A Quality of Timing

Whenever we find ourselves in the whirl of many things going on at once, our system must sort out what is important, and what isn’t, and make decisions based on the urgency of need and other issues of timing. In dreams, when we find ourselves in a similar whirl of unfolding events, our ability to connect is shown in our timing, or our ability to flow with the scene, or to be at odds with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream where I seem to have come to this orchard area. And, as I look down, it’s kind of a vast estate of some kind. It’s got some trees, it’s got some clear area, and it feels like they have some kind of a concession they’re running out of it, where as you come down onto the property there’s a man, and some other people, that have these huge wagons that are drawn by big horses, or something, and you even get some kind of a ride. 

I don’t know if they were horse-drawn wagons or if they were maybe a motorized wagon; they were a little oddly shaped, but you could get some kind of a ride, like it’s a concession thing going on there. 

And I go on past that and I go into a little house, because I’m not as interested in rides as I was interested in getting some food. And I see these large onions, so I pick up one of these huge onions and I go into the kitchen and I start peeling. And then a young woman, who’s actually one of the owners, she and her husband own the property, come in. And that makes me aware all of a sudden that maybe this wasn’t part of the public area, maybe I’ve come into a private house and I’m actually getting into her onions, or something. 

Although I’ve already peeled the one that I have, but she doesn’t seem upset about that. And then I take the onion and I walk back out, and look at the area, and I realize that she and her husband are just getting this whole estate off the ground, with the rides and other things, and I’m hoping they make a go of that. If not, it’s a pretty property you could probably use it as an orchard. But then I just seem to leave.

John: So, you’re actually bringing in timing now. In other words, you have the scenario, which is like an orchard area and whatnot. It has rides, and it has this, and it has that about it. You are finding yourself addicted to the demeanor of having to look at all of that as being meaningful. In other words, utilization of it, in some fashion.

So you have a spaciousness, which is what you depicted, you defined this orchard area depiction that’s like an estate at the same time, it has rides and it has all this sort of stuff. You’ve laid out a scenario, so to speak. Now you’re looking at it from the standpoint that it needs to be activated, or something, which involves timing. And so you look at that, and you look at that idea of bringing the timing into it; I’m not sure you actually did before you just left. You just left. 

So there’s more on this verdict as to how it is, and what it is, that you are going to get lost – or if you’re going to get lost in, carrying away, in a sense of trying to shift or shape things, which is what timing, a quality of timing, which is the out-breath part of yourself, that’s what it thinks that it has a right to do. 

The in-breath part of yourself has let go of having to go into any kind of manifested accentuation and is able to just take note of the spaciousness of something. Like in your first dream it’s: how do you handle the spaciousness? In this dream you have all of the components of the spaciousness. You’ve noted all of that. But it’s still a space rather than a spaciousness. When you let go of the spaciousness, per se, you’re not going to get haunted by the notion as to whether or not something needs to be done differently. 

So, in a way, you know enough to leave it alone, which is good, because most people come back, then, and get caught in trying to create, or to shift, or to shape.

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