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3562272We can see all the changes between the female and male genders in recent years, and it’s just the beginning. For the human race to move forward, it has to be with the feminine playing an equal, but different, role together with the masculine. It can be no other way, because the very design of the energetic worlds demands that these two aspects interact to create something new. Male and female don’t just give birth in physical life, they join to create on the energy levels. So rebalancing the relationship between them is a first requirement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m at a car auction. This isn’t an ordinary car auction. In other words, it’s like you’re inside of a hall, and you don’t see the cars up on stage. You’re just sitting in there, and then something happens up on stage that is going to affect, or change, things.

And what this car auction is like is, it’s not necessarily a type of auction in which it goes to the highest bidder. This is a kind of auction in which the cars that are selected are specifically selected to be the vehicles that others will be using in the future.

In order to have that sort of thing happen you have to have three components in life. You have to have the inner and the outer coming together as one, which is portrayed as both a feminine and a masculine principle. And then you have to have an outer motif in which everything is laid out there. In other words, at this particular car auction, you’d have to have every potentiality that could possibly exist.

Now only certain cars are going to be selected, or ways of a flow being that’s going to unfold, only certain flows are going to become the motif for the unfoldment going forward. And so what you had as an image is sitting on the extreme far right-hand side, the very far, far right-hand side, only had three seats per row in the front. And I was sitting in the second seat that was against the wall.

Directly in front of me was a woman who was sitting in the front row, in other words, against the wall. And next to me was the guy who is the potentiality of all that could be. And so all of the various cars that were there, they all were just presented. Whatever unfolded in relationship to that, meaning the way this thing proceeded and was being handled, his part was to present everything as is – without having to define what is to be used, or not.

So he was sitting next to me. Because he’s presenting everything as is, he doesn’t put any weight upon any one thing. Instead, he is a person who stands out talking to everybody all around. He’s the image of holding all the pieces.

So what you have is you have a one, two, three, and four. The one and the two, in this situation, is one could be say the masculine, two could be the feminine, the coming together of that is a coming together of the one and the two into a type of completeness.

The overallness is the three. It’s the catalytic. It’s all of the possibilities that could possibly exist. And you get a four when you take and you determine how the flow of all of that needs to be, and, whenever that flow is selected, that is what is going to happen. In other words, this is an auction in which the flow of life is being designed.

And so it’s getting close to this auction starting. The room is full. Everybody has packed in, and so now you just wait to see what’s going to start, because you’re coming to an unveiling, a revealing, of something that is now going to be the new way of being, from all of the potentiality.

Well, instead of just sitting there, the woman in front of me, who happens to be dressed just like me, gets my attention for me to go with her and it’s like we’re going to review, or to put notes together, or however it is, right at the very last minute just before the auction begins. So our movement stands out, it’s noticeable, because you don’t just get up when something’s ready to start – and we’re up front. That’s the one thing you never do.

And, of course, to get up we had to go probably up on stage, which is where it would be happening, whatever is going to be happening, and then at some point we have to come back and again everyone’s going to see us coming back. And I know that what we are going to be doing is putting a focus and attention together. And that cohesion of the coming together of a completeness and a wholeness is going to set in motion a change, in terms of what is to be. So I can feel that it’s going to be like that. I know that it’s going to be like that.

And so when I come back it’s like I know now that what took place has changed the energy, and so I kind of want to be seen and noticed. And because this guy is carrying on with everybody, I kind of want to be seen and noticed by him, but as I file by and back into my seat he appears to be completely ignoring me, or denying any recognition of even feeling the vibration of an outcome that can be. He still is just maintaining his overallness; you don’t have the flow anymore.

In this dream this isn’t going to work anymore like this, because even though this guy doesn’t put any direct attention upon my coming and going at the last second, I know that he has to be feeling this motion. He has to feel the motion of me leaving and coming, and there’s something different in other words. I’m not just sitting in an amnesia. And so some part of him has got to be making note of it in his psyche, in terms of what can come about.

So the feeling I have as I come back to my seat is that the most memorable thing that will be happening at this auction is going to be what this woman and I will be doing as we choose and buy from a large, overall stock of vehicles; vehicles are things in terms of the flow. A vehicle is a representation of the over body of ourselves. And, when the auction is over, those who have come will go home knowing what is coming into life as a flow. In other words, they will be letting go to that – instead of whatever had been their dumbed down condition.

It’s a very strange effect, because something has changed. What starts in one motion has to affect all parts of things, goes beyond the four to the five, to the wholeness that way.

So the meaning of this dream is a designer dream in which, from the extreme right, and I’m not sure what right means, out of the blue, or so it may seem, the potential options available as choices for the future, all represented by this guy sitting to my left, what’s going to happen, what’s taking place there. In other words, it’s like I’m affecting the design by being able to catch up with the flow – which is an energetic unfoldment important to the future of humanity.

I might have something to do with affecting the note, but the guy next to me has the responsibility to see to it that everything that might possibly be is there for consideration. And yet the woman and myself coming together will be established from all of the options that there are, what the future is going to be like as a flow. And I can’t do this without her. She carries the unfoldment role that ushers forth the shift of reality.

My role is to make sure what needs to be seen and known, and make that known for her, in terms of being able to help in the implementation in an overall for all to be. And this overall for all to be is what the dream is about. So that when this day is over, everyone will be on the same page in terms of what will be happening from here on into the future.

So the scenario is there is a lot of behind-the-scenes energetic ruminations that stir the pot of life. From this pot, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the overall potentiality, is what will be. That’s when you’re looking at something that’s a shift, rather than something that’s kept in a complete dumb down. And so there is to be a completion, i.e. the number four.

The woman and I are the inner and outer coming together. The man next to me is the embodiment of all there is in manifestation, and he is the catalytic three prior to the four. Four is the result being determined via this selection, or by the flow, that’s going to be on implementation day.

Four is when, out of all the energetic designs of life, that which is meant to be is established. In other words, it’s a completion.

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imag6789esDream images can be elaborate sequences, or they can be very simple, yet they can deliver a similar message. The basis of so many fairy tales and myths is that of a journey, but it is never a direct route from one place to another. The traveler must always make stops along the way, or detours, during which something is learned, gained, or taken into their possession. Because what we will need when we arrive is different from what we have when we set out. And that is the story of a life, and also of an elevated life, or spiritual journey. Sometimes it can even seem like everything is pointing us to the same destination. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had several dreams; I lost the details of the very first one. And the dreams run into each other.

I know in the next dream it feels like I go to a hospital and find a woman there because whatever I’m looking for she tells me it’s not there, and she gives me instructions on where I need to go next.

It’s going to involve leaving that structure and I’m going to have to go down a pretty long road, or path, and find another large building, and the person I want will be there. And I may have to walk through a part of town that’s kind of tricky in doing this, and it’s going to be quite awhile to get there.

It feels like when I leave to go to where I need to go next I do get a ride with somebody, and I’m sitting either in the passenger seat, or a little bit in the back, and I’m staring at the visor above the driver. And there’s a number on the visor. It’s maybe like a six-figure number, and I’m doing something to alter it. It’s her number in some way, but I’m altering it.

And the way I alter it it’s like I have to go to one number, I do something energetically that changes that number, and then I have to start at the beginning and work my way up to the next number which becomes a little clearer then, and then I alter it. And then I have to go way back to the beginning and somehow energetically I go up to the next number. And as I do that the numbers become clearer to me because then I have to change them all in a certain sequence.

And then it feels like I’m going on down the road and finding my way to the building wherever it was that I needed to find what was going on next. That’s about as clear as the dream was to me. It almost felt like three dreams that run into each other.

John: Multiple levels rna into each other is what happened. In other words, the dream starts off to where there is kind of a sense of having to go to a place where actually you’re going to meet somebody. So what is there is something that’s drawn to you.

So at that particular point you’re looking at yourself in terms of trying to access a wholeness overallness of your beingness on this level, in the manifestation level. And then in catching up with that then you have to bring that through. Now bringing that through looks opposite the way the masculine brings something through where the masculine brings something down into life, so to speak, to awaken something in the feminine. But the feminine, when it has brought something through, in terms of its being in manifestation, it then is able to play on the levels in which something is handed back on the in-breath.

And so you were changing this and changing that, only this time you’re using it as numbers, when another way of looking at it is you can look at the energy lines of manifestation – but you are no longer in a set mode, you’re in a motion mode. You’re going through levels. You’re not just taking and dwelling upon the energy lines or whatever that would be visible from the prior dream, in terms of this loci, in terms of this level only. You’re now looking at something in motion as you’re going somewhere.

So what you’re doing in your dream is you’re working on multiple levels, and so the in-between deal where you’re working with numbers is showing that you’re in motion in terms of going through levels. In other words, you’re dreaming the flip side of what I dreamt. You’re dreaming it from the feminine standpoint that the in-breath is in motion, something has woken up from a standpoint of manifestation. That’s why the first image had to do with something that had to do with another woman, which is manifestation, and then you start traveling to try to figure out and understand these various changing numbers, which means you’re in motion of giving something back in terms of going through levels, and if you were strictly in manifestation like in the first image, an image left there in which you’re able to see something as you’d see energy lines, but now you see numbers because you’re in motion.

I guess it’s proceeding with levels only you started off in a building; you started off trying to find something in a building that had to do with another feminine aspect. Then you went from that into numbers and then, ultimately, you’re going back to a completeness, or a wholeness, of place which is another building.

In other words you start with an outer building and you’re going to an inner building. So the outer building you’re starting with is like the point where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, and the in-breath is where the numbers are at, and in the building where you’re going to end up is more at the top again.

It feels down below because you never can quite make that transition, and it’s hard to pull all of that image together because it’s not like you truly understand that yet. And so you’re inclined to constantly be reverbing to back down below where you can get off the ground a little bit, or you can get into the magic of things where you’re working with numbers. But then, of course, the literalness of being in manifestation sucks you back.

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Ivan Terzic

We likely all know that moment when we are doing something really well, doing it naturally and with just-as-needed effort and timing, and then we become conscious of that state of our process and the whole moment is lost – along with our great skill. Well, this dream points out that we can do exactly that same thing in our spiritual journey: as we seek to be in the flow of energies, with our natural grace, it is that moment of the personal thought or idea that will completely disconnect us. But we can learn to separate ourselves less and less. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it feels like I work in some kind of a medical center, and you work there, too. But the problem I have is that everything in this medical center is always shifting, and people, and everything you have around you, is represented by these little dots, or little globs, round globs.

Well, the problem is, these globs keep shifting randomly and if three of them are lined up, then everything is fine, you can be working fine, but if a fourth one lines up it wipes out all the others and whatever you’re doing has to start over. It’s very hard to get any work done.

Well, I finally decide that one of the ways around this is I’ve gone and I’ve started studying some Qi Gong with a Qi Gong master who lives down the street. And then I figure out what’s going to help all this is if I can get you to come and take the Qi Gong classes, too. If you’re there, and you’re taking the classes, then for some reason this is going to help fix this alignment problem.

And I take you down to meet with him, but I know this is going to be a real challenge because, while you’re very athletic, learning Qi Gong, or any kind of martial art, is a lot like following dance moves and that’s not your strong suit. So I mention this to him because I don’t want you to get clobbered by any of his students that are over enthusiastic. So we kind of decide what time you can go down there and start learning, and it’s probably better to be in the back row while you’re learning. I think that was when the alarm went off.

John: The first three parts, were something aligned, or something is kind of coming into cohesion, that is the phase in which you are catching up with, instantaneously, as an in-the-moment part of the whole quality of your nature, what it is that is meant to come through you, or meant to be experienced, or you’re meant to feel as a flow in the whole. The fourth part…

Jeane: I just remembered it. In the middle was this dream where it’s like people are trying to capture, or shoot me, and I kind of run away from them by climbing up in these great big huge trees and flying around the tree, or trying to do something where I can stop them, or get them wrapped, or tied up.

John: What you’re doing in that dream, with that part that you call the middle, is what you do as the fourth step in the first dream, and that is you have your understanding, or idea, about what it’s about, and that idea, in terms of what it’s about, is taking what you’re experiencing in a overall way. It’s taking it into some sort of relative context.

In other words, the way that you’re having to go up a tree or whatever the heck it is to escape something, that’s your idea of what is going on, how to relate to that. That’s making it relative. The fourth thing that you come up with, in terms of something that is just hitting you in the present, it’s a kind of completion, but it’s a completion in a relative sense. You don’t want that kind of completion. Where it might have been important at one point in time to understand what was relative in the situation, now that gets in the way because you’re in the absolute of something that is in a moment flux, felt in the bones, that’s flowing through you. You’re not into what that is about.

The fourth is an indulgence. The three are a flow that comes in. The three things are a flow that’s coming in that’s like a guidance, or inner awakening. You’re receptive to those three coming in. The fourth is where you’re trying to pay attention, now, as if you have a right to know what’s going on – and you’re never going to get that to align. In other words, the three are a naturalness, that’s part of what’s meant to be, in terms of yourself, as part of the whole. And the fourth, the fourth is your conclusion about all of that.

Now, ordinarily, in one phase of dreaming, you have the one, two, and three and then the four, which is the completion. This is not a completion, anymore. This is something that has to be dropped as a completion. You just need to keep the in-the-moment stuff in a surrendered, accepting, empty way, not have to contend, not have to take and act like you have a responsibility to have to come to some sort of accord.

And the same thing is true in the other middle dream, where something is coming at you, something is being experienced as coming into your nature, or is affecting your nature, and you are seeing yourself yet in a separateness there and so you’re trying to elude, or escape, that from happening.

And, instead, what you’re to do is to go with what is unfolding there. It is not something that is harmful. It is part of your overall makeup. If you go with that, if you’re okay with that, if you can accept that, if you can surrender to that then you’re not trying to establish some sort of reflective, relative condition.

That reflective relative condition is your idea of how you cope with this other, as if you have to cope with this other. If you’re in the whole all of that’s going to be there. It’s going to be like that. It’s not for you to go deciphering it, and distinguishing it, in some sort of separate capacity because when you do that, then you shut yourself down. You’re not able to be part of the whole.

That’s a good dream. It’s also a dream showing you what you’re struggling with in order to just let something flow. The nature that a human being has to try to find an end result there, or conclusion, a completion or something, when you attempt to do that, that’s when you make it relative. They key is to leave it in the flux of the moment, unfolding and intangible.

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