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3roadsThis dream has a very common scenario – trying to connect with, or talk to, someone and not succeeding. Yet from the perspective of a dream from a person on a spiritual path, it can be applied to the human race as a whole. With the way things are in outer life, common sense no longer works, it no longer penetrates the fog of things. So how can people be reached? Well, there must be a third way. Perhaps the only solutions now are spiritual solutions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m living in a duplex, and there’s a lady who lives next door in the basement of her duplex and then she has some renters, who are kind of like biker types who live more in the other floor, or floors.

And I seem to keep going over to her place, either I want to use the telephone, or I want her to speak to me, but I can’t get her to come out of the basement and speak to me. And the tenants she has, like the biker types or whatever, are very protective and rough too, so they try to let me not even get to her.

And so I just have these episodes that I’m going over there, and maybe I’m trying to talk them into, would she let me use the phone, or can I actually talk with her? And they’re always blocking this. And one time I go over and they’re not there, and it feels like I finally get in the same room with her, and she has a cat or a person that talks who’s there. 

And it’s like the cat that talks, or the little kid that’s with her doesn’t really let me do that either. And so finally there’s a time when I go over and I’ve gone actually next door to the duplex, and the duplex seems to be right on a wharf and there’s a boat in the water kind of tied up to her unit.

And I’ve gone out on the boat and there’s some kind of a code in numbers that’s written, almost like it’s etched in the wood on the boat, and it has something to do with starting the boat. And I’m thinking that because I’m in the boat, and maybe I even want to use a phone that’s connected to the boat, that maybe she’ll finally start talking to me. 

I can see she’s at least come up to the first floor of the house. But it feels like, no, she’s still not connecting or something. It was really frustrating.

John: So she wouldn’t relate, even when you made a shift in terms of something that she enjoyed using too?

Jeane: Nope. It’s like she’s still hiding out.

John: Because what you’re describing, the theme of the dreaming was, how do you relate to things in terms of yourself and in terms of the system, in which there’s an entrenched nature? 

And the entrenched nature is not going to change unless something is done to create a shift, or a change in the way that it perceives itself. In other words, it has gotten lost within the qualms of things. It’s become overwhelmed by what is unfolding in the environment around it and, as a consequence, it has lost the cadence to the ordinary reasoning, and practicality, and functionality that you would ordinarily expect in life. 

It has lost that – being in touch with something like that. And you could easily conclude that it’s lost a rootedness or groundedness to its own heart, because there used to be a kind of conscience that worked where a person could sort things out according to what was okay and what wasn’t okay.

And so in your dream you dreamt that you could go over, in your innocent natural way, to this person that you thought you could communicate with, and you realized that there was no demeanor or manner that you could approach this person with that would get their attention. 

What you’re doing is you’re describing in the dream a quality that is set, that is not capable, or able, to readily change in the way that you think that things should change. You are coming from the perspective of a kind of common sense that you feel should rule the occasion, and you’re finding that it no longer works, in terms of what is in front of it now, and so you actually have come up with a creative alternative to try to bring about a change in focus. 

You’ve attempted to take and look at what there could be as a vested personal interest. And so you’ve attempted to take and bring this back into the equation, like this boat or something, that this person would be interested in appreciating or enjoying, too. 

I was very curious to see if this would work, because I hadn’t thought of that myself that you take and co-opt them a little bit and maybe that works. It doesn’t work. It’s just like my idea when I see something that’s unbalanced, I will often times try to figure out a way of shaming the person, embarrassing them, thinking that if you create enough of a shock that they’ll get it. It’s in their best interest to get it. 

But when you shame him, because now they lose credibility in terms of the way that they should be even seeing themselves, which has this personal quality to it. That doesn’t work anymore. It’s almost like the hint no longer is the hint, especially if the hint has behind it a little probe. 

So you’re actually trying to probe, you might say, if you were to take and add the masculine element into your dream, you’re trying to ask or probe a very, very deep question and that is, okay, we live at a time when everything is awry or disturbed, and wherever you look things are out of kilter and out of balance, and how is it possible to take and get things righted back on course?

And you’ve approached this from the standpoint of innocence, hat in hand so to speak, going to your neighbor and being very open with them and it doesn’t work. It used to work that way, but it doesn’t work that way now. Things have gone too far over an edge. 

So you’ve taken in your dream last night and you have effectually tried two approaches that used to get the attention of things in life and have failed in both accords. So you’ve left it at that. And both of those ways that you tried used to work, and they no longer work. 

And the only thing that one can conclude is that a person is so chaotically disturbed that the ability to get their attention in the certain set ways that they carry, something else is needed in order for them to get the memo because the common sense no longer applies.

That a still third way is required, but very, very, very few people are in a position to be able to effectuate this third way. And if you have to apply this third way to everything, there’s a lot of work to be done because that’s an approach that is not something commonly looked at in the consciousness that is unfolding – in terms of how it needs to approach the collective.

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In John’s meditation and dreams, the role of the soul is explored, as it tries to manage the inner life in relation to the physical experience.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I noticed from my dream, is that the soul does not know how to relate to the outer conditions of things. The soul sits in a state where everything is okay, and so if there’s something haywire in the outer, and that’s what’s being impressed in the direction of the soul, the soul has to figure out how to accommodate that.

And that is kind of a strange thing for the soul to do, because the soul doesn’t relate to that. The soul relates more to the whole, and yet it finds itself having to accommodate something that doesn’t quite twang right. And the thing that’s missing, is the soul is being required to make work something that’s outside of the equation of where it is at.

In other words, the reflections happen around the flow from the soul, but the soul is separate from those matters that can be described or imaged. The soul is free from all of that, and yet, if something that because the soul seems to be compelled to have to hold its relationship to the physical, in other words, you’re in the physical there’s an element of an aliveness in the physical to which the soul is the vital essence, if what is going on in the physical has to be dealt with by the soul, the soul doesn’t know how to really relate to that other than by trying to take and be in some sort of coping way.

And there’s a sadness in this coping way because it’s displaced from the greater orientation that it can have. Now, where this makes things especially difficult is if you have caught up with this greater awareness of how things are, in terms of the way that unfolds, if you’ve connected with that, and then you find yourself slipping back into trying to establish the chemistry around you of something like that, that is when you will find that if you are true to yourself, you can’t make those elements, those images, you can’t make them real in a touching way.

I guess that’s why it’s said that when you go to a certain point inside yourself to let go of that and try to go back out into the outer, it just doesn’t work anymore. The images and the mannerisms that have fed you before in the outer, just don’t do their thing anymore, because you know better.

In my dreams last night I had to experience the ordeal of this sort of thing, and so I did it straight away as an aspect of meditation. As I’m sitting in the meditation, in kind of an absent state, where something just kind of comes in where there’s generally a meaningful inner effect, in other words, that evolves, I am confronted with the physical result that I have to adjust to in order to not feel afflicted, because it is afflicting me.

It’s kind of like when you sit to meditate and you’re fidgeting and you can’t stop fidgeting or you can’t stop the thinking then you are afflicted by that which is happening around you, and that kind of keeps you in that state of a trance, or way of being off. And so that is the veil, and you’re held by that veil – in that degree you feel off.

I remember dreams when I would have stomach acid and I’d incorporate that stomach acid into a quality that told me something in terms of the dream. In this particular case, in terms of how I was sitting or something, I developed a huge pain and I incorporated that pain into it, in order to try to make it work, but I couldn’t make it work because that pain was in the way.

And that’s how I came to realize what the soul has to put up with when it has these kinds of peculiar impositions that are placed upon it that the soul generally just doesn’t know how to relate to because it takes into account the big picture. It takes into account the wholeness.

Essentially the scenario is, as I mentioned, I went somewhere and wherever it was that I went I had to try to contend with, on this side of things, a physical pain, and this was very confusing because the soul doesn’t design, in its infiniteness, some sort of pain. And to the denser, lower self, whatever you’re going through has a fatalistic, shallow, and just basically it can lead to a sadness, can lead to all kinds of things coming through the senses, because you don’t have the linkage you need.

And the soul, because it’s always situated in an overallness, the soul consciousness has to accept and absorb these outward deviations. So to accept those circumstances, whatever they might be in the outer, the blend between the two, the struggle between the two, can have you courageously making a stand as if this is how you’re meant to be. But what’s needed is just this noble focus that adheres to what is deemed true to the big picture wholeness it is in. That’s what you need to have, not the preoccupations on the little things.

The deeper meaning is, because the meditation took me outside of my physical senses to a place where lower self emotional activity is gone, and if it were to remain it would be confusing, because to remain in kind of a lower self, lower level, physical level way of orientation, it’s always some sort of strife, whether you identify it or not, whether you look at it or not, you still feel it.

So the inner response is to simply accept what is meted out, as if it is an intended aspect of the wholeness, and the wholeness as designed.

By taking and knowing how the soul is constantly trying to find the orientation of, as above so below, that’s where I know that the soul is not able to reconcile consciously a physical limitation. It has to factor that into the greater beingness, as if it’s part of what is designed to be. Because the soul doesn’t have this lower-self whimpering, or futility, and nature of the humanistic aspect to have to deal with some imbedded reaction, or defense mechanism, that one has. It doesn’t do that. In fact, it isn’t even possible for the soul to do that. The soul is not a defense mechanism in which limitations such as this even exist.

A soul is part of a wholeness that doesn’t become shallow just to convenience the personal level. The soul has to sit in this overall infiniteness, and it is us that tries to make that come across like that and be different. The soul never lives itself, or sees itself, or experiences anything, on the basis of reflections because they aren’t real, only the lower self does that.

That is the meditation dream. I had a lot of pain. What was interesting is I came right out of it, it was all psychosomatic to create the scenarios so that I could see those.

When I went to bed I continued dreaming about being out of place with where I am meant to be. Every image was either embarrassing, disgusting, sad, or demoralized.

For example, in one scenario I’m kind of in this large reception area room that’s like full of high school students that I don’t know anybody and it’s like maybe a type of graduation party and they are jockeying and carrying on and there’s all this commotion.

But I don’t relate to anyone and not only that I am the only one there who isn’t dressed, wandering around naked, and it’s an embarrassing and disgusting situation, but nobody seems to pay any attention to it except the emcee that are looking out for the fact that this party exists and so maybe they’re the grownups in the group. And they’re a little embarrassed by it.

And then this progresses to the point where when it’s time to sit down or something I can’t even find a seat, which doesn’t belong to someone else, without me, in other words, pushing myself into where I don’t belong. And wherever I look I see people I do not know and cannot relate to.

And from there I proceed out onto a boat as if this is kind of a recreation for the whole gathering, and I am just as out of place there. I don’t know what it is I’m trying to accomplish there, and even at one point I turn to a person who is sitting next to me and I ask him if what I’m doing is taking away from the experience, or lowering the energetic for him.

And he just looks at me, and as he pauses to glance within I can see that he knows what I mean. To me it is so obvious I would have expected a person to be able to get it straightaway, but people just don’t realize that everything that they find themselves trying to do for the sake of thinking that this is what it’s about in terms of trying to enjoy, and this is a reception, a party, and all of that in relationship to some event of some sort, and yet everything that is done to orchestrate all of that in the outer is completely flat. It has to have that inner aliveness to give it a quality.

There comes a time when I realize that I must go back to get my clothes. In other words, I had gone out on this boat excursion and still seem to apparently have my jacket or clothes or something that were left behind maybe on a boat near the docks or something. And so I actually jump in the water and try to swim back there but everything is discombobulated. I don’t recognize a single thing.

It’s as if the high school graduation party and reception and all of that and whatever the extracurricular have been, which was the boat scene, has all ended and things have shifted back into a whole different look. Without that projection, there’s a whole different look.

So there isn’t a person around that I can even relate to as even that innocent or bizarre kind of high school vibration even. So I haven’t the foggiest idea where the place is even where I put my clothes, and so in one of the busier kind of houseboats or something that’s floating out there, which has a whole different scene that’s emerged there, I seem to ask out of complete confusion because I have nowhere to know how to recreate what that’s supposed to be like because all of the outer images are different, I ask this person and sure enough they, in changing the scene, moved a whole bunch of clothes aside rather than throw them out. And you would have thought maybe they could have just as easily thrown them out because they were reshaping it for whatever it is that is their outer scene. And it’s at that time that I realize that I’m not the only one trying to experience that which no longer exists or makes any sense.

What is going on is that I looked up the place where my friend was moving, and I was stunned. Remember I communicated how that left me just really strange? Energetically it hit me as off. I didn’t like the neighborhood. I felt like a person who could no longer relate anymore to that which is needed, and so in the dream… the meaning of the dream is my new dream has me delving into an energetic, sinking feeling that came over me yesterday.

What I learn from the meditation dream is that without the inner awareness I wallow in the outer. When I wallow in the outer, the soul gets confused because it doesn’t relate that way. The soul isn’t necessarily confused, the soul is maintaining how it is that it sees things in the overall.

And then this other is thrown at the soul and that leads to a huge gap, which results in confusion. There’s a reason why one experiences it like this and why one has these experiences is when you notice that the outer is like this, it’s to help you come to grips with the fact that your attention needs to be even clearer in terms of sustaining and maintaining the soulfulness, because that’s what when you have the correspondence and can find the correspondence of the inner into the outer, that’s what is alive. Until this dream I hadn’t realized just how discombobulating it is to be disconnected from the inner.

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Jeane: This dream has the muted colors of the desert, as found in the Holy Land, where we’re visiting.

In the dream it feels like I’m on a ship, but the actual visual is more like I’m at the top of a mountain. I want to get a certain treatment, or have something take place, and it seems like I go way down into a cave.

I see myself telescoping down into this cave, and then back up to where I was. I think I’m on a ship, but I never really see a ship; I just see mountains.

I keep going down to this cave-like room where I go with other women to get some kind of treatment. Then it feels like those treatments have run out. I have to figure out where to go next.

John: You’re playing with the overallness of how you connect to an energetic power that flows through everything.

As you start off it’s not obvious to see that the power is there, because you’re in a setting like a desert, i.e., desolation, wide open spaces, etc. It looks like that on the surface, but the dream carries a quality, or a way of being from inside you, in which it’s just like floating on water or on a ship.

In other words, it’s not a struggle, it flows. There’s motion, there’s movement, and if you’re in a ship floating on the water in a dream, you’re in something, in an overall way, and you’re flowing with it.

You can be on the upper part of a ship where you have to contend with steering, navigation, and other details, which is more masculine. The bottom part of the ship is where you deal with the fact that you’re into the depths of it all, which means you’re connected and intertwined, and that’s the feminine overallness.

There’s a confusion that exists, though. You have the outer, earth energy of something in terms of creation (desert and mountains) and then you have the flow of the water element, and then you have the inner depth (the cave) that makes all of that come together.

So you’re taking two elements, earth and water, and you’re bringing them together into what? Into something of an essence. All of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) can flow out of the ether, but as long as you personally identify with a situation in the outer world, then you’re not actually letting go to the overallness. This is a very subtle thing to pick up.

If the only image you were looking at is the image of how things are, or what’s meant to be, or what to do next, or how does something work – if all you have to look at is the image of you being in a desert area with mountains, that would be kind of confusing. Or if all you had to look at was a ship on the water, not knowing anything more, that too could be bewildering.

But if you put it all together to where you’re able to make a shift and nothing is a limitation, and it’s all taken into account, then that’s like taking the elements of earth and water into an essence that you’re perfectly comfortable with.

So, how is it possible for you to unfold an essence, taking it from the inner into the outer, without the outer imposing some sort of limiting effect on it? It’s like you carry something deep inside – the essence of all that is, before it was even created – and now you’re in something that’s been created out of that essence (the physical world), and you can’t find the essence anymore.

If you had the essence at your disposal, you wouldn’t be taking the outer world seriously. You would realize that it’s a fabrication. Your dream almost awakens you out of the external trance by jumping from the state in which you have an awkwardness in the outer (the desert), to a greater ease in a boat, and an even greater ease when you let go of the responsibilities of the boat and go to a depth within the boat.

All of this is progressing somewhere, and where it’s progressing to is a total letting go of everything. When you totally let go of everything, then it has no hold on you. When it has no hold on you, then you’re in a nothingness, and yet you’re in everything. You can’t see it as a nothingness as long as you see it as having some sort of existence and presence that you have to contend with, or you have to cause to happen in a particular way.

There’s more to say about this fundamental concept, and we’ll continue our discussion tomorrow.

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