring. 

The way that you look at the ring, however, is you get information in terms of what you’re doing to your heart, or self, to cause you to remain veiled from an access, and a connection, that opens up more than just that of a certain kind of really limited, rooted, sock-like way that currently prevails. 

The sensation that comes from this ring is meant to be twofold, but is still veiled. In other words, the ring, in its ideal, would represent kind of like having made the journey, having taken and suddenly gone, okay, enough is enough, and, poof, all of a sudden it all drops and you’re in the stillness. The ring would represent that in its ideal.

However the ring, for you, represents where there is still some mystery or conundrum that is in need of being sorted out, in which something has gotten hurt, or injured, and you’re wrestling with what it is that that can be, or is still possibly; the answer, or the resolution. And that is an aspect, then, that is a projection, and a holding onto, that keeps the overall stillness from just naturally being there. 

Because enough is enough in terms of a certain quality that you’re able to peek behind the door, or pull something through, or whatever. Enough is enough of that, is what you’re pretty much saying, and it’s time to break out of that completely. The ring certainly agrees that enough is enough, but it’s veiled because you have this other motif yet, that still is holding on to your attention. And that holding on has a particular vibration to it, and that vibration is reflected back to you, on a sensation level, based upon those conclusions that you drew, which slam, or punish, and shut down the wholeness of the heart.

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INVISIBILITxImagine we are going to a gathering of people, a party, and we plan to just say hello and then go home. But then we decide to have one drink. Well, we’re having fun, so we have another drink. Pretty soon it’s past midnight and we’re among the last to leave – and we know we’re going to feel terrible in the morning! This is just an illustration of how the world around us can pull us away from our inner, spiritual, location, and, pretty soon we become vulnerable to all kinds of things. Only when we stay in our inner location – out in the world – do we provide a safety for ourselves and our connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream. I felt like I dreamt a lot last night, but I didn’t remember most of them. And the last dream was influenced by a mystery I’d been reading.

And in the mystery, I’m a policewoman, and it’s almost like somebody, it feels like maybe my partner’s the person who’s murdered a girl. So he’s off the case. And he thinks this man that he knew from his childhood, who’s running some kind of a compound where people go and live apart from society a bit, did it. I’m not sure who did it. In some ways I’m not sure that either one of them did it, but I’m investigating.

So I need to sneak on to the compound, and I go there at night. And I notice that there’s some hippy looking girls and people that have come, that are going into the compound at night, either they want to join it, or maybe they live there and they’ve left. So I kind of use they’re going there as a cover and sneak onto the compound, which is a really large compound.

And then it seems to get lighter out as I’m there. And I’m going towards a part of the compound where the man who runs it lives, because I almost feel like he’s in hiding. And he seems to sense I’m there and he sends some men who find me, that take me to the area of the compound where he is.

On my way there, I look off into the distance and I see this really huge old building that almost looks like those libraries they used to build, that have big columns and everything. That’s not where he is, but I’m just interested that that building’s not that far away. And then they take me to an area where he is, and he even seems to have a big carved chair, almost like a throne.

And it’s like he sends the people that brought me there, away because I wondered if they were going to try to capture me, or hold me. And, at this point, he shows me a bus that’s loaded with people that maybe got upset by all that’s going on, and are leaving. And he’s telling me that I can drive that bus away with them.

At the same time, I know there’s other people that come, just as there are some people that are leaving. I don’t even know if the bus is safe, but I suspect it is. What I really suspect is that everybody’s looking at these two people who’ve known each other, the policeman and somebody he’s known since childhood that’s running this compound. Everybody thinks whatever crime has been committed, that it’s one of the two of them.

But I’m actually thinking I’m going to have to investigate more, because I’m pretty sure it’s somebody else. And neither one of them knows how to look beyond what they’re seeing. So I have to go look for it. That was all.

John: So this is a dream in which the decisions that you’re making are actually hard on you. They’re holding you back. They’re pulling you down.

Initially, you have a partner, so you’ve made a step where you drop whatever it is that you were carrying around as a kind of extra aspect of yourself that you don’t need anymore. So that is a positive step.

And then you go into a place where things are in a disarray; that’s like coming into manifestation. And when you’re in this place, you come to know that the idea of there being like a crime, or a wrong that’s been committed, a mystery that exists, you become entwined with that place in that modality.

However, you know that there is something more about this place, in terms of how it’s meant to be. And that is represented by this building that you see, that you’re not far away from, that’s the library. Within that is the, so to speak, answer, a stillness answer, to everything that exists. The library represents the fount of whatever it is that needs to be known, or taken in, or absorbed. In other words, it’s the epitome of the stillness behind it all. But you see it, but you’re not able to let go enough yet to go into that, and so you are induced to take on something in an outer capacity way – which is basically to drive those that are being released from this place.

But it’s a belated thing because, even though you could see and say to yourself that you’re serving or doing something useful, you know that into this place is coming others that are also going to be caught up in whatever is going on here. And you’re able to look at the power presence that exists in this place and realize that it dominates over what can take place.

And what caused you to have to be recognized as a person who could take and drive the bus and such, is you weren’t staying in your stillness, you became visible. And when you became visible, you brought upon yourself the attention that then had a hook, or a means, upon which to avail itself upon how it is, and who it is, that you are. And, thus, you were pulled into some tangent or another.

And in this particular case, because you were visibly seen, the part that was seen was not in a stillness where it would be invisible, it then could be manipulated, or turned, to some aspected mannerism. In other words, you were able to be deviated into that.

Now, the purpose and reason for a dream like this is you can come to see the importance of this space of invisibility and stillness, because within that space, everything then can be affected, in a mirrored-capacity way.

But when you are having to come out, or be recognized, or lose the cover of this stillness, or this mirroring capacity, that is when things go awry. And that’s when you take on identifications again. And when you take on these identifications again, the sense of the dream is going to be a sense of still having some sort of weight upon the heart, which means that deep down, you knew that you were close to the stillness. Had you not been close to the stillness and recognized that, that had its all-pervading essence over everything so that what was taking place would be taking place as meant to be, and that if it wasn’t meant to be, the stillness itself would affect it in some sort of mirrored-capacity way. It wasn’t for you to take and try to change something, or to conduct yourself in some way or another in some aspect that you might have that purports to alleviate things, when you know deep down that it doesn’t at all.

That what exists is going to continue to exist, and that you just got abstracted into something that you felt was providing some sort of justified relief. In other words, you had lost your importance, you had become stigmatized, because you had become visualized – instead of in the stillness and the emptiness.

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arnWhen no one is listening to us, what do we do? Often, we raise our voice to be heard. Or we make our text ALL CAPS. Well, our systems can feel the same way in their conversation with us, on the inside, through our dreams. That’s when we get jarring or unsettling images that can throw us off for the whole day when we wake up. In this example, there is a murderer, and then the killing of a murderer. But we are all the characters in our dreams, so the image is an expression of a deep fear or resistance to what needs to occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t seem to like my dream last night, I only remember one of them. In that dream, I’m living in a house, and there’s someone that’s going around town murdering people. And I’m trying to find, or capture, that person.

And I’ll go out, and I’ll be looking at people and following them, and then coming back. And people come to the house, and I’ll be looking at them. And, at one point, I have three people sitting in a room with me, I think it’s three men, one person I know from high school, I forget who the other two are. And I become convinced that’s it’s one of them.

And I know that the characteristic of this person who’s killing people is that he’s compulsive, because he’s killed successive people. And, anytime anybody comes through, it’s like I’m looking at them, I’m examining them. I’m trying to figure out where they were and what they’ve done. And everyone does kind of keep moving. So it’s hard for me to get a sense of them.

At one point, I have to leave these three people I have in the house where I’ve kind of narrowed it down, I think it’s one of them, and I ask some friends to watch them, and describe that I think that whoever it is will be compulsive.

Well, when I come back to the house, they’ve captured the person that was murdering everybody. I even thought it might be one of the ministers, but it ends up being a woman. So I have two of my women friends holding on to her until I can get back into the house. But as I come into the room, they take some kind of a cylinder and push it into her arm, cutting the arteries, so she’ll die. And I’m like shocked that they did that. And maybe they just thought that would stop her killing anyone else, but I’m shocked at it. So that was the dream.

John: The dream was triggered by the fact of an energetic inside, or a kind of awakening, or awareness quality, that you’re moving towards inside, in which the idea is one of letting go of everything.

So the idea of letting go of everything is scary because it triggers the impression of a kind of death. And so you’re trying to figure out how to observe all of this, how it is that you can take and observe, or notice, what is changing. Because this whole schematic of a type of death is a schematic in which a quality where you’re used to trying to make something meaningful – you can’t quite do anymore. And so it’s like the flip side of that, is that something is killing you.

It’s a peculiar sensation. The first time I had the sensation like that is I actually had something physically wrong with me. And, of course, I carried the sensation in terms of waking up and there being like an emptiness, where there was nothing alive, which meant that there was something dying.

That isn’t what you’re doing, what you’re doing is you’re carrying this sensation of something like this, because there’s a sense of a stillness, or a quietness where you let everything go. And that has an impression of death. So the oddity of this thing is, no matter how you look at this, it still looks like something has to go. And there’s always something that has to be let go of.

And so, in terms of your view of the overall world, that’s like something is dying, only you’re dying in terms of the way you’re caught, or held, or tied up in terms of the world. It’s a scattering sensation. You feel scattered, you feel discombobulated, when you have a dream like this. You feel like you can’t trust your sensibilities, even, when you have a dream like this. You feel like you’re overwhelmed, and it’s because you’re coming dangerously close to something in which there isn’t the aliveness that kind of keeps things going.

You carry something like this to the farthest degree, it’s almost as if the stillness goes back to the Demiurge, which is supposedly a vibration that came and ultimately out of that is the evolution of the species. And first there was just the Demiurge, and then came something as embodied as life; as human existence. It’s almost as if that’s where something like that is going; in other words, where it’s going, how it’s going, what you’re scoping to find, how it’s to be, is still like a mystery because it involves having to let go or sort something out.

And the attempt to do so causes these images that are kind of terrorizing, because it’s easier to keep something quickened in one’s nature, than to adopt a state that is more empty, because that is scary to the sense of oneself, that holds on to this quickening, that’s like an aliveness or vibration. It’s scary.

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