A Happy Ending

mountain-village-149This dream has something of the feel of a swashbuckling tale, sent amongst ancient stones, with a chase scene along a stone cliff, and a rescuer who appears from nowhere to avert a painful fate. What could it mean? First look at the relationships: she begins spying on a man who is a criminal, so there’s an estrangement of the masculine and feminine. This leads to a chase that could end badly, yet instead ends with the help of two different masculine figures – so something has been rejoined. And what began in difficulty ends with ease, so there’s a form of letting go that makes the inner connection possible. When that happens, healing can occur at a deep level.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this is a dream that I had yesterday when I fell back asleep later in the morning, and probably when I fell asleep either during or after getting a remote healing.

So in this dream, I’m in an area with large, old stone structures, and there’s a man and his family in charge there. He seems to be a criminal of some kind and I’m spying on him. And I see him and his men go to a larger, it’s kind of like a round area with little pillars around it that’s looking outside, and on this kind of porch area there’s a large cart there.

All of these things are stone, the stone cart and the stone structure, large old stone, and the cart is covered with counterfeit bills. But he’s saying that the money is from Panama and so he thinks they should move it out that day to Panama because wherever they are you can’t cash money from Panama.

And then I think that they notice that one of them sees me and they start chasing me. So, originally, it’s like I try to get away around the area, but now that they’ve seen me it’s even like I run up a stone structure that is kind of fallen and is lying down. But one of them gets at each end of that structure and it has a chain kind of woven in there somewhere, too, and I grab the chain and it’s broken loose in a way where I start holding onto the chain and it’s flying out over the area.

Well down below is water, and where the chain is carrying me with some momentum it looks like I’m going to fly right into a stone structure. I’m actually trying to just gear it maybe so that I can hit a place where there’s some land, but it looks like I’m going to go right into this big marble medallion on a wall.

And then the chain seems to flip me up of its own accord more towards a cliff area, which has a stone fence with some gaps in it, that’s on a hillside. Well it lands me such that I’m able to just barely grasp like one of the little windows in the marble of that stone fence, and I’m kind of hanging there like I could fall off the cliff any moment.

I can’t quite see whether I can pull myself up through that hole, and then I look through the little hole there in the fence. It’s more like a part of a wall that has cut outs. I see this man sitting there. He’s just kind of sitting there casually with a little cap on his head.

He has a car in the background and there’s this lamb, this really sweet little lamb that’s just grazing on the lawn right there where the opening is. And he just turns casually and looks at his chauffeur and tells him to come over and pull me through – and he does. He comes over and grabs me and is able to pull me through. I didn’t think the opening was large enough. That was how the dream ended.

John: Very neat dream. What your dream was, was as a result of your treatment and whatnot the effect that that was having upon you threw you into a primordial part of your past. This was signified by the rocks. It was something of an ancient quality nature.

And in this older part of yourself, or this part of yourself that lies deeper inside of you that you aren’t properly reconciling so it’s creating problems for you, in this part you’re not intertwining. You have an attitude or you have a mannerism that is not fitting with the masculine side of yourself and, as a consequence, this throws you into a disarray.

Now, the treatment exposed all of that energetically and vibrationally but, at the same time, it provided a healing. And the healing that it provided was somehow you recognized that there was a certain grace, a certain kindness like the lamb, a certain letting go like the nature of this guy that’s just casually there, that leads to a way of alleviating that whole anxiety of being disjointed, or not naturally connected.

And so that was your healing, that was the dream about your healing. You might say that in one sense the whole process right there facilitated this whole sort of transition inside of yourself. And so as the scenario for the dreaming, you might say that you went into the session with kind of a latent sadness, or some heaviness, that existed that you couldn’t shake, you haven’t been able to shake, that you associate with, well, maybe it’s because you’re still recovering from your surgery, or however you want to associate that.

That’s kind of an alibi way of saying it. I sit and look at that and I wonder if it has to do with the fact that your dad was here, too, and you were overwhelmed by energetics that made it harder for you to intertwine, and relate to, naturally and, as a consequence, it caused you to speed up and become a little disjointed and that that contributed to the sadness.

But your dream is basically saying that this has a history for you, and that it was all laid out, it was all portrayed out, and you saw yourself go beyond it – a nice healing.

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