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Jeane: So, in the next dream, there are three huge dogs; they’re almost the size of wolfhounds. One is white and the other two are darker and they’ve got red eyes. They’re bad dogs, and they’ve destroyed or torn up some people or things that they’ve come upon. They are after me, but I don’t quite seem to know that yet.

I get in a car and I’m traveling toward home. I’ve been out camping and I have a bunch of stuff in the car. Just as I reach my hometown, to a street not far from where my house is, something happens and parts fall off under the car – like the muffler and the oil pan. That may even cause the back wheels to drop off so that the car rolls over to the side.

I notice a garage not too far away and pull over.  A woman…

John: Where are the dogs now?

Jeane: The dogs are coming. They’re probably causing mayhem along the way. A woman in a car with a couple of little girls offers me a ride, but before we get in the car the dogs arrive. There are three of them and they are huge, with red eyes.

They are bad dogs and I want to get some help. There are some older, retired people who come outside, but I want to shoo them inside. The little girls are with me now and I’m doing something to try to stay between them and the dogs. The dogs come toward us as if to charge, but then are backing off.

Feeling I must do something to cause a distraction, I take the little girls to a stairway I see on my right and shoo them up it before the dogs realize where we’ve gone. I feel like the dogs will come and the place will catch on fire because of their energy – it’s like they are hounds from hell.

When I get the girls upstairs we go through a door and suddenly we’re in this room, transported back to old France where people are wearing ball gowns. They walk in a stately way, as if they’re going to their seats for a show and they’re holding their programs, which are huge and painted.

These people are not moving fast enough and this is really confusing me. I feel we have to move fast and get out of this room because the dogs could come in at any moment. That’s when I wake up.

John: So it’s like a shock treatment: you get a shock and you progress to another state, then another shock and you progress to another state.

This is a consequence of the vehicle you’re driving (which is you) – the way you’re holding onto it, it is just falling apart. It lacks something in terms of a connection and a consequence, the energetic of which should be supporting you.

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but you’ve got hellhounds that are stalking you. As bad as that looks, it does provide you with these shocks and shifts, where you flash to this and flash to that.

You can keep getting shocked – and will keep getting shocked – until you recognize and realize how to hold onto a particular note and do it for yourself. You have to hold onto this inner note so that external events no longer alarm you.

That inner note safeguards and protects you, but until you hit that note and hold onto it, you’re going to experience these shocks.

So now we have three dreams in the same night. The first showed the confusion of the woman who was arrested, and you were unable to sort out the facts because the confusion was coming from your own disconnection from inner guidance.

Then we had the beagles with the blue fur being led around, which is another aspect of you not being guided from within, but from the external (you’re on a leash).

And now we have the hellhounds stalking you. These images are all a result of your own flip-flopping internally. You are attempting to make a journey towards something, but you are unable to do that in an open and free way as you would if you were listening to your inner guidance.

Guidance is something that you can hear inside; you get it and you know. There is discernment to it, and by your needing to be led you have created a limitation by cutting down on your flexibility and flow.

As a consequence, you don’t have the wholeness of yourself. Yet somehow you are striving to hear it. The thing of it is, what is causing this feeling of terror, this feeling of being hounded, is the energetic of this connected wholeness within you. It is your resistance to it – your inability to let go and trust it – that creates the feeling of terror.

Instead of running from it (you may get in a car, but you see that the wheels fall off), you have to take it in and let it catch up to you. You have to flow at that pace. Otherwise, you see that you will keep shocking yourself along the way, snapping from one state to another, as one does when they react to every bump in life.

It appears to you as a dream of terror, but it’s designed to get you to let go, to stop reacting to things, and instead to submit to whatever it is that you are subjected to, because in your natural wholeness you can take it all in.

These images are showing you that you are not letting go yet. You are still “traveling toward” something, but you are not yet “traveling in it.” When you begin to travel in it, its treasures are naturally revealed and opened up as guidance, as opposed to being led.

All three dreams are portraying a certain state and condition in which you’ve got to feel yourself, and carry yourself, in terms of how you experience your process and how you live your process at this time.

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John: So here we have an ominous scenario of me being basically trapped on the bank of a river (see Take Me to the River) and the person who’s in charge of wiping me out, along with all the other aspects of me in the dream, is telling me I have no chance to escape or survive. The side of the river I’m on represents my lower self, and the far side with the helicopter, and where the “exterminator” has come from, is my higher self.

On the bright side, during the unfolding of the scene, I do maintain a focused attention on what is happening, i.e., I’m evaluating the distances to different potential hiding places and I’m trying to delay the exterminator from giving the signal. I’m not panicking, which is important in terms of what the dream is relating. It shows an innate faith that I will be able to sort out all my lower-self problems, the kinds that would doom most people in this situation (i.e., no one has survived before).

I’m also fortunate that I have a link to the other side in that the exterminator is communicating with me. He’s also showing a certain care and regard toward me, even though he offers no hope. The dream is also showing that I’m not giving the higher part of myself the same care and regard.

In other words, I’m paying more attention to my lower self. Then, when I suddenly see the other side of the river it is a shock to me – I hadn’t noticed it. But later in the dream I am reminded that I did have a relationship with my higher self, represented by the vehicle I left behind.

I had forgotten about the vehicle because, technically, my actions toward it had been a letting go. That enabled something else to come and deal with the vehicle and make the most out of such a wreck (the $30 payments).

Once I’m informed of this windfall, a twinge of my old self came up and just wanted to grab what had been left behind. It’s the same kind of twinge that had me thinking I could stop at the small stand of trees before I realized that option was hopeless.

So I took the dash across to the building, which opened its doors to me. It shows I am glad to be in service to my higher self.

In the end, it’s the old vehicle that I left behind years ago – as a gesture to my higher self – that makes the difference. This linkage enables me to forget (as a distant memory) a condition of my lower self, the way I used to be, which is a state from which no one ever survives.

So this dream seems to say that our lower selves don’t necessarily doom us. Technically, I believe, that we don’t want to totally obliterate the lower self. In other words, you can’t just kill it off and be left in a transcendent place. I believe that you hold continuity to the lower self, from your higher-self side.

At that point, anything that has to do with the lower self is going to be like a faint echo, because one is so much into the vibration, and the freedom, of the higher. It’s a place that can’t quite relate with the lower, yet the connection isn’t completely severed. In that sense, we can be of the world, yet not take it so personally, as the lower self does.

So a dream that, at first glance, seemed like a scary nightmare, actually shows the happy ending of making that reconnection to the higher self.

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John: Dreams have a tendency to go through opposites, first one extreme and then the other. There is a sense of them expanding and then contracting within a specific theme, so if there is a nightmarish dream early in the morning, then there is often a dream with everything getting fixed just before you wake up. It gives a great sense of relief – you don’t want to wake up before you get the dream that fixes things.

So this dream follows the dream I described yesterday (Assembly Required). The images from the two dreams, when taken in, create a balance, and a way of holding the theme intact, as if the heart has memorized it all. It’s interesting how it comes together. On one hand there is the discombobulating and the over-reaction that wears you down, and on the other hand there is the composure, the balance, and the self-assurance that is naturally there. When the two sides are brought together, something else becomes possible.

The first thing that I notice is that a lot of time has elapsed since my last high school reunion. My hair has grown out and I see myself lying on a couch with my robe on. I am in a first floor apartment; there is a door at the other end of the room that looks out onto a street.

A postal truck pulls up and the postman rushes by, because this is a postman who moves really fast as he does his job. I don’t pay any attention to begin with so I just assume that it’s the regular postman. I raise my hand as if to greet or acknowledge him. His view of me is not the clearest, but I think he saw the gesture.

Well, I guess he assumed that I was signaling him to come over because he squints a bit, comes out of the truck and comes in the door. I see that he’s not the usual postman. I indicate that I was simply greeting him; he mumbles some things that don’t make a lot of sense, but what I do understand is that he doesn’t have his bearings about things on his route. He’s the new guy on the job. I’m also able to make out that the regular mail carrier is retiring.

I comment about how he can look forward to a route that he’ll probably be able to enjoy, like the fellow who preceded him, for 20 years or so. He doesn’t know what to make of that, so he just shrugs like he is not sure. Deep down, though, I know that will change when he gets used to the route because it’s an excellent assignment.

I know that the regular guy had a natural way and flow and friendliness about him; that he always went by foot, door to door, greeting people along the way. This new employee responds quickly when I question him by saying “Yes, you have to do to it that way.”

When I hear that I know that everything is going to work out well for this guy because he has the right focus and attention to maintain what is necessary to get the job done properly.

So we are speaking now of a consolidation, an aspect of the first dream. What I’m being shown is that when I get my bearings, and overcome imbalances that still exist in the second dream, everything will run smoothly. Both characters in this are aspects of me: the man in the house who feels a little anxious that things stay the same, and the new postman who needs to adjust to his new environment but has the right approach. The new man is integrating the two situations into one flow.

Then everything will be in balance for a good long time (20 years or so). I understand these messages about balance, and how the two dreams create their own internal balance, but I’m still catching up with what that’s all about in my outer life.

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