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dmttrIt seems to make us happy, and give us settlement, to put things in their place; to categorize them, or to label them. But a spiritual journey is not like that. We can’t say that only this is the path, and that is not the path. The only path is within us. And, if we are on that path, it hardly matters where we are or what we are doing. It’s an important point: the only thing that matters is that we are doing it, that we are living our spirituality when we make tea, do the laundry, or cook dinner. Every moment is the right time for us to be with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, I seem to be somewhere in the mountains, almost like at some kind of a camp, because there are a whole bunch of us in the mountains and we all have our own cabins, or we share some cabins with other people. They have kind of like screen doors, or screened-in porches.

Anyway, at whatever we’re all there for, there’s a man who I usually feel is a little too complex to want to get very involved with, but I seem really pulled to him this time. So he and I are trying to find some place to be alone, and make love, and it’s like I think we try his cabin, I think it’s his cabin, first.

We go there and suddenly a whole bunch of people come in, just kind of fill the room. And it’s like I’m doing my best to get rid of them, even being rude. While I’m doing this, he suddenly also seems somewhat preoccupied with things that I’ve drawn, from the past, so that he’s looking at pieces of like art paper on which there’s drawings or scenes from things that may even go way back in the past. And he’s interested in that, something that I’m showing him.

Then I feel like we maybe have finally gotten rid of everybody, but there’s a young woman there, someone I’ve known from high school, that I can’t seem to get rid of. She just won’t leave the room.

So we kind of give up on having any privacy there, and I guess then we’re going to go over either to his place or my place, but we end up outside. And, as we’re walking somewhere, then he starts to want to make love on the sidewalk, which I consider too out in the open. Plus he keeps talking about something, which I find kind of a distraction because it seems to me like we’re just not really finding the right place to be together.

And then I wake up. And then when it feels like I fall back into the dream, and I look around, I’m looking around for him or something and then a woman comes up and gets out of this Bentley and so she says that she had found that the Bentley is a place where you can be. There’s maybe a whole row of Bentleys or something. Instead of trying to be in a cabin, or a house, the place to be was in one of these Bentleys if you wanted to get together. That’s all I remember.

John: Well you did this dream a little different than how I was looking at it, because I was looking at the theme as being something that is not limited to something that is transcendent, or in another loci or, in other words, outside of this plane of existence, on high, or however you want to say it. I was looking at the theme as being the recognition that there is that, but there’s also the importance of creation.

And the way you approached the subject matter is you indicated that, whether it was your house, or his house, there’s too much that was still going on. And even if you were to eliminate all of the activity, which would be the case if it was more his house, then it would be more like your house and there would be the young girl, or the quality of manifestation vibration, that’s there. And that no matter what you did, you wouldn’t be able to quite capture what was necessary, or needed, in terms of what you’re trying to do in either area.

And so you ended up finding out that it happened on the path. In other words, you go outside and it was on the sidewalk, it’s on the path, it’s not in one place or the other. The energetic comes together on the path. And what’s the path? The path is where things go up and down, or like the breath, up and down, between the two places.

In other words, it’s outside. The image is you’re trying to make it your place, you’re trying to make it happen in his place, you can’t tell which is what. Outside on the path it seems to be something that is able to occur. You kind of wake up from that.

When you go back into it you realize that it’s in the journey, it’s in the Bentleys, it’s in something that travels. So what you’re kind of saying is, where I’m sitting in the theme of this dreaming looking at the importance of manifestation almost as a reactive counterbalance to the schematic of going to heaven, or some other place within, as if I’m doing a pro and con or something.

What you’re basically doing is, rather than getting into the details, or the conundrums, you’re indicating that what is working in your dream, or seems to be the only availability that will make sense – because you can’t be in your place, which is in manifestation, or in his house which is on high – it has to be in the unfoldment, which is the path, and when you come back to take another look it’s in the transmission process, the Bentleys, the vehicles that go back and forth. Interesting.

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