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25262976 - yin yang humanWe are all the characters in our dreams, males, females, the young and the old. Or, in this case, the naked and the clothed. And these interactions speak of the relationships between different aspects of our inner life, always with the goal in mind to find a connection and a flow. Yet here, what is expressed in an unvarnished way by the masculine, proves too much for the feminine to handle. So there is work to be done on both sides to bring them together in a workable way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It starts off, in the meditation dream, where I have a lot of frustration and struggle to contend with. That’s my way of saying that I reverbed, and I reverbed, and I reverbed in terms of trying to cause something very simple to be obviously known.

Because, in the dream, I have the assignment of revealing an inner invisible substance to an outer that requires proof in a tangible way; in other words with the ordinary senses. And there is a lot of frustration because there is nothing I can do to make this as visible, to those in the outer, as it is to me as an inner vibrational presence.

So what is going on is, I have caught up with a subtle vibration that I am able to tell affects the outer in a profound way. I notice this so much, vibrationally, that for me this is like a seeing. For others, that I am trying to make this known to, because they aren’t experiencing the vibration resonating within themselves, like I do, their visibility is kind of in a dense, or black-and-white way, and, as a result, this leaves me at a loss in revealing to them this ever-present way. In other words, it’s a flow, its ever-present way.

So then, when I come to bed, I come out of where I am staying. In my dream now, it’s like there’s a place next to something that’s like a quaint café. And in this quaint café there’s a proprietor, a woman proprietor. And when I come out of the house I just walk 40, 50 feet or something, along the sidewalk, and then there’s something in the middle of the fence area, along the sidewalk, before I walk up. And there’s actually a little outer area there where, you know, you have tables where you can eat outside on a deck, and stuff like cafés have, and she’s out there doing something with the tables to get them ready, and she hasn’t yet opened for the day.

So I come up along the side near the bottom, about the middle area of the fence area, and suddenly I realize I’m naked, which is the case that happens when I’m carrying an energy that is out of place in the ordinary sense of reality. The naked condition is over and over again. I see it as okay, and I act as if it’s okay, but once in a while I realize, you know, I’ve got to quit acting like everybody has to accept this.

So, as I come around the corner to where she’s at, kind of crept right up on her, and then I shield myself against a wall there because, all of sudden, I realize I’m naked and I’ve got to be careful how I come across, I ask if it is too early. She is mumbling to herself, and the inference has to do with something somewhere else bothering her.

As she sees me, she says, “I am so upset.” I say, “Did I do something to make you upset?” Deep down I know it is something else, but that’s just being polite. And then there is a sudden jump up energetic pulsation through my body, because I actually know that this has to do with her not being able to take in a certain flow that’s meant to come through, in an inner way. But I can’t tell her that. And, in this particular case, it has to do with somewhere, or something else, or however. And all the time know that her upsetness has to do with something she’s identifying somewhere else, yet I find it to be a curiosity, in a revealing sort of way, which requires me to be a support.

She says, “I will be right back,” as she has to contend with something bothering her inside, and has to go somewhere else to deal with it, because she was actually kind of going a little catatonic mumbling away to herself as she was cleaning the tables up.

So what is going on is, in this dream, although I am acting nonchalant, even though this doesn’t make sense to others, I am moving about in sync with an energetic, that is afoot in life, affecting others who are not able to sort it out. To me it is more visible. To them it is a frustration and discombobulation.

Until it is processed through, I just need to hold an empty space as this is the only way I know to support those who are going through things in the outer – unaware of a vibrational effect that is an inner unfoldment process affecting them from within.

Until there is a stop to let go; in other words, you have to quit the doingness. You have to kind of find that you have nothing that you absolutely have to do, because we fill every second in the outer with things that we have to do, and that prevents us from catching up with this flow, which comes from an emptiness. So until there is a stop, to let a flush-through to a shift in beingness occur, I and others who act this way are running from an inner awakening.

In other words, you’re acting on your frustration as a blockage, as a denial, as a veil that keeps you too busy to notice within. The answer is to let it flow, and accept the effect. And, when you do that, that’s when something intangible can happen. That’s when it’s a type of stillness in which there is a light substance now, that works, or help from wherever at a depth with wherever.

That’s just how it is until there is a full stop to face the energetic. Or, in other words, are you really facing the energetic? To a large degree, we face energetics by trying to understand that; that’s what psychology’s all about, to try to go back to where maybe it came from. But a higher octave of that is you just let the inner come into the outer, and the transitional shift is no longer kept at bay then.

So, what I’m describing is the way the inner higher-self vibratoriness makes its secret substance noticeable to our outerness of self. We must stop our doing in order to accept the vibrational impact; in order for the vibrational effect to make itself known from the greater emptiness space of our overall beingness. Only when we are still can our overall vibrational aliveness and beingness settle, as an insightfulness from within, into the manifestedness of a self in the outer.

So, as an observation, whenever you come across someone who’s acting really, really busy and all of that stuff, and doesn’t have time to pause for a split second, is constantly a go, go, go, go, that is a type of person who is keeping the inner from touching the outer.

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Maria Petrova

If we were to think of our dreams as little movies, this dream would make an interesting film. It begins simply, in an office, at a new job, and everything seems fine. But then the clues emerge: the decor is strange, the furniture is too low, and then a lunch date who just might be trying to kill her. Then a chase scene, an escape, and a return to where we started. Yet now something has changed, and things begin to fall into place. And, just as in life, it can be the things we learn as we go through a process, the connections we make, that help us sort things out in the end. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So then the dream goes into the same theme of going back to work, and I’ve gone over to a hospital where the other people I used to work with have been hired. It’s either like I’m being hired, or a job interview. When I get there it’s not like a job interview, it’s more like they’ve hired me – and it’s a Catholic hospital.

There’s a lot of women that run it, and initially when I go there they take me down and they show me an office that will be my office. Well, when I go in the office, I realize it’s a large office but somebody’s put these awful shag rugs on the floor in those awful colors they had back in the 50s or something. And there’s furniture in three or four different places with chairs, but all of the furniture is really too low for me. There’s only one chair that kind of scoots around, that’s still on one of those awful rugs, and it’s obviously just been, you know, grabbed from here and there, and the pieces don’t go together, and I’m not sure how it will work with actually seeing people.

It’s like the size of the room has potential, but the way it’s been furnished is awful. But they almost feel like somebody has accomplished something being able to pull this together, so I don’t say anything. I just make a comment about it, then we kind of go out and they’re still showing me around. I become aware that apparently they hired away the other people I worked with because they pay these very high wages, and then one of the priests, who’s kind of dashing, comes along and I have a feeling he had something to do with why I’m there.

And then someone else takes me out to lunch. when we go out to lunch we go out to another area, and as we’re walking through this area around the hospital I had almost felt like the area around the hospital was maybe a very rough neighborhood, but this when I look around it’s almost a little magical. There’s even this huge carved guitar in front of one of the buildings. It’s kind of got this golden shape to it. It’s rather intriguing to me.

But he takes me past all that, has me climb up on this odd platform where obviously it not the priest, it’s this other man now that’s there, that had taken me out to lunch, and he just wants us to sun ourselves up on this platform in the middle of, it’s almost like this well, or pit, that was even hard to kind of leap up there from this ladder we climbed up. And I’m not that interested in sunning myself, so I start looking around, then when I want to kind of go climb down the ladder the platform we were on turns like almost into like on a windmill or whatever it is that goes around so that, you know, it’s like we start falling a bit, or we can hold onto them, but it’s starting to go around.

And I leap off that, and I’m hanging onto something on the wall across because it is kind of a square pit where we had gone into and then climbed up this ladder onto this platform. Also, I have this feeling right now that he’s trying to catch me, or kill me, so it’s like I do something to break away from that, or even push him, so he falls.

And I go over to the opposite wall and I actually pull down part of the wall and climb in and I’m suddenly in a very kind of interesting area where the wood gleams more, and there’s another priest there. It’s a rather beautiful building. I go out of there and I’m still interested in that area that we walked through, but then I find out that it’s not really that close to the hospital.

I’ve gotten away from the guy that was in the pit. I’ve gone back to the hospital and, although I’ve been told the area around it is quite different, it’s almost up around this little hill and it’s different than what I’ve seen so far, and when I get there I suddenly remember that I tell them I’m not sure, I go into a room where the different women that run the hospital have met, and I said I suddenly remembered that when I retired that I had dropped my license. So I don’t know that they can hire me because I’m not licensed.

But one of the women who really takes charge goes away and gets on the phone and she seems to feel that she’ll just have to pay some sum of money and she can get me my license back.

And what I notice at that point is that, whereas before I had kind of been drifting along like this victim in this dream, I’m suddenly actually quite energized about the idea of going back to work, or even about what’s going on around me. It’s like now I have a feeling like I can just figure out how to redecorate the room myself instead of just kind of being dragged along before.

John: So the dream continues the same motif in the first dream, in which everything around you in your environment is overwhelming, but it’s overwhelming not because it’s too much. It’s overwhelming because of it being kind of out of twang with a flow.

And so you’re having to feel what it’s like to be out-of-twang with something that needs to be unfolding within, in other words, a flow that is important. And you carry this and carry this and carry this, and it’s such a weight and such a burden, it has an exhaustive effect upon one’s nature because you’re held back from being able to be how it is, and who it is, that you’re meant to be in terms of a connectivity inside.

And then finally, at the very end, you are finding the means, in other words, I guess enough oppression I guess is enough, I guess it has run its course, so to speak.

Then something shifted, then something was able to shift, you know, but you haven’t made the transition yet. All you’re doing really is you’re still sensing inside, you’re still in the shadow inside, of what it feels like to be all repressed. And what’s waking up inside of you is the excitement to being able to shift and change.

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101287638Robbing a bank in a dream has the sense of being somewhere where one shouldn’t be, of having violated a space. And so it is in this dream, but the space that has been entered into is a greater energetic. And the difficulty the dreamer has, what turns the image from a potential paradise into a criminal enterprise, with life-threatening aspects, is the sense of the hugeness of the energetic expanse. When we cross over from our small planetary existence to a universal perspective, it may feel like we don’t belong, but that’s exactly where we’re meant to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my first dream it feels like I’ve robbed a bank with someone who’s kind of like a small-time town crook of some kind.

But my dilemma now is I have found out that he’s actually part of a larger syndicate, and so they’re either going to rob me in return, or do me in, one of the two. I hadn’t realized when I got involved with him that he was part of that, so I feel like I’m kind of in a dilemma now. That was the first dream.

John: When you awaken to a particular point… In other words, first of all you have kind of a catalytic energy. One’s nature is by design catalytic in that it causes certain things to unfold. And they come naturally to you, but you don’t notice that, or recognize that, because you’re in a physical density in which you look at things and you only see a small component of what is really going on.

And so, what your catalytic nature has done is, it has caused you to change or to grow into an environment that you went into based upon an energetic, and what resulted from the energetic was something that created an expansion of your sense of the outer, just in terms of that. And then that, in turn, that as well, is causing you to have to take into account a greater overallness.

And it’s this greater overallness that your attention is now placed in, because this actually is quite a few steps away, or removed, from what you had thought, or would have envisioned, from say that very first initial energetic step. You couldn’t have envisioned this other, and this other is a pretty big gulp. And it’s almost to the point of it being such an overallness that it has you a little bit overwhelmed.

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