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We can see hierarchies all around us, in the way governments and corporations are structured, in the way the kingdoms of plants and animals are structured, even in the structure of planets, stars, and galaxies. In the world of energy it is the same: we have colors and frequencies at various levels. What this speaks of is that certain things are possible at, or on, certain levels; if you go down a level it’s no longer possible, and if you go up a level, something new is possible. So, if we aim our inner state at being in the stillness we are creating a ground where everything is possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I went back into a dream in which I noted that there wasn’t a solution to be found. And it’s like reverberating in this thing, looking at it from all different kinds of angles. And it’s like, I think I reported it, but this time in going back and looking at it, it’s coming out with different information. 

So what I mean by “there’s no solution to be found” is that a thought no longer has a place to go. In other words, there’s no answer to be found, which means that the way things are now is not going to change no matter what one does. The way things are in the present, and where we see that going, in terms of the future, is set. In other words, that was what I was seeing, I just kept looking, looking at the vibration now, and then seeing the vibration, maybe variables could change in it in terms of other things can octave a little bit differently, but the future is set, it’s in motion, it’s not something to be tweaked, to be turned like a ship or something. 

So what I’m trying to describe is the sensation, or maybe you’d call it feeling, I don’t know what the best word is, maybe it’s a combination of both because sensation is feminine, feeling is masculine, of noticing within that the vibration now is in a predetermined mode such that if the clock of time were to be fast-forwarded, the vibratory presence that one notes now is going to be there as well. 

The out-breath and Mother Time are correlated, the thoughts coming in, and the collective consciousness, it’s as if they have caught up with each other, or collided. And, in doing so, there’s a certain kind of mirroring going on – that is for those that can see it. The collective has things bouncing around, but people kind of should know that, where can it go? In terms of the thoughts coming in you have the same sense: where does it go? 

So when it gets like that it is as if time has stopped because no meaningful difference is possible in terms of the hour. The only way I know how to say this is that it is just the same old, same old for all to see. The sensation we feel about the same old, same old, or feeling, or however you want to call it, is not going to change this year, or next year, because what is going on now will be going on then, vibratorially speaking. Nothing is going to mannneristically shift. 

Well, the nature of things and the appearance will shift, but the vibration is set. The die is cast. That which is set in motion has gone beyond, and if you use the word “tipping point” as if something could still be re-regulated or steered in some capacity, we’ve gone beyond that. We’ve gone beyond where that can be done to avert an unfoldment we all know is coming whenever we let ourselves feel the vibratory overallness. It is as if time has been killed in that there is no thought solution to what is coming. 

Any thought we have now will still be feeling the same collective overall condition tomorrow. It is as if time has been tripped to proceed as it is set in motion to do so, and that anything I see or know now will be there tomorrow and the next day. I say that because I can look now to tomorrow and the next day, etc, so to speak, and note the sensation that is present now is the sensation I note then – which means that no matter what we do the unfoldment will continue. There is no waxing and waning where things go this way and then they go that way and come back; just a steady waning.

So change is afoot. Oneness is coming in. The transmission of the out-breath, in which there is a this and that unfoldment, in which something anew restores, is not visible. The out-breath which carries the seed of change into manifestation, to affect time anew, has nothing new to offer. This is what I mean when I say time has been killed.

The heart is able to access a deep inner touching at the interval of the out-breath and the in-breath, and hold that note as a prayerful holding of consistency therein. This is half of the oneness; this is where time stops. The other half, the spaciousness of the in-breath, must drop its ideas of a doingness this way or that because there’s nothing to be accomplished or accommodated. Time has stopped in terms of the out-breath, and that, of course, was pointed out earlier, so how can you accommodate something when time has been stopped? 

Spaciousness has nowhere to go for now because the orientation to spaciousness points to rest. Rest is the stillness point where the in-breath and out-breath interval exists.

It’s easier for me to notice time and how the feeling that there is no time, no other time, and how the feeling now is the same feeling for the future. I see no change in that. Of course, outer conditions will have a different appearance, but the storyline will not be changing. The feeling in the storyline is set. On the in-breath there is nothing, therefore, because it’s set and there is no time effect moving or changing or altering anything. When you look at the in-breath, there is nothing anew to be taken in, accommodationally, that will make any difference. 

With time stopped at the outbreath interval, there is a stillness. And in terms of what there is to accommodate in terms of the in-breath, this flip side has nothing new under the sun to take in for accommodation purposes – so it must rest. In other words, it’d be unnatural if it doesn’t rest. You can’t just keep struggling because then that’s refusing to accept that the commotion of time and shifting has stopped. 

The in-breath rests at the point where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. So a conundrum exists: creation cycles with the breath. There is only room for the stillness. The stillness is at the beginning, which is the in-breath, and at the end, which is the out-breath, that is, the intervals.

The journey in-between is no longer in flux such that an unfoldment upon the breath to shift what is going on is possible. The images can change as the current and eddies ebb and flow, even though the ebb and flow, on a vibratory feeling and sensation level, has nowhere to go. Life is flatlining at best, spiraling downward at worst. To get used to this as oneness, and what that means, remains to be seen.

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