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time-741824Sometimes we can get an insight that helps us make sense of our past. In that, we can often feel a shift, as if that piece of the puzzle was now in its proper place and something was resolved. On an energetic level, we are changing things all the time: we change our future by the energy we attract today, but we also can clear pathways from yesterday that have been blocked for years – and that now, too, can contribute to our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m having trouble right now because my dreams are a lot clearer when I’m in them than when I’m waking up, and they’re a little hard to pull out. I know in the dream that I was wearing strands of something around my neck, that hung down, almost like a strand that had little round beads on it.

But they represented a connection to maybe a computer, or something, so that I could read or locate, or understand certain things because of what I was wearing around my neck. And on the basis of this, I seem to seek out this couple that had a new baby, and I took their baby and went up into a bunk bed and was just holding the baby. But I recognized they were new parents, and they couldn’t tolerate that for very long, so I had to return the baby to them probably a little sooner than I wanted to.

And then I left there, and I went to a railroad car. It’s like I walked onto a train and sat for a few minutes I think in a car, two or three cars down into the train. And then I left that scene.

And I seem to understand it was almost like I was mining for something, but it had to do with information, and that had to do with what I was wearing around my neck. But that was about all I remembered was it was like impressions of it, rather than a story that I could pull together.

John: The beads around your neck probably got triggered a little bit by the image of something breaking up in the movie show that you saw, and also then how this necklace turned out to be something that caused something to be recognized, in terms of who did what, and how, because it implicated in a particular direction.

So that’s probably the convoluted thing that might have triggered why you would use a necklace, but your application of the vibration of the necklace is different. It’s almost like these are prayer beads.

And that there’s a particular kind of vibration, or tuning in, that’s involved here, whereby, for example, in the first image that comes up where you’re required to do something that has to do with bringing something together in terms of a quality of the whole. In other words, where there’s a baby that needs to be reconnected to the parents. So it had to do with you being able to recognize something about a baby that was important, and these beads that you wore had tuned you into the ability to be able to see, or grasp, something.

In other words, it tuned to into something like a vibration. And so, with that vibration you were able to invibe an energetic into life, you were able to take the baby, for example, and set a note in play, and then return it back to the parents. So it’s like saying that you were capable of fixing something that could then flow, or unfold, in life, in keeping with the way it needed to awaken or be.

And that these beads that you found are the only thing that I could think of that has a similitude to something like that in terms of a person trying to take and hold a focus, and a space, is you do so with prayer beads. The beads have a significance in that, point blank, these beads, from the way you’re perceiving them, have to do with tuning you in to a quality, whereby you can have a sense of what needs to take place, even though this may not be something that is recognized, acknowledged, or there yet, in terms of the ordinary outer appearances as they currently exist.

So it’s almost like something more than the prayer beads, even, because prayer beads are to help one hold on to a focus and an energetic; you’re doing something more than just holding on to a focus and an energetic, you are actually transmitting. But you’re transmitting in a very specific way: you have an effect upon an aspect that is young, or is coming into life, that is being shaped. And you have an effect upon that, as it finds itself in a scenario that, for all intents and purposes, will appear to be common place, but the effect that you can have upon that, coming into being, the way that you can set this note off, discover the depth of this note, sets in motion something that unfolds in spite of the scenario of the outer.

In other words, it is said that a realized person, or a Sufi, affects three generations going forward, and three generations going backwards. And so what you initially described was the working with something that is unfolding, like a generation of something in front of you, so that it can unfold in a way, or come into its beingness in a way, that’s designed to be, and that to affect that you just had to exude a kind of presence that had to do with something in terms of the way you wore something, or carried something, or was connected to something that you could radiate – and that this would have its effect, in spite of outer appearances.

And now you’re taking and looking at how this works in an exuding, that has to do with the process of a flow, or unfoldment. This isn’t something that just works going forward, it works going backwards, too, because there’s no such thing as an actual type of time and space, there is a kind of misalignment that exists in terms of one’s energetic cosmos makeup, and that, as you change, the qualities of something that are impacting the present, that has to do with something that is limited in the chemistry of life, in the near past, in other words, it’s like what is limited in terms of one’s near past, based upon an absorption of denseness, or mannerisms, reactivities, in the molecular makeup of your nature.

So, as you take and you become more solidified, more together with yourself, then you affect things going backwards as well as forwards, which means that, okay, we’re going to start with something that symbolically speaking represents a quality of a wholeness of a beingness, and what that quality of that wholeness and what that beingness means we’re going to let you know about that.

And just like hair can be a sign of something symbolically, in terms of a dream imagery, the beads are a symbol of something symbolically that you somehow know. The beads are a recognition of having caught up with, and able to sustain, a particular state in a particular way, in a particular solidification and a particular setness.

And when it’s able to be still like that, and do that, then it can touch things and shape things going forward, and it can affect things going backwards. Thus, the idea that a realized person affects three generations going forward, although you just talked about the little boy but you did talk about the three going backwards, the three cars going backwards. All within the schematic of what unfolds. Because even though you go three cars back, you go forward, you’re still going forward, touching things going forward. You don’t stay three cars back.

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crashWe may have learned how to pack for travel in light of the new airline fees and regulations, but do we understand the baggage limitations of our spiritual journey? If we were to fly away tomorrow, and we could only take a few things with us, what would those things be? Our need for safety? Our fears of the unknown? Our hesitations to trust in what we can’t see and touch? It’s an interesting consideration, because those precious things are the ones that will hold us back at the last moment, and keep us from making our next elevation and development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Initially, I’m with a group of people, men and women. We’re young; we’re like college age or something. And we seem to be trying to make decisions about where we’re going to live, like whether we’re going to live more in a group setting, or get our own apartments. It’s as though whenever someone talks to one, you know, they’re trying to sway one, one way or the other.

And then we’re all going to get on a train that goes a little more into the country, I think. Now, as we leave for the train station, I have this sense that I’m not sure that I trust the whole system around our bags, but we’re supposed to leave them all behind and then they’re going to be loading them and they’ll catch them up with us.

And we seem to be taking these empty carts, like a grocery store cart almost, up to where we’re getting on the train. And I see that some people had grabbed some of their stuff, and I do have this sense that I’m not sure I like, or trust, the system, but it feels too late to go back and try to grab bags – so I just have to let it go.

I don’t remember the train ride, because it suddenly seems like we’re just in this house in the country, and different people are arriving earlier, and some are coming later. So there’s kind of a mix of who one’s talking to that might be different than before, and I feel like that there would be some pressure from some people when they arrive because maybe they’re interested in a relationship, so they would be pressing me to get my own place. And other people I’m there with are just fine with us all living more communally.

I’m standing over near a window at one point, and it feels like the young people I’m around are kind of having this conversation of having some confusion with their sexuality, because they feel like as they talk, and they get close to people, even if it’s someone that’s the same sex, they may feel more attracted – but that’s not normally how they identify themselves.

And then I go over from there, because I think someone arrived that I feel a little crowded by, and I want more space. And so I’ve left there and I’ve gone over and I’m standing on this stairway where there’s a bathroom above. And there’s a woman waiting for the bathroom, so I start talking to her. It’s like I’m waiting my turn for the bathroom or something; she feels like someone that I can talk to about what I’m noticing going on around me, and I think that was when the phone rang.

John: Your dream, if you follow it energetically, seems to be a progression towards more a complete breath. To begin with, before you get on the train, you’re kind of in the world, or in the city of things, and those indulgences just kind of have a way with you that kind of keep you in their trance.

Then when you get on the train, it’s like traveling towards God, or trying to travel towards God. You’re caught in kind of this period of time that yo-yos back and forth: do you have everything with you from the city? And yet are you traveling in the right way? And then you have the illusion kind of hitting a type of destination.

In other words, you make a distinction with it, in that you point out that one arrives at a place that seems okay, but isn’t actually really quite okay, either, because you’re still trying to sort out. You’re now able to look at things a little differently, and able to sort out what has a magnetic pull, or attraction to you, and what doesn’t.

When you’re initially just in the dumb outer, the natural physical world of things, you don’t have any sense of anything more going on, you can seemingly enjoy that because you don’t know any different or any better. And in a way that can even seem like that’s all that there is. But once you start on a path of looking for something more, and trying to see what you can take with you in terms of that something more, that’s when you start playing in this in-between zone of trying to sort things out.

And in that sorting out, you’re making a distinction that there really is something more, that there is a quality of a home, and in that quality of a home you reach a point, where, on a magnetic level, you’re looking then at what you feel you need, which is still a type of indulgence. In other words, instead you’re even subtler with this in terms of what you’re looking to sustain, or maintain, in terms of the outer in your home, or as an innerness. And that is the realm of the spirit.

In other words, it’s able to reduce things into a really, really fine sort of state, but it’s still caught in that, and so you can have a certain sense of balance, and completeness, but it’s still not the original breath. The key is a recognition that goes to a letting go of any kind of buying and selling, even on a subtle level like the spiritual illusion level, or when you’re yo-yoing.

And the key is to let go of all of that, in order to hit the magnetized breath, that encompasses the wholeness of everything that there is in all of life. And the way this develops, or the way this helps a human being, is that the original breath kind of becomes a sort of magnetized naturalness that is charged with a more all-encompassing, inclusive energetic, and that the indulgences, that had been in the city, you really do see as nauseous now, when before you didn’t necessarily see them as nauseous.

And thus you were still sorting things out, in terms of what bags to take as you were attempting to do something anew. And you were still trying to then take those bags, reduce them to something of a subtler need, and still keep this subtler need in a place that was more like home, which is a spiritual illusion, because those bags had now turned into a type of spiritual essence quality, brought with you to a home.

But you make headway against this middle area, the subtler second breath, you make headway against it only by holding the original breath and thus you see the nausea of experiencing in the outer.

When you’re able to see the nausea of experiences that are just strictly in the outer, meaning with the mind senses only, it becomes more and more difficult to try to take some sort of mind sense orientation with you, or baggage as you would call it. And then from baggage to something of a subtler essence spirituality, into your home, which again is just a finer substance of the baggage, and the baggage being what you are reserving your right to hold onto, that is quasi-personal, still personal, but an aspect that is not totally indulged, that you are attempting to travel with.

By letting go of that, you are put in a position to where the yo-yoing and the spiritual illusion aspect of things is something that you’re able to make headway with, even though they’re subtler, and harder, to work with, because they still have as a foundation of a substance the shell orientation, not the essence orientation, not the orientation that’s one of light.

It’s easier to come to grips with the yo-yoing where you’re taking baggage back and forth, trying to take baggage with you from the city to some place that you’re going, and it’s harder when you get to what you think is a home and you still are holding to your spiritual ideals, or images, and that is a subtle personal aspect. It’s harder to let go of that, but it is made easier, the recognition is made easier, when you have taken and died, so to speak, to the idea that there is something in the outer that can be utilized, or experienced, in some edification way.

So the more grounded you can be, towards the density of that outer breath, and not caught in any of that, the more you’re able to truly adhere, or in that more holding on to the original breath, that is the only means by which you’re able to see the limitations of the other quality.

When you go into the original breath, which is magnetized, you sort out the two. In other words, as things get subtler, and you’re carrying your spiritual illusion up, and things are brighter, they cannot get to the total stillness of where the in-breath turns to the out-breath because you’re still holding on to spiritual illusions. It can have a real angelic quality to it in terms of how you can convince yourself that this is meaningful.

On the flip side of that, is where that energetic that can’t be lived in a stillness, is trying to come down into manifestation. And so it is only the holding onto the original breath at the top that you pull those two together.

When you let go of it, when you hit the heart breath, or just let go of the mind sense orientation, then that is when you have the deeper realization of something in terms of what you really are all about, in terms of this complete stillness, or in other words devoid of spiritual illusion, and devoid of the need to try to steer something in some capacity.

When you are like that, then, this other vibration, which is the only aliveness that there is, the magnetized vibration is the only aliveness that it is, it then is able to play in a way through the human being that is really quite magical. And change then can happen, and shifts can then happen. And to the degree that the human being is still functioning in life just like everybody else, no one notices, because their mind is caught up in having to sort out and make sense of things.

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Gillian Rogers

Our dream images can be looked at from the point of view of flow. And here is a great example: a train ride through India, a setting where no experienced traveler would expect things to run perfectly. And our main character is having difficulty trying to find something, yet as soon as she tells another person to, basically, go with the flow, her problem is solved and the scene shifts to looking at pearls, which can be considered wisdom, or the gems of higher energy. Said another way, the pearls are available to us when we accept the universal flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my dream is I seem to be on a train going through India, and there’s an old friend of mine, a guy I know that’s kind of very suave, that’s on the train and other people I’m dialoguing with.

Everything is very colorful, but it’s like when I get up to go to find a bathroom, trying to find a bathroom that actually works is really difficult. You even find, even though it’s a train, it’s like you find one room that’s more like a locker room, and then you find stalls that maybe the toilet’s going to work or it’s not going to work, or the toilet’s outside the stall instead of inside the stall.

It’s just India. It’s like colorful and you just have to kind of make do. And I run into some woman that’s asking about it, and she wants to know if trains run on time, and if things worked smoothly on our trip, because she’s going to be going on a trip. And I’m like making some reply, well, that’s not India, you know.

And then it feels like having found a bathroom and gotten back to where I guess the carriage place, whatever you would call those rooms on your train. Then the dream switches and it feels like I’m dreaming about all these seed pearls, and seed pearls are kind of like a little rougher pearl. In my dream they’re a little longer, rougher pearl, almost like a pink shade, and maybe some in white, and it’s like I’m just doing something with all these pearls like I maybe want to make something out of them. That’s all I remember.

John: So your dream was heavily influenced by the energetic from last night in which the theme got set by the fact that there is a dormancy that needs to come out of its dormancy because behind it is an awareness and an acuity that is meant to be ushered into life. 

However, a lot of spirituality and such has gotten in the way, and so as a consequence it has gotten turned on its ear, but only for purposes of smashing that so that what’s behind that can come through. Your dream portrays that, too.

In other words, you’re on a train, you can’t find a bathroom that works. In other words, you’re struggling to get something to come into cohesion, in terms of how you maintain, or sustain, or hold onto what is important, that needs to be within grasp, that needs to come up from within. It’s blocked, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on the process. You’re on the process, you’re on the train, it’s just that you can’t quite… you’re being affected or infected by the vibration of what is going on.

And so you are finding out for yourself what it feels like to try to be succinctly within a flow, as you know is meant to be, and is possible. And the quality of it being like this actually means that you’re getting close to it, or you wouldn’t be seeing it. And different from the dreams that were presented last night, you pop through. You saw the string of pearls that just needed to be connected, or intertwined, that you could see the alignment of that.

And so you discovered, and recognized, what it was about. In other words, the other was awkward and clumsy as you were struggling to get that to come into cohesion and, all of a sudden, you shift through and what there is, like the pearls or whatever that is, that needs to be brought into cohesion, is brought there – and then put into balance.

And so what one has to look at is that we’re all affected by what rubs off in terms of what’s going on in our environment around us, and so to a certain degree that was put into the ethers and so that set in motion something that shook you in terms of what that energetic and vibration is like. You did a review. You realized that you recognize the quality of a likeness inside of yourself, and then you also realized that you have a sense of something that is coming into a cohesion.

So, the question is why is that asunder yet, when it’s meant to go to a depth of something or bring something through? Why is that asunder, and why do you have a dream that actually shows that something can come into an alignment? 

You have a means by which you can tell that sort of thing as part of the way that your balance and container energy works. And that’s what your dream did. It comes out the other side of that. So I think the dream is important from the standpoint it takes the situation at hand, examines or reviews the situation at hand as it applies to you, and then gives you the information as to where you stand. And when you have the differences to have to contend with, then it’s important to recognize what is it?, in terms of how you’re able to be that makes the difference

I think it has a lot to do with letting go of things, and that somehow or another you can naturally do that. You are able to hear, and to see, and to recognize, and to accept and to acknowledge, little things that make the difference that keep one from getting caught in around and around, thus you subtly are able to shift and start stringing the pearls together.

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