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Inner Self8In these dream images, Jeane is struggling with spaces – where and when to meet a sailing group, and where to have her offices. Yet, ultimately, what this points out is the need to be able to hold a space – within oneself – as a part of the overallness. Once Jeane reaches that point, she is able to reconnect with the flow, and the space she is in adapts to that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The second half of my dream is so loud that I lost a lot of the first half. What I remember of the first half of the dream is it feels like I’m trying to get together with a group of people who are meeting. 

They’re meeting in the evening, maybe even in a bar or someplace, but what they’re really meeting for is that they’re forming a sailing class, but it’s a class that’s going to learn how to sail certain types of boats.

And some people have done this before and others haven’t, and so we’re going to meet and I guess part of the purpose of the meeting is to pair up and things. That’s about all I really remember of the first part of the dream. 

It’s trying to kind of coordinate to get together with these people, and trying to figure out who had sailed before and who hadn’t, and where the class was going to be and all of that. The other part of the dream got so loud.

John: Well, what you are doing is, you’re having to hold the space, you’re having to determine what the setting needs to be in, that you’re able to then take off and sail. And so that’s what you’re attuning yourself to, vibrationally, is the space that you have to hold, or maintain.

So you start off doing that in order to continue.

Jeane: Part of where the dream goes is, it feels like I’m in some kind of a medical setting where I work, and most of the people who do counseling have their offices in one part of the building, but I seem to be in another part. And this part isn’t terribly well arranged.  

But I do have two offices that adjoin each other, and maybe even though some people come and go in one, I can see people there, and there’s a little confusion about whether I’m supposed to meet with somebody or not.

So somebody does show up, and it feels like before I see someone, it’s almost like one or two of the other therapists come by and we’re actually looking at the space because they would kind of like me to be where their offices are, but the difficulty I have with that is the office I’m in now, even though it’s somewhat separate, it has windows and stuff and I don’t think theirs do.

So I’m a little reluctant to give up having windows, but after they’ve left, even though I don’t remember scheduling an appointment, it’s like I have somebody come and I’m having trouble now with a place to see them. 

And then somebody else comes at the same time, and before I know it, there are three of us and we’re sitting at more of a table, and I’m trying to first see this woman who brings in her little girl, about a 10-year-old, who’s a little nervous about seeing a therapist.

Whatever office I have, it just seems to be now I’m just in a space where I seem to have to see people just as they come, wherever I’m at, because where I’m at keeps changing at this part of the dream.  

This woman with the daughter that maybe doesn’t speak that much English and she’s brought her in and she needs to be seen, but I’m still sitting at a table now with one other person who has come to see me, but I have to do something first to reassure the little girl.  

Then it just feels like those people are gone, and there are some people that I’ve counseled that I’ve seen in a group before, but suddenly they’re showing up individually, and before I can see one, the other one pops up and the space keeps kind of expanding. And I’m trying to sort out how to fit some of them in.

And then I see another one I hadn’t even known was there sitting and waiting. Then I go over and I look for a piece of paper to write something on, and it has all already got writing on it by you, or by somebody else, and I have to keep turning it over until I find a piece that I can put something on. 

So I’m just trying to figure out now, I’m trying to write down the name of at least one of them so I can sort some stuff out here, and then I try to tell them that maybe I can sort it out where I give a certain number of minutes to one person, and then I see another person who I guess I’d started talking to, and now she wants some more time, too. 

I can’t remember her name. Then I glance out. It feels like we’ve shifted from an office to where we’re all sitting on a bus. 

John: First of all, in the first part of your dream, you establish as a base the fact that you have to work in an overall way. You have to find the flow that takes into account everything around you. And you’re finding what that feels like, and how that feels to you is how you’re meant to be in relationship to this overall.

But then as the dream progresses, you’re still trying to guide, or direct, or hold onto something – like whether you have an office with windows or something like that. And so you’re still trying to hold back something in terms of the whole flow, in other words, where you have certain things that would be nice to have, your creature comforts yet.

When you let go of that, and are able to be affected by things randomly, or just in the flow of life as life comes to you, as opposed to having to steer it, or guide it, in some capacity, you find that that this, then, takes you back into the flow.

So you’re now able to meet with the groups, with the overall again. You somehow or another created a distraction when you had to have, or felt you needed to have, a particular kind of space from which to work.

But now that you realize that you can work from whatever the dynamic is that you end up in, and can meet with the group and be okay, you’re realizing that the difference between the first part of the dream, and then this dream, is you’re coming back to what is essential, in terms of letting go, so that you can carry the greater overallness. 

You would have thought the dream would have ended there, because that’s plenty of dream right there, but it doesn’t. The dream then says that when you have developed the ability to meet with the overallness of others, and have let go of the need to protect some sort of space that you have to do this in, so that you can do this in whatever setting you’re in, then you can now have more of an effect, which is more masculine oriented, which is you can now, instead of providing the overall setting, you’re now able to take and work succinctly and directly with individuals as opposed to the group.

In other words, instead of being a quality that’s able to hold the overall space together for something that is important to the Whole, you’ve done that, and so that has been established. You don’t have attachments to sort out, so you’re holding the acuity of that together, and you’re holding it so much so together that you have that capacity inside of yourself to bring something through.

Usually you can’t bring something through if you’re fogged up with moods, or mannerisms, which still haven’t been made comfortable. And so when you’ve been able to accept the overallness, you can then go and make another shift inside yourself, which is a masculine shift, and bring something through specifically, which is oriented to being able to work one-on-one.

And now from this, you’re now progressing, because you were doing this all within a contained environment, and now your dream sounds like it’s about ready to progress into going out of yourself now or, in other words, into the bigger schematic of what’s considered an outer, as opposed to just the inner – because the inner and the outer have to be one and the same, too.

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As Above So Below-Vandorn-HinnantThe recent theme has been about reaction actions or, said another way, how our established patterns veer us off from our connection to the Whole. We all have such patterns, triggered as defense mechanisms or fears, etc., but here John describes how our interaction with the physical world is really a dialogue with the universe, which, with the right conscious awareness, can bring us closer to the ways of what is unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the next dream, there’s a woman who keeps projecting a mannerism that purports to be okay. When I see her as weakened, or sick, I assume that this is just a passing mannerism, because I also see her as projecting herself to be okay. 

So another person I know is able to help her out, because he notices the condition and is readily responsive to the need – but I don’t emulate that. I keep thinking and assuming that it’s all passing. Therefore I don’t necessarily respond in the moment, because I am seeing the condition as not that big a deal. 

This other person doesn’t have that demeanor, and isn’t distracted. This person is able to drop whatever he is doing, and however he happens to be at a given point in time, to be receptive to the situation. 

In the dream the situation occurs twice. The first time I am too busy to notice. The guy is able to, as I’m even responding to him, he has even recognized, well, I am on some tangent in my nature. The first time I notice this I feel an embarrassment by such lack of connective awareness. The second time this happens, I am in the scenario, and do not see the reaching out.  

In other words, the reaching out from the woman. In other words, she’s doing it quietly. This guy steps forward to respond to the call for help that I miss yet again.

The meaning of this is, the theme of the dreams last night dealt with the reactions actions of our nature. In the first dream, I am shown that I am unable to appreciate an empty space within, if I am always responding reflectively.

In the second dream I am shown that I am not able to be where needed when my attention is concerned in some way or another. The dream embarrasses me by pointing out how unreceptive I am when I am on a side tangent.

This last one looks kind of different, but what it is is it’s a break from a rigidity pattern where you have to simply get it – and break the pattern. So I’m looking at a series of entries that are like what you see in a check register, except this is a long column on a single page. You know, columns with entries.

There is one line left at the bottom of the page for another entry, but it’s a little bit like a checkbook where every line is about something that has to be paid for and dealt with. The entry that is anticipated on this line is more of the same like what’s above.

And, of course, that’s how I’ve been making the entries. They all have to do with give and take on things. I know something needs to change, and I wake up realizing that what is needed is a cash out entry. That would complete the above, so that top to bottom it zeros out.

The meaning is I am using this image as a get-off answer to the treadmill of reaction action. I can feel the quietness of this way of letting go. The way that fits of course with the dream before is, until you do that, you’re always going to have the reaction action of the pulse of things, and you’re not going to be able to recognize the subtleness of things around you, the inflections of things around you, that you need to be attentive to.

You’re only going to be responding to the obvious as an understanding that rises up inside of you, instead of taking into account the greater Wholeness, and all the other levels that are there, as well, which aren’t being taken into account if you’re just responding to your synapses.

A human being, he has a huge problem here because he’s in a human body that’s taking all these blows, and those blows carry memories, and those memories carry inflections, and reflections, and all of that also is part of higher self and all of that gets fed to you.

And so you create a collage with that, and you find yourself responding, and the tendency, because you’re coming off of the senses and stuff, your tendency is to stay very linear, and you do a lot of damage that way because you miss, then, where your attention and your closeness needs to be in terms of the greater Whole.

And there’s a greater closeness in the greater Whole, too, when you take into account all the levels because there’s appreciation, and there’s a graciousness. There’s a deep touching that exists when you see that that’s all naturally meant to be like that. And you suffer when you are off on some tangential resolution, as if you have a right to make tangential resolutions that are black-and-white.

You need to go from that, all the way to the subtle. You need to take all of it into account simultaneously. That’s the play. The quietness is still the quietness, even though it inflected something into, and caused a creation to be there. It’s still a quietness. It’s still a joke. It’s still just a flicker that’s done there in order to create a wave, or something, that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the flicker, but it’s still a quietness.

The key is, just because it took and threw this curve that you identified and got lost in the curve, you accept the curve. The curve is you as well. This curve has been thrown out, and at the same time you backdoor the curve all the way to the point of the quietness again. And so it’s all a joke.

It’s all kind of a big laugh. It’s kind of like no different than a person who cracks these jokes. They go along, and everything is serious, and they can’t handle the seriousness, so they crack a joke. And that joke is a curve to the whole situation that’s in front of you, and you’re supposed to let go, and lighten up, and be able to laugh at it because it’s just a curve.

So we have this going on all the time, even in the outer in terms of our correlations back and forth with each other, and yet the big each other is a Oneness that’s with this whole dialogue of the Whole. And we get lost in the reactions, and the reactions cause us to get narrow, and when we get narrow, we lose the bigger schematic.

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light being2The exploration of the role humans are designed to play in the evolution of creation is shown here through a very simple image. As has been the theme recently, a human being is meant to be available to the energetic processes in creation. But that requires that we let go of our focus on our own world, and align ourselves to the purposes of what is higher. Otherwise, we cause ourselves needless suffering – by being out of alignment with everything else. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The schematic and theme, the subject matter, is what I ended up having to dream, and to begin with, you would have hardly guessed that this is what I was dreaming at the beginning. And so then I had to have a symbolic follow up dream to portray what I described. Because how you would arrive or catch up with it from just this is almost impossible to denote, because all that I’m doing is I’m just looking at a number of reservations.

Reservations mean limitations and whatnot. I’m looking at the whole schematic, and the number of reservations that a person can possibly have in a given chain of title. In other words, if you own a piece of property, of which we all own everything in life, you know, we are that piece of property so to speak, and you have all these various phases of ownership. 

You have the surface ownership, you have the mineral ownership, you have the timber ownership, there are the water rights, certain surface uses that are possible, some that might not be. And so what all the various reservations are, I’m taking and compiling an understanding of, as I look at that in relationship to a deed that I hold, noticing that it is not subject to any of those reservations. 

So when I am able to appreciate that I’m not subject to any of those reservations, I’m not negating something then. As a result I can tell that something in life is really ready to blow, meaning to explode, to go forward, to shift, to make a breakthrough. And so to denote this better, a person says, “This is really going to blow,” meaning it’s going to go up, it’s going to take off.

And then this has me pondering inside, how it is that I should ride the situation? In other words, to what degree can I expand some more then, or safely expand some more, without getting myself lost, or confused, or overweighted?

To write this up, I write it up as the vibration. I’m feeling within the energetic flow that is unfolding in life, and I align myself to feeling that vibration as a relationship to how it is that various levels within are aligned. 

How it is that I see this affecting various levels of awareness within, is important to what I feel I am compelled to do next. In other words, this is the connection. This is the connection that one has to make to the inner, so to speak, too.

What I am seeking to do is establish a flow and open movement, which can exist without the collective limitations that exist with other people who are caught up in dense reflections. I’m able to know that I am linked to a way that cuts through the maze, by feeling the sensation as it seems to have this quality that penetrates on every way that I can feel the sensation, which means it’s penetrating on lots of levels.

Then, you know, you’re never quite sure because it’s happening in kind of a resonation inside, so when you open your mouth you hear it in your voice. And when it is like that as well, you know that you’re carrying the penetration very deeply. You’re carrying it very deeply on the inner, and you’re penetrating it back into the outer, so you’re doing “above and below” almost in whiplash, or a split second kind of correspondence.

Ordinarily we suffer and suffer, typically in a state of bewilderment, not realizing that the reason for this is that we are seeking to bring through a vibration which shifts things in life. That’s why we suffer, that’s why we have the bewilderment, and it’s important that we have to go through that phase apparently because that is the shake out process.

The means to do this are bestowed upon a human being. In other words, the means to bring the vibration through, are bestowed upon a human being who aligns to the inner need, and catches up with the flow that comes both into and from creation. In other words, like I mentioned earlier, this is how a shift is made possible upon level after level, levels that we do not even necessarily know about.

It becomes possible on those levels as well, and we feel that as a sensation in which the heart dances with joy. When the heart isn’t able to blissfully rejoice, that is when the outer conditions predominate, which means of course you have the confusion on the inner as well. And when it’s like that, things are kept from rising up from creation to meet the light coming down.

A human being is meant to hear this, as well, as a note, as an organic revelation, which penetrates through and through from inner to outer and back. That’s kind of a masculine thing to hear it as a note, which becomes part of the voice. Initially you’re recognizing it as an awakening of something hidden in a sensation fashion.

So it is fascinating to denote that when it aligns the sensation then will come right into the voice as well. First it sifts and bleeds through via dreams, inflections, and symbolic dream-like images. There can be synchronicities in the outer, and all kinds of things like that in which it’s subtle.

Eventually, the vibrations become so sensationally loud, that when you open your mouth and speak you can hear it echoing in the voice, and know its truth by the blissful heartfelt note echoing therein as well.

That may seem to have been a bit much, you know, describing what was just a way of working beyond the reservations, and if one could say okay, maybe one needed a dream that had the symbolic inferences that portray all of this, and so then I have this dream.

In this dream, I’m finding an inner gorge of pure water, kind of like you might find in an Indiana Jones movie, where you go and all of a sudden you’re in this strange cavern and whatnot, and then there are the depths of water, which is trapped in there amongst the salt domes or whatever it is that holds it there. And how that water got there, well, that’s a mystery, too, but it’s pure water, and it doesn’t get any better than that kind of water. 

So I’m finding this within, which has reached through what was, as I was going through it, an arduous process. In other words, it wasn’t easy to get there. It was an arduous process and suddenly I’m there, and suddenly there’s that pure water. 

Now that I found the pure gorge of water, there’s a resonation that rises within, that fills me up with wonder as my heart sings to have discovered this. What I find amazing is this pure water is protected by the cavern, which it is located within, and even more surprising is that the salty ocean is nearby, but has not affected this pure water. 

The pure water accumulated over a long, long period of time by the rain water, representing grace, which fell from above, which imperceptibly seeped its way, and seemed to reach this contained cavern vessel that is reachable only when the time is right – or in the fullness of time.

All I wrote for a meaning was, this is very similar to the prior revelation that I was presenting, or laying out, except this dream provides the symbolic images for the inflection, from the heartfelt knowingness.

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