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Awakening can be a simple subtle shift within us, and we don’t awaken all the way, all at once. It is a gradual process that can move in small increments, or sometimes by great expansions, but only by as much as we are ready for or can handle. In this dream it is a sound that triggers the realization that there is more to the dreamer than his normal perspective. And that’s how it goes, little by little we expand ourselves into the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, that reminds me of the second dream, because in the second dream that I had there is a corporation that I identify with whose stock is misunderstood. It seems kind of dormant and asleep; in other words, there’s just no action about it, it’s just stale. 

So as I look at the company, I’m trying to determine if there is any movement, whatsoever, for me to be able to make something out of it. And, as I look, I have a stock register that shows the trades over a sequence of time. And it has columns coming down, so I’m going back, and then this, and this, and this, and all of a sudden there is a current point in time in which I notice that there’s movement in the company.  

And I’m actually kind of surprised to see the movement, and I’m trying to determine to what degree now because in the register it says the first half and second half. So what does that mean, first half and second half? Is that a lot of movement, or a little movement, or just the start of something? 

So I study this to try to learn more about it, and determine if such activity is meaningful, or to what degree it’s meaningful. After a long history of nothing happening, whatever is going on now strikes me as something I need to catch up with, because this is an action that is still discrete, but isn’t actually below the radar screen anymore. 

And the meaning is, there is a movement from within that suggests hope, or a meaningfulness, is astir. The dream causes me to feel this as being a kind of pent-up energetic in my chest that I’m carrying in a kind of suspense. But that suspense could change; in other words, something could just break loose. 

I don’t yet know what to make out of this as I don’t have enough information to understand any parameters; just a sense that one has. In the meditation dream, I notice that I am looking at myself from a position that is removed, or I’m somehow separate from what is going on. In other words, whatever’s going on I’m separate from it – and I’m looking at myself. 

What I’m looking at is how am I going to react in the outer with regard to a projection? In looking at myself, I’m seeing myself as a projection. And what am I going to make out of this projection? In other words, I’m in the flow of the projection, it’s not like I can break the projection. And I’m just looking at this projection. 

And suddenly I hear something from another place. In other words, like something within, like a sound. And this jolts me. That is when I notice that in the outer body frame of reference, the outer of myself, which is the projective part of myself, that’s when I’m observing that that was just a projection. Until I heard that sound, I was identifying with that outer aspect. And when I heard that sound, it caused me to notice that there is a distinction of something removed from that projection.

Until I heard the sound, I believed that what I’m looking at, and what was going on in the outer, as being where I’m at. To realize that the image was but a projection, shocked me. I was caught in that hook, line, and sinker as kind of an unfoldment flow. Well I’m just amazed to see what jerked me back, because I was convinced that I was the projection. And what I notice is that – in terms of hearing this inner sound – is that it breaks me out of a kind of stupor, or trance, because I was convinced I was the image, and that that image and what was going on was what was real – and had to acted out based upon the projection. 

So by hearing an inner sound, I am noticing that this sound intervenes and interrupts the projection. So what is going on is I’m observing how I am the doer behind everything that has an actionableness about it in the outer. If I am able to stop, and let go, and take a step back into a stillness of my being, I notice that isn’t anything that’s going on, that’s just kind of a projection. 

In other words, it’s as if I have dreamt all this up. And I’m noticing that the other scenario that circumambulates is but a dream that has me, somehow or another, in its clutches. So the punchline is that in a stillness there is no projection. And when I come out of this stillness, I enter the plane of existence where projections are acted out. To act out a self-imposed projection, because I am not able to let go of an illusory sense, causes me to manufacture what isn’t real, and is out of touch with who I really am deep within. And so, I’m out of touch with who I am, where I am, and what I am.

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John: Last night, my shoulder was hurting. In sleeping, I contend with it, or try to accommodate it, so it doesn’t wake me. Part of the reason I accommodate it is that I refuse to accept that it can’t get better. So I continue to probe beyond for a solution, and I’m attentive to this idea that there’s still hope.

I’m not having any success, but at least I find it interesting that there’s a place beyond to explore. What I’m saying is that I’m searching for an inner solution to an outer (physical) problem. I can’t let what others say hold me back. I know they mean to give me good advice, but that doesn’t resolve the problem, so I keep probing.

I suppose this is the condition, too, I find myself in, in relation to the outer world. I’m at a point where I can recognize how there can be a deeper attempt, from within, to try to touch and change things in the outer, but I don’t actually see it working.

When you get right down to the core of things, an energetic could, and is intended (in its highest development) to be able to shift and make changes. But I’m not seeing it as able to make the kind of difference that could alter or change the continuing breakdown that I see unfolding in the world today.

And yet, I also don’t believe that there’s any other way to do it, which is a matter of everyone getting more and more toward the epicenter of their being. In other words, the only thing that can affect a change at this point is a state of inner being that has a greater universal understanding and an intertwined connection to everything.

The key to this is found by getting out of the way in every regard, in terms of one’s approach to life, on a practical level. Then, with ourselves out of the way, we’ll find that we’re connected to the overall flow of things. Somehow this conscious response is capable of altering what’s unfolding. What we currently see unfolding is a consequence of the inner dynamic of the human race, as a whole, and its inability to be at this state of depth and power inside sufficient to make a difference.

Perhaps this is why it’s felt by some that there’s no longer the light of the individual. Usually there’s an energetic resource in the whole that’s like a collective mannerism in terms of a change agent, a kind of light or value that simultaneously awakens and opens, to which the individual can link and connect.

That causes things to change. But the sense is that the overall collective light, to which the individual light can connect, isn’t able to reach that kind of epiphany of awareness, that collective spark that can trump and go beyond the prevailing situation.

The hope and heartfulness that can be found in an individual can no longer find its correlation in the outer, because the outer is so strongly warped that it blocks out that essence from flickering.

Do I actually believe that, because that’s portraying a fairly hopeless scenario? If it was really that hopeless it would be like a type of dying, in which there’s no conceivable hope anymore. I think things are going to change radically, but there’s little evidence of the transitional energy that’s needed to bring humans to this change gradually – so they can handle it.

Or, perhaps, what’s meant to unfold is working at a level of nothingness and heartfulness and depth, which hasn’t been caught up with yet, it’s so subtle. And, in that, there really is the means provided in the collective flow that an individual consciousness can touch, which can trigger change.

I’m inclined to believe that that’s the case. In the past, humans as a whole had the ability to turn a little dial here, or do a little something over there, to effect a change, but that doesn’t work anymore. It only serves to postpone the agony of things to come.

So it’s easy to draw the conclusion that when the fine tuning no longer works, it’s because some light of the overall world soul has gone out. I don’t quite know how to believe that as true. Yet the situation right now in the outer, no matter how you look at it, and no matter what is done, nothing seems to be averting it.

Perhaps we’re just observers to something coming apart? It hurts to see it coming apart because there will be a lot of suffering and confusion still to come, caused by the defiance of the human to its natural awakening.

This creates a state of helplessness, where we can’t do anything. Yet I have a deep sense that something is missing in that, that it’s not necessarily the full answer. There’s still something more that’s noodling behind the outer appearances.

What that is is something new, unknown to us, and there must be those who have a better sense of this, who can see this moving about, but in an unconstellated state, still forming. But our ability to work with something in transition, that part seems to be missing. We’re not able to see how the light within can touch that, because for it to touch that there has to be a recognition, a mutuality, and the problem is in finding that.

These ideas go along with some dreams I’ve had that indicate that, because everyone believes that the outer flow of things, this outer illusion, has such a profound meaningfulness that there’s a deep problem in keeping that attachment from getting in the way of the inner coming into the outer.

The inner that needs to come into the outer can only happen through a state of emptiness or nothingness, so that really redefines, in these times, the role of a human being.

Before we were part of what could be called a kind of co-creator mode. Now I’m not sure just how this is meant to be because attempts to figure out how to define that, in order to figure out how to be in a state that’s conductive to that, seem to be out of reach.

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John: Following my first dream (see Acceptance and Forgiveness), I had the following dream that continues the same theme.

I’m meeting a male friend and a woman at a restaurant. We need to get to the restaurant in time to make a change. In other words, we need time to adjust to the place we’re going – we can’t just get there at the last minute because then there won’t be any time to adjust to the space or settle in. 

If we walk there it may not leave enough time to alter the energetic flow so that the food and service is suited to our needs. I feel urgency within, as if I hear an inner clock. The change needed has to do with the atmosphere of the place; eating is a secondary concern. 

Said another way, if we arrive in time and can, through our intention, correct any imbalance to the energetic, the food will take care of itself. But, if the scene is unsettled, then the food will not be quite right; there will be something about it that’s missing. (It reminds me of people who pray over their food as a way to set a certain note inside them. There’s something to that. It helps change the energetic flow.)

And it helps the food, too, because everything is alive and affected by the energy around it. This is true in the restaurant scene. If we go there scattered or discombobulated in ourselves, or just don’t flow into it naturally, or hold onto a certain presence or mannerism, then we’re just letting the circumstances of our environment dictate how things will be. 

In other words, we are meant to take on a greater responsibility in terms of how we affect our environment and the people in it. Our energy touches everything around us and, if we hold a conscious intention, we can touch our surroundings in some way in which it needs to be touched.

What surrounds us energetically is a form of food for us. So, is it junk food, or an organic meal? Our conscious intention can affect the energy in either direction. So this imagery is about honoring the connection, the relationship, to the wholeness of which we’re a part. 

The inner issues that must be overcome for this energetic change to take place in me are represented by the sense of urgency that I (my character in the dream) carry, the resistance to change shown by my male friend which needs to be let go of, and the woman who needs to bring an acceptance to it all.

All three characters are aspects of my inner life – both masculine and feminine. I wish I could really pull out exactly how I saw this because it was almost like I went one, two, and three: these are the three things needed.

So I was trying to catch the note, because it’s a consolidation of the two dreams. In the first dream I was the man working with two aspects of feminine energy, and in this dream it’s shifted to two masculine aspects with the feminine providing the acceptance (perhaps the feminine that was joined together in the previous image?).

Upon settling back, I became aware of a deeper energetic meaning behind these dreams: a change is needed, and it’s coming. I’m being shown that I need to be able to accept the transition as it unfolds. I need to adjust as needed, and flow with what evolves.

I can’t do any better than that – that’s as close as I can get. The understanding was very succinct and it broke the things into a structure of one, two, and three in terms of jolt, jolt, jolt, which results in something initiating a change.

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