A Conditioned Reality

Andrea Clare
Andrea Clare

In our last post, Jeane was entering a cave, or symbolically closing down from deeper connections (see Closing Off the Vibrancy). Here, John discusses the danger of letting ourselves shut off from what we no longer want to face. It leads to a “comfortable numbness” that cuts us off and shuts us off from the world of connections. From there, we live in a reality of our own making, which is, potentially, a world where almost nothing is possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now what you have to contend with is the opposite of that. And so the opposite of that, where something is jarred and shaken out, and poked and probed out, in a very loud way to the point that you’re even discombobulating yourself, but you’re still doing it, I am shown that when you’re doing something like that, you’re contending with the collective. It’s like saying that you recognize that the collective is off and you’re not accepting it. And so you’re going through this commotion.

Well, what my dream does is give me information about how that has to be fixed on a collective level. What my dream is saying is I don’t fix it according to the conventional understanding. Because something, when it’s off like this, and it’s off in all kinds of myriad ways, and it’s factored through wherever you look, everything that you look at, that all conventional approaches and means to try to fix it on a piecemeal basis or whatever, is not going to work either. Because it’s as if the collective has plugged all of those holes.

You can’t approach it legally or whatever. You definitely can’t approach it on a situational basis. The only approach to make any changes or modifications is you have to shift the whole thing. And you can’t shift a part of it here and a part of it there. You have to shift the whole thing at once. The question then becomes, what means exist to do that?

Now, when you come across something that is completely haywire and off, most people run away from it. They close the book. It’s too much for them to deal with. And therefore by hiding from it, they keep from traumatizing themselves. And, therefore, they become anesthetized.

And when you become anesthetized, that means that whatever it is that you were looking at becomes, where at one point in time you might have realized that was appalling, once you have anesthetized it, it’s just “c’est la vie.” You’ve just learned to cope in life with that being an aspect that you have to now contend with, and cope with, and factor in.

And you don’t do anything about it. You’ve given up. And that’s where the image of the frog comes in, that is slowly boiled very carefully and, basically, it gets boiled to death. It goes completely to sleep.

Well, for some strange reason, I have a loose card in my nature that gets very reactive, that jumps up and down when something is wildly off. And people all around me tell me—and I even tell myself this—that this is haywire behavior because you’re doing nothing but disturbing yourself. But, within that, I shake up and I jar and I awaken. I force things to communicate to me. I force information to come through me.

It maybe distorted the information I get, because I’m off on a tangent or something, but at least I get the information to come through. A person who works towards tranquilizing their life and making it all “Simple Simon,” gets to the point where nothing is going on. And, if there’s something that’s able and meant to be able to go on, and they’re fighting a huge action to keep it from going on, then they’re going to get into the dilemma that’s similar to what you expressed.

But there’s no level that they can go and probe and look at, because they’ve conditioned their realities so that they can’t possibly see it properly because they’re not willing to actually look at something that they have intuitively, in their unconscious, concluded that they can’t handle.

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