Tear in the Fabric

EntanglementIt’s getting more clear every day that this current batch of humans is not capable of fixing what is wrong in the world – mostly because they’re either invested in it staying the same, or they’re living in denial about the state of things. One thing seems certain: the only solutions for the problems of today need to be spiritual solutions. This mean that human life and its designed purposes are what the society as a whole supports. When there is a problem or a question, it gets resolved from the perspective of what is best in keeping with higher purposes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I dreamt the accentuation of the masculine that is looking at things in a masculine way, and how dire that is if you really, really do admit just what it is that’s behind it.

And then I dreamt how that has to succumb to an inner divine principle, that is imbedded, and is at the depths of all that there is. And that it is the rising up of this that is the transformative and intertwining way to enable a oneness to come back into manifestation – to be awakened from the depths already embedded, but hidden and repressed, that lies in manifestation

And the degree of things, to keep that from happening, and how anything that contends with that, that tries to offset that, or compete with that, or contend with that, are everything that is in that same motif in some way, shape, or form as an outer reflective appearance, in other words, of an outer flow way, is doomed and destined to collapse.

In other words, no matter how secretive, or hidden, or cute it is, or how well intentioned it is, anything in that direction is destined to go nowhere. And so, if your perspective is of that, then it’s hopeless.

And so the interesting thing about a dream like this is it’s re-accentuating the significance and importance of the feminine principle that has gotten cut off from its way of being, in terms of the intertwined flow, in terms of the breath even. You know, the inner breath is just taken for granted. The out-breath is what people pay attention to. The inner breath is just subjectively inflective. You know, it’s kind of like if your tendency is to acknowledge the outer breath, and not the inner breath.

I remember when I first came before the teacher he was stressing the importance of the inner breath, and I went up to him and I said I don’t know what that is, I don’t experience that, I just notice the dynamic behind the outer breath. And he indicated, oh, that’s okay – meaning okay for now, but eventually, of course, the inner breath is what has to awaken because it’s the outer breath that has the masculine quality trait that is only cycling in an outer motif way. It is that which has, no matter how educated, clever, or even seemingly conscious it gets, it can’t change anything.

And it is this principle that occurs all the time, when a person has a problem in their life, they typically don’t know how to ask for help from within, and they tend to try to rearrange the deck chairs of things in the outer – as if that’s going to resolve or satisfy things. And, up to a degree, one should say that has been allowed to work like that in intermittent ways in the past, but now it’s gotten to the point where everything has gotten so speeded up or whatever, or come to such a focal point, that nothing works, so you can’t deceive yourself that way anymore if you’re truly honest. You have to admit that, whatever you do in that regard, is wrong as far as what is the inner divine design. You know, it’s estranged from that.

In the meditation dream, I looked at what I am describing to be a breakdown, tear in the fabric of life, and that this breakdown tear of the fabric of life is responsible for what is occurring and is imminent. The effect of the tear has two sides to it.

On the one hand, there is more havoc and mayhem, and on the other hand the access to the inner design behind creation is easier to access. It’s kind of like maybe a grace principle to try to contend with things. The current state of things outwardly is on shaky grounds. However, the inner experiences that probe more deeply behind the mask is there as a possibility for those who seek to break out of their amnesic trance. It is as if the principle of the hidden wholeness has lost its temper. The fabric is torn and cannot be fixed.

There is no answer for this in terms of an economic system in life, which is dysfunctional, and so in other words if you follow that through the economic wobbly countries are going to go over an edge, and this is going to affect the most sophisticated outer systems as a domino effect occurs. Nobody wants to accept that this is inevitable. Everyone wants to believe that there’s a fix that is possible, but we are a global society moving towards oneness, so the breakdown, in other words, the flip side of the movement without the divine, in other words, everything is moving to coming together as a type of oneness, like one world order and all of this kind of stuff, so the flip side, the negative side of this one and the one in the hands of the powers that be that are in the outer will make the breakdown infectious.

Deep within there are those who are able to look at the situation straightaway and see it for what it is. Other individuals approach this in another way. In other words, what I just described is a way of seeing things as it is just using the outer, just looking at the outer and seeing, you know, this can’t continue. And then there are other individuals that approach this in another way, such as being aware of the plight of Mother Earth and noticing that a shift in our habitat is coming. But, what is even more interesting, is that some are able to look at the crack in the fabric of life and see the inner imprint behind the chaos and, in doing so, go within even deeper and look at the inner unfoldment.

Instead of dwelling upon the problem that is going to disrupt and disturb, there is the solution on the inner, in that it has a soothing comfort zone that is quiet and dormant. Some individuals, I mean those that are on a path, can see the inner situation design, you know almost unwaveringly, and know that on the inner all is well.

It is not well, however, in terms of any expectations in which a happy outer ending is possible. The disruption and disturbances from the fabric crack in the outer are not fixable in terms of the outer, and the outer chaos and breakdown that is sitting there kind of on the verge of going over further edges, is inevitable. But from a solution-oriented inner, there is a soothing relief for those who are able to go along with the flow without cracking up in some outer way or another.

Those who are solution oriented cannot have any attachment, not even an attachment to an outer quality of life, personal well being, and, to put it bluntly, any crutches to lean upon, because everything is, from an outer perspective way of seeing things, going to get torn askew. Our idea of an aliveness and safety net, or out clause, is no longer a viable option for positioning purposes. No one can get out of this.

The shift that is coming is taking life as we know it to a whole other place. No one knows what that is going to be like because it has never occurred in an outer-context way before. In other words, this is the first time that mankind has done things to destroy it all. There is one comfort or solace to lean upon, and that rule of life is on a divine lens and level of wholeness which embraces the fact that energy is neither created nor destroyed but just transformed into another state. What that will be like, on an experiential level, is an unanswerable outer mystery.

So, what this meditation dream is doing, because it is going back and forth with kind of the literalness of what is visible in the outer, and taking that in as a kind of shock, and, at the same time, knowing that there is an inner enlightenment where that’s accentuated at this period of time.

When things get really dire it seems like something within also gets easier and closer to the veils between the two places, between that inner now, gets thinner as well. Yet in terms of the outer loudness of things, it seems like it’s on an impossible to fix collision course.

And so a dream like this points to what we know as life perhaps changing to something that we had no cognition of at this time. You know, maybe we become beings of light or maybe, you know, everything in terms of manifestation goes through a process in which it’s not what we are accustomed to thinking, and that we are something entirely different when this is over. That’s what a dream like this is inclined to think. In other words, giving the outer, and what it is representing, giving it a lot more due than perhaps it should be getting.

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The Interval Before Manifestation

Things are changing. Energies on the planet are shifting. These current times require a different approach, and part of that approach is in finding a location inside ourselves that can hold an emptiness where something new can unfold. We are poised in time, similar to the moment when one wave recedes from the shore, yet before the next wave comes in. In this interval, we must hold an openness and inner balance while we await further instructions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This dream takes place in the jungle, and it feels like because we watched science fiction movies yesterday, aliens have invaded. And so different groups are hunting each other in the jungle.

And one of the things that we do, we’re a small group of people, is we go out as kind of like a decoy. And so we’ll have a few people out there in the jungle and then you kind of try to entice the other side to attack you and you capture them – if you don’t get captured yourself.

The problem is that if you’re out there in the jungle, and you’re either being the decoy or you’re being the group attacking them, they may end up being friendlies, in which case you can join together and be stronger, or they’ll be aliens in which case there’s a battle.

Sometimes some people can morph to look like the opposite of what they are, and so the first two times I have the dream we’re friendlies, and if other people attack us who are like us then we can join together, and if the aliens attack us we can entice them in and do battle,

But then the third time I dream the dream, the people that look like us are actually aliens that have disguised themselves. But I seem to know this right away, and so I guess that’s one of those skills you have to know, that no matter what it looks like you have to know what they really are.

John: Which is the condition of things in the outer when people are confused and lost. In other words, they can look one particular way, but what they really understand and consciously are able to take in, is something entirely different.

And so you’re finding that you’re having to cope with life in which that which is relatable is something in which there’s a similitude, or an intertwining, that has to do with the way you are able to find yourself and feel yourself in relationship to the Whole.

And so as you proceed in what is kind of a mayhem of energetics in the Wholeness of life, you’re able to tell that which is expansive and adds something to you, which is like a friendly, and that which may look like you and may seem like you, but isn’t yet quickened or awakened to be able to respond or to integrate and thus is, and can have, the sensation of being like an enemy. Or you can have the compassion and recognition that they just are what they are and that you are able to function in a different space, so that you’re not affected by them.

In other words, the dream is having you look at the contrast of how something can, in one regard, connect and link and be touched, and in another regard be something that is hostile and foreign or alien.

The difference basically is, in terms of looking at this being sides of yourself, the difference is the degree to which you are able to hold onto that interval or space that has a connection with all that exists in an undifferentiated manner. That interval and space is where the inner turns to the out-breath.

To the degree to which you don’t, on an energetic level, hold onto that space, you see yourself then as having to figure out who the friendlies are, and who the hostiles are. And you see yourself as in a universe, or world of energy, in which you hold yourself in such a way so that you draw things to you, and sort it out that way, or you go the opposite direction and you proceed out, and reach out, to touch or to poke things and in each interval you have to quickly be on guard if it is something that is foreign or alien.

It may look like you, but isn’t able to be like you. This is also your way of being able to see in life that, energetically speaking, where there is a cohesion that can come together as if light recognizes light, or likeness recognizes likeness, and the dilemma of this dream is that there’s actually a space in which none of that needs to affect you one way or another.

That is the overall space, true, and it is what exists out there. And of course it would be extremely confusing if you were having to understand this strictly based upon the reflections in which what you’re able to sort out and understand over here, will not make any sense in terms of what is happening next over there, and that all of this will be most confusing in terms of looking at it in terms of social, economic, or spiritual.

To make sense out of it, you have to be at the point where whatever there is that’s in existence, or in manifestation, is just acceptable to you because you sit in this interval before manifestation, or a setness, is able to take in, which is the interval between in-breath and out-breath.

It’s in this area of a nothingness or emptiness from which everything is essentially created, but then there is this moment in this interval where the switch, or the change agents, the evolution, however you want to say that, is not yet designed, or set forth.

And so when it’s like that, if you’re able to be in this space, you can be turned this way or that way, expanded or contracted, hit by light or dark, and be able to just go with the flow without your mind getting caught up in whether this is right or wrong, or whatever the usual nuances are that tear and twist a person up.

You’re able to accommodate that because there has been no divine decision or determination upon which to set the clock of manifestation, and so it sits in a type of momentary limbo. Now, the time of when that turns into maybe the next round of things, or the next setness of life going forward, or in which there is kind of a linkage or connection that comes back in as a collective quality of light, that hasn’t happened yet.

Instead the light of the old era has ended, so that the values that are possible in terms of the inner light to the outer manifestation can’t evolve or shift. That state exists for who knows how long because the aspect or consequences of time and space do not yet come into play when you’re at this interval between the inner and the outer.

Ultimately of course they will come back into play, but right now you have no out-breath that brings the seed down, nor do you have an in-breath that takes something back that keeps the cycles of creation viable.

And so in your dream, the degree to which you’re able to gracefully be in this space, the degree to which you struggle to be gracefully in this space, is presented by the way you attempt to orient yourself in terms of, on one hand trying to draw something to you almost as a setup, as a baiting, all the time cognizant that it may not be like you and it might be an enemy or a hostile.

Or flipping it around that you can take an initiative and go out and stalk something knowing full well that you might creep up on something that looks like you, but isn’t like you, that, in other words, just doesn’t have what is necessary as a light from which something can happen.

This description of what and of how you are looking at it is reflective of how it is that you are existing. In other words, you could exist in this interval where the inner and the outer have not yet… something hasn’t clicked yet and it’s just a nothingness and emptiness that encompasses it all before the next play or round begins.

You could be sitting there, but you’re not quite actually totally sitting there. You’re being thrown, you’re yo-yoing about, you’re bicycling about, trying to figure out how to make the best of it, where you have an inkling but you haven’t gotten the full download or the full letting go.

This is a quality of letting go, and the degree to which you aren’t quite doing it so you’re still having your nuances and your reactions, because you’re still buying into something instead of just the pure essence of that interval.


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The Light of the World

John: Last night, my shoulder was hurting. In sleeping, I contend with it, or try to accommodate it, so it doesn’t wake me. Part of the reason I accommodate it is that I refuse to accept that it can’t get better. So I continue to probe beyond for a solution, and I’m attentive to this idea that there’s still hope.

I’m not having any success, but at least I find it interesting that there’s a place beyond to explore. What I’m saying is that I’m searching for an inner solution to an outer (physical) problem. I can’t let what others say hold me back. I know they mean to give me good advice, but that doesn’t resolve the problem, so I keep probing.

I suppose this is the condition, too, I find myself in, in relation to the outer world. I’m at a point where I can recognize how there can be a deeper attempt, from within, to try to touch and change things in the outer, but I don’t actually see it working.

When you get right down to the core of things, an energetic could, and is intended (in its highest development) to be able to shift and make changes. But I’m not seeing it as able to make the kind of difference that could alter or change the continuing breakdown that I see unfolding in the world today.

And yet, I also don’t believe that there’s any other way to do it, which is a matter of everyone getting more and more toward the epicenter of their being. In other words, the only thing that can affect a change at this point is a state of inner being that has a greater universal understanding and an intertwined connection to everything.

The key to this is found by getting out of the way in every regard, in terms of one’s approach to life, on a practical level. Then, with ourselves out of the way, we’ll find that we’re connected to the overall flow of things. Somehow this conscious response is capable of altering what’s unfolding. What we currently see unfolding is a consequence of the inner dynamic of the human race, as a whole, and its inability to be at this state of depth and power inside sufficient to make a difference.

Perhaps this is why it’s felt by some that there’s no longer the light of the individual. Usually there’s an energetic resource in the whole that’s like a collective mannerism in terms of a change agent, a kind of light or value that simultaneously awakens and opens, to which the individual can link and connect.

That causes things to change. But the sense is that the overall collective light, to which the individual light can connect, isn’t able to reach that kind of epiphany of awareness, that collective spark that can trump and go beyond the prevailing situation.

The hope and heartfulness that can be found in an individual can no longer find its correlation in the outer, because the outer is so strongly warped that it blocks out that essence from flickering.

Do I actually believe that, because that’s portraying a fairly hopeless scenario? If it was really that hopeless it would be like a type of dying, in which there’s no conceivable hope anymore. I think things are going to change radically, but there’s little evidence of the transitional energy that’s needed to bring humans to this change gradually – so they can handle it.

Or, perhaps, what’s meant to unfold is working at a level of nothingness and heartfulness and depth, which hasn’t been caught up with yet, it’s so subtle. And, in that, there really is the means provided in the collective flow that an individual consciousness can touch, which can trigger change.

I’m inclined to believe that that’s the case. In the past, humans as a whole had the ability to turn a little dial here, or do a little something over there, to effect a change, but that doesn’t work anymore. It only serves to postpone the agony of things to come.

So it’s easy to draw the conclusion that when the fine tuning no longer works, it’s because some light of the overall world soul has gone out. I don’t quite know how to believe that as true. Yet the situation right now in the outer, no matter how you look at it, and no matter what is done, nothing seems to be averting it.

Perhaps we’re just observers to something coming apart? It hurts to see it coming apart because there will be a lot of suffering and confusion still to come, caused by the defiance of the human to its natural awakening.

This creates a state of helplessness, where we can’t do anything. Yet I have a deep sense that something is missing in that, that it’s not necessarily the full answer. There’s still something more that’s noodling behind the outer appearances.

What that is is something new, unknown to us, and there must be those who have a better sense of this, who can see this moving about, but in an unconstellated state, still forming. But our ability to work with something in transition, that part seems to be missing. We’re not able to see how the light within can touch that, because for it to touch that there has to be a recognition, a mutuality, and the problem is in finding that.

These ideas go along with some dreams I’ve had that indicate that, because everyone believes that the outer flow of things, this outer illusion, has such a profound meaningfulness that there’s a deep problem in keeping that attachment from getting in the way of the inner coming into the outer.

The inner that needs to come into the outer can only happen through a state of emptiness or nothingness, so that really redefines, in these times, the role of a human being.

Before we were part of what could be called a kind of co-creator mode. Now I’m not sure just how this is meant to be because attempts to figure out how to define that, in order to figure out how to be in a state that’s conductive to that, seem to be out of reach.