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hieronymus-boschTo truly make a spiritual journey is to go against what everyone, and everything, in the culture and society takes for fact; it is to believe and trust that what we see around us is not the whole story. If we follow that urge within, it will allow us to see that life as we know it is only important in a relative way: yes, we can love others and make a living, but we don’t have to buy into the idea that the world we see around us is the pinnacle of human development. It’s not. The journey will lead us to let go of planetary things and help us embrace the universal that can be our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream I’m a young woman, or somewhere maybe in my 30s or so. I’ve been kidnapped by this big mob boss, or gangster of some kind, and taken to what feels like another planet because when he puts me down it’s almost like there’s some kind of surface he puts me down on, almost like if it were a really large lily pad – but there’s other people on it.

I mean it’s quite large like the size of this room, at least, and there’s some other people on it and maybe they have places where they sleep and stuff, and sometimes it’s even a little sticky. And I feel like wherever I am it’s not like I can just leave there.

And then it feels like he brings me little things, now and then, and then he’s even wanting to encourage me to get up and move around, or like maybe I actually can have some freedom of movement. But I don’t trust it because I know he’s kind of a gangster, and it’s as though he’s trying to convince me that everything’s fine, and I’m with him, and I can actually have a certain amount of freedom, but I recognize that that’s all an illusion to some degree.

So it’s like this kind of a little tug-of-war going on there where he’s kind of wanting me to pretend that I have this freedom, I can even maybe go to the spaceship, but I don’t know that I believe it. And it was all kind of murky colors, too. That was the first dream.

John: Well, you’re just portraying what it’s like to be caught in an amnesia of having to contend, and buy into, the outer. And from the perception of the outer it’s like it has like a whole monster, or harshness, or whatever it is, over lording quality to it that is doing through its reflective way to get you to buy into it as being real.

And every time you have any intuition that something could be different, it’s hard to recognize that in the face of a situation in which everything is being done to convince you otherwise.

And the significance of the dream is to catch up with the vibration that belies the fact that this is meaningful; I mean it’s a reflection. And, in terms of how it is that a part of you needs to unfold, that the reflection that’s there, and the intensity at play, to make this reflection seem all that there is, is something that you’re having to recognize and realize doesn’t echo to a point where you need to be at anymore.

And so, a dream like that, where everything is like that, and no matter what is done to try to convince you that it is otherwise, if you can truly see that and everything in the outer as being like that, then you’re at the threshold of an intense longing for there to be something more. And that longing can bring you out of the outer amnesia of things which are the reflective conditions of vibrations in an outer – and can carry you to an epicenter, or depth, inside of yourself which is able to take all of that in, in terms of the essence, as opposed to the reflection.

And so you could say that your dream is a calamity of things, so to speak, in an exaggerated format, that’s at the gateway of the epiphany breaking through to something so much more on another side. But until you do that, and if you’re still caught in the equation of things all around you, then it’s like that being in kind of a pressurized zone, and yet something is waking up, and yet there you are not able to quite catch up with what is waking up, so you feel the kind of heaviness density, and even a kind of anguish, at your condition in the physical.

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