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Jeane: I still don’t remember the middle dream, so this is the third dream of the night (see Getting Smaller and Smaller). It feels completely opposite from the first dream which had a very delicate, pretty, flowing sense to it; it was a feeling I very much wanted to get back to.

I think this dream could have been influenced by the fact that I’m reading a book called The Family. It’s about a right wing political group that thinks they’re anointed to be Christ’s soldiers, but they’re really about being the elite who are running the world  – they want to be the power behind the scenes. 

So in the dream I’m either with you or some other man, and there’s another man with us who feels more like a brother. We’re trying to investigate a factory at the edge of town where we know people are being taken. Surgery is being performed on them, and it seems they are even being genetically altered.

Some group is doing all kinds of things to make these people the way they want them to be. They are kidnapping people, holding them against their will, and then altering them.

I’ve been in the factory once and I’ve seen what they do. We’re trying to expose them and close them down. Some of the people who work their support what is going on, and others just turn a blind eye and ignore what is happening.

We’re trying to break in or get enough information so the factory can be stopped, but we might get captured ourselves. Part of me just wants to get a good pair of binoculars and observe what’s going on, and another part of me feels like I have to try to get in to the factory.

You tell me that if I should get caught, to just act like I’m there to give someone sexual favors as a way to distract them. I’m not too down with that plan. You might even tell me to stay away, but either way I’m suddenly on my own and going into the factory. 

It feels like this time there is a woman who is helping me. I’m almost discovered. There’s a worker who’s suspicious. I see a way to get out, but I’m carrying some bedding and maybe my binoculars, or a camera or other things, and I need something to put them in.

I see some very thick plastic bags that look like they are manufactured there; maybe they even put them over the bodies. I’m opening one of them up, while being watched with suspicion, so I can put my linens and stuff inside.

When I finally get outside the factory and into town, suddenly someone is questioning why am I doing these things. I actually knock them down. I think I’m trying to beat them up. I’m mad because I think they put up with this factory making changes to them because they’re changes that they really couldn’t do on their own.

I’m really mad that they would allow it to continue just for that reason, so it feels like I actually want to beat them up or something. At least I’ve knocked them down. That’s about the time I woke up.

John: So, why do you feel that this was so different from the first dream?

Tomorrow we will look at how both dreams explore similar territory using very different images and evoking very different feelings.

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Jeane: In the next dream it also feels like I’m always on the run, although sometimes I pause and change directions. My persona is female in this dream.

Initially, I’m with a group of people and we seem to be running towards a body of water, but everyone stops because it looks like we can’t climb over the rocks that are in the way.

But I notice that one of the rocks, a huge rock, has eyes painted on it; it almost looks like something that used to live in the sea, but that came out of the water and became a rock.

Even though it looks like we’re initially blocked from getting to the water, I find a way to get access by climbing over the side. When I reach the water, it looks like a scene from a south Pacific island because a whole group of people are paddling toward the shore in those narrow wooden boats.

John: I’m confused. I’m trying to get the sequence of this down. You’ve gone over some barriers to reach the water?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And there’s also something that’s pursuing you?

Jeane: No, I’m not sure I’m being pursued, but I feel like I am moving very fast, and I have to climb over rocks to get to the water.

John: But you have the sense that there’s something in the past?

Jeane: I feel like there’s something after me in a way, yes, but I…

John: But you can’t put your finger on it.

Jeane: No.

John: And so it looks like, so far, that you’re taking the feminine approach, in which you’re following along in a natural way.

Jeane: So then, when I get to the water, it feels like my way will be blocked because there are all these people paddling in these narrow boats – one after another. It feels like either the boat, or a paddle, will hit me, particularly as they are paused for a moment just prior to starting a race or something.

But I seem to be determined, so I notice that there is a narrow little pathway between two of the boats. There is  a very thin dock, and one can go in the water underneath this dock and not get hit by the paddles.

After I go out into the water, I get onto a boat. Then I look towards the land and realize I have to head back there. I’m not exactly clear on the next sequence, but somewhere in this dream I had seen a male friend of mine who’s a little bit intense.

Somehow, at some point, I become aware that this friend has been taken over by a demon or something, and he’s turning that dark energy on people. That’s why I have to go back to shore – to help with that situation.

When I get back on land I realize there are other people who have been taken over by these “dark forces” and they’re trying to hide this fact. If one pretends like they don’t know it, then the others won’t attack them.

I’m moving amongst them as though I think they’re okay, even though I know they’re not. I know that somewhere among them is a baby that they’ve taken, but the baby still hasn’t been touched by all this dark energy. If they don’t realize that I’ve recognized who they are, I might be able to get to the baby.

Then it feels like I do get to the baby. I don’t really see that I remove the baby, maybe just touching the baby was enough. However I do have to keep moving because I realize that this force (embodied by my male friend) is chasing and taking over people. I’m aware of it because I knew him before the force possessed him.

So I have to go and face the situation. I might be able to help. I’ve left the house where all the people had already been taken over, and I feel like I have to go back into the village. Perhaps I can help. Because I knew him before, maybe I will be able to touch something.

We will delve into the inner dynamics behind this dream in our next post!

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Jeane: In this dream I am involved with a group, and I am wearing a cap that identifies the group I am with – it is a Sufi cap. Someone in the group has a baby that needs treatment, so we have taken the baby home with us.

The baby needs some sort of treatment so we have put it in a type of incubator, but it looks like a fish tank. On the side of the incubator are monitoring devices. A woman (a friend) is coming over to go for a walk with me. You are to my right. There is another woman who is administering the treatment for the baby; it is a tiny, tiny baby in the fish tank.

I look over at the monitors on the wall and they have suddenly gone awry. From the way it looks, I say to the woman, “I think the baby is flat-lining.” Then I see a little activity pick up, so I walk over to the tank and see that this baby, which is so tiny and looks like it still has its umbilical cord, is just hopping mad about being there and getting this treatment.

I can totally understand that. I scratch at the front of the tank as one does with animals in a cage, to let it know you are there. Then my friend is ready to go for the walk. I find my Sufi cap and put it on. You question whether it is a real Sufi cap because you do not see the label. I show you the lining and the price tag on it, and I think the label read, Sorry by Sara, but it may be Sara by Sara, I’m not sure.

But you could tell it was a Sufi cap; it looked different from my friend’s cap, but it was still a Sufi cap. I put on the cap so that my friend and I can go for the walk. That’s the whole dream.

John: So your dream has three characteristics to it: one characteristic shows a point of balance that is important to you – that is the Sufi cap. A second characteristic has to do with seeing everything more in terms of the flow, from an even higher aspect – that is reflected in your friend and going for a walk. And the third aspect shows something that is yet to emerge, that is repressed, or held back, and cannot get free of its conditions; this is represented by the small baby, who is weak but getting treatment to get stronger.

It’s interesting that the baby is hopping mad at the treatment – it cannot quite accept the flow. So there seems to be some volleying going on in terms of trying to get the balance right between these aspects. When the balance is not right, treatment is required.

So the cap shows an awakened energetic in you, yet it does not quite have the inner linkage yet. You are seeking that linkage by taking the walk with your friend (she has a cap but it is different than yours; it shows a higher octave of linkage). And the baby is mad at getting the treatment because it is being held back because it is so young – it is not ready to emerge on its own.

You are trying through this imagery to pull a whole cadence of something together. And the limiting issue is the cap; the Sufi orientation is the limitation. If you let go of that, then everything is apt to flow a little bit better. It’s only a limitation in the sense of it being symbolic – you are trying to connect to what is natural, and the cap represents your personalization of an idea, which brings with it with your own disharmonies.

You are attempting to tune yourself to better frequencies, making adjustments naturally, on a conscious level, to rid yourself of the disharmonies. So in looking for a way to find a natural flow, you have your own ideas and impressions (the cap), you have something ready to open up that is exciting (your friend), and you have the preventing factor, i.e., that which is not quite ready yet still needs to emerge. The premature baby is the part of yourself that is reactive and is keeping you from the flow.

Ultimately, the dream shows you at a point in time, needing to fully accept the circumstances you are in – letting go of what is preventing you from emerging – before you can pull everything into the same cadence.

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