Space Will Be Provided

John: In my dream, I see myself driving across country and I know where I’m going. I’m able to make almost the whole journey without having to think about it. 

I only have to focus when I turn off the main road and take a shortcut that will take me to different areas in Idaho. There are courthouses I need to visit and I have a friend with me whom I want to show how I do my research. 

So I have a general sense of what needs to be, and that I can proceed without having to indulge in it, or think about it much, because I know that it has a quality that’s just there. There’s nothing for me to think about. It’s just what is meant to shift or be there.

At some particular point though, I begin to place a greater focus on where I’m specifically going, and that’s about it. Then that jumps to a point where I see myself arriving at a destination.

Because, perhaps, this courthouse experience is something embedded deep inside of me as a memory, when I arrive at one of these destinations (of which there could be many), I see myself full of confidence, assured and knowing that I can figure out whatever the system requirements are for this particular town.

Even though this might be the first time I’ve stepped inside a specific courthouse, it’s a cookie-cutter process for me.

So at this one courthouse I’m ready to stride right in and go about my business, but a person monitoring people as they enter and flow inside meets me in the corridor. He pulls me aside as I try to enter and I’m told that I need to sign in.

There are other people waiting in the corridor, but they’ve already signed a paper and have settled into this makeshift lobby. When I glance at them, they don’t seem to have a whole lot of energy. They seem disconsolate and disorganized, because they don’t quite have a sense of things. That’s not my situation.

As I’m about to sign in and I’m looking at the sheet, I see that some signatures are scratched out. They’re repeating over and over again. There’s a real small space for each of them to sign in. I’m staring at this. It doesn’t quite look right to me.

Suddenly the monitor takes the page out of my hand and turns it over, indicating that I’m to sign in on the space at the top of that page. No one else has signed in on this sheet and this is the largest space provided for a signature and it’s right at the top. There’s none of the confusion that I saw on the other side of the sheet.

So the imagery of this dream is showing me that there comes a time on the spiritual path where a person has gained a small sense of the journey. The person can almost feel it in their bones, as if there’s a latent familiarity. This recognition is energetically visible to the destiny for that soul. Space is provided for this destiny to unfold.

It’s a very different state from those who are still searching and sorting things out (those waiting in the corridor). People who are still searching continue to be cycled over and over again to help them sort things out.

This dream shows that the pathway is much more open for me. I must still go through a sign-in monitor, however. In fact, it annoys and disturbs me a bit that I have to sign in because I was just going to confidently stride right on through.

So there’s no question that I will be allowed entrance by the monitor, but there is a sense of being slowed down somewhat in my approach. There seems to be a different speed or flow set forth for me to experience.

Walking Softly

Jeane: I don’t remember everything in this next dream, but I’m working in an agency that treats people who are addicted to drugs or maybe both drugs and alcohol. As a part of this work, we have to go out on emergency calls and sometimes we work in teams of two or three people.

The other people I work with are in an office in another building. A man there, whom I used to work with, has spread the rumor that I’m going to assault my emergency call team. As a result, one of them plans to assault me first.

An emergency call comes in and, because I know what’s up, I’ve picked up a baseball bat. I know that one man is supposed to sneak up on me, so when he does I just hit his legs out from under him.

While he’s on the ground I make the point that if I had really planned on beating any of them up, I could easily do so now that he’s on the ground. I tell them that that was never my intention, and tell them we should just drop the whole thing.

I know this dream had a lot of other parts to it, vehicles and other things, but I just can’t remember them.

John: Now we are looking at the third dream of the night (see the previous discussion in Part 1 and Part 2). So you began this journey by learning to hold a note, or a vibration – and not doing anything else. This was being done completely on an inner level.

Next we saw you begin to bring it from the inner realms into the outer realms, and the imagery showed you trying to hold that vibration while you re-adjusted to the outer world – you are trying to fit in again, but not lose the vibration you have connected with.

Now we see the story develop even further, with you taking action in the outer realms. So this vibration is being brought further into life in its expression through you. But, the force of this process is pushing and pulling at you.

The key is not to become too reactive to that struggle. The degree to which you react can cause you to lose recognition of what you are trying to bring through. You are trying to embody something new that you have connected to, but it’s not always easy in the face of outer world pressures.

So, in the example you are given, someone has come at you in a threatening way – because they felt threatened by you first. You take a baseball bat and knock him off his feet, but you don’t go any further – you put a stop to the aggression and misunderstanding.

Just having gotten his attention by using a baseball bat is walking a fine line, because that’s dangerously close to completely losing your sense of the overallness that you’re meant to sustain and maintain as a presence in life.

This last dream is showing you how this outer life, this mirage of things, can, if you’re not careful, knock you off your feet no matter how good your intentions. It happens in such a way that you end up responding in kind. What I mean is, you can end up operating at the level of what’s going on around you.

This outer world is what it is. We can make a difference, but not if we buy into it and start acting according to the way it conducts itself.

In this dream process, you’re bringing something into life from somewhere else. Can you maintain that subtler linkage and hearing inside yourself, when placed in a situation in which everything around you doesn’t recognize or support that?

If you can’t, then you are revealing to yourself what needs to be worked on by you in order to eventually hold on and maintain the flow no matter what the outer circumstances.

Everything new that we gain through spiritual dream work and meditation will be tested by the world we live in. It is up to us to be the stillness in the outer chaos. It’s not easy, but that’s how we can eventually come to embody certain qualities that are important to carry into life.

Kiss, Chase, Earthquake

Jeane: This dream starts out with me running around with some friends or cousins, everyone of different heights. They’re all young boys except there’s one little girl cousin who’s like a little spy.

As we run around chasing each other, there’s a whipping motion, as if we form a single movement and the person on the end gets flipped up off the ground.

I’m not sure exactly why we’re running around, or what the chase is about, but at one point one of the boys and I want to find somewhere so we can kiss. We keep trying to run off, but the others keep calling attention to what we’re trying to do. We end up staying far enough ahead so they can’t catch us; we finally get our kiss.

Then, of course, they catch us. Then I spin off with a young woman in the group who comes up to me and we run off together. In fact, at one point we go outside and she wants me to give her a really light kiss. For her, that’s the most perfect kiss she’s ever had. So now we’re supposed to run off together, which is a little confusing to me. Before the others can catch up with us, we run off.

We pause at a fountain. There’s a little stand with a man behind it who likes to laugh at everything. We have to stop and do something for him. At that moment, the girl I’m with becomes more like a grandmother. Then she becomes her age again.

Next there is a shift and I’m in a car and trying to drive away. Suddenly there’s a big cliff above me on one side, and I see rocks falling and cars being thrown around because there’s a huge earthquake. I’ve run up against the cliff to a place where some rocks are jutting out.

My car has become smaller and I’ve tucked it under my arm to pull it up against me under the cliff – because the rocks are falling in every direction. Then everything just stops and people get out of their wrecked cars.

I haven’t been hit by any of the rocks, so I go over to where there’s a little bit of open roadway left where I can ride the car. I drive up to a newspaper office. I realize there’s some information I have to get to my grandfather, or father, who runs the newspaper.

It’s important. It’s like an edition where everything has all been printed on newspapers and I have to get it to him. At the same time I’ve suddenly collected a bunch of people including some kids that I have to fit in my car.

When we go to get in the car, there’s a group of dogs there, too, and there’s one little dog trying to mount another dog, even though they’re both male dogs. I have to break up the dogs, get the kids in the car, and take off.

We’re on a mission to get this information to my grandfather and I realize the police, or other people, are chasing us. They’ve realized what we are doing and now they’re going to catch us. We’ve all ducked down because there’s a light in the car I’m having trouble turning off.

Because we’ve all ducked down, somehow the kids end up driving the car while I’m trying to turn off the light. Then I see a big metal gate – like the bar that comes down when you’re going across railroad tracks. This gate comes down right behind our car. Obviously they’re in on the chase, but we’re still a little ahead of the trap.

Next I go down some steps with one or two others – like steps to a train or the subway – and I’m even taking the car with us. This seems absurd to me even in the dream. The group I was with has dispersed, and I’m back with the person I started with earlier in the dream.

We get down to the tracks and there’s one of those old rail cars that you have to pump to make move. It’s loaded with the newspapers that have to get to my grandfather. The laughing man has shown up and he’s helping un-bale them so they can be put on the train. I realize that even though he likes to laugh a lot he might be part of the people who are supposed to blow up this information before it can get to my grandfather.

My solution is to tell him that I’ll let him blow up some of the papers, and we’ll take the rest, which also have the information my grandfather needs. When he blows them up, he can go off and still be free to laugh or whatever he likes, but we’ll have some of the papers on the train with the information to give to my grandfather. That’s when I woke up.

This dream is exploring the cadences of the inner and outer life and the balancing of the masculine and feminine, and much more. Tomorrow we will see more clearly what has unfolded.