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Tiny man entering a mzeIn this simple dream image Jeane is confronted by a fundamental, and profound, question: What will we choose, a universal life, or a personal, ego-driven life? Because the bargain allows us to only choose one; we can’t have it both ways. We are either pursuing a life in service to the whole, or a life focused on our personal needs and desires. And why does the choice seem so difficult? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In some ways I feel like I didn’t dream much because I just had one image that was preoccupying me.

I had recently read a book or story that takes place in the winter in the park in Alaska. And in the story a character I really like, that’s like an older shaman, native shaman, dies. So in my dream he also dies.

In my dream he’s poisoned. It’s almost like it’s in a remote community and he’s who I consider like the shaman, the good guy. He gets poisoned and died. And I’m trying to figure out…

John: This only happens in your dream?

Jeane: Yeah, this only happens in my dream. In the book he was shot. And I can’t figure out why he’s poisoned and died in this remote community and the bad guy lives. I’m wondering what the community will do about that. I mean it’s like I just can’t quite figure it out.

That’s all I remember from last night.

John: It’s an interesting Rubik’s Cube to try to figure out because what you perceive in the outer is things that tend to prevail. And these things prevail, or maintain an apparent effect, because the way we relate is so much off of the mind/sense and ego.

And that if you operate in another plane you’re outside of this quality of mind/sense and ego. And when you’re outside of the sense of mind/sense and ego you find yourself unable to accommodate, as you would describe in your dream, the shamanistic side of yourself that is in another shifted plane, as well.

And so it’s pretty hard for you to go as well. You either want to be mind/sense or ego – I mean, it’s not an either, even. You want to be this mind/sense and ego. Something has to give, and so this other has to be shot, or poisoned, or in some fashion its effect upon your nature has to be obliterated, or stopped, in order for you to contend more readily.

The dynamic, the struggle, the trying to make a breakthrough is how you’re trying to free yourself from the chains of this limited way that one still identifies. And it’s not easy because everything around you is reflecting this other, and this other, you know, it’s almost like the big lie.

You’re told that here’s this other and it’s everywhere, it’s collectively all around you. And so it must be what is real – instead of something that is more unseen – that leads to you reaching a greater overallness. And so this reflective outer tends to keep you dumbed-down. It tends to keep you under its clutches.

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Jeane: This first dream I don’t remember too well, but it seems like we’re somewhere really cold, and desolate, and dark. It feels like we’re driving around in circles.

Other people seem to be in charge and we’re not sure where we’re going or how we’re going to get out of there. That’s the best impression I can give.

John: You were just in a cold, desolate and dark area, and that’s all you recall?

Jeane: Yes. And that other people were in charge.

John: And you didn’t accept that?

Jeane: Well, it was just how it was.

John: Okay, those were the conditions you found yourself in, and you didn’t know how to get out of something that was cold, desolate, and dark.

Jeane: Yes, we just kept going in circles.

John: Isn’t that how it is in the outer world? It’s cold, desolate, and dark and we, the human race, just keep going in circles, repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

But we imagine it to be something different than that, and we tell ourselves that it’s different than that. In a way, we’re manufacturing concepts that make it seem other than what it really is. But we live in a strange type of purgatory in that everything that we deal with is cold, desolate, and dark – because it’s not real.

Everything in the outer world is only a partial reflection of what caused it, but that partial view is generally all we humans relate to. We relate to it by societal agreement. Anything different, anything that tries to go beyond this partial view, seems beyond our comprehension. But, is that really true? Not quite, because something inside of us seems to know that there’s something more.

Of course, even if we aren’t in touch with what that is, some part of us lies dormant waiting to be awakened and the deeper connections made. The illusion of the outer world, the world of surfaces only and no depth, is all that appears to a person who lives only in their brain and physical senses. To see and understand the deeper truth of life requires a connection to the true heart, deep within, where we all can know the difference.

Jeane: In the next image, I seem to be in an area where a lot of different people live and I have a baby. I may have some ambivalence about having a baby, so I’m given a choice about whether to keep it or not.

In order to deliberate this choice, I’ve picked up some kind of a tablet, a stone tablet, and I want to go off and kind of meditate or think this through: What am I going to do?

Well, if people see me carrying the tablet, they’re going to know that I’m making this kind of decision, so I don’t particularly want anyone to see me. I walk away from the group across an area and away from the people I know. I want to be alone.

Instead I run into a male friend and, for some reason, I decide to go with him into a room. In the room there’s another man, but it seems like this man has been assembled out of different mechanical parts.

At one point I unscrew his head to fix something and then put it back on. Then I lift his shirt and there are little things I fasten together so that all the parts hold together better.

Then I have the impression that I take him somewhere to get him another set of clothes. He’s been put together out of various parts and now I’m trying to stabilize those parts a bit, fiddling with his clothing and things around his chest or whatever.

I’m just trying to get him ready to leave the room. I think that’s when I wake up.

John: You’re actually putting a whole process together in steps. At first you’re dealing with something that’s in a void: it’s cold, desolate, and dark. Whatever is going on there, it’s just the way it is, and you don’t have an inkling of what that can possibly mean. You’re just going around in circles with no where to get to and no way to get out. You’re unawakened.

But in the second dream something has changed, i.e., something has awakened. That’s like the second step in creation, in which something rises up from a nothingness.

Tomorrow we’ll continue to look at how these two dream images portray a fundamental dichotomy in the human experience, in that we can live a connected, spiritual life, or a separated, ego-based life. But these choices are mutually exclusive.

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Jeane: This dream was hard to pull out, but the best way to describe it is I’ve gone into the underworld, maybe into several different worlds.

I know how to move around down there, but I have to move around in different realms and some of them are occupied by creatures like vampires. They’re fairly dangerous beings, but I do know how to fly through certain areas or move fast in ways that other people don’t.

Even though it’s dangerous, I seem to like to look around and gather more information. I may have some skills that could actually be effective for defense, but I don’t use them because I’m more interested in what I’m seeing, or in the information I’m getting.

I do have to stay ahead of some of these beings when they notice me. I fly up, down and through, and maybe I pass out of one realm and into another. Then I pass through a home while people are sleeping. I move quickly to conceal myself; it’s rather dark there.

It feels like there’s some sort of information I’m after. I’m always trying to see or gather more information, but I’m also trying not to draw the attention of certain beings because they might gobble me up. Some of them seem to have a bit more light than others, but I just want to keep moving and stay out of sight so I don’t cause any battles or anything.

John: There’s something in our being that’s meant to be able to go in somewhere, or visit a place, and be at peace there. If we’re missing something important to our wholeness, and we find ourselves in such a place, we won’t be at peace or complete. It’s the sensation of being outside our comfort zone. As a consequence, we find ourselves in a state of delirium; we’re in a place with something missing.

This is a condition everyone suffers from to some degree, and the dilemma is that we usually don’t take the time, or have the honesty with ourselves, to recognize that this is our condition. So we become bewildered by an inability to relate to the connective link. That causes in us the sensation of being askew.

But whenever we confront ourselves in a direct way, it’s as if we’ve penetrated into the underworld, into the inner layers, of our being. So we find ourselves in an area of life, vibrationally speaking, that just carries this sense of something missing and, as a consequence, gives rise to a feeling of alienation.

It’s through an echo in the heart that we can have the good graces to note such a condition in ourselves. And, it’s through a quality of the heart that can allow this whole sense of alienation to disappear. But, as long as that aspect, or quality, of the heart lies somewhere distant, in terms of its consciousness, then the condition we find ourselves in has this huge, odd sensation about it, as shown in your dream.

What you dreamed was very much like the predicament that we experience when we exist with an orientation to ourselves – to the personal, egocentric view of life. We fail to realize that even a slight shift into an egocentric nature keeps us from naturally flowing and being at ease, and at peace, connectively, with the overallness of life.

There’s a point in time in which this dichotomy reaches a crescendo, when we somehow come to know what’s important. Even then, we’re not perfect. In moments where we maintain an identification that lies separate from everything else, that’s when we create the variable, or the contrast (the vampires), because the loudness of the heart has been quickened by it’s desire to return to the state of wholeness.

So through this dream image you have delved into your inner self as a way of facing this issue which has taken on an inner loudness, and you find that something is askew down there. What is askew is that you’re still holding yourself separate.

But you can no longer hold yourself separate once you have reached a point inside (through development) that only recognizes itself by its connection to the overall. Your dream is meant to catch you up with the idea that you need to drop some mannerism about yourself in order to take on a greater role in the whole, in which you already find yourself. So, perhaps, the inner vampire of our ego identity is killed by a stake from the heart, which recognizes our connection to everything.

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