The Full Essence

6429736The idea of connecting to the universal, or the oneness of things, sounds beautiful, but it’s also very practical. Things that are separate from the whole can only contribute to the degradation or downfall of the whole – like a cancer or virus. The universe protects its own integrity by insisting that we learn how to be an integrated aspect of it. We still have free choice in the matter, as humans, but the universe will heal itself of cancers. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the dream I remember from last night feels like I’m somewhere where there’s a singing contest going on those of us who are competing the singing contest, there’s a group of people and we would go into a large building, and there’s judges that sit there, and then you sing and then they give you an assignment of some kind.

Well, I watched one group perform, and the thing about this group was that they were all blue and they had all these synchronized movements that they did while they sang. They sang really loud, and then they were all choreographed. But most people came in and sang, you know, singly.

Well, when I go in to sing, the judges they hand me something that’s like an assignment and I see that they’ve taken this man, this blue man that was in the blue group, and they’ve kind of taken him out of the group and then they tell me I’m going to sing his part when we come back tomorrow. And I see they’re doing that with other people, suddenly giving them assignments and then the people that have been singing solo might be suddenly assigned to sing with a group.

Well, I feel like it’s kind of a dilemma for me because from what I can tell the group doesn’t really want anybody to sing with it. They have their whole thing down already, and I’m a little perturbed about what I should do. Should I even continue to go along with the singing contest? Do I go and sing with them? Do I go and practice with them? I don’t know. I kind of leave.

I’m mulling it all over and it feels like finally I go over to either be by or observe the guy that did sing the part, and realize that the group really hadn’t been that welcoming of him when he first went either, so I decide finally that as I drive home that I’ll take the part with me and his part with me and study it and come back and see.

But it feels like in the dream I’m still undecided because it’s still uncertain to me whether I can actually sing with a group or whether it really makes space for anyone to sing with it or not. It’s not clear that it does. It’s like I just have to go back and see.

John: The peculiar theme of the dreaming was that of catching up with what it is that one actually is. In other words, one sees themselves and conducts themselves in certain defined set ways and, in order to catch up with the larger overall essence of one’s self, you have to quit doing that.

You have to quit seeing yourself in a prescribed, set way. You have to be able to see yourself in the eyes of others; see yourself as them, because that’s actually closer to the truth in terms of the full essence of things. That’s actually closer to the truth of it, is that it’s only an illusion we maintain that has us seeing ourselves in some separate capacity that, if you’re able to actually see yourself in the eyes of someone else, meaning be in that person to do that, to be like that, to be like them, if you’re actually able to do that, then you are taking yourself out of the energetic that causes you to remain separate.

Where does all of this go? Well, where it goes to is a vibrational overall essence energy that is behind everything in manifestation, that you go into that. You have to be in that in order to be intertwined with all that there is that exists.

I mean that’s what has to happen, and also thus the conundrum of the statement in the Bible even that you have to love thy neighbor as thyself. You know, how is that possible unless you are able to be your neighbor, and know what your neighbor goes through in every regard? Which means that even that is ludicrous as a statement unless you go to the essence behind it all that makes and has to do with everything existing in manifestation, and your attention is upon that.

And when your attention is upon that, then all of the idiosyncrasies that are separate and functioning in deviated capacities in the outer, that a human being tends to relate to, is actually not even true. All of that is there as some sort of entanglement that a person who is truly free is basically an energetic of the whole. You become an energetic of the whole, so everything, as one has heard, everything is known, everything is omnipotent, all knowing, all powerful, all seeing, which means then, that if you were to pull back from the substance of how things are in the outer, if you could truly pull back from that, and by substance I mean there’s things that have animate qualities, if you were to pull back from all of that, so that the animal qualities do not maintain their identity as unique and different in some capacity where instead it’s all intertwined as an energetic, then you’re catching up with how and who you are.

So what you’re doing is you’re taking a dose of something as an object lesson to see if you can do it, if you can actually make this transition. You hear these stories, they’re kind of like made up stories where something happens, like It’s A Wonderful Life for example, which is a made up story and essentially behind all of the action of what’s going on is an expression, or a mannerism, that touches something that goes to the depths in the heart of a kind of magic in life. And that works because somehow or another there is the recognition of something more, instead of the same/same identity.

Imagine what it would be like if everything was like that. Well, then you would be just pure essence, pure energy, pure vibration. If you were to try to put a label on what it was that you were attempting to do in your dreaming, what you’re doing, that process, is the third aspect of the new energy. In other words, the outer is just a catalyst, and the inner is an overallness that sweeps through all things. So to the degree that there’s something a little catalytic when you bring in the essence of an overall vibration you’re just using the catalytic outer, some little nuance in the outer, to sweep through with this overall essence.

It is that amazing, and big, and different of a shift.

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An Illusory Expectation

b5fSpiritual development moves us away from reaction and toward response, away from judgment and toward neutrality, away from all the little inner noises and toward an inner listening. It is a process of moving us away from our personalized, disconnected state and toward a more universal state of connection. It is an incremental tuning, and we shift on an inner level. When we let go of our desire to be in charge, we become gifted with the guidance of greater intelligences.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This still is an interesting story.

I am the new number one. I’ve been renamed and I’ve been reprogrammed, and something about me has been supposedly changed. And I’m at this arranged living complex. Like I say, the old me has been reprogrammed to fit in with the way things are at this installation, or complex.

So as I walk through the door, having come down a corridor and because I’ve been reprogrammed it’s now okay as a reprogrammed and changed person, I’m able to go into this new section of the installation. The old me could have never gone there because I was too something or another, and so as I go inside I’m ushered to a table to eat where I can sit and eat.

The whole sensation is I’m like a new recruit in the eyes of them. However, what the system at this installation doesn’t know is that the reprogramming didn’t take, and I’m still the same old person from before – but I’m not letting on. No one knows that but me. I’m going along with this as if I have been changed just to see where this is going. You’re always play acting an illusion, don’t you to a certain degree?

So I’m led to a table that as I sit down is initially empty, and as soon as I sit down two others join me. One sits to the left and one sits to the right, and I know that they are preprogrammed because they come in looking alike, and they each have the same deep blue suit jacket. I’m not dressed like that. I’m not programmed like that. I’m dressed casually and so I realize I’m not quite programmed to be like them. I’m programmed differently, but not like them.

And then others join and they sit further down to the right of this long bench-like table. And then the food is brought out and so as I take… my silverware is all wrapped up in a napkin or whatever they call that. Anyway, it’s all wrapped up in that and so as I go to get it out to eat I notice that all of the silverware is dirty, unwashed. No one picked it up. It’s got food particles, everything on it. It hasn’t been washed. I don’t have clean utensils.

With a little effort, I finally get the waitress’ attention. She is a cutie pie, but boy you just can’t get her attention. So she apologizes profusely but really isn’t serious because I mean she’s not quite real. She’s not quite right. It’s as if I have interfered with the flow of things and her preprogramming. But she does bring me over a handful of silverware, and as she lays them down I look at them and they’re all spoons. I’ve got five or six or seven spoons.

I comment to those at the table, “What am I to do with this?” So again I have to try to get her attention. I want silverware. I don’t have a fork or anything like that. She’s like a zombie going around in a trance. So I actually stand up and talk in a loud voice, and interfere whatever the heck she’s doing, break her trance, to get her attention.

When I get her to kind of come over I say, “What am I to do with this? Bring me some real silverware. I would slap you if I thought it might wake you up.” I’m really carrying on here.

As I sit down after having confronted her like this, I look again at the silverware. I have three forks. In other words, initially it was all spoons. I now have three forks and two knives. It’s still a mishmash but I kind of realize that out of all of this hodgepodge I probably could make a set of silverware, but now I’m into my reaction.

And so at the other end of the table there’s a woman that is asking this guy, “What the heck is going on.” The guy next to that woman says, “Two knives and three forks.” That’s the answer. In other words, he doesn’t have what he needs. He has got two knives and three forks. He hasn’t got it precisely the way it should be.

So what is going on? The dream is saying that I live in an orchestrated world of illusion in which nothing is real except my pretended belief that I am entitled to expectation. In other words, nothing is real, although I’m pretending that something is real in terms of the expectation that I’ve slipped into, just like I have this righteousness issue. It can get me in a lot of trouble. I can be okay with things and then I go off on some cause or something. I need to let go of this self indulgent veil before it carries me away into a trance-like illusory expectation realm.

The meaning is, is when in a dream of illusion it is hard to get out. In other words, especially when you fall for it. I mean for a while I can play act, but eventually you tend to fall for it. And every energetic mannerism has its own outer corresponding reflection. The illusion, when you’re caught up in it, continues to continue. It’s maintained based upon human reactionariness. It is from a reactionariness that a person gets dumbed down consciously and placed into a veiled trance.

You go stupid. You know, once you start reacting you no longer see things in the right perspective. A part of me knows that I am living in a fake, externally reflective society, but still I get carried away by the illusion. In other words, to a degree I could go along with what is happening as if it is real, but I will become lost when I take up the part that is seriously affecting me.

In other words, at some point this stuff goes and goes until you blink and you bite, right? When you bite you’re in trouble. You go off on a tangent and act as if the projection is real. The reason for having such a dream is to demonstrate the means by which I am readily deceived over and over again. And when the delusional reflection gets a hold of me, I become lost and fall right back into an unconscious reaction. I become lost by the process of falling back into an unconscious reactionariness. So that was an interesting dream, huh?

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Toward Mastery

heaven_mainIf we take our development journey into the realms of service to something higher, and keep going to a level that has been called “mastery,” what might that look like? And why aspire to it? Here’s a thought: to acknowledge that these levels of development are even possible for a human, it points to the notion that it’s possible only because that’s the way we have been designed. And if we have been designed that way, then that’s what creation wants for us and from us, to be an integral part of what is unfolding. In fact, to help It in its unfolding. And that’s a pretty amazing opportunity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the other key about working with the energies and knowing how to handle them as essential characteristics and qualities that are part of life, rather than going around and trying to purge them or to set them aside, like the saint is always doing, is that when you learn to accommodate it, when you learn to be able to play with it, when you learn to allow it to catch you, for example, as part of a container. When you learn to go along with the process of a flow that acknowledges and recognizes that something has to come down and touch something, and not be concerned that by doing that and touching something, that you are doing something wrong or something, or violating something in life, when you realize that it’s important that that quality of flow has to flow.

When you learn that you have to function and can function like this, this is what leads to mastery. This is what takes it the next step from the purging and the annihilating, that goes into just a nothing but a nothingness emptiness, but then mirrors things, but doesn’t necessarily shift or shape in terms of the energy coming through, out, and touching, you know, in some small way through a mannerism of the vibration, that you’ve run and flow through you. Instead of sitting in an absenteeism or in a mirror of that, you are taking and letting that flow through you and, you know, managing it.

So this leads to a big discussion in Sufism as to which trait, which quality, is the quality that gets you to God in the best way. And this actually is a big discussion in Sufism. The words I use is subjective and/or objective, in other words, the quality of being in a surrendered state where things come to you and you handle that in an emptiness. But often times, you’ve got to be careful because there’s a fine line to where emotion can get caught into that. Or it’s an objective, where you take and you can function in an outer, but in a way in which you’re not doing it for personal gain – or getting lost in that.

That’s how I would say it in using the language that I’ve come to look at things through, subjective and objective. Subjective being contractive. Objective being expansive.

But there’s also the word “Bhakti” and “raj.” Bhakti is the quality where you allow things to happen to you and you are surrendered in it. And raj can be where you’re the effector of the action, but you’re not doing it to take and manipulate, or for personal gain, or something like that.

So see how this is such a hard transition in a way? In other words, to begin with, yes, it’s kind of a light coming down and touching light, and getting to a point in terms of doing that where there’s the emptiness and everything. But then when the light rises up to touch light, that’s where you start the process of mastery. And from there, it goes again to something as a sight. In which from this sight, you can actually see more of what’s going to be kind of happening in the future. In other words, it’s a knowingness.

So, within our dreaming last night, there’s a big, big, big schematic and theme to it all.

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