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woman aloneWhen we struggle, we often like to talk things through with our friends and family – to get the advice of those we trust, but also to get a different perspective from our own. Our dreams allow this same process, offering us advice on very specific aspects and threads in our life. In this dream, Jeane gives advice, to another part of herself, about a relationship. But the relationship is with an inner energetic that wants to be set free. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Yes, I actually have like three other little dreams there, and they all felt linked together to me, like one felt sequentially to the other. 

So, in the next dream, having left French Canada, I’m kind of on the road, and I come to this small town. And immediately there’s some kind of eye contact or something, with a man, that I make that, you know, we’re attracted, we want to be together, but he’s in a relationship. And he hasn’t separated himself from that relationship yet – although he wants to.

And it feels like I’m kind of going back, and forth, and I go into a building. And when I’m in that building, rather than him come, the woman he’s in a relationship with comes. And because she comes, I’m writing down on a piece of paper things that one can do that improve a relationship – which she can take. If he’d come first, I might have done something different, but she’s come before he has.

And then it feels like I leave that place, and the dream kind of shifts to a different tone. 

John: So in terms of trying to catch up with what it is that is hidden, whenever there is something that’s an imbalance in one’s nature, the outer world sets up – because we live in an expansive and contractive capacity, and within the parameters of a type of gravity – there is a magnetism that is set up to try to break through the complex of things. 

You see this all the time in terms of relationships, where a person will be attracted to another person that carries a kind of an opposite quality, or something, that somehow or another is a blind side in terms of their nature. And, generally, what they carry is a blind side to that person’s nature. 

And so you get into this kind of correspondence that can create a magnetism that pulls them together. However, because neither is really directly facing the complex, per se, there is an attempt to make a projection handoff. And in times when this coming together creates a different kind of resonance cohesion, in terms of the outer life, and that comes out, or is reached, or is touched, you can have the most horrendous of complex reactions that show that what is not being faced is so, so, so traumatic. 

Well you, somehow, in other words I’m describing the dynamic, but you understand the dynamic. In this dream you actually understand the dynamic, because what you are doing is you are, so to speak, looking and talking to yourself in a way, in other words because it’s another woman, it’s not something estranged as the opposite. You were looking at another woman, or basically looking at yourself, and you’re able to counsel yourself in terms of how it is that you need to be in order to make this sort of awakening more conducive. 

In other words, psychologically, you could say, find a balance or harmoniousness instead of it being something that is so traumatically over the top that you have to repress it to keep from cracking up. So that’s very interesting. That’s quite a step right there.

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