An Indulgence

verseThe idea of eating an entire cake by oneself may seem like an obvious image of overindulgence, yet, like most dream images, there are many levels to consider. In one way, whenever we get too personally involved in the unfolding of life, i.e., forcing an outcome because “that’s what we want,” it can be seen as an indulgence because we are trying to force our will against the natural flow of life. We can also look at it as an indulgence to live a life without considering why the universe created humans in the first place.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my last dream, I went into a restaurant and I ordered a cake to eat, or had a cake made. Apparently, I’ve done this before, but this time, the cake is four pounds. It’s way bigger than a cake that I normally eat whole, and the waitress asks me, what else do I want? And I say, “Nobody’s ever done this to me before, and if I want to order a cake, I just get a cake. Get the whole thing.”

And the waitress says, well, what else do I want with it, and I say, “Well, I think I’ll just eat the whole cake.” She kind of stares at me and makes some comment that has everybody else in the restaurant laughing. And I say something like, well, maybe I’ll come back later and have the main meal, when one normally would order dessert later.

She has the cake back up on the counter. Some comment goes on about why the cake is so large, or larger than usual. And she says, “Well, it comes this way because it has a speaker on each end.”

And then because I’m insisting on just eating cake, and she’s the type that seems to want to have to kind of police this or something, she says, “Well, you can go up and help yourself whenever you’re ready.”

So I get up. I can’t find the plates. Finally, I’m trying to get her attention, like where do you keep the plates? Because I’ve gone through a couple of counter doors and I don’t see the plate.

So, what is the meaning of something like this? I’m having so much trouble pulling out the meaning on dreams.

It’s obviously an overindulgence at having to eat the whole cake. And it’s apparently not paying close enough attention to a listening center inside that would know a proper cadence and balance. The people in the restaurant that seem to be laughing are mostly women.

The theme of the dreaming last night seems to have to do with having an understanding of the timing, or orientation, in which something, in terms of how things are to unfold. And that the masculine can have the idea that sets in motion the flow, but it’s the feminine that knows what is appropriate or proper. Because the masculine tends to go this way and that way to such a degree. It doesn’t know the right speed or something, or the right cadence in terms of how to bring something through. And so it’s always doing something. Well, this causes him to lose attention to what is important. It’s almost like he gets forgetful because he outruns himself and outpaces himself.

And in this particular dream, a person overindulges, which isn’t taking proper care, I suppose. If he were to keep doing this, this isn’t a proper approach to the well being of the whole – or the body. It’s not well rounded. Which the feminine nature seems to know what’s well rounded, and the masculine just will do whatever works, or gets by, because it doesn’t have a good orientation on a sensation level to how something should be balanced.

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