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We begin with a chase dream and segue into a dream with men hiding under the bed. More often than not, such unnerving dream images are the result of an inner resistance, as our unconscious guidance is trying to give us greater access and connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I fell asleep in the chair last night, before I even went to bed, and just had a brief dream. And in that dream it started out I think I was visiting with my ex, talked with him briefly, but then I wanted to kind of get away from him, but I knew he was going to pursue me.

But I got a head start and I decided the best thing was to go into some buildings that were across the way. The thing about these buildings was they were three or four stories tall, but the outer walls are gone, so that when you look at the buildings you see these rooms, and they have a lot of people in them, and so you see what’s going on in all of the rooms.

But I figured if I got a head start because there were so many people and wearing different colors and moving around in all the rooms, I could kind of get into the building and kind of hide amongst the people, just kind of thread your way through people. And once I did that if I had enough of a head start he wouldn’t know where I went, so he wouldn’t be able to follow me. That’s how it started out.

John: The thing that’s interesting is that this is a building that under normal or ordinary circumstances is translucent or something, in that you can see in the building and the people and everything inside of it, which means you have kind of a sense or an awareness through a perception and a sight that you have. If something isn’t bothering you, you’re able to take in this sight. You’re able to basically see everything that is there, without there being something covering it up.

And so what’s interesting is the catch-22 that’s going on is that in hiding now you’re going to try to hide amongst them. And so you’re letting go. In being affected by something like this, you’re actually letting go of a quality that normally sees everybody. It doesn’t matter about the building or anything. Ordinarily you can just naturally see them.

And now you’re taking and disembarking from that which you can just straightaway see because something is bothering you. It’s like you’re dropping your connection or linkage that can just twine and see things, and acting as if, because something is bugging you, or bothering you, or chasing you, or affecting you, that you can just then disappear amidst all of those people. Yet a moment before you could just naturally, from the outside, see.

The dream is like showing you that when you take and steer off or zoom in or take upon yourself any kind of motif or mannerism, however that might be, and in this particular case it’s a mannerism of something that’s chasing you or bothering you or trying to disturb you, that whenever you accept that that’s possible, or find yourself reacting as if you’re being affected by something that has a power or authority or concern over you, that is bigger than you, then you veil yourself. That’s when you lose the overallness that you already carry.

So you basically start off having incredibleness that gets compromised by the fact that something is bugging you. So the dream is there to show you that you can actually carry yourself in a state that loses, this state loses itself when things get to you.

Jeane: Then I’ve gone on, and I’ve gone into a room and I’ve gotten up on a bed. It’s not my room; I’ve gone to visit a friend. And it’s kind of an open room. It’s like you come in and there’s a bed to the right and it’s a wide bed, and I get up on it and it feels like if you went to the end of the bed, at that end of the room, there’d be some people. But there’s a friend of mine on a bed, a woman friend, and I want to talk with her.

And there’s also some people that are under the bed. The people under the bed are some men, and I’m talking to her and then I show her this little bottle I have, just a little transparent bottle and then inside the bottle there’s another even smaller container that is probably just three or four times wider than a needle that maybe contains something, some elixir or something, and then I don’t know what else there is in the bottle.

As I talk to her about this and the person under the bed finds out I have the bottle, he starts to come out. Well, he’s somebody that tends to engage in sex acts with groups of people, I think, and he thinks I have something in the bottle that enhances this or something, or for some reason he sees that as an invitation. But I kind of tell him no, to go away, because you and I don’t do that. We don’t get involved in those group scenes or something.

So, those were the dreams I had last night.

John: The fact that something comes out and bothers you and gets your attention, that is under the bed, is like something that’s repressed or dormant, that isn’t being taken into account, that is in the equation of your overallness, that has to run its course, or be lived out, or absorbed, or in some fashion met or dealt with.

But I’m not sure that I grasp this, on-the-bed kind of scene. What’s going on again there?

Jeane: I just went to visit with a woman friend of mine and then I was showing her a little bottle I had with other things in it.

John: And why were you doing that?

Jeane: I don’t know, I just was. I was just telling her about it.

John: I see it now. This is like dreaming about something that Shah would call the esoteric school of Sufism, and what the esoteric school of Sufism is it’s a quietness inside yourself that is able to hold a space, and not reveal what it is actually experiencing inside.

In other words, it doesn’t go out of its way to project what it recognizes and sees from within; it has adopted a lot of forbearance. When you travel with Shah, you notice he doesn’t teach, yet when he’s teaching he teaches, and why the difference? Why doesn’t he maintain a constancy as you’re traveling with him where he also would be communicating or showing or portraying something?

That’s because he carries that in a hiddenness, and you have to go into that hiddenness, or that quietness, to see that. So what the dream is showing you is that, if what you carry you feel you have to portray, or show, or reveal, and you go out of your way to do that, and the bed scene is like something where something kind of falls asleep or wakes up, and so you’re doing that as a means to try to help something wake up, to elicit an understanding, to cause an understanding to occur.

When you do that, what you are still not getting, by thinking that you should do that, is you’re still thinking that this is the way that you respond to the outer. Because everything that you see has an inner quality, but then that has an outer garment, and the outer reflective garment you think that you can respond to, that you could show them something, or that you could help them in some capacity, and that they then will get it. And if you try that and if you do that, you set off reverberations. You set off something that lies dormant underneath it all like under the bed.

It’s kind of like this, you’re experiencing inside of yourself a quality of a vibration that has a fullness, that you can embody and carry. And you attempt to portray it, where you feel it needs to be shown or portrayed, which is not a tendency or characteristic that you do readily. It’s more of a thing that I might do.

That’s why I find it amazing you would dream something like this, because when you do, you actually defeat or hurt yourself in some capacity because you’re not maintaining it with a quietness that is within. You’re not maintaining the silence of that space.

And so a teacher, such as Shah, only speaks and only talks and only teaches and only reaches out when he can create the greatest linkage and connection at the same time. In other words, he doesn’t do it in isolated circumstances. He may advise a person, or guide a person, but he doesn’t teach at that point in time. He only teaches when there is a setting in which there’s a safe place, and it’s invited, and a space has been cleared for that to happen.

Yet we, as we develop this kind of consciousness, can have the tendency to think that we need to lay that out, or portray that out. And if we do, we find out that we are acting as if this is what is needed to create change, or cause something to change in the outer, or our perceptions of something or someone, which is an aspect of the outer.

And we’re not really then communicating from a center of our being that is a quietness, that permeates. Instead, when we go out of the way to noodle over here, or noodle over there, instead of in a proper setting, that’s when we cause things to come out.

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John: Your dream showed the conundrum of trying to bridge, through our lives, the inner and the outer, or the spiritual and the physical, but it showed it in an overall way, without specifics (see The Fundamental Shift). My dream explored the same conundrum, but the image broke it down into a specific case, because that’s the masculine nature.

When we get caught up in our experiences in the outer, i.e., when we become personally involved in what’s occurring, our energy gets consumed, or drained, by it. When our energy is lowered, we become even more prone to our indulgences of emotion, psychological patterns, egocentric behavior and all the rest.

So the degree to which we accommodate, or put personal importance on, events in the outer, is the degree to which we get pulled down, away from our higher selves. When we “live” only in our lower selves, we are basically caught in a trance, where the truth of life is veiled behind the outer illusion.

What brings us out of the trance is a process of connecting to an inner silence, or emptiness, where nothing’s going on, and we can find a quiet peace. Most people actually love to be in that state, but they can’t maintain it when they are active in life. But the key to a connected life, a life lived in our higher selves, is to hold that inner space, or heartfullness, no matter what’s going on around us.

As my dream begins, I’m going to a property that sits next to another property owned by someone else. I spend some time there, grooming the land to look good, i.e., I thin dense areas out, and I clean things up.

This idea rubs off on my neighbor, and he cleans something up on his property. I don’t necessarily agree with what he’s done, but at least it’s helping to shape things. There’s no discussion between us. I can just see the next thing that needs to be done. It’s like a flow has been established and in that flow I’m having insight on what to do.

There are many trees, and each tree requires something slightly different. I’m visualizing what would facilitate a tree in terms of the land, in an effort to free it to take on a greater aliveness. In other words, my efforts are not just about appearance in the outer, but about awakening something in another dynamic.

As I’m doing this, the neighbor comes over and wants to talk. He talks and talks and I try to relate to him, but I really don’t want to because this is the kind of thing you just do – you don’t talk about it.

The conversation chokes off the flow for me, and I lose the quietness and emptiness inside that allows me to know what nutrient each tree needs. I can no longer make that inner connection when my power and energy get drained by having to talk about what I did, and what he did, and on and on.

This dream is showing that when energies in an environment are stimulated, there’s an aliveness that awakens. This is equally true of a person radiating energetically into a natural environment, or of a person radiating energetically to another person, or to other people.

The purpose of this dream is to point out the importance of this inner connective state whereby we can radiate higher energies into life, and the awareness that it’s based in an inner quietness. From that inner connection comes an aliveness and a linkage to things in the outer, in creation. But it shows that I’m not carrying that awakened state all the way through.

In other words, I may begin by being well located in myself, but then something happens (the talking) and I’m knocked out of that synchronization. But I need to carry my connection all the way through into the outer, I can’t veer off into some personal indulgence. Instead, I have to stay within the presence of the heart with whatever is taking place. If I try to talk about it, or to shape it, I just drain the heartfulness from which the creative essence flows.

To keep this disconnection from happening, we have to learn the art of how to be amongst others outwardly, but inwardly still maintain the heartfelt linkage. Otherwise, we lose the ability to hear what creation wants, from a standpoint of essence, because we have succumbed to outer appearances, which are just an illusion.

Energetic essences are embedded in everything that exists, just as God is embedded inside a human being. A human being has the ability to catch up with that which is embedded in creation and, when we do, we are like the creator and can see it in everything around us, rather than only seeing the outer shell of physical matter. If we only acknowledge and respond to the outer shell, then we’re identifying with something that isn’t real. We’re dealing with the projected environment and losing the linkage, through our heart, to the whole.

What kind of waking life scenario could create a strange dream like this? This image shows me what it feels like from the position of losing my connection, and from that sensation I’m meant to understand that there’s an acuity accessible to something much, much deeper inside.

I guess yesterday I experienced this loss in waking life during a conversation. I was describing to a male friend how it’s possible to shape something, energetically, which could affect generations but, from his perspective, he’s just trying to figure out what he’s going to do tomorrow. So I can’t carry that kind of discussion on with this person without them getting disturbed by it.

But I missed the cues of this fact and I got personally carried away, thinking that I could somehow pound this important idea into him. In doing this, I just drained the energy from myself, – because he can’t just suddenly make the jump to where I am. He has to do it in his own way. So, basically, I was rude.

I should have stayed in flow in myself where I could understand where he was in himself, and deal with what’s going on in his life. If I hold that space inside me, it will have an effect on the other person, silently, and allow them to stretch or awaken to whatever degree is possible for them at that moment.

But when I allow my personal reactions to get involved, there’s a loss of graciousness, because then I’m trying to bridge a gap. But there is no gap – I’m just caught in the illusion again. I have no one to blame but myself when I fail to accommodate the outer as I find it, rather than trying to shape it into an image of my own making.

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Jeane: In the very beginning of last night’s dream, I felt like I was wandering around the parking garage in the building of the condo we are looking at in Las Vegas. I’m going back and forth in a circular motion. 

The dream version of the parking garage had circular islands, and I’m trying to either locate something or I’m trying to move between that garage area and somewhere inside the building.

That motion seemed to go on for a long time and then I had another dream.

In this dream I’m with a younger man – I don’t know him very well – and I’m going to visit a woman who’s living in a place in the city. My parents are there also. Then we decide to leave for a minute.

When we return, everyone else has left and the woman is sleeping in bed with a very muscular man. We realize that we’re in her space, without her knowledge, so we decide to just quietly sneak out before she knows we’re there.

In doing so, we set off an alarm. There’s a back area with a wall to climb over, but the woman and man find us. We then have to sit and talk with them, so I say we’ll pay for the expense of setting off the alarm. It turns out it’s going to be quite expensive.

Next I go somewhere with her. She’s apparently in a dance troupe, and we go to where all the dancers are, including the director of the troupe. They are all wearing red and this interests me.

Then the director comes over to me and indicates that he expects me to try out for the dance troupe next year. I joke about it because I feel like I’m not really a dancer, and I’m older, but he still seems to have the expectation that I will be joining next year.

John: What this woman represents is a greater wholeness in life that takes into account all kinds of levels.

In the dream you’re trying to conduct yourself in a way that limits you in terms of what is possible. When you do that, then you don’t dance with life or follow the flow of life. We’re meant to be able to take in everything that’s possible to experience. Your dream has you confronting this choice.

In other words, you’ve come into a space and you’re seeking to proceed only in accordance with certain established veils or mannerisms that you have told yourself are important. The nature of them is to “not disturb.”

You take the view that you’re only allowed to do certain things. What you fail to realize is that the images, what is visible to you in the outer, are something that you’re meant to experience in an all-inclusive sense. In finding yourself in the parking garage (underground), you’re attempting to go to the depths of yourself, to a place in which there’s something to be understood or figured out about the greater context.

As you move around (circular motion), you are trying to catch up with something that you can sense or feel about yourself that’s just out of reach of the perceptions you’re trying to work with. Those perceptions – as you understand them – have to do with the personal, and then what your mind is able to make out of that.

So you’re trying to understand something, but you aren’t quite figuring it out. Still, you have a perception that there’s more to it than what is readily apparent. Thus you go into the second dream to help you sort that out.

There you see yourself trying to understand something with a more masculine approach, represented by the young man accompanying you. Instead, you learn that such an approach actually conceals and veils things from you, and you find yourself in a state that sneaks around and fails to take into account the actual space you’re in (the other woman’s apartment).

This shows that you’re choosing to carry with you a particular set of definitions for the space you’re in. When you get shocked or surprised (the woman is asleep with a man, everyone else is gone, the alarm goes off), it shows you have been caught short because these set definitions have now been introduced into a much wider space in yourself. With these self-limitations, you are unable to answer the greater call of the overall – that’s when you realize that there’s a dance you have been invited to, which is the flow of life that you need to respond to in yourself.

The dream describes a process that can lead you out from your set definitions (letting go), into a space that you normally exclude yourself from by (unconscious) choice. If you can be free and let go and find yourself able to accept that space without having to tread lightly (not disturb), that’s when the space can open up to a whole (dance) flow that you hadn’t imagined you could participate in.

This is the sort of dream that’s a precursor to coming to an understanding, a knowing, about something that isn’t generally possible, and isn’t possible at all when you set your personal definitions upon a space and try to keep things in check, i.e., just the way they are.

Once you stir something up, you set off more than what you wanted to handle; you were more comfortable and in control in your hidden way, able to duck out of sight and to keep certain things outside of your comprehension in terms of the overall.

Once that got set loose, once that came to the forefront, that’s when you become overwhelmed. On another level, though, you have to now take into account even more of what is going on than what you would have been inclined to accept and appreciate.

When you take into account a greater whole, it leads to the threshold of an understanding as to what is really going on. You can’t understand what is going on when you are carefully controlling the way you approach or view something. That takes you out of a flow. That takes you out of the dance of life. That keeps you from allowing a process to unfold.

When you allow a process to unfold, you’re invoking the information needed to be safe within that greater overall space. You’re invoking an inner sense of knowing that is outside of your personal perspective.

Once part of the greater overall, you can actually come to have a sense of what is transpiring, of what everything is about, and what something is meant to be. Or, as it is said, you’re starting to catch up with the signs of God.

Everything is meaningful. When you limit yourself to your personal perspective, it is you who is deciding what is meaningful and important, and therefore shutting down everything else you choose not to contend with. When you do that, you stifle your own gain, you stifle your own growth, and your suffering becomes greater.

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