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ima0202gesIn our outer life, we deal with issues as they arise, and some are harder to handle than others. It’s no different on the inner worlds, as energies are awakened and have to be dealt with by the rest of our systems and for the balance of the life as a whole. Here, a dream paints the picture of what is needed to be accommodated, internally, for things to open up and evolve. The patient must be taken care of, but other aspects need to be established and in place first to do it safely. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had like little vignettes I dreamt last night. The earliest one I remember, it feels like there’s this really big guy that needs some kind of a treatment, and I’ve taken him to a hospital – and it’s the hospital room I want him in.

It’s like got all glass walls, and there’s certain things they have him hooked up to that are kind of unusual, and I just want it all done in a way that doesn’t agitate him because he’s really big and he could maybe get out of control if he were agitated.

And I’ve got some nurses that cooperate with me in this. The problem is that the administrators, or someone else in charge, want to maybe lock him up or not treat him this way, and whatever they’ll do will agitate him. It feels like maybe I even take him away from the hospital, want to sneak him out and get around them, but he still needs the treatment so maybe I’ve smuggled him back in the hospital. But I’m kind of in collusion with the nurses trying to keep him where nobody sees him. And then getting ahead of them before they come to get him out of there when it’s time for him to go, because it feels like the authorities would do something to contain him, or capture him, or whatever.

And I’m in collusion with the nurses kind of cooperating to get him treatment and then get him out of there without this happening.

John: This big guy represents, on an energetic level, an obstacle, or something that lies in your frame of reference, or world, in which the dilemma is, how do you get that to come into a cohesion that is intertwined with the scenario of the outer?

And the dilemma is complicated by the fact that this obstacle, or this big guy, is misaligned, you know, so that he compounds the confusion by acting up, or potentially acting up, if he comes out of his trance, in ways that are over the top in terms of the simpler overall scenario that he is located within.

In other words, it’s as if this big guy is an anomaly, in that the system is used to accommodating something that is more in accordance with how it is that they have, in their collective way, set up the system. Unfortunately, the system may be set up like that, but from the standpoint of what’s waking up, you being the big guy, what’s waking up is now becoming a force of nature that isn’t taken into full account, in terms of the relationship in the intertwining that needs to occur.

In other words, the world itself is situated in one way, and is prepared to relate only in a certain particular energetic way, and what is waking up with this big guy, what is emerging in terms of that raw energy is like an obstacle in terms of how the collective, or the outer, is inclined to see this. But what needs to happen is that what is waking up needs to find a way to intertwine.

Actually, what is indicated is that the big guy can’t wake up if there isn’t a way of intertwining. So it’s really interesting. You could say this in another way. You could say that the environment of the hospital setting is such that those who have their focus and attention to sustain the hospital setting, that they have to catch up maybe more so with an inner divine need in order to accommodate that which is before them, that they have to take in. And that, being a part of you, and that aspect that’s like a diversity in the wholeness, if that isn’t embraced, or dealt with, keeps a greater change, that’s demonstrated by this big guy on the verge of coming back into a state of health, or trying to come into a state of health, that needs the help of the hospital but can’t quite wake up because he’d be too much for the environment, needs something to be able to awaken around him in order for something to unfold.

Well, if we live at a point in time in which shifts and changes are really, really almost impossible to have, then the awakening must be, in order for there to be a correspondence, a cohesiveness, the awakening must occur each according to its need – instead of there being an answer, or changes in terms of the whole of the collective, that what changes has to be in terms of each diverseness, being different signature note individuals, each according to its inner divine need which is going to be different from one to the next.

Some need to be speeded up, some need to let go of things, some have reactions that get in their way, alignments have to occur that a cohesiveness needs to be found, flexibility needs to be recognize. A all of those things could be considered something that’s collective, but the collective is nothing more than a composite of the individuals that make up the organization, so to speak, and each of those has to come to grips with what is important in terms of themselves as a person with a flow that’s intended to be in a oneness.

Your image portrays something else, too, as you might say a dilemma, in terms of the times that we live in, in that human beings are not meant to be isolated, they’re meant to interrelate. Well, when you interrelate you’re intertwining, and when you’re intertwining what occurs, in terms of an unfoldment by each of us, has to be accommodated by the other. And if it’s not, then you set up barriers of resistance. And those barriers of resistance that cause things to have to go through this, that, or the other is what is called karma. And the karma is there simply because there is a lack of those variables I mentioned before, cohesiveness, alignment, you know working in the same motif speed, proper focus and attention, lower-self nuances and suppressed conditions, and personal orientations, which take one outside of seeing the need for a greater whole – based upon a cohesion of inner connectivity.

So your dream has a lot of complexities to it. How is it that this guy is going to wake up? How is he going to come into his own? Now the thing of it is, is you have painted an image of something that is extremely diverse from the environment. In other words, he’s a big guy, he’s in a setting, you know he’s got a raw energy. How are things going to contend when all of a sudden, in the eyes of the staff of the hospital, he’s going to be seen as some sort of bizarre monster, and he’s going to see them as idiots or something?

That’s the picture. That picture needs to change. That picture needs to be such that for him to wake up, the waking up is a very unusual waking up. Your dream is estranged to such a degree that you’re not inclined to denote this, but the hospital staff must see themselves in him, and he must see himself as in the hospital staff. And in that way there is a bonding that comes together. Otherwise, if that were to wake up without that, you’re going to have a lot of collateral damage.

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