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arnWhen no one is listening to us, what do we do? Often, we raise our voice to be heard. Or we make our text ALL CAPS. Well, our systems can feel the same way in their conversation with us, on the inside, through our dreams. That’s when we get jarring or unsettling images that can throw us off for the whole day when we wake up. In this example, there is a murderer, and then the killing of a murderer. But we are all the characters in our dreams, so the image is an expression of a deep fear or resistance to what needs to occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t seem to like my dream last night, I only remember one of them. In that dream, I’m living in a house, and there’s someone that’s going around town murdering people. And I’m trying to find, or capture, that person.

And I’ll go out, and I’ll be looking at people and following them, and then coming back. And people come to the house, and I’ll be looking at them. And, at one point, I have three people sitting in a room with me, I think it’s three men, one person I know from high school, I forget who the other two are. And I become convinced that’s it’s one of them.

And I know that the characteristic of this person who’s killing people is that he’s compulsive, because he’s killed successive people. And, anytime anybody comes through, it’s like I’m looking at them, I’m examining them. I’m trying to figure out where they were and what they’ve done. And everyone does kind of keep moving. So it’s hard for me to get a sense of them.

At one point, I have to leave these three people I have in the house where I’ve kind of narrowed it down, I think it’s one of them, and I ask some friends to watch them, and describe that I think that whoever it is will be compulsive.

Well, when I come back to the house, they’ve captured the person that was murdering everybody. I even thought it might be one of the ministers, but it ends up being a woman. So I have two of my women friends holding on to her until I can get back into the house. But as I come into the room, they take some kind of a cylinder and push it into her arm, cutting the arteries, so she’ll die. And I’m like shocked that they did that. And maybe they just thought that would stop her killing anyone else, but I’m shocked at it. So that was the dream.

John: The dream was triggered by the fact of an energetic inside, or a kind of awakening, or awareness quality, that you’re moving towards inside, in which the idea is one of letting go of everything.

So the idea of letting go of everything is scary because it triggers the impression of a kind of death. And so you’re trying to figure out how to observe all of this, how it is that you can take and observe, or notice, what is changing. Because this whole schematic of a type of death is a schematic in which a quality where you’re used to trying to make something meaningful – you can’t quite do anymore. And so it’s like the flip side of that, is that something is killing you.

It’s a peculiar sensation. The first time I had the sensation like that is I actually had something physically wrong with me. And, of course, I carried the sensation in terms of waking up and there being like an emptiness, where there was nothing alive, which meant that there was something dying.

That isn’t what you’re doing, what you’re doing is you’re carrying this sensation of something like this, because there’s a sense of a stillness, or a quietness where you let everything go. And that has an impression of death. So the oddity of this thing is, no matter how you look at this, it still looks like something has to go. And there’s always something that has to be let go of.

And so, in terms of your view of the overall world, that’s like something is dying, only you’re dying in terms of the way you’re caught, or held, or tied up in terms of the world. It’s a scattering sensation. You feel scattered, you feel discombobulated, when you have a dream like this. You feel like you can’t trust your sensibilities, even, when you have a dream like this. You feel like you’re overwhelmed, and it’s because you’re coming dangerously close to something in which there isn’t the aliveness that kind of keeps things going.

You carry something like this to the farthest degree, it’s almost as if the stillness goes back to the Demiurge, which is supposedly a vibration that came and ultimately out of that is the evolution of the species. And first there was just the Demiurge, and then came something as embodied as life; as human existence. It’s almost as if that’s where something like that is going; in other words, where it’s going, how it’s going, what you’re scoping to find, how it’s to be, is still like a mystery because it involves having to let go or sort something out.

And the attempt to do so causes these images that are kind of terrorizing, because it’s easier to keep something quickened in one’s nature, than to adopt a state that is more empty, because that is scary to the sense of oneself, that holds on to this quickening, that’s like an aliveness or vibration. It’s scary.

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ima09-gesIt would be quite natural to wake up from a dream where someone was murdered and feel disturbed and upset – particularly if the victim appeared in the form of a family member. But only in rare instances are dreams premonitions of future events. Plus, we know that we are all of the characters in our dreams, so who is really being murdered? In this image it’s a parent, which speaks of an older and wiser aspect, or perhaps even ancient aspect, of the dreamer, or even of the collective – because psychic capabilities are part of our human design, but they have been ridiculed and denied, suppressed, and in so doing, we are actually killing off a part of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I’m introduced to a program on TV. In other words, inside I’m seeing a new program. This program is intended to portray a form of conscious interaction that is in life. A sequel to the show will portray another viewpoint in terms of a different actor.

So the purpose of the first show is to portray that there is a way of carrying on in a matter-of-fact way which is able to demystify an energetic. The way I perceive what I see, is the actor in the show, and the sequel, aren’t conscious in some sort of breakthrough way. In other words, they each think they’re doing the right thing, however. In other words, they are each quite attentive to the way the energy is understood in terms of themselves.

In the first pretend show, because it doesn’t exist, it’s all inside myself, the actor has lost a parent when the parent was befriended, taken on an excursion by a killer, and killed. The father and the killer go away from any witnesses, or anyone who could have ID’ d the murderer, when he was killed.

So, in the dream, because I’m psychic, I am able to know that this person, based upon an inner connection that I have somehow to my father and a natural knowingness, I’m able to read energy, and so I proceed to make charges to the police – who tell me to knock it off because I do not have actual evidence to incriminate.

I act as if I do because to me my ability to just naturally know this stuff is loud and therefore profound for me, and so I attempt to invoke and infer this to the officers, as if that’s possible, the means by which one’s able to channel and therefore catch up with an energetic inflection from within which makes visible and is the connection and conduction to what is knowable.

In other words, there is nothing hidden, even though no one witnessed it or nothing present. To prove that I know what I know as being genuine, I use my connective inner psyche to take them to the body. The officers do not have this inner knowingness available to them, and so thus how can they understand what this means, or how it works? And therefore I’m not able to charge the murderer for killing my father.

So this is a whole program. This is a TV show that’s about this person and his psychic ability and this is like an introduction. This is like the premiere? Whatever they call it, the season premiere. And then because this show is successful, they make a sequel, a kind of sequel to the same TV program that continues in this genre but now from the perspective of the killer.

In other words, the program is portraying what it is like to energetically go through life hiding from something, repressing something, that hurts your flow, in other words, is a lie. The sequel to this new show is to be shown, like I mentioned, through the eyes of the killer who has been able to get away with the crime because there isn’t any direct physical evidence available. However, he knows what he did. The murderer’s guilt will have a long-lasting karmic effect upon his being.

Although there isn’t any direct information available for anyone to see and to denote, nevertheless, because he knows and must carry the price of this energetic karma, the result is a program which will portray what it is like to be a bit guilty and self-conscious when you’re not able to be out in the open in manifestation. And so you could say that even though the collective isn’t able to pick it up because they don’t have the conscious psychic ability, he knows and that knowingness is an issue on a karmic level for him. And the psychic projection in the outer that I’m doing, that is into the collective, that the collective can’t handle is the flip side of the coin for me.

So what is going on? The two shows are, in a matter-of-fact way, portraying what it will be like in the future for those who carry the inner awareness as portrayed in the two TV programs. The energetic in each sequel will be worn on the sleeve of each actor’s personality, and the moviegoer will be able to look at this in a matter-of-fact way as an insightful way to connect energetically in a fashion that puts you in the shoes of this way of being.

The awareness that will be portrayed in terms of what it is like to live with psychic knowingness as the initial dream is, on the flip side coin, offset by a sequel which will portray what it is like carrying a concealed condition. In other words, the psychic thing in the first dream is out in the open. The concealed condition of what could be seen if the whole world was psychic like that is hidden, and yet that which is hidden still subtly affects the demeanor of life and is not something being worked out in an overallness in manifestation.

So in the first TV show the psychic knowingness is obvious and apparent and vibrantly awakened in the main actor, but not in anyone else in the program. What this is going to be like for the psychic is he has to bear this awareness in a world in which no one else gets it, and so the show is what that’s going to be like. And it’s not going to be comfortable, of course, because he’s going to be like an oddball.

And in the second show this TV program is going to show what it is like to carry a guilt in terms of what has been done that is totally unacceptable to society but remains hidden from you. The karmic effect of this energetic will percolate under the surface of the collective. Therefore, when it’s under the surface of something then it is a defense mechanism, and it lowers the vibrational energy, and creates a denseness and makes the energetic of a person very reserved and incapable of free flowing.

And so all of that is going to be shown in terms of what it is like to have to live with this guilt and misuse of energy – not able to live itself out in manifestation and be open for resolution.

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engulfed0It’s much easier to talk about the idea of surrender on a spiritual path than to actually do it. These dream images show that, and the form it takes is the image of being stalked by a murderer, and then of being suspected of being a murderer. The seriousness of those ideas shows how serious the concept is to the dreamer, and yet we know that when we are being chased in a dream we need to stop running and allow ourselves to be caught – so a deeper inner connection can be made. If spirituality is to become part of something greater than ourselves, we’re going to have to find a way to let go to it.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I felt like I had two dreams I pulled out, and I was having some problems with a little bit of cramping in my legs when I straightened them out, so it was like that would pull me out to the surface more than I liked to be.

But I’m not sure of the order of the dreams, but I think in the first dream there’s some guy that’s maybe killed a few women, who’s stalking me. And he tries to do things like come through a drainpipe into the house, or some kind of a pipe that goes into the house, or at the office or somewhere. But I kind of know that he’s stalking me, but I have to keep checking all the time when I go places to see if he’s showing up or not – so I can keep him away from me.

And it’s also like trying to sometimes convince other people that he is doing this, so they can get him. I do seem to be able to get away from him, or to expose him if he shows up. And that was that dream.

John: That dream causes me to remember another little dream that happened inside, in which people are taking on a particular demeanor inside – and they’re not allowed to take on that demeanor in terms of what’s coming.

And it comes right into the house and it completely disorients you, and it’s like this huge presence that can completely engulf you. I have to jump off to one side, you know, and I’m inside trying to, before it comes all the way in, I’m actually even trying to warn people that whatever’s going on inside there doesn’t need to happen, that something is impending. And it’s just like this energy and, for a split second, I even stepped into it and all frames of reference are gone, all frames of reference. It was an engulfing thing.

Then I stepped back away and woke up and realized that this is going to engulf every… This is here. It’s coming inside. It’s going to engulf everything. And so what is stalking you is similar to that vibration of something that swallows the density and the nuances of one’s makeup – once one drops those mannerisms, ways that they project themselves, and carry themselves. Then you can function, but until you do that sort of thing kind of plays upon you and drags at your attention all the time. And everyone has that dragging at their attention in some fashion or another, and that’s just how they are. And that is not what is supportable anymore, because when you support that that takes you away from yourself.

So what’s behind everything that is pushing people to do this, and to do that, is this deeper vibration that is trying to come through. And if they can screen out the outer conditions, and the outer mannerisms, of things, but they still carry in their being as a vibrationalism as if it’s important, if they can let go of that, then they can be engulfed.

It’s an engulfing energy and, instead of allowing that to happen, it’s easy to just settle for something that you can make a big deal about, as a dharma, or frame of reference, or the idea of being stalked. That’s all a doing, and that all has to do with pointing one’s attention towards something outwardly, because inwardly it would be all-engulfing. And who can allow the all-engulfing to happen? Because that will take away all frames of reference, frames of reference that people cling to for their own idea of getting by.

Jeane: In the other dream I have it’s almost like a flip of that one. Almost like a flip side of someone stalking me. In this dream, I’m more being spied on because they think that I’m the one that’s been going around killing people. They think I’ve been going around killing people, so they’re trying to catch me doing it.

And I have a boyfriend who’s a detective, and then there’s a girl that maybe I work with or something that I know, but they’re always popping up places trying to catch me killing someone. I just think this whole thing is so absurd, I just want my boyfriend to, like, get in the car and we’re going to go where we’re going to go.

And yet they keep popping up around the corner, or doing this or that, trying to spy on me to catch me doing what they think that I’m doing that I’m not doing. So my feeling in this dream is just one of kind of exasperation, like would he just get in the car so we can get on with it because what they’re looking for is not happening.

John: That’s an interesting way... The first dream is projection, too. In other words, something is coming, but it doesn’t come all the way through, and it hits some little thing where there is something that you still feel or contend with, and when you contend with anything you have to contend with it in relationship to how it is that you’re designed, in terms of your challenges, your veils.

You have to contend with what that is like for you yet, and when you are caught in an energetic vortex like that, and then have a sense of something so much more, it’s a sensation of being stalked. In this case, you had the good sense to just stop and observe. When you stop and observed, you realized you were creating all of this. That’s what your second dream was doing.

Dreams that I’m classifying dreams in terms of the way they’re coming from and such, as energetics in manifestation, this should be a little like a Vishnu dream. And your dreams are more of a Vishnu nature and, oddly enough, mine are too only slightly differently. They’re Vishnu acknowledging the Brahma energy that is imminent and is rapidly approaching, and soon to be all-engulfing. And in order to hold that stillness I can’t be caught up in anything in particular – or I will be in a trance over having done that.

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