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lightbulb-moment-webAs a society, we tend to look to those people in positions of power for the answers to our problems. But intelligence doesn’t work that way; intelligence responds to need. For those with everything, the only need is to maintain what exists. The intelligence for change will come to those who need it most, because their thoughts, and energies, and intentions are focused on solving the need they face. We see this mechanism operating everywhere: the scientist who spends a life on a certain discovery, the artist who strains for the perfect expression, and the human who strives to understand what it is they have been born into. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I really just remember one dream and, in this dream, I seem to be rooming with a woman. We have kind of adjoining rooms, and the first room, I never really see what my room looks like that clearly, but her room is very long, and narrow, and almost like cave-like. It goes way down, and the walls kind of come up in a curved way.

And, initially, I help her clean it out, and she even has a storage area in one wall. It’s kind of like a mess. So I help get it all in order. And then kind of in the middle area, where our two rooms must adjoin, some offices get set up. And it feels like we’re some kind of an agency where we work with people. It feels like an agency somewhere that’s kind of like a cross between the police and maybe a welfare agency of some kind, that goes out and helps people.

There’s a lot of paperwork, and they’ve come up with a new system on working with the paperwork. And, at one point, a supervisor comes up and she wants to see some files that I’ve piled on the floor around my desk, with little sticky notes in them, so I can catch them up. But I realize, because they’re fairly well organized – she looks at them quickly because she wants them done a certain way – I realize they’re actually not done that way, but that she’s not looking at them enough in depth to know that.

And I also know the way that she wants them done is not really even that practical, because it feels to me like the way that the agency sets things up is they make things almost too wordy, but I don’t know that it really has any meaning to the work we’re doing. So that’s a little frustrating to me. It’s like I feel like we should be putting more resources into going out and helping the kids, or the people.

And my coworker’s been given a little bit a raise, and I go over and I suddenly see that they’ve completely redecorated her whole area. And it’s like they’ve carpeted down to the far area, which wasn’t very usable before, but they’ve carpeted right up on the walls, and the ceiling and everything, with a different kind of light-colored carpet. It actually does make the space a little more usable. But if we just expand our offices into it, that doesn’t make sense to me. It seems to me like maybe we should bring some kids in, and run some groups, or do something that has more to do with the work we’re supposed to be doing.

But I feel like they just get a little bit focused on the words, and I go into a pantry, where things have been disorganized before, and it feels like we can take the beads or something in there and even use them in some artwork on her wall now, because everything’s kind of cleaned.

And then I look at her, at one point, and I say that even though she’s supposed to be getting more money than me, I’m actually kind of having a little more take-home money because of how they did hers, how they calculate hers. Then I see she doesn’t really understand that.

And my whole feeling in the dream is there’s all these things that are being done, but I’m not sure they have much meaning.

John: The dream starts off in which you have the two parts of yourself that are disassociated. You have the part of yourself that goes into a certain kind of depth, but doesn’t know what to make out of the depth. And another part of yourself that is not connected with that.

And the hint of the dream, in terms of what the two vibrations are like, that need to come together to create a greater beingness, or wholeness, is the idea of bringing together police energy and welfare energy. And basically police energy, per se, is off because it has a certain dictum about it. And welfare energy is off because it’s all over the place, and doesn’t have a certain focus.

But when you bring the two together, the police have a focus, and the welfare has an intent; so how do you bring the two together? And so, when you bring the two together, then you also have to sanctify them. In other words, you have to accentuate the heartfulness, as well. And that’s where the beads come in, decorating with the beads, after clearing the space. But you have to bring the two together.

And so the theme of the dreaming last night was that of trying to have a kind of intertwining with things that are in the environment that might, and could, be even a seeming unholy alliance, but have to come together in some sense in order for there to be a wholeness. These are things that would not, and do not, typically correlate or come together, per se, because they naturally carry a slightly different energetic motif, that is effective in the slant that each of them has, up to a point, but that point is limited. That point does not have any significant depth to it.

That point for each is, in one instance, an unknowable clutter, and, in another instance, it is just a short sightedness. And the coming together creates a pulling together of what a police energy intent, which is meant to serve the public wholeness and good, but tends to be bifurcated in its way. And the welfare energy, which tends to be something that is heartful, but doesn’t have the developed depth to be able to carry something through in a way that works with a world that is essentially, at its core, kind of askew. The pulling of the two together enhanced something as a greater whole. That’s what you were doing there.

So the nature of understanding a dream like that is to try to look at two things that, in and of themselves, are actually a bit ridiculous, and how, as they come together, they make something that is more whole. They take something that is dismissible, and disregardable, and make it potent. It then has a potent meaningfulness.

Because also the theme of the dreaming has to do with there are all these little aspects of things, that exist out there, that are dismissed, in terms of the general overall schematic, because we live in an outer sector way of looking at things in which there are certain things that seem to dictate – in terms of how their power and their control is. And it’s a type of power and control, for all intents and purposes, when viewed from the outer, predominate. And so when you have the charity, or welfare side, of yourself, that’s operating kind of in another channel off grid.

When you have the police side of yourself, that’s a tool that falls under the beck and control of the powers that be, and so it never really is able to do its job in its highest way, or order. It actually becomes a pawn that’s misused against others. And so, when you put the two together, and you add the heartfulness in from the cleaning up of the process, you take what is last and you make it first.

It’s just like the expression that, in the end, the meek shall inherit the Earth. And that makes no sense because when you look at things you can see what predominates in society, in terms of making things happen as a power and control. You would conclude, based upon the appearances of the outer, that there is a way that something gets pulled together, in terms of its presence and power, that is able to then dictate what unfolds as far as future consequences.

But that is not what is meant to ultimately happen. That actually is the furthest away from any kind of breakthrough. The breakthrough comes from that which is considered in dire straights, that sees itself subjugated, that sees itself victimized. It is out of that that there is a need that arises, and that need is what makes something take and shift, eventually, into something so, so, much more. And that’s what makes a human being so really, really, really powerful.

And that’s why a teacher comes to recognize that, even though they’re working with students that are all misaligned, that they’re actually working with something that is truly the seed of power, in terms of all that there is, because it is that quality that inherits everything, that rises up and inherits everything.

Appearances appear otherwise. In relationship to a student on a spiritual path, it’s to the teacher. And from the teacher, it is to the student that is important. And to the average person who exists in life, it’s to the powers that be that one has to figure out how to contend or cope, or make due, or coexist somehow. And, in terms of the actual, no, it’s to the most distressed, and the weakest.

It’s the one’s that are in the greatest hardship. That’s where the actual transitioning is possible. It’s not possible in terms of the enhancement of the top. It’s not a trickle down. Nothing trickles down. Nothing trickles up to something like that. It only arises as an awakening from the depth of something that is able to render forth, and let go, and thus be part of an overall. That which exalts itself can never find itself.

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h01986We all experience it: that feeling of knowing what the right thing to do is, and doing something else, anyway. That’s what this dream is about. When this happens in a spiritual journey, it is because “regular” life has taken us on a tangent away from where we want to be. But we will never completely be able to overcome our training away from human purpose, and we don’t need to; we just need to become consciously aware when it happens, and minimize the duration of the detour. Over time, our systems will learn these new ways and take them up for us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is a rather simple one and, in that, I seem to just be out on the street and there’s a robbery that happens. And then people, the police or someone, are coming around and asking about the robbery.

I think the robbers are even nearby and observing everything. But I don’t let the police know that I have this photographic memory, because I’m going over it and I realize I could tell them every single thing about whoever it was that snatched something – but I don’t seem to want them caught. So I just don’t tell anybody, other than something very general about what happened.

I don’t tell them that, actually, I could specifically identify the robber. That was the first dream.

John: It’s as if something is going on that one’s not able to keep up with because one’s attention is averted, or distracted, in some fashion. In other words, in your dream, you’re not bringing out everything that is needed to be brought out into the equation and, therefore, what is going on is continuing to break down, and it’s almost as if that breaking down is purposeful.

In other words, what you’re finding is you’re in life, and then there are robbers in life. And yet, when inquiries are made about how something should be, you’re not telling the police what you know. You’re keeping it to yourself. And so that’s the reflection that’s occurring. That’s the thing that’s occurring in the outer.

So for you to have something like that means that, deep down, you’re holding onto something, that you’re not sharing. Now, is it a belief? Is it something that needs to air itself out, and to come out? Is it a deeper stillness that has another set of aliveness to it?

Basically what I think this is, is behind all of this is I think that there is a deeper inflection that is going on, and that what you’re seeing as an image is something that correlates to how it is that you’re accustomed to being, or how it is that you’re getting along being, going along with things, but deeper, deeper down is an awareness that can be brought out of the stillness that you are sitting with amnesically, subconsciously with, and are not bringing it to the forefront.

And if you were to bring it to the forefront, you’d be able to take into account a bigger picture. So instead you’re allowing something to continue, instead of reaching down and bringing out a bigger picture, or sweeping a greater overallness to it all.

So how and what is that all about? Well what that’s like is that within the human heart is the ability to take into account everything that exists, but you can’t take everything that exists into a proper accounting if you’re still holding out, you’re still holding onto something that hasn’t flushed through.

And so I actually think what you’re doing, as well, is you’re describing the dilemma that exists in terms of where things are at right now. I think that there is a certain dynamic that is playing itself out in the outer and that people who react, the typical looking at that and reaction in terms of that, is just too shallow because there is a deeper depth that needs to be reached.

Now what is that deeper depth? What is it that you keep talking about, or keep inferring about, that is being kept out of the equation, that is holding back from the equation? I think it’s a deeper stillness. I think that in a deeper stillness what can then rise out, because as you keep going deeper and deeper and deeper within, you keep catching up with subtler and subtler and subtler vibrations. And you’re limited to the degree to which you can go into the stillness, or so it seems, the human condition so it seems is limited in that, at some particular point, the stillness is such that on a deep subtle level something stirs and, out of that stirring is something that inflects, and that inflection affects the reflections because it’s coming from a deeper stillness.

So you have reflections that come from a quietness, that’s up to one level or degree, and then there are inflections that come from an even deeper stillness. So if you’re reacting, or living, in a world in which you are only working with reflections that come from the Earth element, and that can create an bias, just using this as an example, can create a bias in terms of the literalness of things, a deeper stillness takes into account more than just the Earth element. It takes into account the other Tariqas and mannerisms in life. It takes into account the Water, the Air, and the Fire element.

And, until you bring all of that into the equation, you’re inclined to be taking something a little bit off, onto, and into, a tangent. So you’re dreaming about how something remains in a tangent because a greater revealing isn’t happening.

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Humans, by design, have a greater purpose in life, beyond career, family, and any physical trappings of success. That purpose is to become aligned, and in service to, the purposes of God and creation. How do we do that? Simply put, we are coded and designed to respond to the call of this higher purpose; we already know it, deep inside, if we can become quiet enough to respond to our inner guidance, through our higher self, which is naturally connected to everything in the universe. John’s dream shows him getting this message from within, in the form of a Fax. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream I go to a place where I can receive an important fax that informs me about what a person is up to. In other words, there’s something going on that is a mystery to me, and so I go to get the fax to get the dope on it. Upon receiving it, I feel I also need a copy of it, because I receive it on the inner plane levels where it actually happens, and so now I need a copy of it in the outer plane.

I sneak into the commander, the chief of police’s office, where he has a copy machine. But this copy machine is hooked up to his phone, so I’m proceeding to make a copy of the document. It’s five or six pages and it takes a long time to do it, and somehow or another I think I’m hidden and out of sight and no one’s watching me.

And I have an inroad to be able to sneak into the police station because a person who works there I know needs to talk to me about something that they are interested in, so I have a certain comfortability of being able to go in there even though what I’m up to, I’m doing off to one side. But the police kind of know I’m like that.

It’s not like I am hidden from them, but I know that deep down I’m kind of taking liberties with the place. That’s the sensation I carry. So someone in another office picks up the phone, and the phone is tied up because I’m using it to make my copy, and realizes that I’m in the commander’s office. And it’s like everybody knows immediately. It’s almost like, yeah, he’s up to something.

As soon as he picks up the phone I’m caught. And so they have to stop me. So the word goes out that I need to stop, so I get every copy I have rounded up in one big mitt full. I didn’t get a copy of the very last page is all.

As I come out a person hands me like a door opener type thing, or access opener, and says to me to give him a call. He also says that it will take a while. In other words, he knows what’s in my document, and it will take a while for this person, in terms of what this document is about, to act out however they need to act out.

So I have time to utilize the inside dope that I have, before whatever that is, is able to occur, so I have the time and the freedom to do what I need to do. The cop was more or less telling me that.

In other words, they’re not confiscating the documents or taking the papers; when I left the commander’s office I just picked them up all in one lump deal. I probably need to sort them out with the exception that I don’t have a copy of the very last page. But I have the original, so I’ll be able to figure it out from there.

The meaning of this is that one comes into the world with a purpose – an inner soul purpose. We find it by connecting to who we are. This higher self has the primary blueprint. In creation I am able to slowly catch up with what is written within.

Appearances are not what they seem to be, in this reflective realm. The police only appear to be doing their job. Actually, they are instrumental in my access to re-recognizing that which I carry within. They are my key and means of access.

In the dream the police were the part in me that needs to learn the right protocol for opening doors to what needs to be known. Deep down they’re on my side, even though for appearances they serve the collective. I know that, but still I have to recognize that there’s got to be this plausible deniability when it comes to the collective order. So they have to kind of stop me and look the other way, but not lower any booms or anything, and I have a little time to act.

The fabric of the world is protected, supposedly, by these police, the collective police. However, I have a freedom to go behind the scenes, get the info I need, and am able to act upon this on my own before the issue is a public issue that the police need to take on.

The police are also like an all pervading power that can act for the benefit of the whole if need be. I do not feel it will come to that because I have the information and the time. I’m told that I have plenty of time even, that I need to do what is necessary as the police play dumb.

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